Oren Solomianik, Product Manager in Berlin, Germany
Oren Solomianik

Product Manager in Berlin, Germany

Member since August 20, 2019
Oren is a seasoned technical entrepreneur with more than 13 years of experience—having co-founded a startup, raised $1.5 million in venture funding, and served as CTO. Possessing the skill set of a developer, product owner, strategist, and leader, he has also built numerous products for startups and held management positions focused on product, strategy, and prototyping. He values a structured process and a hands-on approach.
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Project Highlights




  • Head of R&D Innovation Lab

    2019 - 2019
    HeyJobs GmbH
    • Spearheaded business innovation and second horizon initiatives.
    • Created quick prototypes and MVPs to assess new business opportunities, and to aid the company in quick value gains with minimal friction to the main product line.
    • Guided the company strategy in content, marketing, and business partnerships fields.
  • Head of Marketing Product

    2018 - 2019
    HeyJobs GmbH
    • Led the entire job seeker acquisition department of the company, including the marketing automation product team (product managers, developers, data scientists) and the marketing operations team (channel and operations managers).
    • Drove the company strategy on everything marketing related with a direct influence on the value proposition of the company.
    • Managed the roadmap execution while coordinating with stakeholders both internal and external.
    • Took on resource management and team growth and hiring.
  • Technical Product Manager

    2017 - 2018
    HeyJobs GmbH
    • Managed the core product of a performance-marketing startup, focusing on marketing automation, partner integrations, and data-driven models to optimize budget spend and revenue.
    • Led a team of six developers and data scientists using Scrumban and a structured OKR process.
    • Directed the roadmap creation and execution and took on the analysis and followup of product usage and KPIs.
  • Co-founder | CTO

    2006 - 2016
    • Founded a VC-backed online publishing platform, driven by an innovative revenue-share business model and a themed content distribution model.
    • Held the CTO role from day one, produced a massive scale internet business (100+ million monthly PV, 200,000 users) by implementing the entire tech stack of the service (cloud servers, web services, application servers, databases, and cache mechanisms).
    • Directed product management from inception through design to implementation.
    • Managed the R&D team, customer success team, and marketing communications team.
    • Led the company to profitability.

Project History

  • Triond Content Optimization Automation
    Automated manual content editing which optimized the process, cut 90% of costs, and increased publishing throughput by x100.

    When working on Triond, the content distribution platform had manual editing processes related to content quality as well as optimizations of content structure and metadata. These processes required resources investment of both time and staff.

    After initial research had shown costs could be cut down with minimal impact to content quality, I designed and implemented a background automated process of content optimization. This solution allowed them to reduce staff costs by 90% while increasing content publishing throughput and scale by a hundredfold.

  • Replacement of In-house Code with Third-party Tool
    Improved the scalability and resource usage of the company by transforming in-house product usage to a third-party tool.

    I identified a bottleneck in the way an XML-feed based product was used and developed in the company. I then researched and suggested an alternative solution, saw to its implementation, and improved the resource usage and scalability of the company.

    This product was the primary communication method with marketing partners and even tiny operational changes required hours of developer time and limited the ability of marketing managers to test new ideas or set up new integrations quickly. By identifying this bottleneck and seeing to its removal, the company has gained momentum and focus.

  • Machine Learning-based Facebook Audience Targeting
    Led the product design and development for the data-driven creation of Facebook value-based audience—reducing 50% in CPA.

    I designed and implemented a system that integrates the creation of data-driven, value-based targeting audiences directly via the Facebook Marketing API. It also took into account the usage of those audiences on Facebook through a third party marketing tool while also providing a robust way to manage those on the company's back end.

    With this new system, the cost per action (CPA) was reduced by 50%, which enabled the company to outrun the competition and allocate more marketing budget to other channels.

  • Paid Campaign Management for Various Clients
    Increased clients' reach and conversion, and drove cost-per-acquisition down across channels through effective strategies, bid, and budget management.

    I worked with various clients across several industries, improving their search and social paid campaigns (Google Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn), forming their marketing strategy, directing audience building and tracking, performing keyword research, creative and copy implementation, and constant monitoring and optimizations.
    From enterprise construction industry clients through NGOs and healthcare clients all the way to startups and initial product launches, I helped companies achieve their marketing goals and increase their marketing performance.


  • Bachelor's Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science, East Asian Studies
    2003 - 2007
    Tel Aviv University - Tel Aviv, Israel

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