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Cyrus Eslamian

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

New York, NY, United States
Toptal Member Since
December 6, 2022

Cyrus boasts a decade of expertise across both public and private sectors, serving Fortune 500 firms to startups in fintech, healthcare, eCommerce, insurance, IoT, AI/ML, and blockchain/Web 3.0. His roles spanned B2B, B2C, and B2B2C models. With an advanced engineering degree and sharp business acumen, Cyrus adeptly crafts and champions digital product strategies, translating them into agile roadmaps for seamless implementation.

Project Highlights

Robo-advisor Investment App
Led the creation of a complex investment application for users to invest their account balance, resulting in an enrolment rate of 15% and revenue per user of 50%.
Product Strategist for MVP
Led the development of an educational platform, conducting market research and addressing tech gaps. Ensured timely, budgeted delivery and a strategic market launch, earning high client praise.
AI Chatbot for a Dating Coach
Led the conceptual idea to the implementation of an AI chatbot dating coach.


Work Experience

Author - AI Newsletter for Executives

2020 - PRESENT
Inceptix AI
  • Launched a podcast and grew subscriptions to 1,000+ and downloads to 10,000+ within six months.
  • Hosted many guests, including Marty Cagan, father of product management; Rich Mironov; Ravi Mehta, CPO at Tinder; Ken Sandy, Giff Constable, CPO at Meetup; and other inspiring product leaders.
  • Provided thought leadership during podcasts on topics related to product management with industry experts.

Strategic Technology Advisor (via Toptal)

2024 - 2024
Eupolis grupa D.O.O.
  • Developed a strategic IT advisory role, successfully guiding a startup in Croatia through the initial phases of an innovative crowd management solution using AI and OpenAI's GPT architecture.
  • Facilitated the integration of GPT-based components with existing back-end systems, enhancing the software's capabilities for managing crowds in overpopulated destinations.
  • Advised on optimal user experience design, leading to strategic development changes such as considering a shift from mobile to web-based platforms, improving overall user interaction and satisfaction.

Technical Product Manager (via Toptal)

2024 - 2024
Veer Gill
  • Carried out a feasibility analysis of an innovative blockchain app.
  • Worked on the technical architecture of the staking platform for both smart contracts and front end and back end.
  • Performed a competitive analysis and monetization strategy for differentiation.

Senior Product Manager

2023 - 2024
  • Spearheaded the AI strategy, securing executive support and effectively implementing the roadmap. Transformed company operations, driving innovation and a competitive edge while fostering an agile and strategic adoption culture.
  • Led a successful re-platforming initiative for 3rd-party APIs, meeting crucial timelines. This strategic planning and execution ensured seamless integration, enhancing system reliability and performance.
  • Launched a successful review product, navigating challenges with difficult stakeholders. My diplomatic skills and strategic approach ensured alignment, fostering a collaborative environment.

Principal Product Manager

2019 - 2024
Gazsix Digital
  • Led a concept-to-launch process for a B2C learning management solution that enabled students worldwide to learn French. Increased revenue tenfold within three months of launch.
  • Launched over a dozen customer-centric software products with a team of product designers and full-stack software engineers leveraging Agile and Lean principles with 2-week sprints.
  • Improved user engagement for a B2C fashion brand by 30% through targeted user feedback collection, synthesis of solutions, and more frequent iteration according to customer needs.
  • Boosted revenue for an online shop by 20% after implementing a new product recommendation feature developed based on research on target customers and iterating on multiple solutions in parallel.

Product Manager

2022 - 2022
  • Set the vision and the strategy for the leading on-chain asset management platform by conducting extensive research on the decentralized finance landscape, company vision, and customer interviews.
  • Led the product management quarterly planning efforts to focus on OKRs and balance timeline and deliverables to align with the executive team.
  • Set up the scrum workflow for a team of 10+ engineers, which led to a 300x increase in development velocity.
  • Led a cross-functional team to launch innovative and industry-defining products with broader teams.
  • Mentored junior PMs across the company and raised the bar for a product management function as a whole, which led to two promotions.
  • Championed product-led thought leadership across the company and established Web 3.0 principles for the product team, which led to a customer-centric approach to drive results while respecting Web 3.0 ethos around privacy.

Product Manager

2021 - 2022
This Is Alice
  • Led the company's annual planning by engaging internal and external stakeholders to establish a 4Q roadmap that would align investors and empower individual teams to close a strong series B.
  • Launched a complex investment application to help hourly workers invest every dollar in their health saving account. Results led to $1+ million in recurring and new revenue.
  • Engaged regularly in performance analysis to analyze the successful completion of short- and long-term goals.
  • Managed execution backlog and improved sprint velocity by 300% over three weeks by conducting effective retros, the collaboration between engineers, and concise product definition.

Digital Product Manager

2020 - 2021
  • Led the product vision and strategy by developing a deep understanding of WSIB's customer problems to deliver a customer-centric B2B2C software solution for an online portal for healthcare providers and injured workers worth $50+ million.
  • Leveraged qualitative and quantitative insights, identified target personas, and worked with the award-winning service design team at WSIB to map the customer journey to identify use cases for B2B2C scheduling software that saved 15% staff time.
  • Led product team meetings with cross-functional stakeholders to elicit requirements for enterprise healthcare management software and translate them into user stories and wireframes to prioritize features, reducing the planned timeline by six months.
  • Collaborated with product designers and engineers to iteratively test wireframes and prototypes with stakeholders over all stages of product discovery.

Energy Products Manager

2017 - 2019
  • Led a sustainability product from ideation to launch, which increased staff productivity by 30% and division revenue three times.
  • Crafted a roadmap based on company goals that aligned with the organization's strategy for a $20 million budget cycle with five cross-functional teams.
  • Delivered a presentation to align stakeholders and get budget approval for a 20 million project.

Energy Products Manager

2016 - 2017
Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Built and shared roadmap presentations for stakeholders for transparent and collaborative team interactions.
  • Delivered products with a demonstrable business impact that led to a 60% saving on energy costs.
  • Managed multiple cross-functional projects worth over $10 million.

Project Engineer

2014 - 2016
Powersmiths International
  • Helped launch a sustainability B2B SaaS product at a startup of 50 people that saved commercial building owners an average of $1 million per year in utility bills.
  • Analyzed field data and extracted insights by creating an Excel macro that saved technical engineers more than 300% time.
  • Created technical and non-technical reports and presentations that led to winning over $10 million worth of projects.

Robo-advisor Investment App

Led the creation of a complex investment application for users to invest their account balance, resulting in an enrolment rate of 15% and revenue per user of 50%.

After answering a few questions about their investment goals and risk appetite, users could choose a portfolio. Robo-advisor would invest and rebalance portfolio construction automatically without requiring manual intervention.

Advanced Meeting Scheduler

Managed the development of a complex meeting scheduler between multiple parties that contributed to 15% time saving for staff.

The simplest use case allows injured workers to set their availability for return-to-work interviews, forward it to the healthcare provider and a staff member, and automatically schedule a date, time, and location convenient for everyone.

Learning Management Solution for a B2C Business

Led the concept-to-launch process for a B2C LMS solution that enabled students to learn French, increasing revenue tenfold within three months of launch.

Users can sign up for the portal, pay a subscription, attend courses at their own pace, and take quizzes through the portal. Users can also take an onboarding quiz to assess their proficiency against the course material.

Product Strategist Expert

Led the product strategy for new channels of growth to reimagine CompanyMileage.

I conducted thorough competitor analysis and customer interviews to redefine the growth strategy including new markets to reach with a GTM strategy. My work included redefining the PMF expansion strategy to include state-of-the-art tech such as AI and blockchain.

Product Strategist for MVP

Led the development of an educational platform, conducting market research and addressing tech gaps. Ensured timely, budgeted delivery and a strategic market launch, earning high client praise.

As a tech product manager, I directed the development of an edtech platform, identified market trends, filled tech gaps, and strategized the product launch. I delivered on time and within budget, earning high client commendations.

AI Chatbot for a Dating Coach

Led the conceptual idea to the implementation of an AI chatbot dating coach.

Worked directly with the founder to assess existing LLMs (including GPT models), customer persona, and business vision to craft a feature set with GTM strategy for a dating app focused on dating for men.

Product Strategist

Led a successful consultancy, developing a brand and roadmap for a client's education-focused blog. Conducted thorough market research, outlined a versatile blog design, and explored monetization strategies.

I was tasked with guiding the creation of a new brand in the education and New Age sphere. As a conceptualization product manager, I utilized my deep understanding of product management principles to consult on the development of a content creation platform and blog. My role involved conducting interviews to grasp customer needs, crafting a comprehensive product roadmap, and innovating monetization methods to support business growth. With a keen eye for design, I outlined the blog's layout to accommodate various media formats, ensuring the brand's vision was effectively communicated. My background in holistic and wellness content further enriched the project; I was an invaluable asset in bridging educational content with New Age approaches. My collaborative spirit and strategic planning paved the way for a successful launch, setting a strong foundation for the client's brand development.

AI Product Manager

Advised the founder on various AI strategies to incorporate into his business.

The main area of business revolved around online communities and freight management. The challenges included identifying relevant AI use cases, implementing the ones relevant, and measuring impact. I helped the founder get clarity on vision and technical feasibility.

Technical Product Manager

Enhanced invoicing systems' accuracy by integrating advanced AI-driven solutions that streamline reconciliation processes, reducing discrepancies by 40% and improving operational efficiency.

The client was a dynamic startup focused on developing a proof of concept for integrating AI into invoicing systems. They aimed to automate data entry, enhance accuracy, and speed up payment processes, revolutionizing financial transactions in the business sector.
2024 - 2024

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IU International University of Applied Sciences - Germany

2019 - 2019

Diploma in Web Development

RED Academy - Toronto, Canada

2012 - 2013

Master's Degree in Engineering

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Canada


Mastering Product Management



Product Strategy



Analytics Mastery



Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate

Queens University


AI for Product Managers



Software Product Management

University of Alberta | via Coursera


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Scrum Alliance


Asana, Jira, Strategyzer, Slack, Zoom, Google Docs, Confluence, Figma, GitHub, Canva, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Financial Data, Microsoft Visio, Snapchat, Stripe Checkout, Oracle ERP, GIS, MATLAB, HubSpot, Redmine, Postman, Adobe, Azure Machine Learning, QuickBooks Online, Optimizely,

Industry Expertise

Sustainability, Marketplaces, Education Technology (Edtech), Consumer Products, Financial Services, Banking & Finance, Venture Capital, Healthcare, Insurance, Hospitality, Life Insurance, Building & Construction, Financial Markets, Credit Systems, Blogs, Taxation, Construction, Import/Export, Premium Content Subscriptions, Food, Sports, Health & Wellness, Holistic Wellness, Music, Food Safety, Logistics, eBay, Real Estate, Childcare, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Luxury Goods, Health


Agile Product Management, Agile, Agile Workflow, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management, Human-centered Design (HCD), Agile Software Development, Data Product Management, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Requirements Analysis, Quantitative Research, Low Code, Marketplace Platforms, Gamification, Model View Presenter (MVP), Design Thinking, Data Science, User Testing, HIPAA Compliance, Application Architecture, Scalable Application, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Rapid Prototyping, Continuous Delivery (CD), B2C, Stage Gate Process, Sustainable Business Management, Gang of Four (GOF) Design Patterns, Mobile App Design, Digital Marketing Best Practices, Augmented Reality (AR)


Mixpanel, Shopify, Blockchain, WooCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Zendesk, Azure, SharePoint 365, ProductPlan, Marketo, Google Analytics 4, Magento, Blockchain Platforms, Microsoft Power Automate


Engineering, Data, Agile Sprints, Agile Delivery, Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Delivery, Ideation Workshops, Customer Insights, Customer Interviews, Data Analysis, Reporting, Wireframing, User Research, User Interviews, Cross-functional Collaboration, Customer Research, Vendor Management, Vendor Selection, Project Management, Strategy, Process Improvement, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team Leadership, Product Discovery, Stakeholder Management, Technical Product Management, Product Consultant, Process Optimization, Project Consultancy, Digital Product Management, Product Roadmaps, Product Ownership, Agile Leadership, Data Analytics, Business Analysis, Business Strategy, Analytics, WordPress, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Data-driven Dashboards, Market Research & Analysis, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Risk Management, Product Strategy Consultant, Feature Backlog Prioritization, User Stories, Feature Roadmaps, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Startups, Web Applications, Conceptualization, Roadmaps, Sprint Planning, UX Specifications, Mobile Applications, Ideation, Budgeting, Specs, Software, Lean, New Product Development, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Workflow, Feasibility Studies, Feature Planning, Task Scheduling, APIs, Scope Management, Project Timelines, Technical Viability, System Integration, Early-stage Startups, Feature Analysis, Technical Requirements, Document Management, Websites, Software Development, Data-driven Decision-making, Lean Experiments, IT Product Management, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Functional Requirements, Go-to-market Strategy, User Journeys, Backlog Management, B2B, Applications, Lean Startups, Consulting, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Prototyping, Product Planning, Product Engineering, Discovery Workshops, Project Estimation, Planning, eCommerce, Website Redesign, User Surveys, Scope, Technology Trends, Optimization, Team Mentoring, Agency, Digital Transformation, Market Research, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Product Development, Web App Development, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Research, Product Enhancement, Data Visualization, Product Launch, User Requirements, Feature Prioritization, Backlog Grooming, Progress Reporting, Product Vision, Project Tracking, Project Coordination, A/B Testing, Web UX, Web UI, Funnel Analysis, Market Fit, Enterprise SaaS, Competitive Analysis, Functional Specifications, Pitch Decks, Web & Mobile Applications, Proof of Concept (POC), Business Models, Competition Research, Technical Writing, Critical Thinking, Scope of Work, Research, Technical Project Management, Digital Product Development, Mathematical Analysis, Pricing, Remote Team Leadership, UX Assessment, Opportunity Assessments, Business Model Strategy, Digital Project Management, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Automation, UX Testing, Conversion Rate, Monetization, Estimations, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Market Strategy and Research Product Manager, Process Improvement Project Management, Process Automation, Voice of the Customer (VoC), Discovery, Requirements, Estimation & Planning, Project Scoping, Product Descriptions, Creative Thinking, Statistical Data Analysis, Workshops, Requirements & Specifications, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Operations, Innovation, Project Planning, Business Consulting, Business Proposals, Project Review, Investor Presentations, Web Services, Smart Contracts, Small Business, Storytelling, Energy Utilities, Competitive Intelligence, Product Positioning, Competitive Strategy, Sales, Financial Forecasting, Stakeholder Interviews, Service, Customer Data, Data Integration, OpenAI, Journey Mapping, Conceptual Design, Writing & Editing, Business Process Automation, Business Process Optimization, Content Management Systems (CMS), Notion, Market Opportunity Analysis, Market Research Analyst, Enterprise Integration, Solution Architecture, Market Entry, Analysis, eCommerce Management, Legacy Software, MEAN Stack, Retail & Wholesale, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business, Build/Buy Analysis, Motivation, Team Management, Lean Product Manager, Technical Documentation, Product Research, Custom Shopify Apps, Web Design, Generative AI, Lean Project Management, Prompt Engineering, Web Development Strategy, Startup Consulting, Go-to-market Optimization, Consumer Services, Disruptive Innovation, Green Energy, Distributed Team Management, API Documentation, Technical Writing, Confluence, Statistics, Presentations, Leadership, API Integration, Product Leadership, Data Reporting, Web Development, B2B Partnerships, Coaching, Website Traffic, User Engagement, Customer Journeys, Edtech Design, Contract, SaaS, eCommerce UX, Travel, Business to Business (B2B), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Mobile Apps, Calendars, Scheduling, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Booking Systems, Booking Apps, E-learning, API Documentation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MVP Design, Education, Subscriptions, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Integration, Stacks, Mockups, Business Intelligence (BI), Pricing Strategy, Full-stack Development, Architecture, User Retention, SQL, Google Tag Manager, Growth, Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Funnel Optimization, Software as a Service (SaaS), Fintech, Open Banking APIs, Wealth Management, Mobile App Development, Business to Consumer (B2C), Design Systems, Databases, Financials, Product Analytics, Revenue Strategy, Monetization Models, Know Your Customer (KYC), Enterprise, Product Growth, Templates, Process Design, Build Processes, Best Practices, New Products, Growth Hacking, Growth Strategy, UX Wireframes, Dashboards, UX Design, UI Design, Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Business Planning, Staffing, Supply Chain, Documentation, Investment Analysis, Cash Flow Modeling, Business Cases, Geolocation, QA Testing, Fintech Consultant, Tokenomics, Hedge Funds, Financial Management, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Market Sizing, Website Conversion, Regulations, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), Entrepreneurship, Product Marketing, Pricing Models, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Risk Analysis, Market Assessment, Launch Strategy, Digital Services, Business Architecture, Music Production, Technical Leadership, Internet of Things (IoT), Web3, Client Portals, Business Coaching, App Integration, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, PDF, Mentorship, Natural Language Processing (NLP), ChatGPT, Training, Mentorship & Coaching, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), OpenAI GPT-3 API, Chatbots, Chatbot Conversation Design, OpenAI GPT-4 API, Design Specifications, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Payroll & Benefits, Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), HRIS, Human Resources (HR), Healthcare & Insurance, Insurance Product Manager, Employee Benefits, Human Capital Management, Customer Experience Management, App Product Management, AI Design, Telehealth, Technical Architecture, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing, Large Language Models (LLMs), Cloud, Construction Estimation, App Design, Cloud Platforms, Expansion Strategy, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, Online Payments, SMS, User Journey Maps, Landing Pages, Copywriting, Amazon, Drop Shipping, Healthcare IT, Wellness, Grants, User Experience Design, Two-sided Marketplaces, Routing, Branding, Restaurants & Dining, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Web Product Management, Healthcare Software, Onboarding, Startup Funding, Customer Engagement, Conversational AI, CRM APIs, Contact Centers, Omnichannel Marketing, Marketing, Product-market Fit, Dashboard Design, Dating Apps, Manuals & Documentation, Credit Card Processing, Enterprise Software, Address Validation, SaaS Product Management, Business Requirements, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Manufacturing, Customer Retention, Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Instagram, Payment APIs, Brand Positioning, Stripe, Stripe API, Stripe Payments, User Personas, Go-to-market Plans, eCommerce Analysis, Cloudflare, Commerce, API Design, API Development, API Platforms, Communication, Continuous Discovery, Knowledge Bases, Global, Communication Management, Finance, Microsoft 365, Government Contracting, Serverless Architecture, Timelines, Grant Proposals, Data Migration, ERP Implementation, Migration, Open Systems Traverse ERP, System Requirements, Inventory Management Systems, .NET, SAP ERP, User Behavior, User Flows, User Needs, Balance Scorecards, Content Strategy, Language Learning, Decision Trees, Mobile UX, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Qualtrics, Surveys, Project Management & Delivery, Time Management, Certifications, New Product Business Cases, Trading, Trading Systems, Crypto, Community Growth, Membership Sites, Churn Management, Project Rescue, SAP, Loyalty Programs, Rewards Programs, Mobile Design, User Feedback, Web Analytics, Channel Strategy, Funnel Marketing, Sales Funnel, Content Writing, Detail-oriented, Product Sales, Field Service, Promotion, Data Collection, Customer Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Multi-channel, BI Reports, Data Product Manager, Mobile UI Design, Mobile UX Design, Privacy, System Design, Data Modeling, JavaScript, React, React Native, CSS, HTML, PHP, Service Design, Sales Presentations, Process Flows, Pitch Presentations, Budget Management, Waterfall Methodology, Continuous Improvement, Energy Storage, Energy Analytics, Energy Management, Project Design, Project Support, Thought Leadership, Podcasting, Microsoft Teams, Product Design, Audience Targeting, Mobile, Software Development Management, Social Networks, iOS, Profiling, Product Coach, LinkedIn API, B2B Lead Generation, Laravel, Referrals, Subscription Box Service, Focus Groups, Amplitude, Snowflake, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Online Banking, Data Privacy, Web Platforms, Commercial Banking, Search Engines, Hardware, Salesforce, Marketing Programs, AI Programming, RDF, Artificial Intelligence Product Manager, Python, GPS, Professional Development, Career Coaching, MySQL, QA Leadership, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Content Management, CTO, Salesforce API, Financial Modeling, Loans & Lending, Android, Gambling, Gaming, Videos, Travel & Leisure, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media, Foodtech, Node.js, WhatsApp API, CMS-2, Digital Marketing Strategy, Google Maps, Google Maps API, Google Maps SDK, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Business Development, Educational Platform Design, Blockchain Design, Squarespace, Search Engine Development, Google, Microsoft, Data Scraping, Data Mining, Speech Recognition, Audio, Marketing Technology (MarTech), Email, SaaS Product Marketing, Robotics, Card Payments, Holistic UX Design, Apple, Skincare, Fulfillment, eCommerce Fulfillment, Data Transcription, Audio Streaming, Design, Image Processing, Image Generation, 3D Image Processing, Quality Assurance (QA), IT Audits, Affiliate Programs, Plaid API, CPQ, Fashion Design, Tourism, Online Auctions, Legal Technology (Legaltech), Personal Branding, Apparel & Accessories, Fashion, Design Requirements, Jet Reports, VoIP, Unity, Unity3D, Virtual Reality (VR), Mechanical Engineering, Digital Health, Wearables, Data Auditing, Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Packaging, Product Packaging, Invoicing, Blockchain Game Development, Ethereum, Solana, Connectivity, Booking, eCommerce APIs, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), Art, FullStory, LaunchDarkly, Database Security, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity, Security, Games, Esports, Markdown

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