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Daniel Hatton

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

London, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
November 22, 2021

Dan started his career at PwC, training as an accountant before moving into product management. A skilled storyteller with a flair for working collaboratively across departments and business units, Dan is a creative, ACA-qualified product manager with a track record of successful product development and management. Dan's sweet spot is working creatively and entrepreneurially with teams to bring ideas to life, take concepts from 0-1, set strategies, and lead teams to execute big visions.

Project Highlights

Events Platform for Large Companies | Balance
Led the design and development of an events platform for large companies, "Balance," rolled out firmwide at PwC.
Starting and Scaling an Innovation Services Team
Led on the design and development of an innovation services team.
Digital Transformation Tool
Led the design and development of a tool that would help clients understand how emerging technologies would impact their business.


Work Experience

Head of Product

2023 - PRESENT
  • Designed and implemented product strategy, roadmap, and backlog management using Miro, Asana, and FigJam.
  • Implemented feedback systems and processes, utilizing various data and analytics tools such as Mixpanel, Metabase, and UXCam.
  • Built a world-class product and engineering team, bringing product and engineering fully in-house (previously outsourced).
  • Drove 30% MoM Growth for six months through launching high-value product features.
  • Created Series A pitch deck encompassing market sizing, competitor analysis, and financial projections.
  • Tightened our feedback loop with users, by enabling users to book feedback calls directly with our team. We would do two calls a week on average.

Product Manager (Contract)

2022 - 2023
Healthcare Startup
  • Restructured the product, design, and development teams to enable a better product to be built and shipped faster.
  • Restructured the use of Jira to enable more data-driven decisions, e.g., prioritizing every ticket in the backlog against an agreed-upon framework.
  • Led continuous discovery by speaking to users, installing Hotjar, and overseeing the analytics dashboard on Retool. Distilled insights into actions, e.g., fixing bugs and developing quick win features.
  • Created the product roadmap and strategy in conjunction with senior leadership.
  • Delivered several new features, including a batch messaging solution for healthcare providers.

Innovation & Design Manager (Contract)

2022 - 2022
Bain & Company
  • Brought in on multiple projects as a contractor to oversee the design of new MVPs for various parts of Bain's business.
  • Ran innovation and design workshops with senior stakeholders to draw out required features and functionality for MVP designs.
  • Ran user testing sessions with clients to determine the desirability of MVP designs.
  • Managed two UI/UX designers to create wireframes and prototypes for the client.

Product Manager

2022 - 2022
Legaltech Startup
  • Worked with a tech lead and a design lead to conduct two weeks of discovery workshops with a legal tech client. By the end of the discovery phase, we had scoped out the product backlog and built a plan for the MVP build.
  • Created workshop collateral using Miro and ran daily workshops with product team members and clients.
  • Managed the delivery of the project, which included creating work plans and conducting daily standups to ensure that the product team was on track to meet key milestones.

Product Manager

2022 - 2022
A Vertical Community
  • Worked to create a new app concept based on the founders' ideas. This involved market research, user journey mapping, creating customer personas, and creating low-fidelity wireframes that could be passed on to the designer.
  • Created a product backlog and split it into releases based on product and business strategy. Worked with a tech lead to scope out estimated build costs.
  • Supported the founders with creating the pitch deck and gathering necessary collateral for their first fundraiser.
  • Conducted user testing (both through surveys and video calls) and synthesized feedback to both suggest new product features and validate existing assumptions around the backlog and build plan.

Product Manager

2022 - 2022
Wellbeing Social Network
  • Conducted user testing through one-to-one interviews and synthesized feedback into new product features.
  • Led the Series A fundraising deck, created an investment deck, and worked with the executive team and investors to refine the deck.
  • Managed several college and volunteer teams, such as teams working on the data and analytics strategy and a team building the Android version of the app.
  • Created and oversaw the implementation of the product strategy. This involved creating a draft strategy and socializing with the founders and executive team for feedback and refinement.
  • Mocked-up designs for new features and worked with the design team to bring these features to life.
  • Oversaw the development team and managed sprints, backlog pruning, etc.

Innovation and Product Manager

2019 - 2021
  • Set up the innovation services team, including hiring (scaled from three to 25 people), setting strategy using OKRs, managing budgets, and managing the team, including training. Oversaw the innovation funnel, pipeline, and portfolio across the firm.
  • Delivered 100+ design sprints and workshops, identifying £100+ million revenue and cost-saving opportunities in the process. My final project before I left was to design PwC's accelerator offering.
  • Supported 20 products in their journey to MVP and 10 products in scaling beyond this point. Developed multiple business cases with product teams that raised £1 million from the investment committee.
  • Designed 10 innovation workshops spanning the product lifecycle from ideation to market scanning and scaling. Also, developed variations of design sprints that would work for PwC's requirements, such as Strategy Sprints.
  • Coached product managers within PwC's portfolio of products.
  • Built a third-party network, including design agencies, startups to work with, academic specialists to draw on, and clients we could bring into workshops and design sprints to inform and challenge product teams.
  • Conducted ongoing user testing and desk research to inform the development of our services.

Product Manager - Digital Transformation Tool

2018 - 2020
  • Worked with a specialist, cross-functional team to understand the digital transformation market and the client’s needs; raised the investment and developed a tool to enable our clients to learn how emerging technology would impact their business.
  • Led six concept testing sessions with executive directors from FTSE organizations.
  • Created an MVP with an offshore development team using Scrum and then iterated this MVP using customer and user feedback.
  • Rolled off a product that had already been used to facilitate 10+ conversations with £1.5+ million in the sales pipeline.
  • Chaired the biweekly steering committee meetings with the senior partners.
  • Created and tracked the product roadmap and backlog using Jira; prioritized features for sprints.
  • Performed content management responsibilities, including building and maintaining a catalog of 200+ use cases for consultants to take to clients.
  • Created several documents, such as UX guides, user guides, and more.
  • Built target operating models for several industries, and mapped out where different technologies would impact these operating models.

Product Manager - Balance

2016 - 2018
  • Became the first employee to raise funding from PwC's innovation incubator.
  • Designed the product and led a team to roll it out to the 10,000 users across the UK firm.
  • Created and delivered a marketing campaign that included executive board members, webcasts, and a network of "champion" users.
  • Worked with partners to create a marketable B2B SaaS proposition and had meetings with FTSE 100 companies.
  • Made a data-driven decision to wind down and decommission the product.
  • Used quantitative data, e.g., data and analytics to inform the continuous design and development of the product.
  • Used qualitative data to inform the product's continuous design and development through ongoing user research (one-to-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys).

Reward Analyst

2014 - 2016
  • Worked with FTSE 100 organizations to determine all-employee and executive board remuneration and reward structures.
  • Analyzed complex data to inform decisions about reward, including whether or not shares would vest based on company performance.
  • Collaborated with our employment tax team to ensure clients were compliant with relevant laws and regulations in their jurisdictions.
  • Designed long-term incentive plans and bonus policies for FTSE 100 organizations.
  • Drafted the director's remuneration reports for inclusion in the company Annual Reports.

Events Platform for Large Companies | Balance

Led the design and development of an events platform for large companies, "Balance," rolled out firmwide at PwC.

When I joined PwC, I noted that there were lots of extra-curricular opportunities, but no way to get involved with them; there were several intranet systems and mailing lists, but it was very difficult to find out about the opportunities that were available to staff, and therefore difficult to expand your network across the firm.

I pitched an idea to bring all of these opportunities together in one simple to use platform, connecting people at PwC and ultimately scaling to connect staff at different organizations. I raised investment from the executive board to develop Balance, built a team, sourced a development agency, and designed and developed the product, before rolling it out UK-wide and to the Middle East firm.

At its peak, it had 10,000 active users, with hundreds of events being created and attended every week. Ultimately, due to changing investment practices and the lack of a rigorous product culture at PwC (at that time), the product was decommissioned. Still, the experience gave me the product bug!

Starting and Scaling an Innovation Services Team

Led on the design and development of an innovation services team.

While I was at PwC, I led the design and development of our innovation services team. The brief that we were given was to provide world-class innovation services (design sprints, workshops, an accelerator) to enable product teams across PwC and clients to quickly and effectively ideate and grow new or existing products.

I led on the service design and brought new members into the team, training them in doing so. I also defined our team strategy using OKRs and would report to senior leadership to showcase our measures of success. By the time I left PwC, we had delivered over 100 sprints and workshops to the business (and delivered several client services), identifying and driving forwards a variety of big-ticket and smaller-scale cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities.

Digital Transformation Tool

Led the design and development of a tool that would help clients understand how emerging technologies would impact their business.

Worked with a specialist, cross-functional team to understand the digital transformation market and the client's needs. Then, developed a tool to enable our clients to learn how emerging technology would impact their business. This involved a detailed understanding of multiple technologies, such as DLT, and how these technologies and their use cases might impact various parts of clients' value chain.

Led concept testing sessions with executive directors from FTSE organizations and developed an MVP with an offshore development team using Scrum.

When I left, the product was already used to facilitate 10+ conversations with £1.5+ million in the sales pipeline.

The Brotherhood Circle — Wellbeing for Men

Started a business to provide mental and emotional wellbeing services for men.

I've long been interested and passionate about wellbeing, but realized that there aren't many services that were tailored for men.

So, I conducted some research and then piloted an approach to providing wellbeing services for men. The first service that I trialed was a talking group, where I facilitated a group discussion around a different topic each week for six weeks, during one 90 minute session a week.

I used feedback to tailor the offering and now have a defined 6-week process that I'm looking to scale. I am now about to lead my 3rd cohort of the talking groups.
2011 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in English

University of Nottingham - Nottingham, United Kingdom


Business Analytics Nanodegree



Associate Chartered Accountant

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales


Jira, Google Docs, Prototyping on Paper (POP), Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Slack, Zoom, Asana, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Figma

Industry Expertise



Agile Product Management, User Testing, Mobile App Design, Scrum, Agile, B2C, Marketplace Platforms, Rapid Prototyping, Requirements Analysis, Kanban, B2B2C, Agile Project Management, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), DevOps, Testing, Continuous Deployment


Alteryx, Blockchain, Blockchain Platforms, Mixpanel, Firebase


Writing & Editing, Workshop Facilitation, Ideation Workshops, Design Sprints, Innovation, Workshops, Pitch Presentations, Product Development, Product Management, Product Owner, Leadership, New Product Development, Digital Product Management, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Product Strategy, Go-to-market Strategy, People Management, Fintech, Business Cases, Conceptualization, Ideation, Mobile App Development, Backlog Management, Scope, Discovery, B2B Product Management, Financial Modeling, Customer Discovery, Competition Research, Client Relations, Wireframe to Product, Apps, User Requirements, Financials, Value Proposition, Web & Mobile Applications, Team Leadership, Business Plan Consulting, Community, Product Strategy Consultant, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Mobile Applications, Web App Development, Executive Presentations, Project Management, Requirements, Diagrams, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Business Management, MVP Design, Innovation Strategy, Strategy, Business Design, Agile Sprints, Concept Testing, Lean, Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Business Models, Project Management, Literature Review, Discovery Workshops, Offshore Team Management, Contract, Service Design, Process Mapping, Market Sizing, Market Research, User Research, Wireframing, Coaching, Presentations, Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Management, User Stories, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Board Presentations, Backlog Grooming, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Product Roadmaps, Sprint Planning, Product Marketing, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Platforms, Two-sided Marketplaces, Early-stage Startups, User Experience (UX), User Journeys, System Process Mapping, User Flows, Project Scoping, Mobile Design, Product Design, User Interface (UI), Proof of Concept (POC), Roadmaps, Mockups, Lean UX, Process Design, Feature Prioritization, Growth Hacking, Growth, Growth Strategy, Product Launch, B2B, Documentation, UX Documentation, Mobile Apps, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Consulting, Portfolio Management, Business Strategy, Customer Journeys, Quality Assurance (QA), Product Leadership, Customer Interviews, Product Discovery, Project Planning, Requirements, Feature Planning, Budgeting, Product Planning, Mobile UI, Mobile UX, Training & Training Content Development, Management, Business, Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Structure & Organizational Design, Software as a Service (SaaS), Business to Business (B2B), SaaS Product Management, Data Aggregation, Opportunity Assessments, Digital Transformation Program Management, Technical Product Management, Technical Project Management, Communication, Scaling, Content Marketing, Data Analysis, Business to Consumer (B2C), Cost Estimation, Requirements & Specifications, Scope of Work, Revenue Strategy, Monetization Models, Monetization, Product Coach, Market Research & Analysis, APIs, API Integration, Project Estimation, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Development, SaaS, Feature Roadmaps, Product Growth, Cost Management, Social Networks, Business Process Modeling, Business Processes, Business Process Analysis, Quantitative User Research, Continuous Discovery, Digital Product Development, Feasibility Studies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Digital Services, Pricing Models, Journey Mapping, Customer Experience, Project Timelines, Director of Product, Go-to-market Plans, Pricing, Business Development, Business Administration, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Pricing Strategy, Market Research Analyst, Documentation, Corporate Tax Planning, Business Taxation, UX Design, Operating Models, Prototyping, Kanbanchi, iOS, .NET, Solution Architecture, Microsoft PowerPoint, Sales, MongoDB, Back-end, Front-end, Community Management, Community Growth, Community Development, SaaS Design, Enterprise SaaS, Planning Poker, Startups, eCommerce, eCommerce UX, Tax Systems, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Mobile Payments, eCommerce Platforms, Web Design, Android, Online Payments, Income Tax, Rewards Programs, UI Design, Social Media, Edtech Design, Affiliate Management, Production, Technical Design, Pitch Decks, Sprints, User Personas, Subscriptions, Product Sales, Google API, Google APIs, Google Calendar, Miro, Customer Service, Customer Success, Jira Administration, Jira Administrator, Data-driven Dashboards, Dashboards, Dashboard Design, Dashboard Development, Account Management, Restructuring, Hiring, Interviews, Interim CPO, Head of Product, Integration, Advertising, Marketing, User Feedback, Google, Metabase, UXCam

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