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Eugene Ovcharenko

Extended Reality and Its Possibilities: A Guide for XR Product Managers

By Eugene Ovcharenko
How can product managers leverage the possibilities offered by the latest XR technologies? Industry veteran Eugene Ovcharenko presents use cases and best practices for an evolving field.
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Lavinius Marcu

Proof in Numbers: Using Big Data to Drive Results

By Lavinius Marcu
These case studies illustrate how data-driven product management can make a radical difference in how you solve large-scale product issues.
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Leor Hurwitz

How to Reduce UX Friction in Secure Product Development

By Leor Hurwitz
Prioritizing data security often comes at the expense of a good UX. To balance client needs with user preferences, product managers must use research, constant calibration, and a dose of creativity.
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Douglas L. Ringer

The 3 Essential Elements of a Streamlined Product Strategy

By Douglas L. Ringer
Sometimes the simplest approaches are the most effective. Use this product strategy framework, comprising just three key elements, to streamline and focus your next product journey.
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Jerry Gutierrez

Embracing an “Aha!” Moment: Building Trust to Effect Change

By Jerry Gutierrez
What happens when you have a big idea but not the authority to make it happen? Earning trust is the key to influencing without authority.
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Rohan Lulla

The Platform Mindset in API Product Management

By Rohan Lulla
A successful API strategy isn’t about building products; it’s about building potential. Good API product managers recognize this and prioritize the factors that smooth adoption for potential partners.
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Costas Voliotis

Source Code QA: It’s Not Just for Developers Anymore

By Costas Voliotis
For product managers concerned about building a solid foundation for product development and eliminating risks, defining and implementing a systematic software QA process is essential.
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Adrienne Jan

How to Scale Internationally: Global Product Design

By Adrienne Jan
Companies rolling out international products tend to focus primarily on proper language translation. However, a host of other essential components should not be missed in order to make your product a global success.
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Laurie Harvey

Customer Journey Touchpoints for Product Managers

By Laurie Harvey
Product management leaders will view every discussion, planning session, and milestone with the customer journey touchpoints in mind. A well aligned corporate culture, emphasizing the customer at every interaction, will drive customer loyalty.
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