Carolina Della Corte, Product Manager in Barcelona, Spain
Carolina Della Corte

Product Manager in Barcelona, Spain

Member since February 14, 2019
Carolina is a digital business, strategy, product, and marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience. She launched an online scheduling directory service (iTurnos), building the service to 1.5 million users and 7 million scheduled appointments.
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  • Head of Operations

    2017 - 2018
    Content Doctor - for client GPTQ (General Practice Training Queensland)
    • Managed overall digital marketing.
    • Defined and developed analysis, strategy, and content for websites about medical training.
    • Served as the project manager for digital campaigns. Led a team of six.
    • Automated email.
    • Implemented a chatbot.
    • Led online marketing.
    • Managed social media.
  • Head of Product and Marketing

    2017 - 2018
    SlowAging Health and Wellness
    • Served as the head of product for an innovative health and wellness app - MVP creation.
    • Acted as the project owner for idea validation pilot creation and execution.
    • Led definition and implementation of various recruitment digital campaigns.
    • Oversaw business, marketing, and content strategy as the head of marketing.
    • Defined and developed content for websites about medical training, health, and wellbeing.
    • Managed online marketing and social media.
  • Digital Technology Advisor

    2016 - 2017
    Buenos Aires City Government
    • Served as the product and implementation project manager for a new scheduling and queue management system (web and app).
    • Analyzed and designed the strategy and functionalities for new integrative app related to pet wellbeing.
    • Analyzed and designed requirements for new apps and future versions of existing apps (including chatbots).
    • Promoted and delivered new tools for internal communication.
    • Analyzed procedures, identifying inefficiencies and delivering improvements for the citizen's experience.
  • Co-founder and Managing Director

    2009 - 2016
    • Launched iTurnos in 2009, currently a profitable SaaS online scheduling business having scheduled +8 million online appointments for +1.5 million users in more than 800 online agendas and growing. (
    • Boosted company revenue by more than 56% during my last year in the company. Created new revenue streams through complementary products such as SMS reminders and notifications.
    • Acted as the product manager for online platform and mobile app (Waterfall approach).
    • Served as the product manager for an operative platform (Agile approach).
    • Created business model, corporate, marketing, and pricing strategy and implementation.
    • Formulated business plan. Analyzed business developments and monitored market trends.
    • Designed and managed campaigns (online marketing, trade shows, direct marketing, radio, and press - spokesperson).
    • Earned exceptional brand awareness and testimonials from clients thus consolidating a leading position in the industry for the company.
    • Created product positioning and messaging to differentiate products in market and expand visibility. Developed pricing strategies while balancing firm objectives with customer satisfaction maximization.
    • Led re-branding project.
    • Carried out sales and training meetings with clients and potential clients.
    • Selected personnel, trained them to ensure smooth adoption of their daily work and supervised them, offering constructive feedback on their work performance.
    • Reviewed sales, customer concerns, and new opportunities to drive business strategy and defined clear targets and objectives and communicated them to other team members( staff of 5 employees) at weekly planning sessions.
  • Business Strategy Consultant, Business Analyst

    2008 - 2009
    McKinsey & Company
    • Served as a strategic marketing consultant for one of the largest players in the consumer electronics industry in Brazil. Performed competitor benchmarking analysis, defined market positioning, and identified potential product enhancements for a cell phone manufacturing company.
    • Performed operations analysis and consulting for a client in the Telco Industry in Brazil. Recommended operational improvements based on tracking and analysis for a telco company.
    • Provided strategic consulting and business analysis for one of the biggest media companies in Brazil. Defined 5-year strategy for a media company assessing the impact of current business processes on users and stakeholders.
    • Analyzed the acquisitions strategy for one of the biggest Agro companies in Brazil.
    • Developed the integration and operations strategy for a big client in the finance industry in Brazil.
    • Performed a research analysis for a pro-bono client.

Project History

  • Mobile App Creation for iTurnos (Online Scheduling Platform and Directory)
    Led product vision, requirements and design for the first mobile appointment scheduling app for iTurnos (market leader).

    Defined vision, use cases, and design.

    Worked with software factory - Waterfall approach.

    The project was completed in time and successfully. You can download the app at the link (it's in Spanish).

  • Pilot and MVP for Health and Wellness App
    Led the conception, content, and development of an MVP for a diet and lifestyle health app and pilot idea validation.

    The Slowaging program was a pilot for the creation of a health and wellness app for women +45 years old.

    I led content, marketing, recruiting, operations and implementation. It was a huge success.

    I also defined requirements, flow, and design for the MVP app.

  • Virtual and Real Time Queuing Mobile App for City Government
    Led product definition, design, and implementation of MVP. First app of its kind.

    The MVP was a huge success.

    The app allows the citizen to search for offices by first filtering the desired service and to hop in line virtually so as to arrive at the office when they are about to be called.

    The idea is that the service resembles Just in Time methodology = no waiting rooms philosophy.

  • iTurnos Platform Re-building Project
    Led the re-build of an existing functioning platform. Approved use cases, design, database structure, and API requirements.

    A waterfall approach was used for this project.

    It included a complete build-up and advanced functionalities.

  • Mobile App Creation for Pet Wellbeing for the City of Buenos Aires
    Led the conception phase, strategy, and requirements definition of the mobile app.

    Mobile app to help pet owners find their pet when lost. The app also has functionalities to help and encourage pet adoptions and to assist with pet services such as VETs or walkers.

  • Email Marketing Campaign and Automatization for Events Recruitment
    Increased the number of assistance to these events by 25%.

    Definition of the recruitment funnel, the content, the design and the technology, including landing page.

    Integration and automation management: Active Campaign, SMS reminders, Straight2VoiceMail, emails, and real-time lists generation.

  • Chatbot Campaign Creation and Implementation
    Achieved over 1000 subscribers to the online chatbot because of this campaign.

    Created and implemented an online chatbot (ManyChat technology) for data capturing in exchange for "How to get a job?" ebook.

  • Online Marketing Campaign to Increase Contact List
    Increased newsletter signup by 300% on this particular campaign.

    Improved a campaign that was not working well: changed video ad, changed CTA, changed URL to make it more memorable, converted the landing page to responsive, fixed automation errors inside Active Campaign, etc.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
    2003 - 2007
    San Andres University - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Exchange Program Participant in Business Administration
    2005 - 2006
    University of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania


  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
    Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Advanced Business English
    ACE (Australian College of English)
  • Official IBM Bits Exam

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