Matthew Gaeta, Product Manager in London, United Kingdom
Matthew Gaeta

Product Manager in London, United Kingdom

Member since June 6, 2019
Over the last 10 years, Matthew has launched products at Goldman Sachs, Spotify, Disney+, and early-stage startups. He has a diverse background in fintech, streaming, healthcare, real estate, and hospitality. The products he launches reach millions of people. Matthew has been in leadership positions at small disruptors and blue-chip corporations. Companies trust him to set goals, lead people, hit targets, make an impact, and innovate in their respective industries—and he loves to do it.
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Project Highlights



  • Director of Product

    2022 - 2022
    • Built all product development practices from scratch.
    • Set the company priorities/roadmap to EOY, and set targets for a 3- and 5-year vision.
    • Led the complete redesign of mobile and web applications (iOS and Android).
    • Had executive-level influence on hiring, ways of working, environments used, target customers, product vision, and more.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2021 - 2022
    • Launched "In the spotlight," a compelling foreground experience across all devices that changed how listeners discover new music.
    • Created product and test briefs to manage the rollout of features and tests that have reached millions of users.
    • Mentored a junior PM and facilitated his transition to more ownership and leadership within the product team.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2021 - 2021
    • Launched full web and mobile app redesigns, which transformed how customers leveraged events, desks, and meeting rooms (as well as how they accessed amenities).
    • Implemented product development best practices and created an up-to-date development atmosphere on a team that, to that point, had worked in a less innovative style.
    • Localized the product ahead of opening its first location outside the USA (London).
  • Senior Product Manager

    2021 - 2021
    Disney Streaming Services
    • Launched the IMAX Enhanced partnership, which had a significant impact on the video player as well as the homepage, main landing pages, and user menus. Now people watch Marvel the way they did in the theatre—a first in at-home streaming.
    • Innovated post-play recommendations through algorithmic/editorial strategies and pushing boundaries on Up Next UX approaches.
    • Added and optimized features in video playback, such as branded scrubbing, aspect ratio adjustments, and decreased latency.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2015 - 2020
    Marcus by Goldman Sachs
    • Crafted the initial designs, conducted user and market research, built business cases, defined the MVPs, maintained product roadmaps, and managed the development to launch.
    • Led the redesign and re-architecture of the entire website frequented by 100,000 visitors daily.
    • Launched the account management features for the first-ever consumer financial product from Goldman Sachs (personal loans).
    • Defined and launched a free set of debt and credit management tools to help people understand their financial standing and increase financial literacy.
    • Built a business case ahead of an acquisition that brought millions of users to Marcus by Goldman Sachs.
  • Lead Product Manager

    2013 - 2015
    Itemize Corporation
    • Transformed a company from being strictly a B2B business by launching user-facing web and mobile apps, which led to a B2C revenue stream.
    • Hired and managed a team of offshore mobile developers and an in-house front-end development/design team.
    • Oversaw regular updates and releases to the App Store, which saw increased app installs from hundreds total to over 20,000 per month with a 30% retention rate.
    • Introduced user testing and customer research to validate hypotheses in a fledgling B2C business.
    • Took responsibility for the UX, user and market research, app launch timelines, roadmaps, milestone updates, and setting up beta testing environments essential for growth and investor relations.

Project History

  • Credit and Debt Tools for Marcus by Goldman Sachs
    Led the product design, development, and launch of credit and debt tools: a free service that's helped 100,000s of users

    To coincide with the launch of personal loans from Goldman Sachs's new consumer bank, Marcus, I launched a set of free credit score monitoring and debt management tools to execute the mission of Marcus—to become a digital bank that is on the customer's side.

    I owned the MVP feature definitions and designs, influenced the scope of qualitative testing, identified necessary vendor relationships and negotiated contract terms, and managed a team of developers to deliver ahead of schedule.

    The product is free to all Marcus customers, and the MVP features I defined still function in the iteration live today used by 100,000s of people.

  • Itemize Mobile App
    Designed and launched the mobile app for Itemize, introducing B2C revenue streams to a formerly strictly B2B-offering company

    I built the business case and pitched the notion of a B2C offering through a mobile app of my own design to the CEO and leadership team.

    I also hired and managed a geographically diverse team of mobile developers, front-end developers, and designers to bring my mockups to reality and launch.

    Ultimately, I was responsible for research, testing, sprint executions, App Store submissions, and vigorous product improvements which brought about an increase in app installs from a few hundred at launch to over 20,000 per month before I left the company.

    The design and features developed in this time are still in production use for that company today.

  • Front-end Re-architecture and Redesign for Marcus by Goldman Sachs
    Led the brand and design for the entire website via the development of templates and components in the newest version of AEM.

    I led a team that introduced a design system across all of Marcus—we set rules for when specific layouts, images, and interactions must be used to ensure consistency throughout the experience.

    The design system was also an opportunity for this team to bring various product experiences across Marcus back to a common ground, unifying the look and feel for all things Marcus.

    The implementation of this design system was also an opportunity for this team to upgrade the version of AEM that site is built on. I managed the team that rebuilt the entire site at the template and component level with the new designs in mind, in a way that allows business and content managers to stand up new landing pages without dependencies on the development team or development sprint cycles.

    The result was a fresh feel for the website, a measure toward confident design consistency, reduced latency on page loads, and the ability to test/create marketing/content updates on-the-fly to marked business value.

  • IMAX Enhanced on Disney+
    Led the design and development of a new feature that brought the IMAX aspect ratio to at-home streaming for the first time, impacting hundreds of millions of users.

    I led the design and development of a new feature that brought the IMAX aspect ratio to at-home streaming for the first time, impacting hundreds of millions of users.

    I pitched the approach that included changes to all screens and video players on the web and mobile apps. I managed the execution of a project that touched every part of Disney+ and the teams I coordinated with at Marvel Studios and IMAX.

  • 'Spotlight' Feature at Spotify
    Brought compelling foreground experiences across all devices to transform the company into a more interactive platform

    I led a team transforming how users interact with Spotify by creating participatory ways to discover new music, including the "In the spotlight" feature.

    This effort involved intensive competitive analysis of not-apparently-adjacent competitors such as TikTok.

    Pitching this work was a big departure for an app that has lived most of its life as a best-in-class 'in the pocket' experience—winning approval to bring interactive elements (and get users used to looking at Spotify and listening through it) was no small feat. It has paid dividends.


  • Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology
    2022 - 2022
    Metanoia Institute - London, UK
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Political Science
    2008 - 2012
    University of Delaware - Newark, DE, USA

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