Andreas Rabenseifner

Andreas Rabenseifner

Budapest, Hungary
Member since March 21, 2019
Andreas is an analytical, adaptive product expert with an entrepreneurial mindset. During the past 12 years, he's worked on 20+ products for startups and large corporates alike (Finastra, Oreo, Playboy, Sunrise, Swisscom, Vodafone, VTG, Raiffeisen, etc.) in various industries (enterprise SaaS, fintech, telecom, logistics, health & fitness). His strength is in creating products that ease user pain while keeping technological feasibility in mind.
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Project Highlights
  • Built an enterprise SaaS from the ground up and led the product design and development from discovery to launch.
  • I helped a fleet monitoring company conceptualize, define the feature set and prototype a fleet monitoring platform.
  • Helped Raiffeisen Bank launch a greenfield mobile banking app as a member of the PO chapter in an Agile environment.
  • Customer Discovery
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Product Ownership
  • Product Vision
  • User Needs
  • Digital Advisor (Partner)
    2015 - PRESENT
    Shape That!
    • Acted in a customer-facing role, advised how to turn business objectives and user pain points to product roadmaps and deliverables.
    • Participated in more than 20 web, Android, iOS, VR, IoT product development projects.
    • Worked on roadmap prioritization, stakeholder management, and occupied the product owner role.
    • Designed a cloud-based web and mobile fleet monitoring software for the South American market, capable of tracking 50,000 vehicles in real-time.
    • Worked with the innovation department of Finastra on the design and delivery of a Virtual Reality PFM (personal financial management) application.
    • Built an iPad application for an Oreo campaign that controls a DJI drone, carrying an Arduino that communicated with a Raspberry Pi on the ground.
    • Acted as a technical project manager on a field application running on Android tablets, helping sales staff to manage their clients' data onsite.
    • Acted as product owner (PO) for an Android application of a large European transportation company, leveraging NFC technology, completely eliminating paper-based tracking of their cars.
  • Product Lead | Co-founder
    2016 - 2019
    • Built an HR tech SaaS product from the ground up, this included: discovery, ideation, persona creation, secondary research, prototyping, testing, building, and piloting an MVP—eventually launching the product commercially.
    • Collaborated with users, customers, UX designers, and the tech team to create and communicate the product vision, review and create user stories, and prioritize product roadmap.
    • Worked closely with an Agile delivery team to launch a Node.js/Express.js back end, MongoDB database, React front-end stack (all deployed to AWS), and Android/iOS applications.
    • Aligned the roadmap so the product can serve both startups and enterprise customers alike—reaching user numbers of 20-2,000 users/account.
    • Successfully managed a roadmap containing both subject matter (organization development, HR, soft skills, and more) related user stories and highly technical ones (APIs, DevOps, security, and more).
  • Head of Development (HU)
    2013 - 2015
    net mobile AG
    • Screened and managed 20 technology suppliers, vendors, freelance engineers, and designers.
    • Managed a team of eight at a time using Agile methodology, ceremonies, and tools.
    • Defined the product roadmap and launched the first iOS and Android apps of Playboy (with safe for work content), gaining experience onsite in California.
    • Acted as a product owner on Vodafone Germany's Mobile TV applications for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The app featured 30+ live TV channels, exclusive access to matches of the German Bundesliga (the German soccer league), statistics, recap videos, a music player, and much more.
  • Product Manager
    2010 - 2013
    net mobile AG
    • Worked as a product manager on native mobile application products of European telecommunication companies (Swisscom, Sunrise, Vodafone).
    • Managed the product roadmap of six mobile applications, working with designers, tech teams, and clients.
    • Collaborated with business stakeholders to conceptualize and craft the product vision and value proposition of digital products of major brands (General Motors, Vodafone, Cash, and more).
    • Designed and launched a user-generated video content service for a popular talent show (The Voice of Germany), running on a German national TV channel, deployed to AWS.
    • Designed and implemented tools to analyze user behavior (Google Analytics) and to report premium content consumption in media apps (Jaspersoft).
  • Online Project Manager
    2009 - 2010
    E-business Research Center
    • Prepared wireframes for web, social media, and mobile applications.
    • Gained extensive familiarity with web portals built on different CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3).
    • Designed and launched an augmented-reality service featuring 10,000+ local businesses and POIs.
    • Launched a system built on Moodle, supporting 15,000+ users.
    • Delivered enterprise-level solutions (user management, release and deployment management, stakeholder management).
  • Project Manager (Online)
    2006 - 2009
    Terrace Real Estate
    • Launched seven thematic portals focusing on distinct real estate verticals. Built a portfolio on the WordPress CMS and implemented a custom-built portal engine (PHP, CodeIgniter framework) with a strong focus on organic SEO.
    • Prioritized requirements of internal stakeholders (managers, sales team, and more) and managed communication with external developers.
    • Gained experience with customer-facing online products and front end development (JavaScript/jQuery, Ajax).
    • Built up our online marketing (SEO, PPC, web analytics) knowledge by studying and applying best practices on the portals we built—reaching impressive traffic numbers for very competitive keywords.
    • Developed a very efficient strategy which helped the agency keep operating during the Credit Crunch.
Project History
  • Plenuum | HR Tech SaaS
    Built an enterprise SaaS from the ground up and led the product design and development from discovery to launch.

    On this project, I gained experience in building an enterprise SaaS.

    The scope of work was to help HR and OD departments to do a better job, using more data. During discovery, our interviews and surveys showed that HR departments struggled with a number of things: inefficient processes, low level of digitization, and inefficient performance management.

    Plenuum helps HR departments overcome challenges. Basically, it is a lightweight solution that helps data-driven decision making for HR professionals.

    My Responsibilities:
    • Created and communicated the product vision.
    • Reviewed and created user stories.
    • Prioritized the product roadmap.

    I successfully managed a roadmap containing both subject matter (organization development, HR, soft skills, etc.), related user stories, and highly technical ones (APIs, DevOps, security) ones.

    Working closely with an Agile delivery team, I also launched a Node.js/Express.js back end, MongoDB database, React front end stack (all deployed to AWS) and Android and iOS applications.

    I aligned the roadmap so that the product can serve both SMEs and enterprise customers alike—reaching user numbers of 20-2,000 users per account.

  • Fleet Monitoring Software
    I helped a fleet monitoring company conceptualize, define the feature set and prototype a fleet monitoring platform.

    The company is part of a South American group, active in the Americas, providing various digital services to its clients.

    I helped them build the foundation of a new fleet monitoring system.

    My Responsibilities:
    • Implemented a thorough gap analysis of the existing solutions on the market.
    • Conducted stakeholder interviews on various levels.
    - Management: to understand high-level strategic goals
    - Operators: to learn more about daily operational issues, frustrations, motivations
    - Engineering: to understand as-is processes and functional and nonfunctional requirements
    • Calculated the engineering budget and created a development roadmap.

    The system needed to track the various sensors of 50,000 vehicles in real-time while providing a seamless web app UX for operators doing their daily tasks. To fulfill these requirements, we designed a modern software architecture, running in auto-scaling private cloud infrastructure that can support these read and write loads.

    To prove our solution's feasibility and that the system was capable of handling the expected load, we built a prototype of the critical components (TimescaleDB, RabbitMQ, and so on).

  • myRaiffeisen | Mobile Banking Apps
    Helped Raiffeisen Bank launch a greenfield mobile banking app as a member of the PO chapter in an Agile environment.

    Raiffeisen Bank International is an Austrian banking group, with subsidiary banks in 17 markets, serving more than 14 million customers.

    I helped them launch a greenfield mobile banking application (iOS and Android) in an Agile environment as a member of the PO team.

    I demonstrated my product management skills in a highly regulated corporate environment.

    My Responsibilities:
    • Worked closely and managed non-technical business stakeholders (traders, sales, legal, and more).
    • Blended strategic business objectives with user need when writing user stories.
    • Analyzed capabilities, conceptualized, and managed the roadmap of a machine learning-powered behavior-driven sales engine.
    • Worked with UX researchers and designers to simplify features and user journeys (in contrast to legacy banking processes).
    • Created new microservices in a complex enterprise architecture to streamline the development and maintenance of the application.

  • Vodafone Mobile TV | Live-streaming Apps
    Acted as a product manager of iOS/Android apps with exclusive live TV content, reaching 1 million+ downloads per platform.

    Vodafone Germany introduced its innovative live mobile TV service in 2011.

    On behalf of net mobile AG, I worked as a product manager, responsible for launching the native Android and iOS applications.

    During this long-term assignment, we achieved excellent results.

    My Responsibilities:
    • Created wireframes and prototypes.
    • Worked with UX designers.
    • Worked with several stakeholders (customer, demand manager, back-end engineering teams responsible for API development, streaming infrastructure, sports data API, QA, senior executives, marketing, legal, and more).
    • Prioritized tasks and scheduled releases.

    This was a very high visibility project with correspondingly high expectations and included several challenges (e.g., usage peaks on game days, with real-life testing only being possible during live games) and I had a strong influence on the Agile development team.

    After years of involvement, I consolidated and released the service as two universal (tablet and phone) apps—replacing four separate projects and cutting development and maintenance costs by more than 30%.

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Information Systems (E-business)
    2006 - 2010
    Corvinus University of Budapest - Budapest, Hungary

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