Jake Aquilina, Marketing Expert in Ħaż-Żabbar, Malta
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Jake Aquilina

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

Ħaż-Żabbar, Malta
Toptal Member Since
February 14, 2024

Jake is a seasoned content specialist with a rich background in data journalism, Web3 marketing, and SEO content management. He has delivered projects for Interlock (Web3 cybersecurity), YouHodler (crypto exchange), and Eurostat (EU data). As the founder of Interlock Academy, a Web3 cybersecurity blog, he significantly boosted organic growth and online engagement, increasing month-on-month organic search traffic growth by 20% and gaining 50,000+ new X followers for Interlock in just over a year.

Project Highlights

Interlock Academy: Web3 Security Blog
Founded Interlock Academy, a Web3 cybersecurity blog, and quickly expanded its reach.
Personifying Bouncer: Cybersecurity Bot
Created a person in Bouncer, a bot that doesn't allow users to crash their Discord parties and keeps parties going by blocking any malicious actors.


Work Experience

Data Editor | Journalist

2023 - PRESENT
  • Drafted, published, and disseminated articles based on Eurostat data.
  • Coordinated visuals and copy with graphic designers and the social media team.
  • Conducted editorial planning and content research and prepared content briefs for new content. Used AI platforms like Jasper to aid my research, analyze data, and automate tasks.

Content Manager

2022 - 2023
  • Founded and launched Interlock Academy to bridge the knowledge gap in Web3, wrote 50+ articles to demystify cybersecurity for Web3 and AI marketing, and achieved 20-30% month-on-month organic growth in search traffic.
  • Played a key role in creating and introducing the branding of Bouncer, an AI threat detection bot for Discord communities, enhancing safety for over 50,000 users.
  • Assisted with a growth marketing campaign for ThreatSlayer, a security browser extension, increasing downloads from a few hundred to over 30,000 and growing the Twitter account with over 50,000 new followers.
  • Authored a comprehensive white paper outlining Interlock's mission and solutions, effectively communicating complex cybersecurity concepts to stakeholders.

Interlock Academy: Web3 Security Blog


Founded Interlock Academy, a Web3 cybersecurity blog, and quickly expanded its reach.

The blog was one of the first blogs dedicated to cybersecurity in the Web3 space when scams were looming large. It educates people on how not to get burned. The blog achieved 20% growth in month-on-month organic search traffic during a bear market, an impressive feat for a niche and esoteric topic.

Personifying Bouncer: Cybersecurity Bot


Created a person in Bouncer, a bot that doesn't allow users to crash their Discord parties and keeps parties going by blocking any malicious actors.

In developing Bouncer, I crafted a unique branding and content marketing strategy that personified our AI threat detection bot for Discord communities. I also incorporated copy editing to ensure high-quality, error-free content. This approach humanized complex cybersecurity, making it engaging and relatable. Through creative storytelling and NFT marketing, Bouncer became more than a product; it symbolized safety and community in the digital space, protecting over 50,000 users. This innovative marketing move highlighted the product's features and enhanced its market appeal and user adoption.

ThreatSlayer Launch: Cybersecurity Browser Extension


Led the content marketing efforts for ThreatSlayer, the browser extension that blocks scams and rewards users with crypto for sharing data (Beta).

I spearheaded a dynamic product marketing and branding campaign, transforming ThreatSlayer from a nascent browser extension to a major player in Web3 security with over 30,000 downloads. By shifting the narrative to "Slay the threats, safeguard your digital realm," we captivated the audience and grew our Twitter community significantly. This strategic positioning, coupled with engaging content, elevated the product's appeal, underscored its essential role in digital safety, and demonstrated the power of effective marketing to drive product adoption and brand growth.
2019 - 2021

Master's Degree in English (English, Culture, and the Media)

University of Malta - Malta, EU

2016 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in English

University of Malta - Malta, EU


Demystifying Web3: From Blockchain to AI and Beyond

eSkills Malta Foundation

JULY 2022 - JULY 2023

Semrush SEO Toolkit

Semrush Academy

JULY 2022 - JULY 2023

Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals

Semrush Academy

JUNE 2022 - JUNE 2023

Content Led SEO



Content, Writing & Editing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO Tools, Product Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing, Content Creation, Go-to-market Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), WordPress SEO, SEO Content, Copywriting, AI Marketing



Platforms & Tools

Content Management Systems (CMS), Google Analytics, Jasper


Research, Content Writing, English, Journalism, Web Content, Copy Editing, Growth Marketing, Semrush, Blockchain, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Data, Content Management, Ebooks, Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Thought Leadership, Technical Writing, Twitter, Landing Page Optimization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, Technology, Content Research, Real Estate Marketing

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