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Benedikt Glatzl

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Geneva, Switzerland
Toptal Member Since
November 19, 2020

Benedikt is an IT product manager and executive with 10+ years of experience evaluating and steering products and companies in the travel, mobility, insurance, and healthtech sectors. He was a product quality strategist at Google for three years and has worked for startups at various growth stages. Benedikt has built products and product teams from scratch, pivoted products, managed product teams and managers, and helped products scale from zero to 10,000 to one million users.

Project Highlights

AI/LLM/Generative AI-based Research Document Processing Copilot
Led the design, prototyping, and implementation of an AI-based suite of tools for analyzing both structured (numerical/database) and unstructured (language-based) data and documents used by research teams of a large FMCG company.


Work Experience

Adjunct Professor

2015 - 2021
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS)
  • Taught 150+ students the basics of design thinking by conducting design sprints and solving real-world problems provided by partner organizations.
  • Designed the entire Design Thinking & Innovation Management Program from scratch.
  • Coached several teams to build their own companies and initiatives as a follow-up to the course.

Senior Product Manager | Interim Chief Product Officer

2019 - 2020
  • Designed the entire product strategy of and negotiated with key partners in the healthcare, insurance, and fintech industries.
  • Led the creation of the first prototype and the first real product of, which included managing six contractors, specifically UX, developers, marketing, and several external partners.
  • Hired a development team lead, several developers, product owners, and trained product owners in various areas of responsibility.
  • Introduced and implemented Scrum processes, structures, and tools.

Interim Chief Product and Operations Officer

2018 - 2019
  • Developed the bid for a partnership with TomTom to deliver parking data streams to TomTom customers globally and managed the implementation of the partnership.
  • Implemented the Scrum processes initially as scrum master and later as a scrum product owner. Set up Jira to manage sprints and the product backlog.
  • Hired several key team members, including the development team lead, data scientists, geodata specialists, and project managers.
  • Designed and coordinated the implementation of a product roadmap.

Chief Product Officer

2015 - 2018
  • Managed Ulmon's entire product portfolio (100+ apps) and introduced new features and pricing strategies that allowed the company to reach breakeven for the first time.
  • Led a complete product pivot by developing several prototypes for different potential business model scenarios and pivoting to the most promising one—a travel tours and activities booking aggregator platform called Ticketlens.
  • Rebuilt the entire product team, letting go of several employees, consolidating product and HR processes, and hiring new employees who fit the new product focus.

Product Manager

2015 - 2015
  • Managed the Android development team to get to feature parity with the iOS version of Ulmon's portfolio of around 50 apps.
  • Developed the roadmap for Ulmon's machine learning-based travel destination recommender feature.
  • Set up and analyzed several A/B experiments to test the baseline hypothesis of an ML-based travel recommender system.

Product Quality Strategist

2012 - 2015
  • Served as the primary product strategist on the European Commission Antitrust Case (COMP/C-3/39.740), playing a key role in implementing the settlement proposal and related changes (policies and specs) to Google products such as Google Shopping.
  • Coordinated the AdWords trust and safety policy enforcement team for the German market (three direct reports) and improved machine learning systems for AdWords policy enforcement in the German market, increasing automation rates by 200%.
  • Consulted to key stakeholders involved in developing and implementing product innovation strategies.
  • Conducted significant interactions with Google India senior management, AdWords market intel and policy insights EMEA, Google Apps for Work sales engineering, and EMEA and partners (GroupM India, Johnson & Johnson US, and Dubai Smart Gov Agency).
  • Developed and implemented a global program for tackling tough problems that Google product quality operations faced, using an adaptation of design thinking methodologies.
  • Trained 12 trainers and delivered workshops based on design thinking to 250 participants globally.

Innovation Consultant

2010 - 2012
  • Facilitated customer workshops with data center owners and managers who were developing new types of data center management systems.
  • Designed and facilitated a conference for developing an innovation strategy and policy for the country of Austria together with government representatives and experts from key technology sectors.
  • Developed a new innovation publication for the mobility sector for the largest mobility association of Austria.

Healthcare Expense Management App

Led the design and development of a healthcare expense management platform from scratch and helped build a product organization around it for further scalability. is a convenient, connected payment solution to ease the process of paying and reimbursing health expenses and to help health insurance customers access the best health solutions and services available.

I played a key role in creating the service from the very beginning, and then supported the app from serving its very first customer to acquiring tens of thousands of customers and onboarding several B2B partners. In order to create the service, I gained an in-depth understanding of the German and Austrian health insurance sectors, the business models of connected healthcare service providers, and custom-built payment instruments.

During the development lifecycle, I conducted user research, created the product vision, developed UX drafts, produced wireframes, managed developers to create the MVP, and then coordinated the creation of the actual service. I was also involved in building the tech and product team by hiring and training several product owners, a tech lead, and front-end and back-end developers.

Ticketlens | Travel Tours and Activities Aggregator Platform

Conceptualized and designed the platform as a complete pivot from the company's original product and developed a website with several hundred thousand unique views per month.

Ticketlens aggregates all tours and activities from the world's biggest tour and activities providers and makes it easy to compare them. Users can find the best tickets, tours, and activities and compare prices from different websites.

Design of Custom Digital Payment Product

Led the design and development of a novel payment product, allowing users to easily and seamlessly pay for healthcare expenses anywhere on the web.

The client wanted to automate the entire healthcare expense management process, from expense occurrence to reimbursement. I led the design and implementation of a custom-made payment solution that could coordinate payments in a "triangle relationship" between healthcare service providers, customers, and insurances.

In order to architect the concept for this payment product, I evaluated different payment providers from a commercial, technical, and UX perspective. Created mockups to illustrate how a payment flow with the respective provider would work. Specified the core elements of the solution, developed an implementation roadmap, and oversaw the implementation.

Improved Automated Product Fraud and Spam Detection System

Introduced processes and machine learning improvements that increased the spam and fraud detection automation rate across all German search ads from below 30% to nearly 90%.

I coordinated the search ads fraud and spam prevention efforts for the German Mark. To do this, I devised a strategy consisting of a mix of workflow improvements, contractor management process changes, and optimization of both conditional rule-based and machine learning-based automated filtering and categorization systems. This was accomplished while keeping the false positive and false negative rates at a nearly unchanged level.

Large-scale Product Adaptations for Antitrust Compliance

Redesigned core product UX flows to comply with the European Commission antitrust case requirements.

I served as the main product strategist in the project to implement the settlement proposal. This involved close collaboration with the global legal council to identify requirements and with senior technical staff across products and geographic locations to translate them into technical specs for large-scale internet products and design a roadmap for implementation.

Monetization of Large Mobile Userbase

Increased the in-app purchase rate of a travel app with 300,000 monthly active users from 1.5% to nearly 10% and tripled revenue by replacing one-time purchases with subscriptions for long-term revenue generation.

CityMaps2Go is one of the leading city travel app suites with more than 20 million downloads globally. Since the app was focused on user growth for a number of years, I was tasked with monetizing the userbase in order to bring the company to profitability.

First, I conducted an in-depth evaluation of all the features of the app and how they could be monetized without hurting retention, where paywalls could be introduced, and how the in-app purchases and subscriptions could be priced.

In collaboration with the developers and analysts, I ran several A/B tests to see which features could be best monetized, how they would be bundled in price tiers, and what the optimal price points were. I then worked with a designer and a marketing expert to create the communications around the purchases inside and outside the app. Finally, I oversaw the launch of the monetization, including taking care of users who fell into a grace period with their purchases and app versions.

In addition to increasing the monetization rate of the userbase from 1.5% to nearly 10%, revenue tripled while keeping maintenance costs at the same level as before.

Global Design Thinking Program for Large Tech Company

Developed and implemented a design thinking program for a global department, trained facilitators across regions, and delivered workshops and design sprints involving more than 250 employees.

I conceived, developed, and implemented a global program to tackle the toughest problems faced by the product quality department of one of the world's largest tech companies. I used an adaptation of design thinking to do this in an innovative way.

I trained 12 design thinking facilitators across locations and cultures, delivered tailormade workshops and design sprints (with more than 250 participants in total), and deployed projects globally across Google locations. The design sprints led to the creation of a webmaster troubleshooting center used by millions of webmasters and new ways of tackling product fraud effectively.

I received the bi-annual "Global Invaluable Innovator" award for the creation of this program.

50-hour University Seminar on Applied Innovation Methods

Designed, prepared, and delivered a fully virtual, 50-hour, custom-made seminar on Lean methods, Agile, and design thinking. More than 200 students passed through the course, leading to the creation of several startups.

For the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, I designed and (for over six years) delivered the content for the mandatory seminar on applied innovation methods. The seminar spans over two to three months and requires the students to apply the learned methods immediately to real-world projects conceived in collaboration with local companies and institutions.

The program covers design thinking, Agile methods, and Lean Startup methods, and culminates in a prototype presentation and startup pitch. The course was initially delivered fully in person, but I adapted it to be delivered 100% virtually due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovating the Data Center Line of a Major DC Hardware Provider

Led and delivered an innovation process for coming up with new data center equipment, resulting in a new product line that increases the energy efficiency of data centers that was developed and deployed to customers globally.

The client (a global hardware provider for data centers) wanted to develop a new data center product line and felt that their classical R&D approach was insufficient for this initiative.

As part of an innovation consultancy, I was tasked with designing a process to accomplish this while involving lead users. I designed the process, interviewed and recruited data center owners globally into an innovator community, and led a four-day design thinking workshop with R&D staff and select data center owners to come up with new solutions to existing problems.

Virtual Pre-seed Startup Accelerator Program

Launched a paid accelerator program from scratch for Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary.

To strengthen the local startup ecosystem, I brought a globally recognized, pre-seed startup accelerator program to the region. This involved recruiting mentors, trainers, and participants; hosting PR events on relevant topics; coaching the startups; and coordinating and monitoring the program deadlines.

Executive Innovation Strategy Education Program

Created and delivered an executive education program for 250 top and senior executives in a large, multinational company.

Designed and delivered a global education program to create excitement and buy-in from senior executives across markets and functions. This was crucial in establishing a novel innovation strategy in a large FMCG company that had never carried out digital innovation initiatives.

Digital Venture Building Organization

Created the concept for a standalone digital venture building and entrepreneurship company as a subsidiary of a large multinational.

To enable a large multinational company to create disruptive innovations unhampered by corporate bureaucracy and politics, I was tasked with designing a concept for a digital venture builder organization. I was also tasked with prototyping the first iteration of the venture building process by creating a concept and a functioning MVP for this concept. I pitched the Venture Builder to senior executives of the company. I received approval for creating such an entity with an initial budget of $30 million, which was subsequently implemented as per my plan.

Business Model Redesign and Digital Transformation of an Education Business

Evaluated and completely redesigned the business model of a formerly offline-coaching-based education startup. Transformed services into a suite of on-demand courses combined with a scalable online coaching offering.

The company started as an education and professional development provider for professionals in the formal education sector. Due to COVID-19, their entire business model collapsed as F2F coaching was not possible anymore.

In this project, we entirely transformed both their business model and service offering by first reviewing their existing business model and mapping out their core assets and USP. We then remapped these onto alternative business models, set up MVPs around each of the potential ways forward, and created online campaigns to validate each of the MVPs.

After validating the two most promising service offerings, we set out to build out the service portfolio, which enabled the company to now be a thriving and expanding business with more than doubled revenues within a year.

Product Concept, Business Model, and Business Plan for Startup

Designed the entire strategy (including the baseline product concept and business model) and wrote the business plan for a newly created startup. Thanks to my contribution, the startup got accepted into a high-profile incubator program.

The startup's idea was to create a novel platform for digital freelancers to help small businesses in the Middle East enter the digital age and supercharge their business. The founders needed support in defining their product concept further down to a product and business roadmap and sharpening their business model. Over several weeks I created strategy and implementation documents for each aspect of the business, culminating in a business plan and an application for a renowned incubator program to which they successfully applied.

AI/LLM/Generative AI-based Research Document Processing Copilot

Led the design, prototyping, and implementation of an AI-based suite of tools for analyzing both structured (numerical/database) and unstructured (language-based) data and documents used by research teams of a large FMCG company.

As the project lead for a groundbreaking digital transformation initiative at a large FMCG corporation, I spearheaded the development and implementation of advanced toolsets for the efficient processing and analysis of research data. This project marked a significant departure from the company's traditional document storage practices, embracing a more dynamic and scalable approach.

Leveraging a diverse array of state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies—including machine learning, generative AI, and sophisticated data analytics tools—my team and I successfully engineered various innovative tools. These tools are adept at autonomously summarizing documents and datasets, extracting useful metadata, constructing thematic networks across various documents, identifying potential areas for research, and uncovering cross-correlations with other internal or external datasets and document contents.

As the principal architect of this project, I orchestrated the collaboration of a skilled team comprising designers, data scientists, analysts, and AI specialists. Together, we not only crafted these revolutionary tools but also championed their adoption throughout the organization.
2013 - 2016

Master's Degree in Management of Information Systems

Trinity College Dublin - Dublin, Ireland

2007 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Vienna University of Economics and Business - Vienna, Austria


Certified Scrum Master

The Knowledge Academy


Intro to Programming Nanodegree



Executive Data Science

Johns Hopkins University


Product Management: Modern Fundamentals



Zoom, Slack, Strategyzer, Jira, Figma, Google Hangouts, GIS, Asana


Scrum, Design Thinking, Agile Product Management, Agile Project Management, Agile Software Development, Team Development, B2B2C, Agile, B2C, Key Performance Metrics, Kanban, Human-centered Design (HCD), Requirements Analysis, Change Management, User Testing, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Rapid Prototyping, Data Science, Agile Workflow, Gamification

Platforms, Mixpanel, Blockchain

Industry Expertise

Open Innovation, Education Technology (Edtech), Insurance Technology (Insurtech), Healthcare, Digital Banking Applications, Consumer Products, Health Insurance, Higher Education, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Venture Capital


IT Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Owner, Roadmaps, Product Roadmaps, Apps, Management, Teaching, Innovation, Design Sprints, Qualitative Research, Lean, Product Management, Product Planning, Technology Consulting, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Product Ownership, Mobile Apps, Team Leadership, Agile Leadership, Technical Project Management, Project Management, Project Planning, Workshop Facilitation, Discovery Workshops, Startups, Employee Training, Learning & Development, Training Content, Innovation Strategy, Training, Digital Product Management, Workshops, Ideation Workshops, Presentations, Scrum Master, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Business Models, Early-stage Startups, Learning, Business Modeling, Training & Training Content Development, Communication, Backlog Management, Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Digital, Digital Strategy, Organizational Development, Business Transformation, Lean Product Management, Lean Product Manager, Planning, Agile Sprints, Process Design, Workflow, Agile Coaching, Mobile Applications, Product Discovery, Productivity, Cross-functional Collaboration, Miro, New Products, Ideation, User Interviews, User Feedback, Lean Startups, Sprint Planning, Value Proposition, Product Strategy Consultant, Business Analysis, Mobile, Web Product Management, Web Project Management, Applications, Feature Roadmaps, Project Scoping, Mentorship, Creative Thinking, Mentorship & Coaching, Mobile App Development, Startup Consulting, Software, Stakeholder Interviews, Process Flows, Remote Team Leadership, Pricing Models, Fraud Prevention, Safety, IT Security, Analytics, Travel Product Manager, Technical Hiring, Android, iOS, Financials, Investor Relations, B2B Product Management, Healthcare IT, User Research, Product Vision, Project Design, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Monetization, Technical Product Management, Go-to-market Plans, Monetization Models, Project Budget Management, Cost Estimation, Digital Project Management, Resource Allocation, Innovation Management, Training Materials, Disruptive Innovation, Leadership, Budget Management, Stakeholder Management, Product Leadership, User Experience (UX), Consumer Services, Coaching, Business to Consumer (B2C), Feature Analysis, Data Analytics, User Journeys, User Journey Maps, Strategy, User Stories, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Requirements & Specifications, Customer Journeys, Process Automation, Discovery, Team Management, Executive Coaching, Product Coach, Consulting, Backlog Grooming, Feature Prioritization, Data, Strategic Planning, Operational Efficiency Improvement, Operations Management, Structure & Organizational Design, Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Lean Project Management, Investor Presentations, Pitch Decks, Business Planning, Revenue Strategy, Presentation Design, Project Timelines, Journey Mapping, Process Mapping, Web & Mobile Applications, Product Development Manager, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Head of Product, Customer Engagement, Estimation & Planning, User Requirements, Budgeting, Project Scheduling, Requirements, Data Analysis, Market Research, Conceptualization, User Interface (UI), Best Practices, Product Mapping, Investments, Business Cases, Consumer Applications, Use Cases, Technology Trends, New Product Development, Strategic Design, Design Strategy, Business Design, Enterprise, Gaming, Product Conceptualization, Product-market Fit, Mobile User Acquisition, Iteration Management, UX Testing, Pricing, Estimations, Web App Development, Google, Product Consultant, FMCG, Product Research, Growth Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Customer Experience, Documentation, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Writing & Editing, Onboarding, E-learning, Marketing Strategy, Mobile Data, Product Analytics, Customer Insights, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Mobile UX, Decision Trees, App Design, Feasibility Studies, Proof of Concept (POC), Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Statistical Modeling, Economics, Big Data, Data Science Product Manager, Fintech, Python, JavaScript, Data Strategy, App UX, Healthtech, Data Privacy, Project Reporting, Digital Payments, Machine Learning, Data-driven Decision-making, QA Automation, Paid Search, Regulatory Compliance, Web UX, Subscriptions, Technical Architecture, Funnel Analysis, Funnel Optimization, Technical Leadership, Program Design, Program Management, Education, User, Team Mentoring, Content Creation, Community Management, Social Media Management, Product Design, Product Launch, Agile Practices, Business Requirements, Data Product Manager, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Healthcare Product Manager, Statistical Data Analysis, Mobile Payments, APIs, Antitrust Laws, Vendor Management, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Business Model Canvas, Fleet Management, Operations, Product Development, Prototyping, Technology, Fundraising, Startup Funding, Financial Statement Preparation, Staffing, UX Design, Service Blueprints, Validated User Research, Cryptocurrency, Wireframing, Scrum Product Owner, A/B Testing, Product Growth, MVP Design, Edtech Design, Travel, Booking Systems, Scope of Work, Project Delivery, Crypto, UI Design, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Direct to Consumer (D2C), Go-to-market Strategy, Finance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ROI, Distributed Team Management, Revenue Optimization, Progress Reporting, Healthcare Services, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Workforce Management (WFM), Human Resources (HR), Product Operations, Business Operations, User Validation, Customer Discovery, Business Plan Consulting, Pitch Deck Consultant, Financial Modeling, Business Coaching, Educational Platform Design, Video Games, Digital Health, API Integration, GDPR, Data Scraping, Natural Language Processing (NLP), SaaS, User Experience Design, Marketing Research & Analysis, Social Networks, Digital Marketing, Market Research & Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Integration, Software Development, Mockups, Teams, Large Language Models (LLMs), Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), Consumer Research, Consumer Insights, Healthcare Software, Growth Hacking, Hardware, Software as a Service (SaaS), Business to Business (B2B), SDKs, Growth, UX Wireframes, Product Marketing

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