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Cosmin Costean

There’s No Such Thing As Digital Strategy

By Cosmin Costean
Organizations that scramble to define a digital-first strategy to solve their business problems are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Instead of emphasizing “digital,” they should focus on building a true strategy and then enable it with digital capabilities.
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Jerry Gutierrez

Embracing an “Aha!” Moment: Building Trust to Effect Change

By Jerry Gutierrez
What happens when you have a big idea but not the authority to make it happen? Earning trust is the key to influencing without authority.
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Egle Merkyte

Suddenly Remote: Product Managers in Transition

By Egle Merkyte
Everything product managers need to know about shifting to remote work amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. Experienced remote product managers share their best practices on how leaders make the most of remote working.
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Dan McClure

Mastering Disruption: The Art of Agile Complexity

By Dan McClure
Incremental improvement is no longer enough to deal with the complex problems facing the world today. Companies that master Agile complexity will unleash a new wave of disruptive innovation.
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Eric Nowak

Why Is Market Share Important? Because Bigger Is Better Than Better

By Eric Nowak
Product leaders have been force-fed the notion that market leadership is a function of delivering the best client experience. And yet, overperforming product managers focus first on being bigger, not better.
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Steve Pomroy

Product Management Empowered by the Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Steve Pomroy
Successful product managers channel their inner entrepreneur to deliver outstanding products. Sometimes referred to as mini-CEOs, product managers can learn valuable lessons from entrepreneurship.
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