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Critical Chain Project Management: Agile’s Missing Link

By Costas Voliotis

When an Agile project has too little time and too few resources, an extra planning boost from the critical chain method can keep a project on the path to success.

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CapEx 101: Resolving the Agile vs. Waterfall Conflict With Hybrid Methodology

By Adam Zachary Wasserman

What do Agile, Waterfall, and the former energy corporation Enron have in common? A strange shared history that may shed light on one of the most well-known conflicts in software development.

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Project Management Cheat Sheet

By Adi Behlulovic

There is no perfect framework that can be applied universally. Project managers should tailor processes to work best with their teams and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their career.

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Making Change Stick: How to Get Change Management Right

By Alan David Walker

Change management is critical to project success. Studies report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop if they are not managed well. This guide to change management for project managers will help you get it right.

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A Project Manager’s Guide to Digital Transformation

By Vytas Butkus

89% of organizations adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy in 2018. Digital transformation requires both a cultural shift and a restructuring of products and services around new digital capabilities. Project managers are some of the most important people on the tactical level during a digital transformation.

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Project Management Tools Comparison: Jira vs. Trello vs. MS Project vs. Basecamp vs. Asana vs. Wrike

By Vytas Butkus

Project management software comparison websites list about 600 different project management tools and choosing the right one can be head-spinning. We provide a list of 6 essential PM tools and insights on which types of projects they are most suited for.

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Exploring the History of Business Intelligence

By Paulo Limp

Business intelligence has been evolving for 150 years. BI history provides a fascinating look at how the adoption of computers played a critical role in the usage of BI tools and how mathematics became cool again in the 21st century.

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Saving Product X: A Design Thinking Case Study

By Luciano Castro

Have you ever wondered if you can apply design thinking principles with a limited time and budget? If so, check out this in-depth Design Thinking use case, which details how Design Thinking helped a company to save its product.

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