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Fredrick Adams

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Lagos, Nigeria
Toptal Member Since
October 20, 2022

Fredrick is a customer-centric and product-led startup executive with over five years of experience managing high-performing product, design, engineering, QA, and marketing teams using the story mapping framework. He has led product development within the finance, legal, education, and healthcare industries for products used by over a million daily users. Fredrick is an expert in design, strategy, and utilizing models such as B2C and SaaS.

Project Highlights

Neobanking App with Savings, CRM, Gamification, and Payments Features
Managed the project that attained 300,000 users by the third quarter following the app's release, 95% customer satisfaction, 100,000+ daily transactions, and a 4.4 average rating across two app stores.
Expanding a Business Banking Web App into a Mobile App
Delivered a project that reached $720 million in annual recurring revenue on the platform, over 120,000 daily transactions, and over 40,000 small business owners.
Point of Sale App Development and Terminal Management System Installation
Contributed to over 15,000 POS systems, processing up to $800 million annually for business owners.


Work Experience

Product Manager

2023 - 2023
Sultan Alkaabi
  • Engaged with the visionary founder to establish the core product vision, which guided the product development process and also ensured alignment.
  • Conducted extensive user research and competitor analysis, which was pivotal in creating unique product features that edged out competition.
  • Designed the mobile and web applications leveraging core user experience principles, leading to 95% user satisfaction upon virtually engaging with the prototype.

Technical Product Manager

2023 - 2023
Cohatch - Community Hatch
  • Worked with the co-founder to refine and build a business model.
  • Created product requirements documents (PRDs), user flows, and UI mock-ups for technical implementation.
  • Performed competitor analysis on the marketplace offerings, analyzing existing solutions for improved product functionality.

Product Manager | KYC Process Expert

2023 - 2023
  • Created optimized KYC procedures for improved implementation by the technical team.
  • Collaborated on the RFP selection process for global KYC vendors for integration into the KYC platform.
  • Interacted with colleagues globally across five continents using effective time zone management and collaborative techniques.
  • Researched KYC standards and requirements across 54 African countries, creating a rollout plan prioritizing country population and availability of digital identities.
  • Provided UX inputs for UI improvements on the product in collaboration with colleagues.

Product Manager

2023 - 2023
Accountable TechServe Inc
  • Worked closely with the founder to build the product development document, which housed the product vision, product strategy, product design and development, and product success processes.
  • Led, as a product manager, the Toptal Projects team, which consisted of back-end, front-end, and design resources under a delivery manager. Achieved the timely and efficient delivery of sprint deliverables.
  • Oversaw sprint activities for creating the MVP, which led to implementing AI classification models on transaction records to generate financial statements.
  • Managed the engagement with BAAS providers to integrate their solutions with our platform.

Early Stage Product Manager

2022 - 2023
Global Sports Analytics
  • Worked with co-founders to create a product development document for a next-gen analytics-based product targeting European sports lovers. This document is tied into the fundraising deck for the organization in 2023.
  • Collaborated with co-founders to develop product strategy for 2023. Worked on product vision, product strategy, product discovery, product delivery, and technical specification within recommended business timelines.
  • Used secondary research resources to establish product features mapped to the customers' jobs-to-be-done requirements. These features were outlined in a product roadmap and were tied to KPIs and key results for the organization.

Chief Product Officer

2021 - 2022
Bloomm (owned by 5554 Technologies)
  • Managed the iteration and reiteration of designs, meeting user and business needs and leading to 90% of users approving interface simplicity and usability.
  • Performed market analysis and generated a product use case for Save2Win, a company product, which 95% of users highlighted as a unique product offering. They could deposit money into a savings account for a chance to win daily cash prizes.
  • Utilized cost-effective means to onboard users during the public beta rollout by identifying and engaging a niche user community and exceeding user sign-up projections of 150,000 in Q1.
  • Designed the product and go-to-market strategies and managed the product roadmap, business model canvas, P&L setup, and project resources.
  • Allocated internal product design and management resources to deliver business requirements on time.

Chief Product Officer

2018 - 2022
Bankly (owned by 5554 Technologies)
  • Managed the payment terminal service aggregator for seamless payments on over 20,000 physical POS devices.
  • Headed the API integration with NIBSS to improve payment and transfer offers, resulting in a satisfaction increase of 60% for B2B2C customers.
  • Drove product operations and sales activities, increasing revenue to $2.5 million, which contributed to business expansion and acquiring more customers.
  • Led the design and development of a point-of-sale application for over 50,000 small business owners focusing on mobile money.
  • Designed a product development process to improve cross-functional interaction between business, product, project, and engineering teams, resulting in a 40% Agile output improvement.
  • Recruited, set up, and managed a team of product designers, product managers, and project managers to meet business requirements within the allotted time.

Product Design Manager

2017 - 2018
BlueTag Group
  • Led the design, prototyping, development, and user testing of the ReadyCash mobile money platform, managed by a subsidiary company, Parkway Projects.
  • Collaborated with Parkway Projects on rebranding efforts and pivoted from mobile money into small business banking, in line with the SANEF agency initiative.
  • Piloted Parkway Projects' research activities into product adoption in Northern and South-Eastern Nigeria, leading to a design that improved user adoption by 60%.
  • Redesigned the website for HealthStation, improving aesthetics and simplifying the site information layout.
  • Researched the health services sector's pricing models for HealthStation and implemented a SAAS-based pricing layout, increasing purchase orders by 67%.
  • Implemented web and mobile UI formats to make business information accessible for Bluetag Technologies' potential clients, which increased bookings for product demos and sales.

Marketing and Communications Analyst

2016 - 2017
  • Designed and managed projects with the external development team, built content management solutions, and met content marketing needs.
  • Leveraged my knowledge of animated content to create an additional revenue channel for business and developed and promoted branding initiatives consistent with corporate business goals and objectives.
  • Engaged communication partners for joint marketing activities and created animated legal content for the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, culminating in a 40% increase in business revenue.
  • Created marketing content in different formats to drive user attraction to legal products and wrote blog articles to improve SEO and user engagement.

Neobanking App with Savings, CRM, Gamification, and Payments Features

Managed the project that attained 300,000 users by the third quarter following the app's release, 95% customer satisfaction, 100,000+ daily transactions, and a 4.4 average rating across two app stores.

I headed the solution discovery using solution mapping, resulting in the Save2Win jackpot that issued tickets to app users whenever they deposited into their savings accounts. Users could select three numbers for the daily jackpot and win cash prizes. To cater to the users' need for responsive customer support, we trained and onboarded auxiliary staff to act as virtual dedicated account officers to users. I grouped users and assigned them a virtual account officer to provide swift issue resolution. This direction enabled us to maintain our 95% NPS based on the quarterly user feedback.

During the delivery phase, I drafted the product requirements, worked with a design team on UI/UX designs, and managed business iterations and the customers' usability session feedback. I also collaborated with the engineering team to estimate project tasks, prioritized requirements when building MVP features, and established sprint planning and daily standups to prevent scope creep and project lag. We engaged an external QA team for testing to ensure product quality and reliability.

Developing a Business Banking Web App

Collaborated with the co-founder, gathered feedback, designed the application, and managed integrations.

The project covered a user segment of small business owners with limited financial services and economically active users. These users required proximity to a financial institution and access to financial services, resulting in the discovery phase evolving across channels. The co-founder and I built a mobile wallet on a USSD application and sold vouchers directly to customers, enabling their money to be digitized. Despite finding a product fit, we encountered scaling limitations. We built and deployed a web application to empower small business owners to serve their customers.

I gathered feedback from users, refined requirements to build products, designed the application to meet customer requirements, and prioritized product features and a mobile web view to cater to on-the-go users. Also, I managed integrations with three payment providers, including a partner bank, to enable the web portal to facilitate bank transfers. I further developed API specification requirements for the engineering team, implemented using Lean and Agile.

Expanding a Business Banking Web App into a Mobile App

Delivered a project that reached $720 million in annual recurring revenue on the platform, over 120,000 daily transactions, and over 40,000 small business owners.

Small business owners requested a mobile app to serve their customers on the go, so we built a business banking mobile app to meet their needs. We also integrated virtual account services with a leading financial institution, implemented card acceptance solutions into the mobile app to ease payment collections, and enabled USSD payments.

I outlined the strategy required to build mobile-first, which involved existing product features' reprioritization and its impact on business outcomes. Then, I developed a product roadmap from prioritized stories, designed and prototyped the mobile app, created A/B test prototypes, and performed user interviews covering user UX flow preferences. Having the prioritized roadmap and refined user flows, I used Lean and Agile to deploy app versions with a mobile and a back-end developer. After internal QA Testing, I performed user acceptance testing with a segment of users who gave positive feedback for ease of use.

Point of Sale App Development and Terminal Management System Installation

Contributed to over 15,000 POS systems, processing up to $800 million annually for business owners.

With increasing user growth came rising customer demands, including the need for point-of-sale solutions to enable them to accept card payments easily. The POS system was a hand-held Android-based device with card-processing functionality. The project required mobile app features to be extended to the POS device and mapped to the terminal management system for administrative purposes and device updates.

I rescoped the POS system's product features, worked with the design team on the design and interface user testing, and outlined the process flow diagram that managed administrative interaction between the application and the back office. Also, I engaged the contracted POS application developer and banking partners to integrate the EMV-based card, processing APIs from the devices to the central payment switch. Considering we were engaging external resources, this was a kanban approach. The application was seamlessly deployed across over 15,000 devices, processing up to $800 million in annual transactions.

Business Aggregation, Onboarding, and Multi-user Management with Analytics and Metrics Tracking

Onboarded over 1,500 business aggregators, earning $5 million in annual revenues through commissions from 100,000 daily transactions.

With plateaued growth, the sales team needed to onboard business aggregators for international expansion. These aggregators would handle business owner onboarding and assign a POS system. Research into user segments helped identify the aggregator sub-user categories, with the user segments' pricing model enabling them to earn a commission for every POS transaction owned by their business owners. One of the project requirements was also providing business aggregators with an analytics dashboard to view activities and profits.

For this project, I utilized my product analytics skills for data visualization, engaged business aggregators, and developed a product needs assessment. Business owners required liquidity to operate their businesses, leading to a feature that enabled business aggregators to float their business network. I worked with the engineering team to implement data warehousing using Redis and AWS infrastructure, ensuring accurate data was reported to the business aggregators.

Admin Management for Business Operators

Headed the project, resulting in 25,000 new accounts and contributing around $800 million in annual transaction value.

With business owners in our network experiencing significant business growth, I engaged the business owners as part of the continuous discovery process, leading to identifying this user need. Business owners wanted to manage their staff activities across multiple locations. I worked with the sales team to validate this need and estimate the business value, which turned out positive and validated the need to develop the solution.

I created a sitemap, user story map, feature documentation, and product requirements document for the web and mobile apps used by employees. Then, I worked on the web and mobile apps' UI designs and collaborated with the engineering team to map out the product's data architecture while acknowledging that we were scaling existing product functionalities to a parent account.

During the project, I worked with a team of one back-end, one front-end, and two mobile developers in an Agile and Scrum environment and managed product outcomes for delivery within the allotted time. The project also required that I coordinate a product launch with a marketing resource, using product-led growth to enable scalability.

Mobile Money Platform

Designed and managed the development of a web platform and mobile app with up to 50,000 downloads.

I managed the UI design, prototyping, development, and user testing of the ReadyCash mobile money platform. Also, I rebranded the business, going from mobile money to agency banking, in line with the SANEF agency initiative. This design led to a 60% improvement in user adoption across Northern and South-Eastern Nigeria.

Design and Development of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

Achieved a net profit increase of over 100% and significantly improved outcomes for over ten government tertiary health institutions piloting the HealthStation experience.

Identified a business need in the absence of HMIS across health organizations. HealthStation uses its HMIS to empower hospitals, clinics, and imaging diagnostics service providers. The product discovery phase defined the need to grow healthcare facilities' revenue, automate their processes, reduce revenue leakage, improve operational efficiency, and enable instant access to records and data.

I collaborated with the UX team and copywriters on redesigning HealthStation's website, researched the health services sector's pricing models, and managed stakeholder feedback to ensure that the product design aligned with business outcomes. The SaaS-based pricing layout I implemented increased purchase orders by 67%.

While collaborating with other product managers, I utilized the service delivery framework that extended the product features to include technology infrastructure financing, deployment, change management, and operational support, leading to positive results for healthcare organizations.

API-based Fraud Prevention Platform for Financial Institutions

Handled the fraud-prevention platform's full product ownership for financial institutions.

The banking industry had $2.2 billion in fraud losses in 2016, 58% of which were related to debit card fraud. ATM Marketplace states that card fraud losses escalated in 2017, with card fraud growing an additional 42% by 2020. Most financial institutions want to focus on scaling their platforms and building innovative products to satisfy their users rather than channel limited engineering resources to build fraud prevention tools.

The project goal was to mitigate fraud and security market issues resulting from the rapid adoption and expansion of the fintech industry. This platform would enable financial institutions to create unique fraud prevention workflows and integrate them into their core applications using APIs or custom SDK.

I handled the product strategy and curation of customer insights, created P&L estimates for stakeholders, defined product user stories with estimated story points, and used the MoSCoW prioritization framework to outline the product MVP. Also, I prepared a timeline view showcasing resource allocation and dependencies, developed a go-to-market strategy, and recruited back-end, front-end, DevOps, and QA engineers.

This is an ongoing project.

Web3-powered eCommerce Marketplace Incentivizing Users with Tokens

Increased customer retention with Web3 token implementation and introduced a growth-driving shopping experience for users.

The trigger to identifying this business need was asking what would happen if brands and advertisers gave their marketing budgets directly to customers. Using blockchain technology, advertisers and brands could connect to customers, increasing sales, driving loyalty, improving retention, and encouraging users to trade their tokens.

I worked with Web3 professionals and eCommerce brands to understand their operations better and find an intersection. Using the opportunity solutions mapping framework, I built a use case to incentivize users with tokens they would own during purchase and acquire after a repeat purchase from the eCommerce store.

Later, I set up virtual calls with customers, conducted user interviews, and curated my findings to draft the product requirements document. The document included 104 detailed user stories and acceptance criteria for the web app, mobile app, and browser extension, which the product owner and scrum master took over during Agile implementation. Also, I handled the upgraded platform's user acceptance testing.

P2P Lending and Collection Mobile Application

Developed a P2P product, enabling users to issue loans to their friends and family, leaving the platform to handle recouping the funds on behalf of the lender.

Informal lending between friends and family members is often unsecured and causes a strain on existing relationships. After conducting user research, we determined that repayment defaults were high due to users not having funds, forgetting, or ignoring repayments because of the lack of penalties compared to transactions with formal lenders.

The product development process was kickstarted by categorizing user segments and identifying micro-merchants who own small independent stores as users who would benefit from this product. With these insights, I developed a user persona, created customer journey maps to mirror user activities, designed the P2P product, outlined the mobile app MVP, and encouraged beta testing.

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Industry Expertise

Marketplaces, Digital Banking, Education Technology (Edtech), Logistics, Healthcare


Agile Product Management, Mobile App Design, Agile Software Development, Agile, Agile Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Marketplace Platforms, Agile UX, Kanban, Scrum, Gamification, User Testing


Product Design, Payment APIs, POS, UX Flows, Product Growth, Mobile Banking, Product Management, Business Modeling, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Product Strategy, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), MVP Design, Feature Roadmaps, Product Strategy Consultant, UX Design, Startups, Early-stage Startups, Business Models, New Product Development, Mobile Applications, Conceptualization, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Product Roadmaps, Fintech, User Stories, Release Management, Web & Mobile Applications, Business to Business (B2B), Online Banking, Pitch Decks, Discovery Workshops, Web App Development, Stakeholder Management, Invoicing, Business to Consumer (B2C), Product Discovery, Ideation, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, API Integration, Process Flows, Finance APIs, Mobile Wallet, Mockups, Product Coach, Website Redesign, Project Management, App Design, Digital Product Management, Mobile Apps, API Documentation, Cross-functional Team Leadership, User Research, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Documentation, Customer Retention, Loyalty Programs, Technical Documentation, Transactions, Web Applications, Online Payments, Design, ClickUp, Consumer Banking, Card Payments, Small Business Management, Small Business, Operations, Sales Operations, Product Analytics, Mobile Payments, Agile Delivery, User Journeys, User Flows, User Segments, APIs, Product Leadership, BRD, Framework Design, USSD Technology, User Interviews, Feedback Review, Feature Prioritization, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Mobile UX, Mobile UI, Mobile App Testing, Project Timelines, Roadmaps, Consumer Applications, Technical Product Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Data Analysis, Product Marketing, B2B Product Management, Monetization Models, System Integration, Customer Journeys, Functional Requirements, Requirements, Feature Analysis, Finance, Billing Systems, Payroll & Benefits, Product Vision, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SaaS, Business Strategy, Sales, Workflow, Product Operations, Product Owner, Technical Requirements, Backlog Management, Stakeholder Engagement, User Needs, Markets, Product Customization, Market Research & Analysis, Pricing Models, Budgeting, Market Research, Wireframing, Technical Writing, Project Planning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Edtech Design, Use Cases, UI Design, Consumer-facing Product Design, Early-stage Funding, Request for Proposal (RFP), RFPs, RFQs, ITTs, Responses, Proposals & Quotes, Booking Apps, Monetization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Integration, IT Governance, Communication, Enterprise SaaS, Marketing Research & Analysis, Marketing Strategy, User Metrics, SaaS Product Management, Warehouse Management, Google Meet, Consumer Loans, Consumer Lending, Prepaid Cards, Management Systems, Mobile Money, CRM Systems, Gaming, Flowcharts, Growth Strategy, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Apps, Innovation, Business Setup, Quality Control (QC), App Development, Mobile App Development, Dashboard Design, Dashboard Development, Data-driven Dashboards, Data Warehouse Design, Data Modeling, Product-led Growth (PLG), Agile Product Delivery, App UI, Product Ownership, Go-to-market Strategy, System Design, Strategy, Cost Analysis, Fundraising, Scope, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, B2B, Customer Analysis, Customer Insights, Pricing Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Go-to-market Plans, Financials, Product Descriptions, GDPR, Machine Learning, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Regression, Models, China, Accounting, Know Your Customer (KYC), Data Privacy, Vendor Selection, Web Platforms, Product Launch, International Finance, International Data Privacy Regulations, Biometrics, Identity, Websites, Startup Funding, React Native, Node.js, Competition Research, AARRR

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