Andrea Grisogono, Product Manager in Split, Croatia
Andrea Grisogono

Product Manager in Split, Croatia

Member since July 6, 2020
Andrea is a strategic and entrepreneurial product manager, as passionate about reaching high-impact destinations as she is about optimizing the paths for getting there. Her leadership style revolves around building trust, setting an example, focusing on viable value delivery, and helping individuals and teams succeed. Andrea creates positive impacts by advocating for learning by coaching along with continuous discovery, improvement, and adapting to emerging responsibilities.
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  • Product Manager | Product Owner | Scrum Master | Agile Coach

    2011 - PRESENT
    Independent Consultant
    • Advised and coached 10+ product-delivery and cross-functional teams consisting of members who were co-located or distributed internationally in a wide range of time zones.
    • Brought several B2B and B2C products to market, all of which were delivered on time and within allocated budgets and resources.
    • Established and promoted systems to help clients maximize development and value delivery, reduce risks, increase revenue, and captivate customers and end users with innovative ideas and software solutions.
    • Coached co-located and geographically distributed teams, business owners, and independent entrepreneurs during 3-day, in-house seminars.
    • Supported time zone-shifted engineering teams in the United States, Brazil, Romania, Croatia, India, and China.
    • Released mobile apps to the App Store and Google Play Store. The apps were built in React Native, NativeScript, and hybrid web technologies such as React and Ionic, and bridged with Capacitor or Cordova.
    • Collaborated with leadership teams to standardize product discovery, project setup, development flow, communication management, and value delivery to clients and partners.
    • Led a team of SMEs to launch a parking reservation platform connecting major European airport terminals, web and mobile apps, marketplace APIs, payment gateways, and compliance solutions.
    • Achieved a 250% growth in sales by quickly pivoting the value proposition for a product that stagnated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Advised and assisted several organizations to transition to remote working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project History

  • Reel Vehicle Condition Management (SaaS with iOS and Android Apps)
    Led full-cycle product management, from ideation to release and growth, working with a cross-functional, distributed team and influential stakeholders from the automotive industry.

    Reel is a high-quality optical damage control platform that helps document and track fleet conditions. It is delivered through a suite of web and mobile applications (iOS and Android), removing some of the pain points from damage claims and insurance policies for companies that rent and/or share fleets of any kind. With Reel, we removed any uncertainty from the industry’s best practices in damage recording and data processing by focusing on transparency, accessibility, and quality.

    As the product manager, I started by studying industry best practices and difficult case studies. I noticed market trends early and detected potential issues in time to pivot. This project was special to me as I identified a small enough market segment (rent-a-car) for the MVP and prepared for increments that expanded the market share to insurance companies, business fleet owners, and real estate property managers.

    This product was the runner up when I pitched it at the "Get In The Ring" startup competition in 2019.

  • Momentum SaaS
    Served as a product manager for this exciting product that provides enterprise sales capabilities to independent rental companies in an easy and efficient manner.

    The Momentum platform helps rental companies list their offerings online. It integrates with their existing websites as a white label solution. Momentum helps maintain a reseller network and manage customer satisfaction. With smart tracking of customer sentiment, companies that use Momentum rank highly in rating engines such as Google, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor. This feature alone increases visibility through SEO and dramatically increases revenue.

    I led a 12-member, cross-functional, international team of marketing, sales, and engineering to deliver and launch Momentum, a SaaS platform with expected revenue of $4 million. The flagship car rental booking platform led to an average of 85% growth in the size of customers' customer bases in the first year of operation.

    I also created an innovative methodology for managing customer satisfaction, resulting in a 65% increase in positive feedback in public review platforms such as Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Finally, I provided monthly status reviews (MSR) to the stakeholders, showing quantitative goals against the progress of the project.

  • Personal Budgeting PWA (OSS)
    Served as the project manager and scrum master on an open-source application that demonstrated the use of modern application development patterns.

    This progressive web app showcases how to create a modern React architecture for scalable enterprise web applications. The personal budgeting application was used by Google to demonstrate the pattern at events like the Chrome Dev Summit and JSConf.

    The goal of this unique project was to create awareness in the open-source community. As such, it generated a lot of traffic and a tremendous impact on companies that needed a reference application to help them make architectural decisions. Several Fortune 500 companies and many startups reported using this reference for their mission-critical products.

    I implemented Agile practices to meet strict time-sensitive goals for R&D and open-source software development. I also helped to increase engagement by focusing on boosting adoption rates in related tech communities. At last, I worked closely with R&D technical architecture teams to keep business and technology strategies aligned.

  • Agile Coaching and Digital Transformation
    Coached and trained international organizations in adopting Agile methodology and popular frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and SAFe.

    I delivered hands-on Agile coaching to 30+ internationally distributed and co-located teams in companies such as Siemens Convergence Creators, Typeqast, and Atos IT Solutions and Services. These interactive training sessions were conducted on-site or online via Zoom. Participants reported fast adoption as they were able to apply new skills as soon as they returned to their regular duties.

    As the agile coach, I performed the following:
    • Guided teams to coordinate expectations between clients and delivery teams by establishing scrum of scrums dashboards.
    • Implemented OKRs for transparent management of expectations and goals.
    • Helped multiple teams transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies to deliver software on time and within budgets.
    • Dramatically boosted the efficiency of teams by setting the framework for writing better user stories.

  • QuickParking (PaaS)
    Coordinated efforts of two cross-functional Scrum teams and helped launch QuickParking PaaS with an eCommerce product in twenty of Europe’s busiest airports.

    QuickParking is an international airport parking provider, obtainable in seven countries and running in twenty of Europe’s busiest airports. Typeqast professional services built PaaS with eCommerce and an Android app to support the growing business and its high operational demands.

    Key Accomplishments
    • Standardized the product discovery process and development flow, reducing staff turnover by 31% and unplanned scope changes to under 7%.
    • Improved the reporting system for clients and stakeholders, resulting in a 44% higher satisfaction rate.
    • Coached eight Agile teams on the company level, improving velocity by an average of 35%.

  • ThoughtLeaders SaaS (via Toptal)
    Managed a modern SaaS product that helped advertisers grow their brands in the social content authoring space.

    Served as the product owner for a cross-functional product team developing customer-facing sponsorship intelligence solutions and back-office services targeting the media buying and selling industry.

    Key Accomplishments
    • Introduced new AI-powered features that helped customers double their campaign reach by targeting better audiences.
    • Introduced new reporting tools for advertisers and content authors that improved retention rates by over 40%.
    • Implemented custom tracking tools that improved usage insights, bug tracking, and experience reporting by 80%, thanks to proprietary logic that works, even for users that block conventional trackers.
    • Worked on solutions and data collection from various media networks using ML and NLP processes, including visual and audio recognition and sentiment analysis.
    • Coached the team to adopt Agile methodologies and boost digital transformation while improving how cross-company teams plan go-to-market strategies, prioritize product features, and stay within KPIs and budgets.
    • Improved and then utilized customer feedback and behavior from multiple touchpoints across the organization to better understand the user lifecycle, including conversion, engagement, and retention patterns.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management
    2002 - 2006
    Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) - Rochester, New York


  • Certified Product Owner
    Scrum Alliance
  • Certified Scrum Master
    Scrum Alliance

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