Eric Reuthe, Product Manager in Nashville, TN, United States
Eric Reuthe

Product Manager in Nashville, TN, United States

Member since June 21, 2019
For 20+ years, Eric's designed, developed, and launched products and solutions for payments, banking, financial services, and IoT companies. His strengths are in ideation, technical design, process design, and conceptual integrity. He is also effective in helping companies develop product technology strategies and aligning engineering with product management. He has extensive experience working with startups, PE roll-ups, and mid-size companies.
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  • SVP of Banking Products

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Designed FX, crypto, and liquidity management platform products for small to medium banks.
    • Conducted market research on core banking systems and integration strategies.
    • Performed market and technical research on real-time payments networks.
    • Built revenue models tor prospective bank customers.
    • Designed and modeled flows of funds processes for payments transactions and exchanges for digital and fiat.
  • Acting CTO

    2015 - 2018
    Lyric Financial
    • Led the design, development, and launch of an online music-royalty and sales-factoring platform with instant international funding capabilities.
  • PCI and Data Security Consultant

    2016 - 2016 (AutoLotto)
    • Developed a data security strategy and consulted on the system design for PCI DSS compliance.
    • Designed secure storage services utilizing Hashicorp Vault for securely storing, indexing and retrieving sensitive data and credit card and bank information for payments.
    • Modeled a payment transaction process.
  • Acting Head of Technology

    2016 - 2016
    • Developed a technology strategy to support product concept around sales tax fraud detection.
    • Worked as part of a business development team pitching to state governments.
  • Consultant

    2014 - 2015
    • Helped a tech team to design efficient high-volume message processing platform for a device that would monitor the usage of medical equipment and home appliances through the electrical signals between machine a wall socket. The data was sent over a cellular network.
    • Designed touchscreen QA stations that the manufacturer would use to flash device firmware and perform QA on the devices.
  • Acting CTO

    2014 - 2015
    • Was brought in to remediate the platform that managed automotive plug-in crash detection devices that could call for emergency help and track vehicle with GPS. The platform was frequently crashing and devices losing communications.
    • Developed a full product strategy and roadmap for the next generation of devices.
    • Set up an e-call compatibility program.
    • Redesigned and architected a platform for scale and performance as well as future flexibility.
    • Worked as part of business development team to sell pilots to insurance companies and auto clubs in Europe.
  • PCI Consultant

    2014 - 2014
    Les Conceirges
    • Implemented a pre-audit remediation before a PCI DSS certification audit.
    • Helped reduce the in-scope footprint of systems.
    • Worked with a PCI auditor to help more clearly communicate system design and facilitate the audit process.
  • Acting CTO

    2012 - 2014
    Spring Marketplace
    • Designed and led the implementation of a card-linked-offers-and-advertising platform. The platform created and managed debit- or credit-card-based reward programs and communication for merchants.
    • Led the PCI certification effort as well as audits by Visa, MC, and Amex.
    • Set up a hybrid infrastructure with AWS and secure data center as well as worked with secure storage vendors to create hardened PAN storage.
    • Developed a point-of-sale tablet that allowed users to register for a merchant program by just swiping their card.
  • Consultant

    2012 - 2013
    CBW Bank
    • Developed a system architecture for an ISO8583 bridge to EFT network.
  • VP of Product Engineering/Innovation

    2008 - 2012
    edō Interactive
    • Worked for edō Interactive, a next-generation advertising company cultivating loyal consumers with proprietary technology that delivers behavioral incentives over traditional debit and payment services networks.
    • Served as the organization’s first formal technology manager and chief architect driving innovation in the company’s products and services.
    • Played a key role in the rapid early growth of this startup by driving innovation its products and services and supporting IT services.
    • Conceived, designed, and implemented innovative technologies and services while earning recognition as the holder of four patents developed for the company.
    • Led the technical development and deployment of the premier debit card product, a supporting marketing and finance platform, and a licensable multipurpose loyalty and rewards platform for integration with third-party card programs.
    • Designed and brought to market the first real-time card-linked offers system in the industry.
    • Led the design and implementation of a real-time transaction analysis engine capable of analyzing and processing well over 3,000 transactions a second and processing >12 billion transactions a year.
  • Chief Information Officer

    2005 - 2007
    CompuPay (BenefitMall)
    • Worked as the CIO for the largest privately held payroll processing, tax services, and employee benefits provider (fourth overall).
    • Directed the technical operations of four payroll platforms and two tax processing platforms that drove 90% of the company’s revenues.
    • Managed a staff of 60+ technologists and managers with data processing operations in two data centers and systems in 20 sales/support offices.
    • Provided technical due diligence facilitating the acquisition of other payroll processing companies.
    • Led the build-out of two premium level co-located data centers in Miami and Nashville that dramatically enhanced system availability and disaster recovery capabilities.
    • Revamped the application service model and hosting infrastructure and introduced server virtualization to protect the revenue stream and lower costs.
    • Dramatically improved and accelerated development efforts by introducing Scrum Agile software development methodology to new platform/product development teams and legacy system support teams.
  • President | CTO | Co-founder

    1998 - 2005
    Stroudwater Technologies, LLC
    • Co-founded a more than $5.5 million/year regional software development and technology consulting firm specializing in software development and systems integration project management.
    • Pioneered a new and innovative approach to selling and delivering technology projects in one of the first firms to offer fixed-price projects and warranty work against code defects.
    • Managed company operations and played a key role in new business development.
    • Effectively promoted the company as an organization that paid special attention to people and processes in technology implementations.
    • More than tripled revenues in only three years.
    • Played a key role in securing commercial lines of credit and local business development loans that were critical to funding the company’s early growth.

Project History

  • Music Royalty Factoring and Advance Underwriting Platform
    As acting CTO, enabled a small, low-volume financial services music royalty factoring company to reinvent itself by offering.

    • Architected and brought to market the first online automated music royalty and sales factoring system in the industry to drive three-fold growth in its customer-base, 20-fold growth in its transaction volume, and significant growth in its top line revenue as well.

  • Open Banking/Digital Wallet/FX and Crypto Services for Banks and Consumers
    Led the design and product launch of FX and crypto products and services for small banks.

    • Designed FX, digital currency, and liquidity management platform products and services to offer to small and medium-sized banks.
    • Performed market and technical research on core banking systems and real-time payments networks.
    • Developed integration strategies for prospective clients and partners.
    • Worked on revenue modeling tor prospective bank clients. • Designed and modeled the flows of funds processes for payment transactions and exchanges for digital and fiat.

  • IoT-based Vehicle Tracking, Crash Detection, and Emergency Notification Platform
    As acting CTO, helped remediate a failing platform and introduce the next generation of services and devices.

    • Advised this consumer electronics and software platform company that provides plugin crash detection and GPS tracking devices.
    • Developed a multi-generational product and services plan for future devices and capabilities.
    • Created a remediation plan and led a cross-functional team to resolve issues with the software platform and device firmware.
    • Partnered with the company’s business development team to negotiate and structure integrations with European business partners and eCall interoperability.

  • Payments System for Lottery Services Company
    Advised on PCI compliance and designed a system for encrypting and securely managing sensitive personal and financial data.

    • Developed data security strategy and consulted on system design for PCI DSS compliance.
    • Designed secure storage services utilizing Hashicorp Vault and AWS for the safe storage, indexing, and retrieval of sensitive data and credit card and bank information for payments.
    • Modeled payment transaction process.

  • Sales Tax Gap and Fraud Analysis Platform
    As acting head of technology, advised a startup on the technical strategy, app design, and customer integration process.

    • Developed a technology strategy to support product concept around sales tax fraud detection.
    • Created an interactive notebook prototype of a product on top of Apache Spark to facilitate business development and fundraising.
    • Worked as part of the business development team pitching to state governments.

  • Card Linked Loyalty and Engagement Platform
    As acting head of technology, led the platform development and launch for a startup digital marketing and loyalty company.

    • Architected platform and formed a team to develop and launch a card-linked loyalty and marketing platform for merchants with point-of-sale registration by tablet.
    • Managed four concurrent audits (PCI, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) need for the product launch.
    • Assisted in recruiting and hiring of technical staff.


  • Certificate (Master's Track) in Applied Computer Science
    1996 - 1997
    Harvard University Extension School - Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
    1988 - 1992
    Brown University - Providence, RI, USA


  • SANS Institute GSEC Security Training
    SANS Institute
  • Gestalt Consulting for Change Agents and Leaders
    Gestalt Institute
  • Management Work Program
    NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science

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