Tonći Jajić, Product Manager in Klis, Croatia
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Tonći Jajić

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Klis, Croatia
Toptal Member Since
October 1, 2020

Tonći is an accomplished product and project manager with over ten years of multi-disciplinary experience. He managed over 15 products and several SMBs, helping them improve efficiency and maximize their margins. Leveraging his expertise, attention to detail, and leadership skills, he has nurtured and managed several large Agile teams to timely deliveries of amazing products. Tonći has experience in digital business, eCommerce, travel, mobility, retail, wholesale, news, and service industries.

Project Highlights

Quick Parking | Multi-product Software Program (Booking)
Defined and built several products (platform and eCommerce), ensuring over 30% profit margin YoY growth.
Intertekstil Stanić | ERP Software Development (Retail and Wholesale)
Managed the digital transformation of the company, ensuring an average 15% yearly profit increase. | eCommerce Site (B2C/Retail)
Led the development of the eCommerce product from its inception to full market maturity, creating the product with a five-month breakeven and a 600% three-year ROI.


Work Experience

Product Consultant

2021 - PRESENT
  • Collaborated with other members of a special project team developed at Automattic using WordPress, Tumblr, Day One, WooCommerce, and Pocket Casts. The team combined skunkworks, high-profile consultancy, and social outreach work.
  • Worked with a globally distributed team to consult, create, and deliver innovative projects for unique people and worthwhile causes.
  • Cooperated primarily as a product and technical consultant for high-profile partners and highly promising or socially important startups.

Head of Product

2021 - 2021
  • Acted as a short-term fractional/interim CPO for, the largest news site in Croatia. It has one million unique visitors every day and 77 million unique visitors every month.
  • Audited the company's product and design processes in depth, founded a product department, and hired talent for available positions.
  • Oversaw the launch of, the development of, the reimagining of TBA, the ideation of a vegan/superfood app, and improvement of the main one.

Business Strategy Manager

2020 - 2021
Quick Parking
  • Moved from a product position into a more comprehensive (fractional) business managing one ten days before COVID-19 hit.
  • Developed and executed successful pivots into SaaS and brokerage that ensured COVID-19 survival of the business (tied to the travel and aviation industry) with continuing operations and development.
  • Improved the company's market position by using a dynamic pricing strategy (lead-based bucket pricing) and expanding market offerings from 15 to 80 airports.
  • Paved the way for market entry into the US airport parking market (both as Saas and broker service).

Senior Product and Project Manager

2018 - 2021
  • Acted as a program and product manager for QuickParking (over $20 million in annual revenue), managing a mobility-as-a-service platform product with four projects, three project managers, and over 20 developers.
  • Enabled a 30% increase in sales performance (average order value and conversion rate) through UX testing and conversion rate optimization.
  • Ensured a 50% decrease in operational overhead and an order-of-magnitude increase in API integrator onboarding.
  • Ideated and led the development of auxiliary web app services and devices that impacted important customer satisfaction metrics, such as wait times and self-help availability, and increased the returning customer rate by 20%.
  • Oversaw multiple greenfield MVP projects to fast and successful deliveries as program and project manager and led one MVP development from ideation to MVP user testing in five weeks.

Director of Operations

2020 - 2020
Alma Flowers
  • Moved the company from being stuck in development to making revenue in less than six weeks.
  • Changed the company strategy to a thought-out go-to-market plan focusing on lead generation. Personally managed the initial marketing execution with satisfactory results regarding a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Onboarded several supply partners and ensured minimal overhead by negotiating no stock fees, no up-front fees, and same-day fulfillment.

Product and eCommerce Manager

2016 - 2018
  • Led the development of the eCommerce product with a five-month breakeven and a 600% three-year ROI from its inception to full market maturity.
  • Managed both eCommerce operations and marketing of the entire brand (eCommerce and brick and mortar), resulting in a 30% growth of initial brand revenue, 10% YoY growth in revenue, and an average of 25% YoY growth in eCommerce.
  • Started additional services initially used by the brand, such as photo studio and copywriting, which we subsequently offered as a separate service that extended business revenue.

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

2013 - 2018
Intertekstil Stanic
  • Managed the entire ERP stack (sales, BI, accounting, invoicing). Ensured an average 15% yearly profit increase over the tenure by leading the continuous overhead and process optimization.
  • Developed ERP to serve the data-driven future of the company, turning it into an off-the-shelf on-premises product and then into a SaaS product.
  • Added around 30 new tools, processes, and opportunities that were previously not present or possible in the company's business.
  • Enabled workforce mobility by standardizing tools and processes and decreased operational idleness to zero by allowing frictionless software use.

Quick Parking | Multi-product Software Program (Booking)

Defined and built several products (platform and eCommerce), ensuring over 30% profit margin YoY growth.

Quick Parking is an international airport parking provider, operating in seven countries and approximately 20 of Europe’s busiest airports. To support their business, rapid growth, and growing operational demands, I managed the product and program to build a tailored, scalable, and highly available booking and business management platform. It is complete with a public and private API, back office, CMS, parking terminal devices (ramp and payment), and an Android app for use on their shuttle buses, as well as a front-facing, highly converting website.

Intertekstil Stanić | ERP Software Development (Retail and Wholesale)

Managed the digital transformation of the company, ensuring an average 15% yearly profit increase.

Intertekstil Stanić is Croatia's leading textile company (import, manufacture, wholesale, and retail). Based on the existing ERP solution, I worked closely with the vendor to re-envision the entire product suite to suit the company's needs and develop a number of new tools and software programs. | eCommerce Site (B2C/Retail)

Led the development of the eCommerce product from its inception to full market maturity, creating the product with a five-month breakeven and a 600% three-year ROI.

Family is a home textile retail brand. Prior to building a webshop, I managed an extensive rebranding and digital marketing strategy. The solution proved to be a great success, equaling the brand's top brick-and-mortar stores and growing 80% in its first year, 40% in its second year, and 30% in its third year.

Alma Flowers | Shopify eCommerce Site (B2C/Retail)

As the director of operations, moved the company from being stuck in development to making revenue in less than six weeks.

Alma Flowers is an online florist, growing from a pair of family-owned floral shops in the Moorhead-Fargo area of Minnesota in the US. The shop was launched within five weeks and, coupled with other business operations, started performing and making revenue quickly.

Bleiff | Platform and Portal MVP (Fintech HR)

Planned and delivered a complete, functioning fintech MVP within five weeks.

Bleiff is a fintech initiative that allows knowledge-intensive companies to continue to flourish by keeping knowledge on board. Employees become entrepreneurs and shareholders through the controlled rewarding, purchase, and sale of fractional shares. Bleiff ensures talent loyalty and increases employee-to-company engagement.

Green Parking | eCommerce Site (Booking)

Managed an "outlet brand" website build project that achieved similar sales performance as the main brand.

Green Parking is an airport parking provider, operating at Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels Zaventem airports. Green Parking started off as an independent company, and it was subsequently bought for its good brand value to serve as a budget brand relative to Quick Parking.

Weerman | Business Management Platform (Wholesale)

Rescued a doomed product in the midst of a year-long project by managing the scope and business strategy.

Weerman was one of the five largest flower companies at the Royal Flora Holland flower auction marketplace at Aalsmeer. I managed a platform that was able to integrate with Floral Holland's EasyFlor ERP API and provide data for a range of owned internal and white-label solutions. The solutions included a debtor registration API, white-label administration, and Laravel and other shop options.
2013 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in IT Systems Management

Minerva Business School - Dugopolje, Croatia


Jira, Slack, Trello


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), WooCommerce


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Kanban, Scrum, Software Testing, B2C

Industry Expertise



Mobility, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Booking Apps, eCommerce, Digital Product Management, Business Strategy, Retail & Wholesale, Product Management, eCommerce Management, eCommerce UI, Mobile eCommerce, eCommerce Design, eCommerce Payments, eCommerce Development, Scrumban, Lean, Lean IT, Lean UX, Lean Product Development, Lean Development, Microsoft Office, Software, Software Design, Embedded Software, Digital Design, Digital Marketing, Operations, Business Optimization, Business Operations, Business Consulting, Pricing, Price Analysis, Pricing Models, Dynamic Pricing, Pricing Software, Brand Management, Brand Development, Conversion Rate, Conversion, Website Conversion, Content Management, Digital Photography, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Strategy Companion Analyzer, Warehouse Management, Warehouse Operations, Business to Consumer (B2C), Agile Program Management, IT Management, IT Product Management, IT Operations Management (ITOM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Fintech, Human Resources (HR), Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Laravel, Project Rescue, IT Systems Architecture, IT Systems Engineering, Business to Business (B2B), Notion, Lean Product Management, SaaS, Enterprise SaaS, Product Planning, eCommerce UX, Smart Parking, Parking, Travel, Strategy, WordPress, WordPress API, WordPress Design, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Multisite, WordPress eCommerce, Product Consultant, Consulting, Product Mapping, Product Analytics, New Product Business Cases, Product Delivery, Product-market Fit, Product Growth, Global Product Management, Head of Product, Product Launch, Product Leadership, Lean Product Manager, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), New Product Rollout, New Product Development, New Products, Product Roadmaps, Product Strategy, Product Thinking, Product Vision, Management, Team Management, Team Leadership

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