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Egle Merkyte

Suddenly Remote: Product Managers in Transition

By Egle Merkyte
Everything product managers need to know about shifting to remote work amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. Experienced remote product managers share their best practices on how leaders make the most of remote working.
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Prem Sundaram

Align Your Tech and Product Teams with the Technology Product Canvas

By Prem Sundaram
Miscommunication between product and tech teams is probably one of the biggest sources of resource waste in software development. The Technology Product Canvas helps product managers align their product roadmap with technical requirements and capabilities.
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Vytas Butkus

Too Big to Scale: Optimal Scrum Team Size Guide

By Vytas Butkus
All growing teams reach a point when they need to split to stay effective. The inflection point can be recognized early on to avoid ineffective productivity periods for the team.
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