Product Life Cycle

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Laurie Harvey

Creating Success: A Guide to Product Manager KPIs

By Laurie Harvey
For product managers, KPIs are a powerful tool. They quantify team progress, the progress of the product, and the overall business. Product management KPIs include specific metrics associated with the product, customers, and the overall process in bringing a product to market.
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Laurie Harvey

Customer Journey Touchpoints for Product Managers

By Laurie Harvey
Product management leaders will view every discussion, planning session, and milestone with the customer journey touchpoints in mind. A well aligned corporate culture, emphasizing the customer at every interaction, will drive customer loyalty.
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Debbie Levitt

Agile UX: How to Incorporate UX and Product Design Into Agile

By Debbie Levitt
As UX strategy and design become increasingly important, the challenge of incorporating UX specialists into Agile methodologies becomes equally important. In this article, Toptal Freelance UX Designer Debbie Levitt explains how UX designers and creative teams can be effectively incorporated at all stages of Agile development.
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Guilherme Ricardo Bova

What Game UX Can Teach Us About Product Design

By Guilherme Ricardo Bova
As several successful big brand products have demonstrated, designers can leverage game design concepts by adopting a game designer’s mindset to design better, more engaging products.
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