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Irune Itoiz, United Kingdom

Member since February 19, 2016
Irune is a motivated and skilled back-end web developer with 11 years of commercial experience specializing in open source technologies such as WordPress, Magento, and PHP development using a variety of frameworks. The code she writes is very structured, commented, a... Click to continue

Andrej Burcev, United Kingdom

Member since July 10, 2014
Andrej is an expert programmer, able to view any system as the sum of components. Combined with exceptional problem-solving skills, he has the capability to efficiently and rapidly develop solutions to any problem. He is an excellent communicator and a dedicated engi... Click to continue

Pablo Castrillo, United Kingdom

Member since December 17, 2016
Pablo is a senior web developer who specializes in Drupal front- and back-end development. He has over seven years of experience contracting in the UK for organizations and projects of different types and sizes from small startups to large corporate companies with co... Click to continue

Tameem Safi, United Kingdom

Member since October 7, 2015
Tameem is a professional front-end web developer with several years of experience across all major platforms. He's completed hundreds of projects on behalf of multinational clients and independent startups. He specializes in WordPress theme development and customizat... Click to continue

Costin Botez, United Kingdom

Member since September 26, 2016
Costin is a self-motivated web developer with a strong technical background. He specializes in back-end coding such as creating plugins and modifying websites from layout to function. He can affirm that he is deadline-oriented and has the ability to produce detailed ... Click to continue

Ben Carey, United Kingdom

Member since December 27, 2017
With more than fifteen years' development experience, accompanied by a decade of building and consulting with tech startups, Ben is a seasoned veteran and brings with him an abundance of specialized skills. In addition, he's held the position of vice president of par... Click to continue

Jozsef Szollosi, United Kingdom

Member since December 21, 2015
Jozsef is a software engineer and architect experienced in building highly scalable RESTful microservice web architecture. He has built projects that support millions of customers using domain driven design techniques as part of agile teams at some of Britain's leadi... Click to continue