Andrey Guenov, Product Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria
Andrey Guenov

Product Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria

Member since July 8, 2019
Andrey is a skilled entrepreneur with ten years of experience who solves complex business challenges turning ideas into profitable value-driven products. Having held founding and leadership roles in over 20 technology startups in the past decade, Andrey achieves his clients’ goals by managing the entire product lifecycle, leading efficient, agile teams, and minimizing wasted effort through lean principles and an effective communication style.
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Project Highlights



  • Founder, Product Manager

    2018 - PRESENT
    BRONYA (Secret Streetwear Label)
    • Created a unique brand vision and experience concept by harnessing scarcity and reward triggers leading to 135% increased interest, 7.26 minutes average session duration, and a 53% bounce rate.
    • Led the creative effort to design and upload over 50 unique graphics, spanning more than 800 visual files across several hundred products. Fully integrated between WooCommerce, WordPress, and a Facebook and Instagram storefront, ensuring multiple sales channels.
    • Researched over 25 on-demand dropshipping solutions to find the most cost-effective way to ensure quality garment procurement to most major parts of the world while maintaining acceptable shipping rates and good customs positioning.
    • Created an unprecedented social media marketing approach by combining sales with the appreciation and proliferation of fine art by featuring and embedding noteworthy artists on Instagram posts, thus garnering attention and followers.
    • Implemented a grass-roots growth strategy which involved sharing the process of building the brand with communities of potential buyers, thus showcasing quality, solidarity in values, and a customer service dedication, which helped propel revenue by 100% (directly attributable).
    • Created the entire product line, including web site design and development, social media, and API integrations. It took 16 weeks of development and design time adhering to a strictly planned timetable. Project completed 45% under budget and four weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Co-founder, Product Manager

    2017 - 2018
    GDPRTest (AI-powered Self-service GDPR Compliance SaaS Company)
    • Harnessed AI and web technology to provide end-to-end automated consulting services which were on average 50 times faster and 100 times cheaper than traditional alternatives.
    • Planned and led a fast-paced product development project where the complete product offering featuring six separate standalone products was launched in only 12 weeks of development time.
    • Created a comprehensive marketing plan and sales funnel featuring a network of 35 corporate resell partners, two media groups, and online ads via AdWords and Facebook, attracting more than 46,000 visitors and achieving 1500 signups, 200 clients, and a 56% bounce rate.
    • Optimized operation costs by consolidating Microsoft SQL Server licenses according to the latest usage trends and by negotiating preferential first-year rates with vendors such as Kaseya, Microsoft, and 3CX.
    • Led and collaborated with the development team, maintained business strategy, set up and trained customer service, created incentives and coaching for sales, spearheaded vendor relations, led partner negotiations, cost optimizations, and all other aspects of the business, giving me a 360-degree view and fully informed decision-making capabilities.
    • Developed a strategy for European expansion which included a telecom, insurance company, and legal firm partner network. Enabled it by creating an easily translatable code base for the entire product offering from the beginning.
  • Co-founder, Product Manager

    2013 - 2017
    Easy3D (Enterprise 3D Printing Services)
    • Conceived, created, and grew easy3D into Bulgaria's biggest 3D printing company by client base, technological capacity, and employee count. Built value proposition, financial models, and a business plan spanning three years and $150,000.
    • Created a business plan which focused on acquiring enterprise clients from Europe via the LinkedIn and XING professional networks, and on creating personalized manufacturing solutions for domestic factories to ensure positive cash flow in an otherwise difficult market with slow technological adoption.
    • Established workflow processes, communication standards, and analytics for efficiency and transparency, raising team productivity by 90% over two months.
    • Led negotiations to win a two-year government contract for $75,000, resulting in four new hires and two new service offerings.
    • Established the first online 3D printing system in Bulgaria, attracting three new customer segments and raising yearly profits by 45% as a direct result.
    • Assembled a sales team through outside hire and guided it to grow 3D printing contracts by 70 in its first three months.
    • Led strategic purchases of new technological equipment and training courses which allowed us to service major manufacturing plants, grow revenue by 43% for the first quarter of operations, and break even on equipment in eight months.

Project History

  • Startup Product Development Management (via TopTal)
    Led product management activities for eight growth-stage startups, generating comprehensive software requirement documents.

    Led projects as a product development manager at a US software development company based in Miami and LA, specializing in both domestic and international startup products. My role involved distilling a comprehensive vision for the startup's product and effectively translating it into software requirement PRDs to be implemented by the development team. I based my work on carrying out interviews with key stakeholders, researching the industry and marketplace, learning everything there is about the client's product, competencies, and ambitions, and communicating effectively with professionals from all seniority levels and occupations—from business to IT and everything in between. I was involved in eight large projects over a 6-month period for which I produced market research, PRDs, growth strategies, low- and high-fidelity wireframes, next step action plans, Confluence pages, Jira tasks, product roadmaps, and more. Effectively, everything they needed to confidently begin development of a product that ideally matches their needs while maintaining total customer-centricity and lean principles.

  • Comprehensive Structure for Entrepreneurial Projects
    Created a structure to organize startup projects encompassing ideation, research, prototyping, market fit, and development.

    Inexperienced startup and product development teams, often at the beginning of projects, engage in haphazard ideation and research without a sound plan for testing or subsequent deployment, incurring time and effort costs without tested deliverables. I created a structure for the initial stages of startup and product development. It covers ideation, market research, prototyping, market fit, production, team management, logistics, marketing, sales, and processes and scaling up, and provides clear testing guidelines and criteria, KPI suggestions, deliverables templates, and scheduling functionality.

  • 40% Average Cost Optimizations Through Decentralized Delivery and Logistics Services
    Created product design, a business plan, and complete specification for a decentralized delivery platform based on auctions.

    Collaborated with the programming team to create a logistics and delivery services marketplace. The team was very technically savvy but lacked in design vision, product management, and business development. I helped supplement these areas and led the team through market research, building a business plan, preparing test cases, arranging pilot customers and logistics partners, and creating a comprehensive launch plan which tied into their development itinerary.

  • Increased Interdepartmental Corporate Collaboration
    Modern SaaS to enable corporate department collaboration while maintaining transparency and accountability

    Led the product management of a SaaS product by utilizing freelance developers and coordinating remotely while remaining on time and completing the MVP within budget. The product relied on blockchain technology to keep a ledger of interdepartmental and client and vendor interactions to help enforce communication, based on transparency and accountability. The product featured functionality for collaboration, scheduling, deadlines and reminders, and most importantly, managerial oversight.

  • Four eCommerce Projects Complete with an International Team
    Led a remote team of international developers as product manager to complete four big eCommerce projects for UK clients.

    Led four eCommerce projects to completion using a decentralized international team of developers including pre-sales, project specification, client feedback, Agile development process, graphics design and UX, and custom functionality. I let my team complete every project to the client's satisfaction (totaling a 9.4 average satisfaction score) and within deadlines despite language barriers, time zone differences, and the relative lack of experience of the development team with eCommerce projects.

  • Launched First 4G Mobile Network in Bulgaria
    Collaborated with the product development team launching the first 4G service in Bulgaria to 60,000 users

    Conducted extensive market research, product positioning studies, client interviews, and technology, business, and marketing meetings to prepare a comprehensive product offering proposal to the marketing and business directors.

  • Modern UX Centralized Higher Education Repository
    Led product design and business planning of a centralized repository for higher education and academic path planning.

    I led the product design and business planning for a modernized hub for college applications and academic and professional path guidance aimed at Generation Z and younger, and designed to provide a more centralized and personalized interface for the college application experience. I directly contributed to the ideation and brainstorming, market and competitor research, MVP definition, and testing stages of the product, providing a full business plan, MVP specification, and other business-relevant documentation to be used in the development stages.


  • Master's degree in Entrepreneurship
    2019 - 2020
    University College London - London, England
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with Management (1st Class Honors)
    2013 - 2016
    King’s College London - London, England


  • TOEFL - 119/120 Points - Advanced
    AUGUST 2019 - AUGUST 2021
  • SIGM - Stanford Graduate School of Business - Business Administration, 1st Place Leadership Award
    Stanford University

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