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Excavating the Work Breakdown Structure: Your Waterfall Project’s Rosetta Stone

By Jim Stewart

Despite Agile’s popularity, Waterfall remains prevalent across industries. Rediscover one of its foundational tools, the WBS, and align your team with a common language to improve project delivery.

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Using AI in Project Management: Key Applications and Benefits

By Dimiter Shalvardjiev

When it comes to improving project outcomes, AI holds vast potential, but it can be difficult to know which tools to use and how to apply them effectively. This guide details what you need to know.

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Why KPI Management Needs Metrics for Empathy and Fairness

By Tarun Sukhani

Traditional KPIs fail to capture the quality of workplace experiences. Use these new metrics to increase employee satisfaction and engagement—and therefore productivity and revenue—in your organization.

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You Need a Hero: The Project Manager

By Ethan James

For every tech project or business, there's inevitably the “client” and the “programmer”. Sometimes they make it work between themselves, but often someone has to step in to establish the ground rules, keep everyone honest, and facilitate communication between all parties. This someone, this hero, is the project manager. In this entertaining article, Ethan James gives his insights as to why you, the developer, and you, the client, should invest in a project manager... or at least employ the techniques outlined.

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