Nikhil Daftary, Product Manager in Reno, NV, United States
Nikhil Daftary

Product Manager in Reno, NV, United States

Member since March 27, 2020
Nikhil is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in executive, management, and tactical leadership in the enterprise and consumer software industry, focused on leading product and growth initiatives at the intersection of blockchain, transportation, energy, and finance.
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Project Highlights



  • University of Texas, Austin | McCombs School of Business


  • Head of Growth

    2017 - 2020
    • Led a team of five at the intersection of product, engineering, sales, and marketing to design and deliver Filament’s blockchain platform across the automotive and mobility industry.
    • Oversaw platform roadmap strategy, development, and iteration based on engagement insights, competitive analysis, R&D initiatives, regulatory needs, and internal insights within teams.
    • Developed pricing and positioning development for initiatives ranging from proof of concept to production based on economic value, client price sensitivity, desired margin goals, and competitive pricing dynamics.
    • Supervised customer success deployment and delivery methodologies for clients, resulting in successful product deliveries and continued engagements with clients.
  • Interim Director of Product

    2016 - 2016
    • Led product roadmap, strategy, and management of Tendril’s entry into solar customer acquisition.
    • Delivered a solar marketplace platform yielding 600% increased lead to contract conversion vs. industry standard, resulting in pilot-test wins and yielding contracts with top-five national solar companies.
    • Oversaw a team of six developers, data scientists, designers, and analysts through four major product releases, two brand redesigns, and continuous product iterations.
  • Strategy Manager Consultant

    2015 - 2016
    • Led landscape analysis, product experience strategy, and usability research for a major financial institution's credit product's site overhaul.
    • Managed multiple design and dev teams to develop product prototypes for a banking client looking to deliver mobile-based products to clients.
    • Collaborated with UX and UI teams to design and deliver a redesign to a bank’s credit card selector tools.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2015 - 2015
    • Led product strategy and interaction design for customer acquisition initiatives while guiding requirements analysis and product prioritization across marketing, engineering, and operations teams.
    • Identified and led six product initiatives involving information architecture overhaul, funnel efficiencies, and new online products, resulting in three product launches within first six months.
    • Boosted web-to-lead conversion rates by 25% through top-of-funnel process and optimization enhancements.
  • Growth Strategy Consultant

    2014 - 2014
    • Led market expansion into San Francisco, leading to acquisition within eight months by the company's primary competitor.
    • Created client acquisition strategies within an entrenched market, leading to immediate displacement of major competitors' market share to MakerSquare.
    • Developed user acquisition and engagement programs to define templates for future expansion.
  • Product Consultant

    2013 - 2013
    • Led roadmap design and implementation of mobile-friendly and updated web apps across engineering, marketing, and operations teams.
    • Managed roadmap prioritization and backlogs to ensure deployment of high priority products.
    • Integrated real-time analytics, uncovering significant opportunities to transform low-value customers into high-value repeat customers based on trends in shopping cart and purchasing behavior.
  • Founder and CEO

    2008 - 2013
    • Developed an industry-first search startup to deliver real-time and local search results based on user intent vs. keyword-based search.
    • Led designers, developers, and algorithm engineers to develop a semantic search engine connecting users to local live entertainment options based on their mood.
    • Oversaw fundraising, business development, product marketing, and community development within Austin, Minneapolis, and San Francisco launch markets.
    • Deployed five major product releases across desktop, iOS, and B2B2C marketplace APIs and apps.
    • Created engagement optimization strategies, increasing qualified click-through rates through A/B testing and landing page resulting in 40% increase in ad-spend efficiency.
  • Management Consultant

    2003 - 2006
    • Led and collaborated within teams of up to five developers and consultants to design, develop, and deploy custom enterprise solutions for MCI WorldCom, Microsoft, and P&G.
    • Oversaw client-stakeholder interaction for first-of-kind CRM product implementations and subsequent user training and on-ramping.
    • Developed detailed requirements and market analysis initiatives for clients.

Project History

  • Mood-based Local Search
    As founder of the company, I led a team of engineers and designers to launch an industry first semantic-based search engine.

    Moodfish, a semantic-based search engine for local events, was founded in 2008. We built algorithms that objectively quantified the subjective value of emotions when applied to search. While this ultimately led to a more natural search expression for consumers, we inadvertently stumbled onto something more interesting: the quantifiable consumer spend associated with local event searches. In other words, we could calculate that a consumer was likely to spend $75 on a Tuesday night when they were in the mood for something upbeat and quirky. Due to this, we updated our revenue model to focus on B2B2C as opposed to the original B2C model we originally designed the site around. (Patent:

  • Solar Lead Gen Platform
    Led the design and product roadmap behind SolarPulse, a solar lead gen platform that converted leads to sales at 6x the industry-best conversation rate.

    Using predictive analytics, behavior modeling, and really good user experience design (for both consumers and solar providers), SolarPulse hit conversation rates at 6x the industry standard within six months of deployment. These conversion rates stood true for both high volume and high touch customers.

  • Blockchain-based Data Integrity for Vehicle-to-Everything Automation
    Led Filament's growth team to overhaul product roadmap, positioning, and communication to cut sales lead times by 50%.

    Filament built hardware, firmware, and software technologies that embedded data integrity at the true physical-to-digital edge of the automotive industry. Using hybrid traditional and blockchain-based technologies, Filament developed the underlying architecture for vehicles to reliably and accurately transmit data from a vehicle to any hardware capable of interacting with the data.
    Filament's products enabled the use of tokens (including cryptocurrencies) to facilitate real-world payments and vouchers for services rendered during the operation of the vehicle.
    I worked with Filament for three years implementing project, product, and marketing processes that helped transform the company's user adoption and eventual client success.


  • MBA in Finance, Marketing, and Strategy
    2006 - 2008
    University of Texas, Austin | McCombs School of Business - Austin, TX
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Marketing
    1997 - 2002
    Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas


  • UI Design & Design Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
    MIT | via edX
  • UX Interaction Design
  • Full-stack Development

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