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Malavika Lakireddy

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

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March 19, 2019

Malavika has 12+ years of experience in product management and engineering roles in MarTech, eCommerce, marketplaces, FinTech, and analytics products. With proven cross-functional leadership in taking products from concept to market covering aspects of monetization, product design, customer development, and go-to-market with globally distributed teams, she's an analytical hands-on PM with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Project Highlights

Paid Ad Performance Marketplace
Led product design and development of Adwords like performance marketplace for YP's web, mobweb, and mobile app traffic.
A/B Testing to Improve User Experience and Traffic Monetization
Led 20+ initiatives to improve ad performance, page monetization, and user experience.
Built Analytics for Decentralized Finance Derivative Exchange
Built analytics for decentralized finance derivative exchange to highlight the exchange health, liquidity, and transactions executed.


Work Experience

Product Consultant

2022 - 2022
  • Worked with chief product officer to build a simple and easy-to-use decentralized derivatives exchange.
  • Designed UI experience to highlight key data points during trading.
  • Built analytics dashboard for exchange health (

Product Manager

2020 - 2021
  • Defined end-to-end product features and built the most easy-to-use email marketing platform working with the CEO and managing the development team based out of Europe and India.
  • Defined differentiated pricing and feature package to drive 1000+ customer adoption within three months of launch.
  • Set up product analytics and defined key metrics and dashboards for ongoing product health and adoption monitoring.
  • Built a back-office tool for review and compliance of product usage.

Product Management and Growth Marketing

2019 - 2020
  • Led product roadmap, monetization, and go-to-market of AI/ NLP consumer insights product from reviews from eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, websites, social, surveys, forums, and other data sources leading to 200%+ revenue YoY growth.
  • Led feature definition and marketing for review collection product for Shopify marketplace and grew it over 500%+ MoM.
  • Identified customer personas, needs, competitors, and gaps for customer insights by conducting user interviews and market research and defining data collection, transformation, reporting, and visualization requirements.
  • Defined system performance requirements for data ingestion, processing, concurrency, and accuracy.
  • Defined keyword ranking algorithms for Amazon, and other eCommerce listing optimizations and PPC bidding.

Head of Product

2018 - 2019
Quantta Analytics
  • Built big data lake of Indian consumer information with algorithms for data cleaning, identity deduping, data validation and consumer profile enhancements like interests, propensity to buy, etc.
  • Led cross-functional teams to develop alternate credit scoring MVP using machine learning algorithms for Indian consumers with the potential of addressing 500 million Indian consumers and piloted with 2 NBFCs.
  • Led teams to develop models for predicting behavior, purchase propensity, and product interests to identify target customers and executed omnichannel marketing campaigns delivering 11x ROI for clients.
  • Built key media partnerships bringing omnichannel marketing including search, display, social, mobile, in-app, native, email, SMS, television, and newspaper advertising to SMBs.
  • Created models to predict Indian GDP in collaboration with Niti-Aayog, consistently predicting GDP accurately within +/-0.25% for 3 quarters featured in and other leading publications.

Lead Product Manager

2014 - 2018
  • Managed product roadmap and monetization of Yellowpage's $400 million local search advertising platform of consisting of ad serving, search relevancy, yield optimization, reporting, and publisher network APIs.
  • Led the product for traffic acquisition and traffic quality defining publisher APIs and leading integrations with top local search publishers such as Yelp, Yahoo, CityGrid, Bing, etc. expanding inventory by over 60%.
  • Defined, drove, and analyzed A/B tests for conversion and user experience optimization on web and mobile collaborating with business, engineering and other cross-functional teams leading to 53% higher CTR.
  • Defined analytics requirements for data collection and reporting used for yield optimization, accounting and performance monitoring used by over 10,000+ advertisers and account managers.
  • Defined algorithm for yield optimization and maximizing monetization across YP’s paid search and subscription inventory, display, and third-party ad sources such as Yahoo, AdSense, etc.
  • Created marketing and training decks and training the trainer with product features for sales enablement.

Technical Product Manager

2013 - 2014
eCommera (Order Dynamics)
  • Served as the technical product lead for building eCommerce optimization product by amalgamating data across a number of different sources including Order, Product, Inventory, Web Analytics, Marketing, Operations, CRM, etc.
  • Identified the trends, patterns and anomalies that help shape site design, campaign marketing performance and merchandising strategy in an eCommerce environment and advised clients of corrective actions.
  • Built matching and join logic to stitch the datasets for correlation and forecasting analysis.

Product Management Consultant

2013 - 2013
  • Analyzed healthcare clinical trial lifecycle to identify personas and their reporting requirements; created use cases for standard reports and visualization features for a SaaS analytics tool, improving adoption by 10%.
  • Defined on-the-fly ETL requirements for clinical trials' data enabling, complex ad-hoc analytics.
  • Conceptualized and set up a sandbox environment for customer trials and created a product manual.
  • Collaborated with partners for integration and solution requirements for two business development deals.

Data Product Manager

2013 - 2013
  • Managed a cross-channel display and video advertising analytics platform, analyzing 100+ million daily transactions and tens of terabytes of data from Cable TV (set-top box), IPTV, web, and mobile platforms ($1 million software budget).
  • Defined data collection, warehousing, and reporting UI requirements for a next-generation analytics platform. Evaluated vendors for feature requirements, cost, and ease of implementation and recommended analytics products for purchase.
  • Led cross-functional IT, operations, engineering, audit, legal, and research teams for end-to-end review and recommendations for data management processes and industry data certifications.
  • Liaisoned with research teams to drive new insight reports for key partnerships for customer delight.
  • Designed an analytical data store and implemented an ad-hoc reporting tool through the Tableau interface for deep research and self-serve reporting.

Product and Program Manager

2010 - 2012
24 7 ai
  • Led the design, development, and launch of an eCommerce web and mobile natural language-based assisted platform (chatbots) using predictive analytics for Fortune 500 clients handling over 60+ million visitors per month.
  • Managed multivariate A/B tests for UI, text, and flow optimization, increasing user engagement to 1.5X.
  • Productized customer sentiment identifier through text mining customer interactions–chats, surveys, and call transcripts and presented recommendations to senior client management, leading to a 10%+ CSAT increase.
  • Coordinated customer workshops (20+ participants) and focus groups for feature discovery.
  • Optimized customer acquisition programs by analyzing traffic funnels, conducting web analytics analysis, and recommending site and agent training improvements to increase conversion rate by 7%+.

Product & Marketing Manager

2010 - 2011
  • Built tools to optimize medical claims submission and tracking for healthcare providers in Specialty Group Practices, ensuring an 80% reduction in payout time and a 210% increase in the recovery rate of claims.
  • Created a comprehensive marketing plan, including digital marketing campaigns, website optimization, affiliate marketing, case studies, and sales collateral, increasing leads generated by 185%.
  • Built analytics and visualization tools for insights around practice management activities: charges versus payments, procedure mix, insurance mix, physician caseload, etc.

Systems Analyst

2004 - 2008
Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • Spearheaded 20-member global team and directly managed four software engineers for building financial services applications in J2EE and Web API platform for 30 trading and brokerage services application features.
  • Estimated the effort for software development tasks, negotiated contracts, project management of delivery, and client coordination.
  • Defined, designed, and developed digital transformation of health insurance companies for online acquisition and onboarding of customers.
  • Coordinated cross-functional teams to implement product requirements, streamlined communication and workflow process achieving 40% productivity increase and "Extremely Satisfied" customer rating.
  • Formulated new employee onboarding plan increasing training effectiveness and cutting induction time by 50%.

Paid Ad Performance Marketplace

Led product design and development of Adwords like performance marketplace for YP's web, mobweb, and mobile app traffic.

Owned the product design of the yield optimization, publisher API, ad matching, and relevancy modules of the ad marketplace, similar to AdWords, from ideation to launch and ongoing feature enhancements based on customer feedback, competitor analysis, and expected impact.

Designed the below:

• An ad ranking algorithm based on expected yield for native and third-party ad sources and built data pipelines for real-time data processing and optimization.
• And led the development of publisher APIs for traffic acquisition for the web, mobweb, and mobile traffic.
• An ad matching and relevancy module using elastic search, working on initiatives to improve search relevancy, related terms, and negative dictionary through unstructured data analysis.
• And implemented ad-tracking pixel requirements for internal and third-party reporting.
• And implemented logging requirements for system reporting, triaging, and capacity planning.
• An internal triage tool to replicate production behavior step-by-step.

Managed Publisher APIs for Traffic Acquisition

Led integration with new partners like Yelp and Yahoo Gemini to increase traffic acquisition by 60% for Yellowpages

Led key integrations with new partners like Yelp, Yahoo Gemini and supported over 200 publishers for traffic acquisition, reporting, and listing performance. Acted as product and technical liaison with partners for integration issues, influenced partner roadmap and BD/ contract requirements for most value to YP. Led traffic and lead quality tests across key publishers influencing the distribution and BD terms for traffic acquisition with an annual budget of ~$70 million.

Built Datalake for 250+ Million Indian Consumer Profiles

Led the creation of big data lake for 250+ million Indian consumers.

Created algorithms for identity deduping, data cleaning, data validation and consumer profile enhancing such
as gender, community, interests etc for consumer big data lake with over 250 million Indian consumer profiles. Created models for the propensity of purchase product categories, interest models based on past purchase information, and lookalike modeling. Validated the quality of data through algorithms and used in marketing campaigns.

Credit Scoring Individuals

Created alternate credit scoring models for Indian consumers.

Created credit scoring models for Indian consumers without financial history, based on demographics, geo-location, socio-graphics, and digital footprint for over 500+ million underserved Indian consumer market using machine learning algorithms. Led the trial with 2 non-banking financial institutes in India for unsecured consumer/personal loan products.

AI Chatbots

Led design, development, and trials for AI chatbots for eCommerce websites.

Led design, development, and trials for AI-based chatbots, for improving customer experience on site by intuitively understanding the customer intent and roadblocks to conversion/ self serve, by real-time predictive analytics of customer journeys. Conceptualized natural language based UI platform to engage customers for increasing conversions and self serve rates on site.

A/B Testing to Improve User Experience and Traffic Monetization

Led 20+ initiatives to improve ad performance, page monetization, and user experience.

Designed, developed, launched, and analyzed test results for A/B tests for increasing page monetization, Ad CTR, Ad Fill rates, Overall Page CTR and improve ad ranking and optimize ad inventory of YP's SEM performance, subscription, display, and third-party ads sources. I analyzed key metrics like page CTR, ad CTR overall, and by ranking/ sections, overall page yield, CPC, CPM, Clicks/visitor, supply-demand market metrics etc and came up with list of features to test including ad ranking and inventory algorithms ad features like custom links, image quality improvements, ad copy optimization, identify un-monetized traffic, worked with UX teams on page and ad designs for new ad placements, and features, worked with engineering teams to develop and launch the test with test and control buckets and analyzed the test performance by querying data from Hadoop and SQL DBs using Hive and SQL queries. Designed A/B testing framework to allow traffic allocation to multiple tests to be executed simultaneously, and tracking requirements for measuring test bucket performance.

Consumer Insights AI/ML product

Identified product/market fit by customer and competitors research; conducted user interviews and usage analytics.

• Led product roadmap, monetization, and go-to-market of AI/NLP platform used by consumer brands, eCommerce companies, and marketing agencies for consumer insights and SEO/SEM/content recommendations.
• Identified product/market fit by customer and competitors research, conducted user interviews and usage analytics,
and working with engineering, UX, sales, and legal teams for MVP launch leading to 200%+ revenue YoY growth.
• Led all aspects of go-to-market, including creating content, paid campaigns, social marketing, direct sales, and SEO on eCommerce marketplaces and eCommerce ecosystems, driving customer acquisition by 600%+.

NFT Creator

Built NFTs based on Bollywood themes on ETH, SOL, and TEZOs blockchain.

• Led the concepts, design, and development of NFTs based on Bollywood theme and launched the NFTs on the website, OpenSea, Rarible, and other marketplaces
• Led growth marketing on Twitter and Reddit and built a community on discord
This was my own initiative, as I am passionate about blockchain and Degen.

Automation Workflow Features for an Email Marketing Product

Built automation workflow features for an email marketing product.

I performed competitive analysis, consumer research, and tech feasibility analysis to define key requirements for email automation. I also worked with design teams to build an intuitive experience for building workflows.

Built Analytics for Decentralized Finance Derivative Exchange

Built analytics for decentralized finance derivative exchange to highlight the exchange health, liquidity, and transactions executed.

I identified the key metrics to track the volume of trades, spread, fees, pool distribution, and other key metrics for the decentralized derivatives exchanged. Furthermore, I built connectivity with back-end Oracles for data aggregation and display. Also, I worked with the UX team to develop charts and trends.
2008 - 2010

Master's Degree in Business Administration

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI, USA

2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Hyderabad, India


Introduction to UI Design

University of Minnesota


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Scrum Alliance


Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Jira, Advertising Tools & Platforms, Tableau, Spark SQL


Agile Product Management, Key Performance Metrics, Marketplace Platforms, Data Science, Requirements Analysis, Scrum

Industry Expertise

Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance Technology (Insurtech)


Omniture, Blockchain


Marketing Technology (MarTech), Requirements & Specifications, Microsoft Excel, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), eCommerce, Analytics, Advertising Technology (Adtech), Google AdWords, Performance Optimization, Revenue Optimization, Data Analytics, Microsoft PowerPoint, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Product Management, Business Analysis, Requirements, Product Strategy, Product Roadmaps, Go-to-market Plans, User Research, Business Models, Product Design, Product Frameworks, Innovation, Product Ownership, Product Discovery, UX Design, Competitive Strategy, Product Positioning, A/B Testing, Predictive Modeling, New Product Development, System Requirements, Product Consultant, Product Growth, Web App UI, Product Marketing, Big Data, NoSQL, Hadoop, SQL, Startups, APIs, Digital Transformation, eCommerce Management, Apache Hive, Pricing Models, Pricing Strategy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Customer Analysis, User Experience (UX), Fintech, Project Management, Wireframing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Machine Learning, Program Management, Mobile UI, IBM Coremetrics, Data Mining, Text Analytics, Visual Design, Marketing, Amazon SEO, SEO Tools, Amazon Marketplace, Cloud, Optimization, Advertising, Paid Search, Pricing, Elasticsearch, Inventory Management, Fintech Consultant, Open Banking APIs, Smart Contracts, Business Administration, Cryptocurrency, Email Marketing, Technical Product Management, HTML, HTML5, MySQL, Node.js, React, JavaScript, SMS Marketing, Live Chat, Chatbots, Product Strategy Consultant, Design, User Interface (UI), SaaS Product Management, Platforms

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