Criss Garcia, Product Manager in Jacksonville, OR, United States
Criss Garcia

Product Manager in Jacksonville, OR, United States

Member since August 13, 2019
Criss' background is technical with an applied mastery in business system leadership and innovation. He is a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset at the intersection of health, technology, and business. He focuses on building the teams, skills, and capabilities needed to transform the organizations he works in.
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  • Strategic Program Manager

    2017 - PRESENT
    Asante Health System
    • Developed and delivered thirty physician-led value initiatives improving operational efficiencies and clinical outcomes over a two-year period with over $10 million in real savings delivered.
    • Led broad organizational restructuring, cultural transformation and change management initiatives across professional services division.
    • Led and clearly communicated the strategic Population Health program to executives, physicians and other key stakeholders at Asante.
    • Integrated planning, timing, sequencing and delineating the interdependencies and critical success factors amongst the six components of the Population Health Strategic Plan.
    • Led, tracked, and held accountable the decision-making process related to governance and management, finance and contracting, and clinical product optimization from a Population Health perspective.
    • Developed and maintained Asante's strategic position within the Health Alliance of Southern Oregon.
    • Worked closely with team stakeholders to coordinate resources, understand integration requirements between work efforts and establish priorities in support of strategic goals.
    • Created visibility and accountability for KPI performance defined within Asante’s strategic Medicare Advantage payer partnerships.
  • Project Manager

    2015 - 2017
    Asante Health System
    • Led $1.2 million project to implement “Positive ID” bedside collection and medication scanning in Epic Beaker, on time and under budget.
    • Led migration/conversion effort for 158 lab and transcription interfaces to Epic Beaker over an 18 month period, on time and under budget.
    • Led implementation of secure text communication system to support STEMI and Trauma team notifications.
    • Managed projects, which included the evaluation, selection, development, implementation, upgrade of major clinical, patient management, business, and strategic systems application software.
    • Identified and developed project goals and scope, impact analysis, timelines, implementation strategies, and evaluation methods.
    • Identified decision-making issues and key stakeholders, develop and implement strategies to encourage and obtain stakeholder and/or community awareness and support, and identify project partners.
    • Identified and coordinated with program and advisory committees, administer project budgets, authorize expenditures and develop and monitor contracts.
    • Coordinated publicity and development of informational materials.
    • Trained and advised staff, project advocates, and project participants as required.
    • Established project management and system selection methodologies, and developed PMO operations.
    • Coordinated system-wide project leadership for all Asante entities and locations.
  • Senior Application Analyst

    2012 - 2015
    Asante Health System
    • Developed the second non-government Health Information Exchange in the US, the first and largest in Oregon. $2.5 million effort delivered on time and under budget.
    • Directly oversaw integrating all regional lab system interfaces into a single source longitudinal record.
    • Designed and implemented SharePoint application workflows to coordinated project document sharing and change control communication;
    • Assisted in the coordination and monitoring of the design, development, modification, and implementation of information technology applications within Asante;
    • Provided technical support and project leadership for the database environment;
    • Provided and design tools to assist in the management of the database and client/server environment.
    • Assisted in training technical support, applications development, and super users in effective utilization of databases.
    • Performed special projects and assignments concerned with advance needs and requirements with minimum supervision.
    • Provided advanced tier technical support.
  • Senior Information Systems Analyst/IT Architect

    2010 - 2012
    City of Ashland, Oregon
    • Designed and developed an online customer billing portal with yearly revenues processing in excess of $1.37 million.
    • Acted as the project manager in charge of major re-branding effort developing new enterprise logo design;
    • Developed cable modem vendor service self-management portal.
    • Acted as project manager overseeing $500,000 procurement and implementation of UBS for finance division.
    • Led software and database project planning and development team.
    • Headed strategic initiative planning and development.
    • Managed capital project planning, budget development, resource allocation timing coordination.
    • Identified best practices and industry trends to plan future infrastructure needs.
    • Led organizational continuity planning, risk management, backup, and disaster recovery planning.
    • Developed IT SOA architecture standards for all departments and software applications/services at the city.
    • Contributed to Agile project charter development and stakeholder management.
  • Senior Database Programmer/Systems Analyst

    2004 - 2010
    City of Ashland, Oregon
    • Developed and deployed an updated utility billing system for the utilities department using C#/MSSQL with more than $25 million in annual revenue. This utility billing system calculates, creates, and prints bills for approximately 12,000 households on a monthly basis for the city’s diverse rate system including cable TV, cable modem, electricity and water usage in addition to fixed assessments.
    • Guided development and support for law enforcement, fire department, CERT.
    • Planned, assessed, planned, and developed or procured new application implementations.
    • Oversaw financial system audit compliance.
    • Developed and implemented IT architectural stack plan.
    • Allocated and managed SAN-based shared VMWare storage allocation pool for backup and redundancy.
    • Established SharePoint intranet and staff directory architecture, policies, procedures, and application standards.
    • Maintained and administered the city’s electronic document archive system (Laserfiche).
  • Founder

    2000 - 2004
    Vortx Inc.
    • Identified trends and provided systems road map for technology development.
    • Managed prospective customer marketing, sales activities and business operations development.
    • Troubleshot performance and security issues.
    • Planned and developed IT Systems architecture.
    • Supported business customers technology information infrastructure, cable modem, and direct fiber.
  • Senior Programmer Analyst

    2000 - 2002
    Bear Creek Operations, Inc.
    • Maintained multiple replication linked MS SQL Server 7.0 shipping databases across multi-state WAN.
    • Developed and maintained data transfer and archival utilities and tools using Visual Basic 6 and MSSQL 2000.
    • Enabled uniform configuration of system client software and databases.
    • Implemented incremental feature development and database version migration processes.
    • Developed IS Financial System used by all of its subsidiary companies.
    • Coordinated executive stakeholder management, acceptance and team project readiness communications.
    • Provided first-tier software support for more than twenty shipping lines in three to four states simultaneously.
    • Provided IS project planning tools, capital allocation, ROI and “what if” capabilities for executive management.
    • Provided outlying fiscal years’ budget and cost analysis tools to senior management.
  • SQL Specialist/Database Administrator

    2000 - 2002
    Project A, Inc.
    • Created over 30 municipal government websites in five western states.
    • Developed a full-service web product line for government and industry (SIB/GIB).
    • Developed and administered data architectures for MS SQL Server versions 6.5 and 7.0.
    • Designed schema and conducted relational database analysis.
    • Developed replication topology for the company and its clients.
    • Implemented cross-platform data imports and exports for government clients (electronic document interchange).
    • Instituted object-oriented programming methods and automated testing protocols.
    • Expertly used Visual Basic, COM, COM+, VBScript, JavaScript, MSAccess, DHTML, and some C++.
    • Accepted primary responsibility for development in government and health care management applications.
    • Participated and pursued small group Agile/RAD development principles.
    • Embodied essential personal time management skills.
    • Installed, backed up, and administered 175+ SQL Server databases residing on multiple remote and local servers.
  • EDI Team Leader

    1997 - 2000
    Plexis Healthcare Systems
    • ● Oversee and direct the work of other EDI Team developers;
    • ● Manage communications and plan deadlines for client projects;.
    • ● Design, develop and maintain software features, modules and utility products for a suite of health care software;
    • ● Work directly with clients and end users to assure data integrity and system reliability;
    • ● Maintain format integrity and field mapping for large volumes of transactional and medical data;
    • ● Direct involvement at all phases of project development life cycle;
    • ● Use a variety of programming languages and tools in a wide range of network environments;
    • ● Leverage MS SQL and Access query writing skills and conduct bulk data copy processing;
    • ● Develop data transfer and medical health care tools using Visual Basic 5, MS SQL 7.0 and MS Access 97;
    • ● Develop a wide variety of import and export formats, forms and tools using object class variables;
    • ● Design a groundbreaking EDI application architecture;
    • ● Assist technical writers and testers with feature documentation;

Project History

  • Clinical Integration Initiatives
    Delivered $10 million in operational efficiencies and improved clinical outcomes over a two-year period.

    Worked closely with physician leaders in Primary and Specialty care business lines to deliver 30 new analytic products to dashboard value related KPIs in their practices.

  • Epic Beaker Positive ID Workflow
    Point of collection lab printing capability to all inpatient and emergency collection points systemwide.

    Led $1.2 million project to implement “Positive ID” bedside collection and medication scanning in Epic Beaker, on time and under budget.

  • Nursing Critical Communication Devices
    Airwatch deploy thousands of mission-critical nursing clinical Honeywell devices to integrate communications and collections.

    Led project to develop and deploy MDM standard profiles to Honeywell devices with key secure communication and nurse call applications to thousands of nursing positions across our network of three medical centers in southern Oregon.

  • Lab System Interface Conversions
    Led migration/conversion effort for 158 lab and transcription interfaces to Epic Beaker.

    Coordinated all software vendor efforts to deliver functional interfaces across all lab and transcription interfaces for ambulatory practices.

  • Emergency Surgical Call Communication
    Led implementation of secure text communication system to support STEMI and Trauma team notifications.

    Led development and deployment of a secure notification system (call, text, page) with a positive acknowledgment workflow to ensure call teams responded across all key specialties to surgical traumas and cardiology emergency events in the hospital within 20 minutes.

  • Health Information Exchange
    Developed the first and still largest non-government Health Information Exchange in Oregon. $2.5 million on time/budget.

    Project required integrating all regional lab system interfaces into a single source longitudinal record. Members included over 85 different ambulatory practices across a three-county area simultaneously.

  • Utility Billing System Development
    Developed and deployed an updated utility billing system with more than $25 million annual revenue.

    Led development of a complete utility billing system to calculate, create, and prints bills for approximately 12,000 households on a monthly basis for the city’s diverse rate system including cable TV, cable modem, electricity, and water usage in addition to fixed assessments. This system was developed using C#/MSSQL and totally replaced an existing FoxPro developed legacy product in under 12 months and balanced every account to the penny with full auditing capabilities.


  • Master's Degree in Business Administration
    2016 - 2018
    University of Oregon - Eugene, OR
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biology
    1990 - 1995
    University of Montana - Missoula, MT


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    APRIL 2015 - APRIL 2021
    Project Management Institute (PMI)

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