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Victor Liao

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

San Diego, CA, United States
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May 17, 2019

Victor has 20 years of product management experience. He leverages strategic insight, tactical coordination, and leadership with cross-functional product development teams. He has launched over a dozen successful products with local and offshore Agile teams. He has met 120% of the revenue goal in a content management firm, led five separate cross-functional teams to over 25% efficiency improvement, and had an average of $500,000 in cost savings.

Project Highlights

Renovate America Bond Funding System
Principle product manager for assessment recording, disbursements, and bonding of over $1 billion in funds.
Awarepoint Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solution
Managed the entire suite of software products for mesh network based real-time asset tracking, and monitoring for hospitals.
RoyaltyShare Music Content Management
Designed, and developed a new Music Media Content Management platform resulting in an additional $1.25 million savings.


Work Experience

Chief Product Officer

2019 - 2022
Audo LLC
  • Developed four proof-of-concept products as the company's strategy grew and changed over the years. Each resulted in a marketable MVP and growing user base.
  • Played a pivotal role in defining and growing the product management team and processes. Grew the staff from one PdM to eight in that department. Mentored and trained that staff to be a high-functioning and collaborative cross-functional department.
  • Assumed the simultaneous role of director of operations, overseeing all other company operations from web-dev to HR to accounting. Successfully doubled company staff and implemented process improvements across all departments.
  • Defined and redefined the company's 5-year product plan and maintained the company's product and feature backlog. This was instrumental as this early-stage startup used it to seek funding and critical partnerships.

Senior Software Product Manager

2017 - 2018
Demco Software
  • Led the product management team in defining the company's product strategy, culminating in both near-term tactical product plans and long-term strategic product roadmaps, both of which were new to the company.
  • Spearheaded process improvement efforts within the product management, marketing, and engineering teams to reduce inefficiencies, foster communication, and improve overall productivity, with a net gain of over ten hours per week.
  • Acted as the principal product manager for the next-generation library software product suite working with both local and multiple off-shore development teams to replace the existing legacy infrastructure for greater reach and scalability.
  • Mentored product managers and product owners in Agile and Scrum methodologies utilizing Jira, Craft, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, and other industry tools, bringing Agile ceremonies and best practices to the company.
  • Developed and deployed a new mobile application for public libraries and redesigned the underlying platform for the mobile and desktop product suite.

Senior Product Manager

2016 - 2018
Kelly Slater Wave Company
  • Worked with engineering, research and development, and project teams to drive the revision of software control for phase 2.0 Kelly Slater Wave System, culminating in the world's first 15-million-gallon, bidirectional, competition-level surf facility.
  • Led the team to update and roadmap changes to Siemens' HMI control software and operator panel, incorporating user and engineering feedback to streamline and add needed operational features to wave controls.
  • Developed multiple site events to promote a new wave facility from charity events to the world's first multi-national World Surf League tour event—now a standard part of the championship tour.
  • Developed use cases and proformas to understand the monetization potential of the system and its amenities.

Senior Product Manager

2015 - 2016
Renovate America
  • Led the product management group in the development and deployment of a new solar lease financing product which created long-term partnerships, and will increment revenue by 10-15% year over year in that segment.
  • Responsible for driving new financial product development utilizing the PACE structure. This included the company’s aggressive expansion efforts into multiple states to grow from one to four states in 2016.
  • Principle product manager for the DevOps Funding group. Responsible for optimizing, and enhancing the HERO program funding operation for assessment recording, disbursements, and bonding of over one billion in funds.
  • Drove strategic vision behind near, and long-term roadmaps for funding the product group with reporting moving directly into the executive level.

Director of Program Management

2014 - 2015
MEPS Real-time, Inc.
  • Orchestrated all product, and project management activities for the company in both hardware, and software.
  • Led the strategic vision for the company with executive staff resulting in a three-year strategic product roadmap where previously there was none.
  • Assisted the company’s transition from a pure research and development focus to manufacturing, and commercial sales organization in cooperation with business development, and a new sales group.
  • Spearheaded the industrial design for the hardware, and software design program with both onshore, and offshore teams.

Senior Product Manager

2012 - 2014
FreedomVoice, Inc.
  • Led the product manager group, and leadership team in the development of strategic planning initiatives where none existed previously, and presented the plan to the company’s board of directors.
  • Drove a new product management process within the company which brought an Agile approach to development, and stronger organization to projects prioritized by business cases over short term desires.
  • Defined requirements and oversaw the development of the flagship Hosted PBX platform focusing on much-needed software debt, and VoIP telephony feature gaps.
  • Worked with the VP of sales, and the VP of Marketing to develop co-branding initiatives, channel-friendly features and a partner channel support structure to provide a frictionless partner experience.
  • Balanced Voice of Customer duties with internal stakeholder’s needs to develop a long-term product roadmap where none previously existed.

Senior Product Manager

2011 - 2012
Honeywell International
  • Managed the global Intelligent Hearing Protection product portfolio composed of several new technology wireless communication items for the military, and heavy industrial use.
  • Led the process for new product initiatives (NPI) on several simultaneous projects including a company-wide SaaS initiative, a DECT, and Bluetooth HPD communication device, and a new military-grade wireless “bionic ear device.”.
  • Developed market and sales promotions designed to drive revenue, and market share in domestic, and international high-growth regions, which ultimately exceeded organizational stretch revenue targets by 20%.
  • Interfaced with customers across the world (in person, and via webinar) to perform voice of customer analysis on current offerings, and potential new roadmap offerings for development.
  • Produced weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reports analyzing budget, sales, inventory, and product reach for the Hearing division, and reported to executive corporate.

Senior Product Manager

2010 - 2011
Awarepoint, Inc.
  • Managed the entire suite of web-based software products for an RFID, and Zig Bee-based real-time asset tracking, and monitoring for the healthcare industry providing tangible positive ROI to hospitals.
  • Worked with the hardware engineering group to develop, and launch a third generation Zig Bee device system incorporating multiple radios, motion tracking, near field communication, and multi-sensor capabilities.
  • Responsible for the competitive analysis, product positioning and messaging, requirements, development efforts, launch strategy, sales force training, and customer feedback analysis.
  • Designed, managed, and deployed an industry-first rental asset management application, which increased software revenue for the company by 150% over the following year.

Senior Product Manager

2009 - 2010
BraveCloud Enterprises
  • Researched new energy initiatives for investment, and development for wind-farm development in the high desert of California.
  • Developed business cases, and proposals for land acquisition, construction development, and investments for global energy initiatives.
  • Led an international cross-functional team in the development of new self-regulating wind turbine controls, and monitoring systems.
  • Advised investment partners on best practices on navigating the development, and disposition of onshore investments.

Senior Product Manager

2006 - 2009
RoyaltyShare, Inc.
  • Researched, designed, and developed a PRD, and product development plan for a completely new Music Media Content Management product.
  • Led a cross-functional team to smoothly integrate a new product into an existing suite of products while maintaining customer expectations for performance, and level of service.
  • Supervised, and mentored the product management team for various product development initiatives.
  • Managed relationships for content management with music labels, online music services, and distributors.
  • Developed, and maintained a product roadmap for near, and long-term development cycles.

Senior Product Manager

2005 - 2006, Inc.
  • Led a multi-phase, revenue-focused mobile community product rollout.
  • Managed the development of user-facing music, video, and application projects for a global community initiative.
  • Managed all phases of product lifecycles, strategic planning, and web metrics.
  • Created customer and developer focus groups which directed the development of new marketing campaigns, and assets. Used the intelligence gathered here to shape product strategy.

Database Administrator, and Programmer

2003 - 2005
La Jolla Institute for Allergy, and Immunology
  • Collaborated with the lead programmer for multiple in-house ColdFusion, and database projects.
  • Designed, and created a complex custom application for a touch screen informational kiosk.

Product Manager

2001 - 2003
Beyster Institute
  • Directed the corporate website site updates, email management, metrics, security, and new media integration as the product manager, and web developer.
  • Developed a major redesign, technology restructuring, and architecture, including interactive e-learning, content management tools, search engine optimization, and multimedia.
  • Overhauled the electronic payment, and transaction system for seminar registration, and product purchases.
  • Assisted the marketing department with the advertisement, and promotion of business seminars designed to increase traction, and promote new business.

Product Manager

2000 - 2001
DigMedia, Inc.
  • Managed the product, and engineering teams for an internet web-radio appliance partnering with Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle to successfully launch the product at CES.
  • Designed, and documented the roadmap for a corporate website, marketing strategy, and investor relations, which resulted in an additional $12 million in venture capital funding.

DiscoverLocal Organic Library Awareness Product

Developed, and deployed a library-focused organic Google search product library increasing revenue by 25%.

The DiscoverLocal product brings awareness, and engagement to the under-served library market. It allows patrons to locate, and engage with area libraries through organic search behaviors via the Google search engine.

The DiscoverLocal product is part of a new platform for Demco which revitalized its extensive software as a service offering to the public market.

Renovate America Bond Funding System

Principle product manager for assessment recording, disbursements, and bonding of over $1 billion in funds.

Renovate America provides financial assistance for homeowners seeking to add environmentally friendly improvements to their properties. Utilizing its industry-leading HERO program, Renovate America customers can fund these projects, and remunerate them via their property taxes as opposed to through traditional home loans or lines of credit.

The Bond Funding system supported the financial back end systems by aggregating, and preparing large daily batches of these contracts in accordance with state and municipal legislation to prepare bonds for sale on the open market. This system optimizes the complicated financial, and legal process to process, and validate all daily transactions across many legacy systems with zero allowable errors and maximized efficiency.

MEPS Real-Time Pharmacy Medical Cabinet

Led the program, and product management to bring a pharmacy tray device to market launch after 12 years of R&D.

MEPS Real-Time's pharmacy medical tray device improves the pre, and post-surgical workflow for large hospital systems where pharmacy technicians must fill, check, and account for every medication used in each procedure.

The system uses a combination of near field, Bluetooth, and optical technologies to scan every medication within the tray to easily, and quickly determine what was used, refilled, and documented in busy hospital workflows. Overall the system improves time for this previously highly manual process from 45 minutes per tray to less than 5 minutes. It also reduces the potential for errors in this process, saving money, and reducing hospital liability.

After 12 years of R&D, and onsite trials, product and program management were able to bring the product out of the research phase, and prepare it for enterprise channel sales.

FreedomVoice Hosted PBX Platform

Developed the concept, requirements, product plan, and launch of the flagship Hosted PBX platform.

FreedomVoice's virtual telecommunications system incorporates legacy PBX systems with modern telephony technologies. The system allows operators to leave behind antiquated push button and switchboard systems in favor of technology that allows them to be mobile, efficient, and truly multi-task in busy small to mid-sized office environments.

The system was developed from the ground up, integrating telecommunication standards with the latest technologies available. Product management drove the product every step through the process from concept through development to launch, and subsequent iterations.

FreedomVoice's Hosted PBX solution was an instrumental product in attracting GoDaddy which eventually purchased the company.

Honeywell QuietPro Intelligent Hearing system

Spearheaded a hearing protection product leveraging military-grade wireless “bionic ear” dynamic noise reduction.

Honeywell's QuietPro product brings to heavy industry and military personnel the ability to hear, and communicate with team members amid extremely loud, and hearing damaging environments.

Borrowing from technology now used by high-level military strike teams, the system allows users to speak in natural tones even as ordinance, and heavy machinery are sounding off in the near vicinity. This unique system attenuates incoming sound, and prioritizes useful noises to protect personnel's ears without any lag or distortion. QuietPro is responsible for enabling seamless communication, and hearing protection despite extreme conditions.

Awarepoint Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Managed the entire suite of software products for mesh network based real-time asset tracking, and monitoring for hospitals.

Awarepoint's asset tracking solution utilizes an on-demand mesh network using RFID, Zig Bee, and Bluetooth. This mesh network allows the accurate tracking and telemetry monitoring for any device, system, or patient within the hospital.

Aside from reducing equipment loss, safeguarding patients, and monitoring high-value medications, the system has been deployed to improve the nurse-patient-physician workflow through it's integrated near field communication protocol. All of these remove error, cost, and reduce the need for manual documentation in hospital systems where these have been seen as key areas for improvement.

The software behind the system constantly monitors and reports on each node in the system, sending that data to the cloud. The system provides reporting, and analytics so that hospital users can improve their workflows, and maximize focus on areas of greatest need or cost.

RoyaltyShare Music Content Management

Designed, and developed a new Music Media Content Management platform resulting in an additional $1.25 million savings.

RoyaltyShare's core competency is understanding, and managing the industry's largest music company's royalty contracts. Sales data is analyzed along with a deep understanding of contract agreements to produce an efficient, and highly valued view of what monies artists, and producers are owed after each month of digital sales.

Understanding that the key to clean, and accurate results require clean and accurate input, the Music Media Content Management platform was developed. The system allows for the intake of hundreds of music albums, and associated metadata from physical formats. It prepares each piece of content for transmission and sale on various digital sales platforms like iTunes. This invaluable service platform frees music labels from navigating the technical nuances, and requirements from various sales outlets. The result is cleaner inputs, fewer rejections, easier correction, and ultimately more accurate views of digital sales by controlling the front, middle, and end of each digital music sale.

Kelly Slater Wave System

Led the team for Siemens' HMI control software, and operator panel designed for the world's largest man-made surfable wave sy

The Kelly Slater Wave System is the world's first full scale, barreling competition level wave. The system combines a 15 million gallon man-made wave facility with a one of a kind dual winching system to produce a dynamic barreling surfable wave.

The control system was designed to operate this high powered system using a combination of wired and wireless technologies while monitoring drives, controlling wave dynamics, and hydroelectric systems. This was achieved through a unique mix of mechanical, structural, embedded hardware, and software systems.

The KSWC system is now a part of the World Surf League's championship tour, and is currently making a bid to be a part of the 2020 Olympics.
1990 - 1999

Bachelor's Degree in East Asian History

University of California, San Diego - La Jolla, CA

1990 - 1999

Bachelor's Degree in Biology

University of California, San Diego - La Jolla, CA


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