Srdjan Colak, Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia
Srdjan Colak

Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia

Member since November 26, 2018
Srdjan is a hands-on product manager specializing in product discovery, value proposition design, and engineering delivery. He led consumer product at Huma, a healthtech scaleup that raised $180 million to date in funding. Srdjan has managed and launched projects with Bayer, AstraZeneca, J&J, Johns Hopkins, NHS UK, Nike, The Pill Club, Pandion, and Tencent.
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Project Highlights

  • Shaped product strategy and vision and helped form and grow multiple product teams from seed to Series A funding rounds.
  • Led omnichannel retail product development for a 100-year-old Swiss wristwatch brand, leading to a massive increase in sales, CSAT, and launch of new products.
  • Led discovery and delivery in creating a digital reference tool for pediatrics emergency pre-hospital conditions that allow users to visually check medication dosing in order to reduce critical dosing errors.



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  • Head of Product Innovation

    2021 - PRESENT
    HTEC Group
    • Led a product innovation office comprised of 70+ people to define new services offering, shape products, design DNA, and create best product practices.
    • Worked on cross-department creation of strategic initiatives to acquire new accounts and provide clients with product discovery services to validate POCs and MVPs and create spin-offs in both startup and enterprise worlds.
    • Managed product discovery, innovation, and strategy workshops for Fortune 500 clients.
    • Helped product managers and designers on multiple 10 million+ accounts to shape client's product strategy throughout the product lifecycle.
    • Worked as a team member on M&A activities, from commercial due diligence (DD) to the integration of the acquired company.
  • Managing Director | Co-founder

    2019 - 2021
    Konstrukt (Acquired by HTEC Group)
    • Drove $500,000 in sales of product design, customer research, and product discovery services within the first eight months.
    • Hired and trained a ten-person product team that included designers, UX researchers, and business analysts.
    • Handled client strategy and top-line OKRs and was responsible for the company's P&L.
  • Senior Product Manager/Senior Project Manager

    2018 - 2019
    Vega IT Sourcing
    • Created product strategies and roadmaps for the company's clients.
    • Cooperated closely with clients to define requirements and specifications; managed resource planning and development efforts.
    • Ran design sprints and customer interviews and contributed to ideation and prototyping—validated through PoCs.
    • Improved monetization KPIs for the company.
    • Managed custom and CMS-based digital project development.
    • Coordinated the GTM activities of various products.
  • Head of Product

    2017 - 2019
    • Created a product roadmap and implemented a product strategy based on a radical product framework.
    • Devised an SDLC process for working in horizontal cross-functional teams.
    • Performed UX/UI research and led engineering teams of up to 30 people to build custom solutions.
    • Contributed to implementing QMS, audit preparation for GDPR, and ISO standards.
    • Researched the market and competitor landscape and defined our product strategy and market fit.
  • Interim Head of Tech

    2018 - 2018
    • Established technical guidelines and best practices; defined company-wide tech stack.
    • Formed four engineering teams consisting of mobile, web, DB, and back-end engineers.
    • Implemented Scrum and Kaban using Atlassian products.
    • Laid out the foundation for ISO, EN audits, and entire QMS.
  • Head of R&D

    2016 - 2017
    Portier Technologies
    • Produced OKRs for the first 12 months of the product development.
    • Coordinated development efforts on building PoC custom ROM Android concierge application and a white label web portal.
    • Created customer insights framework and established analytics pipeline.
    • Established GTM for the Asia launch of the MVP.
    • Worked on JBTD for different customer segments in the travel industry.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2016 - 2017
    Fitzapp Ltd
    • Led product conception as well as roadmap and milestones definition.
    • Developed the innovation strategy and market fit of MVP.
    • Coordinated design efforts to create mobile applications UI/UX.
    • Led three teams to develop iOS, Android, and back-end API using Google Cloud Engine.
    • Created product documentation and supported product demonstrations.
  • Chief Executive Officer

    2015 - 2017
    Infinite Leap
    • Oversaw the company's business model development, client relationship, and growth strategy.
    • Negotiated and established commercial agreements with multiple established brands.
    • Formed an internal team of 25 people and outsourced engineering team of 15 people.
    • Defined processes to streamline the way product, engineering, and support teams operate.
  • Project Manager

    2013 - 2015
    Singularity Software
    • Managed different teams in areas of Android, iOS, and web development.
    • Implemented Scrum, TDD, and XP.
    • Gathered requirements and produced project specifications for the clients of the company.
    • Implemented tools and PM process company-wide.

Project History

  • Huma Healthcare
    Shaped product strategy and vision and helped form and grow multiple product teams from seed to Series A funding rounds.

    Huma's mission is to create a world where people can live longer.

    We connect patients, doctors, and healthcare providers.
    Huma was named a $1 billion healthtech company in the making by KPMG.

    Huma's technology takes a modular approach. It covers a wide range of disease areas to deliver better and more personalized care by transforming how patients and data interact with clinicians. Huma Artificial Intelligence division uses data collected through the platform to generate predictive insights that will detect life-threatening medical conditions.

    Huma partners closely with the world's largest healthcare systems, pharma companies, research institutes, insurers, and technology companies like Apple and Tencent to solve some of the biggest rare, chronic, and complex disease monitoring problems.

  • Lujo
    Led product development and strategy to build the world's ultimate concierge services in aviation, dining, and experiences.

    Lujo is your personal concierge—your luxury lifestyle assistant bringing curated recommendations and tailored solutions from around the globe and directly to your phone.

    Lujo was born from the demand for the exceptional. In this time-pressured lifestyle we love, it can be difficult to appreciate the myriad of possibilities. Lujo places itself as a pioneer and purveyor of fine pleasures. Created by a team of high-flyers from the worlds of business, technology, luxe lifestyle, and beyond, we are bringing the title of personal assistant and concierge into the 21st century.

    From private jet travel to NBA finals, Michelin-starred restaurants, and everything in-between.

    Using native iOS applications, Salesforce-based CRM, custom-built CMS, and REST APIs to deliver amazing content and experiences for individuals and corporates.

  • Cupris Health
    Managed entire product development of a telemedicine software platform and medical devices hardware attachments integration.

    The Cupris Health Platform fits seamlessly into your daily workflow enabling you to easily and safely communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals.

    It is designed to allow users to simply and securely capture complete patient histories and examinations. It is accessible through an app on your mobile phone and a web platform on your computer, allowing access to all patient cases, images, videos, and contacts.

    It consists of Android, iOS, web apps, robust back-end REST APIs, and various camera attachments for medical-grade devices.

  • Dhad Publishing
    Led product development, restructured the entire tech team, SDLC, product strategy, and defined key KPIs and OKRs for 2020.

    Dhad is on a mission to reinvent how the modern Arab world reads, shares knowledge, tells stories, and inspires each other. Dhad is an audio entertainment (books, shows) producer and seller (downloading and streaming). Dhad is a freemium service focused on the MENA region offering content through mobile native apps in the Arabic language.

  • Epicuri POS
    Owned product development and managed cross-functional teams to build a restaurant POS system in the UK.

    Redefining restaurant POS and guest management for the cloud, mobile, and social media-enabled world. Epicuri keeps the restaurant responsive and guests connected before, during, and after their visit.

    Built on a robust Java back-end, the POS includes mobile applications for guests on Android and iOS, payment integration, and AI bookings engine.

  • Fortis Swiss
    Led omnichannel retail product development for a 100-year-old Swiss wristwatch brand, leading to a massive increase in sales, CSAT, and launch of new products.

    Founded in 1912, Fortis is an independent Swiss brand of watches with uninterrupted history and tradition. Fortis is mainly known for the space watches they make, which are worn by the Russian Roscosmos.

  • Certa Dose — Dosing Reference System
    Led discovery and delivery in creating a digital reference tool for pediatrics emergency pre-hospital conditions that allow users to visually check medication dosing in order to reduce critical dosing errors.

    The mobile app is your visual guide and ultimate reference tool for administering a correct dose of the syringe and drip-based medication in emergency prehospital care.

    You can quickly and intuitively go through medication administration in less than 30 seconds with the visual representation of everything that you do.

    The app will help you know the right tool and correct volume for any age group, use a virtual measuring tape to estimate ideal body weight, and instantly document and time-stamp the given medication doses. You will be able you transform risk into certainty in merely a moment.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics
    2009 - 2013
    University of Novi Sad - Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2011 - 2012
    Wroclaw University of Technology - Wroclaw, Poland


  • Certificate in Advanced English C1
    JULY 2009 - PRESENT
    University of Cambridge

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