Duncan Tincello, Product Manager in Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Duncan Tincello

Product Manager in Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Member since June 3, 2019
An exceptionally motivated and accomplished consultant, project manager, and chartered engineer, Duncan has a strong record of delivering successful IT systems. He has comprehensive people and technology skills and is passionate about pragmatism, critical thinking, and continuous learning.
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Project Highlights

  • Led the first successful Agile project in the delivery group, commissioning a system that was in use for over 10 years.
  • Led the product design and development, achieved first release, then grew the services to support entire project life cycle.
  • I led the product design and development for a database application that made core design-to-production work more efficient.




  • Founder and Managing Consultant

    2011 - PRESENT
    Oratos Consulting
    • Managed the launch of a CRM system for a financial services client, coordinating all stakeholders and managing contracts.
    • Delivered a successful data warehouse as a pilot for an information services company.
    • Delivered EPOS integration in PHP for the developer of an eCommerce site, successfully handling the majority of their cash flow.
    • Adapted a C++ functional test harness to act as a performance test tool for a UK Government project.
    • Integrated the Google map component from Mapadillo into a customer portal.
    • Provided Agile expertise and IT strategy expertise to an international business development consultancy.
    • Mentored several local business people.
  • Founder

    2011 - PRESENT
    Mapadillo Ltd
    • Researched the market.
    • Identified potential early adopters and captured their needs and pain points.
    • Recruited consultants with target market expertise to drive adoption and deliver integration.
    • Recruited a team of developers.
    • Designed, built, and deployed the MVP in the cloud.
    • Led marketing work and all business development.
    • Hibernated activity and look for other ways to achieve cash flow due to poor sales.
  • Consultant and Project Manager

    2006 - 2011
    Zenulta Ltd
    • Served as the scrum master for the start-up team.
    • Achieved product launch on schedule.
    • Commissioned the first installation at a major Turkish mobile network operator, evaluated by the customer as achieving savings greater than €5 million.
    • Devised and delivered training for specialist users in three countries.
    • Contributed to software development to help the programmers achieve deadlines.
  • Subject Matter Expert and Management Consultant

    2003 - 2006
    EDS Consulting Services
    • Managed consortium partner workshops on a major procurement.
    • Acted as the writing specialist sections in two proposals for the UK Cabinet Office.
    • Led and managed bid-team specialist sessions in client workshops during bids.
    • Coached and directed the technical team in the use of UML and unified process techniques to capture the business view.
    • Delivered the estimating work (estimates, measurement scheme, risk management framework), and producing a leveled and resourced program plan for a UK Courts Services program.
    • Demanded creation and thought leadership working with the UK Government and with partners.
  • Team Leader and Design Authority

    1998 - 2003
    EDS Secure Government
    • Provided team leadership and design authority for several mission management systems.
    • Contributed to business development activities including client relationships and bid writing.
    • Influenced policy development by building strong relationships with the customer area.
    • Improved change management and build procedures.
    • Pioneered the introduction of Java and object-oriented skills into the business area.
    • Improved client relationships and helped achieve continuous contract renewals for the incumbent EDS team members.
  • Senior Analyst/Developer

    1997 - 1998
    Minerva Computer Systems
    • Built Oracle-based products for the charity and non-government organization markets.
    • Designed and built a portable application for the British Medical Council assessments staff.
    • Delivered system upgrades for charity subscription management systems.
    • Introduced development guidelines to the business.
    • Introduced change management and build mechanisms to improve the quality of our releases.
  • Information Systems Developer

    1994 - 1997
    Hycalog Limited
    • Served as the systems architect for engineering data management systems.
    • Provided requirements analysis across design, manufacturing engineering, and production processes.
    • Acted as the project manager for two major IT product releases.
    • Built a manufacturing control system for the R&D department on MS Access.
  • Systems Engineer

    1981 - 1994
    Smiths Industries Aerospace & Defence
    • Contributed to speech recognition R&D.
    • Gave many marketing presentations in Europe and USA.
    • Lectured for my professional body (IET) in the UK and Europe.
    • Integrated Apache helicopter systems with McDonnell Douglas in Phoenix, AZ.
    • Led a requirements database project for Boeing 777.

Project History

  • First Agile Project
    Led the first successful Agile project in the delivery group, commissioning a system that was in use for over 10 years.

    I was appointed to a consultancy role on-site with a major Government client, responsible for a portfolio of custom back office systems and databases.

    I championed the successful introduction of Java and object-oriented skills, positioning the group for their first Agile project. I conceived the business case for re-engineering a mission-critical system to manage technical obsolescence, and use the project as a pilot for Agile and object-oriented techniques in the delivery group. We overcame considerable technical and business change challenges to deliver a working system that was well-received by end users. It ran successfully for over 10 years until the technology became obsolete and it was replaced.

  • Boeing 777 Requirements Database
    Led the product design and development, achieved first release, then grew the services to support entire project life cycle.

    I was responsible for Oracle 7 requirements database for Boeing 777 power management system.

    I pioneered electronic data exchange with Boeing and the requirements database. We integrated the requirements database with downstream design and manufacturing databases, adding change control, work-flow automation, and reporting tools; this reduced manual data entry and provided levels of automation not seen before on this kind of project at the company. The system was used on later aircraft programs and remains in use today.

    I was invited to Boeing Seattle to give a talk on the principles of change control and work-flow between suppliers and Boeing, and I recommended how this could be adopted across the aircraft supply chain.

    I managed a team of five engineers who built, supported and operated the requirements database and related design databases.

  • Engineering Data Management System
    I led the product design and development for a database application that made core design-to-production work more efficient.

    I was hired to be responsible for all database development for a manufacturer of extended reach drill bits in oil and gas drilling.

    I led the development of an Oracle database application that ran successfully for over 14 years, supporting designers, production engineers and the factory with the configuration of hundreds of bespoke drill bit designs.

    I delivered the commissioning, training, and business process change for the new system.


  • Master's degree in Project Management
    1989 - 1990
    University of Lancaster - Lancaster, UK
  • Master's degree in Engineering Science
    1981 - 1984
    University of Oxford - Oxford, UK

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