Agustin Tonna, Product Manager in Berlin, Germany
Agustin Tonna

Product Manager in Berlin, Germany

Member since December 21, 2018
Agustin has extensive experience building high-performing product teams in fast-growth companies. He's a seasoned product manager with proven success building scalable products users love from the very first interaction and helping companies adopt a data-driven product-first mindset. Agustin can manage cross-functional teams and collaborate effectively with engineers, having worked previously as a software developer.
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Project Highlights

  • Led from ideation, execution, and iteration, the development of the document checking capabilities.
  • Created and executed the vision for a new learning management system and platform for the internal tools.
  • Introduced a B2B revenue stream in a traditionally B2C company through the introduction of product discovery methodologies.



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  • Head of Product

    2021 - PRESENT
    • Designed the product lines, providing a mission, key metrics, and a cross-functional team behind each.
    • Acted as a product manager, creating the roadmap, being responsible for the execution on time, and stakeholder management for transparency.
    • Led day-to-day management of the product development, organizing the cross-functional team responsibilities, ensuring timely execution and planning.
  • VP of Product

    2018 - 2020
    • Grew and nurtured product, design, and engineering teams.
    • Developed product and business strategy for core products.
    • Designed product innovation methods in order to build defensibility and diversify revenue streams.
    • Set up cross-functional teams and aligned them to product lines, each one with its respective vision, mission, and KPIs.
    • Increased operational efficiency and profitability by introducing task automation and software to replace manual processes.
    • Oversaw and set the long-term vision and strategy for the company’s products.
    • Owned the communication strategy and was responsible for keeping all of the relevant participants and stakeholders informed.
  • Product Manager

    2015 - 2018
    • Managed the recruitment, training, and nurturing of the product team.
    • Developed—via research improvements—business processes and systems to ensure the company could continue to grow unhindered.
    • Defined the product lines and strategy for each, creating cross-functional teams to execute and deliver.
    • Instilled product and software development best practices.
    • Oversaw user story writing, backlog management, velocity planning, and runway creation for multiple cross-functional teams.
  • Scrum Master

    2014 - 2015
    • Created, onboarded, and integrated project teams into the organization while providing them with a clear vision of the product.
    • Hosted daily meetings to get hands-on updates, address potential impediments, and link up team activities with the product strategy. Also held demo sessions to demonstrate the progress to the stakeholders.
    • Owned the product backlog management, organization, and prioritization.
    • Organized scrum events as necessary, adapting the best practices in order to work out maximum efficiency for the team's velocity.
    • Identified blockers and implemented changes and steps in order to increase the team’s productivity.
    • Facilitated communication and information exchange between external groups and the development teams.
  • Co-founder | Product Manager

    2011 - 2014
    • Defined the product roadmap, product strategy, and execution timelines.
    • Acted as the owner of the product and software development best practices, such as Scrum adoption.
    • Arranged and optimized the different products' backlogs.
    • Managed from concept to design the sample production, testing, forecast, cost, mass production, promotion, support, and finally, the product's end of life.
    • Delivered the operating plans, including the achievement of growth objectives like market share, revenue, profit, and return on investment for all the channels of business and key customers.

Project History

  • Document Processing
    Led from ideation, execution, and iteration, the development of the document checking capabilities.

    At Onfido, a financial technology startup that focused on identity verification, I was the product manager responsible for end-to-end the product and operations of internal tools and document checks.

    By introducing a hybrid strategy of manual and automatic processes, quality control, and machine learning, we were able to work at scale, increasing operations from 300 document checks a month to over 10,000 daily, in less than a year.

    In a further iteration, I was responsible for adapting the product so it would be ready for outsourcing manual processes to a third party whilst remaining ISO-270001 compliant. The new way of operating reduced costs by approximately 30% thus increasing the profitability of the product and allowing flexibility to handle more volume.

  • New Learning Management System
    Created and executed the vision for a new learning management system and platform for the internal tools.

    After performing a detailed analysis of all of the available solutions in the market and assessing the capabilities of building software internally, I developed a hybrid strategy that consisted on using open source software for our learning management platform.

    I led the architecture, design, and implementation. This has increased NPS by 30% and the operational efficiency by approximately 35%.

    The stakeholder management was specifically challenging as there were many interested parties due to this product being the core of the business.

  • B2B Strategy
    Introduced a B2B revenue stream in a traditionally B2C company through the introduction of product discovery methodologies.

    At Ironhack, an edtech and web development boot-camp company, part of the value proposition for our students was the access to a curated list of companies that created job opportunities for them.

    By conducting interviews with the companies that we were partnered with, I've identified multiple pain points that the current market solutions weren't addressing. Based on this, I created a low complexity proof of concept which helped validate the hypothesis.

    This research became the basis for a new business strategy supported by a product strategy that reused existing products and processes, thus creating a new source of recurring revenue with high profitability.

  • Product Lines Creation, Organization, and Strategy
    Defined the product lines mapped to the user lifecycle and delivered a strategy for each, aligned to the product vision.

    I identified the different products with their mission, remit and key metrics by conducting user research and internal business analysis.

    Based on this, I created the product lines, populated each cross-functional squad with key members, and led the strategy for each to become independent but highly cohesive.

  • Fundraising
    Achieved funding by Wayra and Start-Up Chile.

    As the product leader of the organization, I led the discovery and documentation of our vision, creating the necessary assets needed to achieve funding at the early stages.

  • Student Engine Verification
    Led a team of product managers, product designers, and engineers that created a student verification engine SDK.

    At Unidays, a student affiliate network, I was responsible for the student verification product.

    Under my leadership, the team managed to aggregate all the different means of verification under an engine that was self-contained, self-scaling, and self-healing. This became the foundation of a much more scalable platform.

    As a further iteration, the team managed to wrap the engine as an iOS SDK which we released to beta customers who helped validate the value proposition.

    By doing this, the sales team had a new selling tool, the business a new revenue stream, and the users enjoyed a much more seamless experience whilst browsing our clients' apps.

  • Queue Prioritization Engine
    Led the product design and development of software to handle high-scale requests for manual processing.

    By designing a combined effort between internal software and third parties such as Zendesk, the team managed to handle thousands of requests daily which were allocated to different queues following logic dictated by business.


  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2007 - 2011
    Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Business and Product Strategy
    JULY 2012 - PRESENT
    Universidad de Belgrano

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