Andrey Guenov, Product Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria
Andrey Guenov

Product Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria

Member since August 6, 2019
Andrey is a technical product manager specializing in the early product lifecycle stages. Having founded 21 startups in 10 years, Andrey has successfully planned, built, launched, and monetized over 50 products in eCommerce, healthcare, and gaming with US and UK agile teams. Naturally INFP-T, Andrey unifies clients and programmers to build customer-centric products with a vigorous market fit. Happily full-time, Andrey is quick to onboard, friendly, and hands-on to deliver detail-perfect PRDs.
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Project Highlights



  • Agile Product Manager (Full-time Freelance)

    2019 - 2020
    CodeParticle (via Toptal)
    • Wrote comprehensive, relentlessly detailed product requirements documents (PRDs) for eight US tech startup clients and their products.
    • Delivered hundreds of PRD Confluence pages, wireframes, data flow diagrams, mockups, roadmaps, time and budget estimations, and Jira backlogs and tasks.
    • Led and mediated over 70 customer interviews, developer meetings, and client presentations over Zoom with senior-level developers and C-Suite executives.
    • Prioritized MVP build functionality to maximize customer-centricity and actionable knowledge acquisition in five MVP launches.
    • Brought clients and software engineers together to enable the development of complex solutions in eCommerce, fitness and wellbeing, CMS, gaming, virtual economies, talent management, two-sided platforms, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Founder, Product Manager

    2018 - 2020
    • Created the entire brand value proposition and digital user experience for BRONYA, a D2C fashion label.
    • Led the creative and development effort behind creating a product portfolio of 50 bespoke fashion garments.
    • Selected an MVP-centric technology stack and infrastructure integrating WooCommerce, WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram Storefront to ensure fast deployment and multiple traction channels.
    • Netted 135% increased visitors, a high 7.26 minutes average session duration, and a low 53% bounce rate through multiple rounds of marketing strategy improvements.
    • Achieved a persistent 106% revenue growth by implementing a content-based growth strategy over two months.
  • Co-founder, Product Manager

    2017 - 2018
    • Founded GDPRTest, an AI-powered self-service GDPR compliance and regulatory SaaS company that provides an accessible SME-targeted product 50+ times faster and 100+ times cheaper than alternatives.
    • Attracted 46,000 visitors, 1,500 paying signups, and 200 upsell clients within the first three months. Traction channels included a network of 35 corporate resellers, two media groups, AdWords and Facebook ads.
    • Led the design, development, and launch of the end-to-end product line with six separate ancillary products in 12 weeks of development time.
    • Saved 50% of costs by consolidating Microsoft SQL Server licenses and by negotiating preferential first-year rates with Kaseya, Microsoft, and 3CX.
    • Designed the product to be easily localized for the legal and linguistic specifics of 27 EU countries.
  • Co-founder, Product Manager

    2013 - 2017
    • Built and grew Easy3D, a company that provides enterprise 3D printing services, into Bulgaria's biggest 3D printing company by client base, technological capacity, and employee count in three years.
    • Defined the product offering and monetization processes for 3D printing services.
    • Built an online 3D printing system, attracting three new customer segments and raising yearly revenues by 45%.
    • Built and maintained value proposition, financial models, and business plan spanning three years and $150,000.
    • Led negotiations to win a two-year government contract of $75,000, used to make four new hires and two new service offerings.
    • Established workflow processes, communication standards, and analytics for efficiency and transparency, which raised team productivity by 90% over two months.

Project History

  • Product Development Management — Healthcare and Fitness
    Worked with a venture-backed healthcare and fitness US startup to develop a mobile product offering.

    Produced a comprehensive set of PRDs, wireframes, and mockups based on client interviews and extensive market research. Led client interviews and developer meetings to coordinate product features for the first MVP launch. Worked with teams of five client-side and four developer-side.

  • Product Development Management — Gaming and Entertainment
    Worked with an international entertainment leader to develop a competitive e-sports platform with complex financial functionality and cross-platform access.

    Led the product requirements research and generation stage of a gaming platform with an established player in the European entertainment space. Architected a comprehensive economic system for bets, payouts, and rewards. Worked with teams of five client-side and four developer-side.

  • Product Development Management — Talent Management
    Led the early stages of product development of a talent management web application.

    Generated PRDs, mockups, and product roadmap in collaboration with the founding team and client's CTO. Worked with teams of two client-side and two developer-side. Developed monetization strategies, cost-effective cloud architecture, and marketing traction tests.

  • Proprietary Startup Framework
    Created a framework to guide and organize early-stage startup projects through ideation, research, prototyping, market fit, MVP development, and launch.

    The framework covers ideation, market research, prototyping, market fit, production, team management, logistics, marketing, sales, and processes and scaling up, and provides clear testing guidelines and criteria, KPI suggestions, deliverables templates, and scheduling functionality.

  • SaaS for Interdepartmental Corporate Collaboration
    Built a SaaS enabling corporate department collaboration based on transparency and accountability.

    Led MVP development remotely with two freelance developers. The product relied on Blockchain technology to keep a ledger of interdepartmental client and vendor interactions to help enforce open communication. The product featured functionality for collaboration, scheduling, deadlines and reminders, and most importantly, managerial oversight.

  • International eCommerce Projects
    Led a remote team of international developers as a product manager to complete four big eCommerce projects for UK clients within six months.

    Led four eCommerce projects to completion using a decentralized international team of three developers, including pre-sales, project specification, client feedback, Agile development process, graphics design and UX, and custom functionality. All four projects averaged a 9.4 satisfaction score and finished within deadlines despite language barriers, time zone differences, and the relative lack of experience of the development team with eCommerce projects.

  • 4G Mobile Network Launch in Bulgaria
    Worked and learned under the product development team launching the first 4G service to 60,000 users in Bulgaria.

    Interned at a 300+ employee company to conduct extensive market research, product positioning studies, client interviews, and technology, business, and marketing meetings to prepare a comprehensive product offering proposal to the marketing and business directors.


  • Master's Degree (Distinction) in Entrepreneurship
    2019 - 2020
    University College London - London, England
  • Bachelor's Degree (First-class Honors) in Computer Science with Management
    2013 - 2016
    King’s College London - London, England


  • TOEFL - 119/120 Points - Advanced
    AUGUST 2019 - AUGUST 2021
  • Alan Turing Centenary Prize
    JUNE 2016 - PRESENT
    King's College London
  • Stanford GSB - Business Administration, The First Place Leadership Award
    Stanford University

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