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MongoDB is a document-based NoSQL database. It’s known for its support for scalability, flexibility, and sophisticated queries. It also features high availability, document validation, and tools for automation, backup, and monitoring.


MongoDB is a document-based NoSQL database. It’s known for its support for scalability, flexibility, and sophisticated queries. It also features high availability, document validation, and tools for automation, backup, and monitoring.

Having a sole MongoDB developer is not a common thing in the workplace. Usually, MongoDB experience is an addition to whatever back-end skills are required. Job ads usually require a back-end developer (specialized in Node.js and C#, etc.) who has experience working with MongoDB.

However, for large enterprises with many MongoDB instances, a dedicated MongoDB developer makes sense. This template can help you in this case.

It can also offer help for jobs where specialization in MongoDB is a bit more important than usual: You can couple it with other templates that involve your tech stack.

A great MongoDB developer should understand the key differences between SQL and NoSQL databases on the conceptual level. They should also be comfortable with the specific syntax of MongoDB. They can be a developer with considerable hands-on experience with MongoDB, or they can be a DBA with development experience.

MongoDB Developer - Job Description and Ad Template

Copy this template, and modify it as your own:

Company Introduction

{{ Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else that you think makes your company interesting. }}

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced MongoDB developer/DBA who will maintain MongoDB databases while optimizing the performance, security, the availability of MongoDB clusters.


  • Maintain and configure MongoDB instances
  • Keep clear documentation of the database setup and architecture
  • Write procedures for backup and disaster recovery
  • Ensure that the databases achieve maximum performance and availability
  • Design indexing strategies
  • Configure, monitor, and deploy replica sets
  • Upgrade databases through patches
  • Create roles and users and set their permissions
  • {{ Add any other relevant responsibilities here. }}

Skills and Qualifications

  • {{ If huge volumes of data are involved: }} Experience in optimizing insertions of large amounts of data
  • {{ For Big Data: }} Experience with Big Data solutions like Hadoop
  • {{ For Big Data: }} Experience designing systems that deal with large data sets and a huge volume of transactions
  • {{ Part of a DevOps team? }} Experience with DevOps automation tools such as {{ Puppet | Ansible | other }}
  • {{ If the developer will be involved with instances on the cloud: }} Experience with {{ Microsoft Azure | AWS | Google Cloud Platform }} desirable
  • {{ If you will use other NoSQL databases to complement MongoDB: }} Experience with other NoSQL Databases like {{ Cassandra | Amazon DynamoDB | CouchDB }}
  • {{ If you will use other databases to complement MongoDB: }} Passionate about embracing new database technologies
  • {{ Especially important if hiring for a senior role: }} Demonstrate analytical, problem-solving, presentation, and interpersonal skills to handle various critical situations
  • {{ Especially important if hiring for a senior role: }} Exhibit strong problem-solving skills and communications skills to handle critical circumstances well
  • {{ If for web portals: }} Considerable hands-on experience in architecting web portals
  • {{ If for senior and lead positions: }} Determine tools to be used for the projects and set coding standards
  • Experience in ORMs like {{ Add the ORM/s you use here }}
  • {{ If the developer/administrator will get involved in deployment, etc.: }} Experience in working with a {{ Linux/UNIX or Windows }} environment
  • Experience in developing scripts to automate frequent tasks
  • {{ If needed: }} {{ Familiarity | Experience }} with sharded clusters
  • Knowledge of best patterns and practices for designing document schemas
  • Good grasp of MongoDB’s aggregation framework
  • Experience with {{ put your back-end runtime language or framework here, like Node.js or .NET Core }} MongoDB driver
  • DevOps experience to support our database {{ If needed }}
  • {{ Make sure to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies relevant to your development stack. }}
  • {{ List any education level or certification you may require. }}
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Xavier is a software architect and tech lead who started programming in elementary school and has had a M.Sc. in computer science since 2010. He is a full-stack web developer by experience and also knows his way around big data batch and stream processing, mission-critical algorithms for 2D graphics apps, microservices architecture, API design, CD pipelines, and more.

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