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Extended Reality and Its Possibilities: A Guide for XR Product Managers

By Eugene Ovcharenko

How can product managers leverage the possibilities offered by the latest XR technologies? Industry veteran Eugene Ovcharenko presents use cases and best practices for an evolving field.

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Every Product Has a Thesis

By Alex Cox

Every successful product has a central thesis—a reason for existence. Let’s analyze the foundations of the iPhone, Alexa, and other widespread products to highlight their core theses.

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How to Scale Internationally: Global Product Design

By Adrienne Jan

Companies rolling out international products tend to focus primarily on proper language translation. However, a host of other essential components should not be missed in order to make your product a global success.

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Agile UX: How to Incorporate UX and Product Design Into Agile

By Debbie Levitt

As UX strategy and design become increasingly important, the challenge of incorporating UX specialists into Agile methodologies becomes equally important. In this article, Toptal Freelance UX Designer Debbie Levitt explains how UX designers and creative teams can be effectively incorporated at all stages of Agile development.

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Landing Page Design: Building the Ultimate Landing Page

By László Monda

The best landing pages increase conversions and help brands sell more. But what makes great landing page design? Read and uncover valuable insights for any business looking for a world-class landing page.

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A Product Designer’s Guide to Competitive Analysis

By Chandan Mishra

A competitive product analysis can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates as well as give assurance that you stand apart from your competitors.

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