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Richie Zeng, United States

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Richie has over six years of experience leading cross-functional teams to bring both software and hardware products to market. He is an experienced startup founder and product leader in the consumer electronics, IoT, and enterprise SaaS industries. With his softwa... Click to continue

Chad Bockius, United States

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Chad is a strategic, hands-on product leader with over 20 years of experience. He's launched, managed, and positioned multiple award-winning, patented products to secure over $50 million in enterprise product revenue. He’s raised over $26 million in venture funding t... Click to continue

Alexander Schwertner, Canada

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Alex has been successfully managing companies and products in leading roles for the past 15 years. He builds on broad product management and leadership experience in a wide range of settings, ranging from startup-scale bootstrap product teams to large, multi-tiered B... Click to continue

Terrance Holbrook, United States

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Terrance is a tenacious, curious, problem solver with 20+ years in solution development servicing many industries including manufacturing, life sciences, and finance. He aspires to find the simplicity hidden within the complex. Skilled in user experience research, ne... Click to continue

Craig Hatting, South Africa

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Craig's degree and background in software development and information systems has given him the context he needed to be able to successfully run projects and deliver great products. He thrives on articulating concepts, processes, and patterns in a way that makes sens... Click to continue

Casey Arrington, United States

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Casey is a business-minded manager and technology-focused strategist transforming companies and enabling users through the use of IT-based solutions. Having over seven years of experience with process improvement, ERP system development and deployment, and successful... Click to continue

Rob Eades, United Kingdom

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Rob is a digital solutions consultant with over 12 years of experience across a range of industries (automotive, financial, hospitality, retail, technology), and expertise that comes from a background in digital product management, ownership, and strategy. Rob specia... Click to continue

Roi Ayon, Israel

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
With a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a background in technology and design, Roi has spent more than six years simplifying multi-dimensional products and enhancing user experience on web and mobile platforms. Working with startup and enterpris... Click to continue

Topher Williams, United States

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Topher is an executive and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of operational, technology, and product management and development leadership experience across a breadth of industries with specific expertise working with startups. He's always been a person who prefer... Click to continue

Alexander Portera, Switzerland

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Alex is an enthusiastic product manager with a passion for developing products that solve user problems and products that users love. Throughout his career, he has used his instincts to optimize and streamline inefficient processes as well as implementing a structure... Click to continue

Norbert Pollemans, Netherlands

freelance Manufacturing Product Manager
Norbert is a senior product management and product design leader who has led a variety of cross-device/responsive projects and initiated and led companies in eCommerce and digital communication—both in B2C and B2B. He is experienced working with dispersed teams for o... Click to continue