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Zach Tobin

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

New York, NY, United States
Toptal Member Since
January 25, 2022

Zach is a growth product manager with experience at Meta and several growth-stage startups in NYC. Before becoming a product manager, he spent three years as a data analyst. To each project, Zach brings the proven growth framework of Meta, the grittiness and hustle of a startup, and the data-drivenness of a seasoned data analyst. As a result, Zach has driven successful outcomes for 100% of the teams who work with him, and he is prepared to do the same for you.

Project Highlights

Doubled Activation Rate in Four Months for (a Forbes Company)
Increased activation by 112% for, a growth-stage fintech app owned by Forbes.
+20.2% Profit Growth for a Top 50 iOS App
Increased net revenue by 20.2%—a seven-figure amount—for The Fabulous through data-driven experimentation, creative ideation, and perfect execution.
Led 0-1 MVP for a Personalized Sleep Coach
Launched an ML-driven sleep coaching technology end-to-end through ideation, beta testing, launch, and iteration, resulting in a 23% increase in the company's net promoter score (NPS).


Work Experience

Growth Product Manager

2022 - PRESENT
Freelance Clients
  • Led product at, a fintech app helping millennials and Gen Z build wealth. Established their product management practice, led user research, and implemented a roadmap of core features.
  • Increased the user activation rate by 300% in less than four months for, a Forbes company. is a fintech app that hired me to improve its user investment rate, which I achieved by creating and executing a prioritized, data-backed roadmap.
  • Grew net revenue by 20.2% within six months for The Fabulous, the most-downloaded app for daily habit-tracking.
  • Led the analysis, identified revenue levers, drove ideation, and executed tests that drove the biggest revenue lift for The Fabulous.

Growth Product Manager

2020 - 2022
  • Defined and executed the product roadmap by identifying data-backed pain points, systematically generating high-impact ideas, ruthlessly prioritizing, inspiring teammates, and championing a culture of high-speed shipping.
  • Found high-impact opportunities consistently by speaking with users, analyzing quantitative data, defining A/B tests, and iterating on features to acquire and retain users into Facebook's incubator services.
  • Collaborated with engineers, cross-functional partners, and leadership to unlock growth opportunities by aligning stakeholders via canonical, data-backed proposals.

Product Manager

2019 - 2020
Eight Sleep
  • Shipped several core app features by speaking with users, analyzing data, bridging technical and business gaps, and influencing stakeholders, resulting in increased retention, stickiness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Wrote and productized SQL functions for personalized in-app sleep insights, including bedtime recommendations, health and sleep trends, and correlations with daytime activities.
  • Onboarded Looker and Segment to normalize data from various sources, automate repetitive analyses, and build visualizations to empower stakeholders at all company levels.

Data Analytics Manager

2017 - 2019
Wunderkind (fka BounceX)
  • Utilized SQL, Excel, and Looker to create custom dashboards and reports, making data comprehensive and actionable for all teams within the company.
  • Automated processes for client revenue reporting, onboarding, and touchpoint volume, cutting related analytics requests by 50% and reducing the team's manual effort hours by 80%.
  • Championed a data-driven culture by making data accessible and actionable for stakeholders throughout the company through dashboards, reports, and dynamic in-person presentations highlighting the power of data.
  • Collaborated with engineers to optimize Salesforce, quantitative, and qualitative data collection to ensure data was as clean, accurate, and actionable as possible.


2016 - 2017
  • Performed as the top salesperson, with $219,800 in annual recurring revenue and average quota attainment of 112%.
  • Championed a data-driven sales approach by funneling public industry information into Salesforce to drive a 30% increase in total opportunities created.
  • Gained firsthand knowledge of the fintech market, its users, and industry trends.

Doubled Activation Rate in Four Months for (a Forbes Company)

Increased activation by 112% for, a growth-stage fintech app owned by Forbes. is a growing investment app with over 40,000 downloads. The founder hired me to increase their activation rate, giving me full autonomy to achieve the goal of 40%.

I nearly tripled the goal, driving a 112% increase in under four months. I achieved this using Meta's "Understand, Identify, Execute" growth framework.

I drove the framework end-to-end, including data analysis, user interviews, problem definition and prioritization, ideation sessions, roadmap creation, and execution. I also led experiment tracking, so the team could see their weekly impact and keep momentum in a fast-paced environment.

I shipped dozens of improvements, including investment recommendations, improved performance screens, push notifications, activation bonuses, streamlined account opening, and several major technical issues blocking activation.

"Zach over-delivered against our activation goal by focusing on the right problems, building alignment, and executing quickly. I highly recommend him for anyone needing to move growth metrics fast and effectively." – Founder and CEO,

+20.2% Profit Growth for a Top 50 iOS App

Increased net revenue by 20.2%—a seven-figure amount—for The Fabulous through data-driven experimentation, creative ideation, and perfect execution.

Fabulous is an award-winning behavioral science app that helps users build healthier daily habits. The founder reached out on LinkedIn to help increase revenue by converting more free trials to paid subscriptions.

I increased revenue by 20.2% against a holdout by championing Meta's "Understand, Identify, Execute" (UIE) growth framework across the company.

Drove the process end-to-end by aligning the team around the UIE framework, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, creating crisp definitions of each problem, leading team brainstorms, creating the roadmap, and executing seamless launches every two weeks.

My product contributions include optimized pricing and framing, improved push notifications, premium feature gating, trial personalization, social proof, and a community feature allowing users to motivate each other organically.

"Zach built up our growth process by focusing on the right problems, ideas, and experiments. He drives revenue growth in a way that aligns with and energizes the team. I recommend him to anyone seeking growth." – Founder, The Fabulous.

Led 0-1 MVP for a Personalized Sleep Coach

Launched an ML-driven sleep coaching technology end-to-end through ideation, beta testing, launch, and iteration, resulting in a 23% increase in the company's net promoter score (NPS).

This feature is a personalized in-app sleep coaching program that helps users improve their sleep by targeting specific habits, taking attainable steps over time, and tracking improvement.

I contributed to this project by:
• Coming up with the idea and driving it end-to-end through beta testing, launch, and iteration.
• Proving the concept with a no-code test using my own SQL queries and automated emails to a beta test group.
• Collaborating with the company's scientific advisors to craft tested coaching plans to help users address their problem areas.
• Shipping multiple iterations based on user feedback to increase actionability, success rate, and relevance across the company's user base.

Sleep coaching resulted in a 23% increase in the company's NPS, a reliable measure of customer loyalty and future growth.

Adaptive Temperature for a Smart Bed Company

Led the development of this ML-based feature by road mapping iterations, conducting user interviews, and rigorously beta testing ahead of launch. This resulted in 30% more users reporting better sleep.

I built this feature (publicly called Smart Temperature Autopilot) for a smart bed company. It is the only product that can actively intervene to improve sleep, achieving it through temperature and resulting in a deeper, more refreshing night's sleep.

I drove this project end to end by:
• Defining the feature, road mapping iterations, running beta tests, and owning analysis and continued feedback post-launch.
• Conducting interviews with power users to understand how they found their ideal temperature settings, which I used to create flowcharts for engineers to implement.
• Running extensive analyses to find correlations between temperature and sleep quality, which the company used to fuel their automation strategy.
• Owning beta-testing the ML team's algorithmic temperature models, which were highly sensitive (given that they may interfere with sleep), are now a core selling point of the product.

Smart Temperature Autopilot resulted in 30% of users reporting better sleep compared to the company's pre-launch benchmark.

In-app Survey Infrastructure to Automate Qualitative Feedback

Built a no-code system for a health company to automatically collect qualitative user feedback, label it by theme, surface their highest opportunity areas, and visualize user sentiment trends over time. This drove a 50% net promoter score increase.

As a new product manager consulting for a Series A company, the first step I took was to build a pipeline to consistently gather user insights, which would inform ideation and prioritization for the future.

I achieved this by:
• Coming up with the idea, writing the surveys, deploying them via in-app models, and building a results dashboard, all without engineering support.
• Influencing leadership by creating a compelling case for the project, which I achieved by outlining the long-term benefits of the data collected.
• Moving quickly to launch within my first few weeks and show value ASAP.
• Expanding system to send micro-surveys every 30 days, allowing the company to understand how user sentiment evolved.
• Presenting trends to the entire company weekly to keep teams focused on their most significant opportunity areas.

The insights uncovered by this system resulted in a 50% increase in NPS.
2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT


Computational Thinking with Python

University of California | via edX


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning



Google Analytics Certification



Looker, Trello, BigQuery, Google Analytics, Jira, HubSpot, Tableau, Figma, Asana,, Core Data, DataTables, Shopify Plus, Adobe Analytics, SendGrid, Jupyter, Google Data Studio, Zapier, Microsoft Power BI


Google Analytics API, Google Analytics 360, Shopify, Jupyter Notebook, Mixpanel


Requirements Analysis, B2C, Iterative Development, Key Performance Metrics, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Data Science, Agile Product Management, Agile Project Management, Agile, Rapid Prototyping, Marketplace Platforms

Industry Expertise

Consumer Products, Health, Exercise & Fitness, Energy, Healthcare


Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, SQL, Airtable, Product Management, Product Roadmaps, Data Analysis, Strategic Planning & Execution, Creative Thinking, Communication, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Complex Problem Solving, Mathematics, Data Visualization, Data, eCommerce, eCommerce Analysis, Social Media, Product Owner, Product Strategy, Growth, Product Growth, Data Reporting, Fintech, Growth Strategy, Funnel Optimization, Data Analytics, A/B Testing, Roadmaps, Startups, Cross-functional Collaboration, Mobile Applications, New Products, App Growth, Conversion, Funnel Analysis, Conversion Rate, Onboarding, Digital Product Management, Sprint Planning, Mentorship, Team Mentoring, Mobile, iOS, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Mobile Apps, Specs, Product Frameworks, Market Research & Analysis, Scope Management, Backlog Management, Apps, Performance Analysis, Technical Product Management, Google Tag Manager, Optimization, Business to Consumer (B2C), User Retention, Lifetime Value (LTV), Project Planning, Know Your Customer (KYC), MVP Design, Data Privacy, Vendor Selection, Web Platforms, App Product Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, User Interviews, Storytelling, Machine Learning, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Discovery Workshops, Growth Marketing, Market Research, Two-sided Marketplaces, Dating Apps, New Product Business Cases, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Consulting, Community Growth, Stripe, QA Testing, Focus Groups, Quality Assurance (QA), Audience Targeting, Intercom, Product Coach, Product Strategy Consultant, Coaching, Mentorship & Coaching, Web Applications, Go-to-market Optimization, Pricing, Pricing Strategy, Product Positioning, Market Entry, Minimum Marketable Product (MMP), Market Strategy and Research Product Manager, Fitness, Customer Insights, Feature Analysis, Functional Requirements, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Product Line Analysis, Go-to-market Strategy, Digital Platform Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Legacy Software, Financials, Online Banking, System Integration, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Biometrics, Websites, APIs, IoT Protocols, Product Development, Feature Roadmaps, Feature Prioritization, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Backlog Grooming, Statistics, Persuasion, Ideation, Ideation Workshops, Wireframing, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Execution, Process Execution, Market Sizing, Opportunity Maps, Opportunity Assessments, UX Flows, User Flows, Creative Strategy, Creative Solutions, Team Building, Teamwork, Timelines, Time Management, Project Timelines, Project Management, Flexibility, Data Communication, Project Coordination, Research, UX Research, Customer Interviews, Python, Python 2, Python 3, Datadog, DataViz, Big Data, Data Flows, Open Data, Data Mining, Data Quality, Mobile Data, Databases, Shopify API, Mobile eCommerce, eCommerce UX, eCommerce UI, eCommerce Management, Identity, Presentations, Data Structures, Data Strategy, Jira Administrator, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Regression, Statistical Data Analysis, Data Science Product Manager, Beta Testing, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Braze, Customer Experience, UX Design, UI Design, User Research, UI Research, Marketing Technology (MarTech), SaaS, Enterprise SaaS, Software as a Service (SaaS), Business to Business (B2B), Product Ownership, SaaS Product Management, User Experience (UX), Product Launch, Product Delivery, Product Design, Requirements, Sprints, User Interface (UI), User Stories, Agile Sprints, Stakeholder Engagement, Agile Product Delivery, Delivery, Technology, Analytics, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Customer Experience Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data-driven Decision-making, Documentation, Email Marketing, Email Marketing Automation, Functional Specifications, Release Management, User Requirements, Requirements & Specifications, Technical Requirements, Sales, B2B, B2B Sales Pipeline, Growth Marketing Product Manager, Growth Hacking, Stakeholder Management, Business Development, Training Content, Market Fit, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI), Marketing Research & Analysis, Market Research Analyst, Salesforce, Salesforce API, Salesforce Reports, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Tech Sales, Sales Funnel, Sales Growth, Sales Pitches, Product Sales, Sales Strategy, Software, Networks, Networking, Social Marketplaces, Multi-sided Marketplaces, Direct to Consumer (D2C), App Design, Feasibility Studies, Amplitude, Customer Acquisition, Digital Marketing Strategy, Platforms, Two-sided Communities, Investing, CRM Systems, Marketing, User Onboarding, Automation, Automation Tools, Project Budget Management, Edtech Design, Business Models, Finance APIs, Supply Chain, Go-to-market Plans, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), International Finance, GPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)

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