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Jessica Brim, United States

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Jessica has more than 15 years of experience leading new product development and design startups and Fortune 50 companies. She excels at leading cross-functional teams and creating rapid adoption for new systems. She has also been a product lead for offerings in heal... Click to continue

Eduardo Enrique Bechtold, Argentina

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Eduardo is an internationally experienced software development manager with more than 15+ years managing software teams with 50+ staff distributed worldwide. He is experienced with varied software engineering practices, from start-up to corporate, across multiple indu... Click to continue

Viji Vennelakanti, India

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Viji was the Director of IT in Chicago and worked there for 15 years leading a team of over 100 with a budget of $18 million. She led the Agile transformation of the organization and was the interim PMO for 18 months. More recently, she was the CTO and co-Founder o... Click to continue

Guilherme Motta, Brazil

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
As an IT Strategic Management MBA graduate, Guilherme has demonstrated experience with agile software discovery and delivery initiatives playing a variety of roles: Engineering Manager, Agile Coach, Project Manager, Iteration Manager, Developer, and DevOps Engineer. ... Click to continue

Nate Dinet, United States

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Nate is an entrepreneurial-minded Agile/Scrum professional with nearly a decade of experience leading organizations and teams through Agile transformations that assist them to become better versions of themselves. He helps them navigate complex projects via true serv... Click to continue

Danijela Nestorovic, Serbia

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Danijela is highly motivated and self-driven when creating products and strives to exceed expectations when delivering the end product. Experienced in implementation of Scrum methodologies and managing people, she is adept at balancing the needs and expectations of s... Click to continue

Nermin Catovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Nermin is a successful agile project and program manager with over five years in mortgage, finance, and office rental industries. Over his career, he's had multiple roles (scrum master, product owner, and system delivery manager for enterprise systems) and led variou... Click to continue

Tapan Bhargave, United States

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Dating back to his Cornell University electrical engineering degree, where he won an Ivy League grant, Tapan brings a robust technical background to project management. He became a dedicated Agile project manager in 2012 when he co-invented, as Chief Product Owner at... Click to continue

Carolina Feliciano Azevedo, Portugal

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Carolina has more than 17 years of experience working in multinational companies with over eight of them as an Agile project manager in the IT industry handling multiple global responsibilities. She was also the youngest woman elected to the IBM Steering Technologica... Click to continue

Orsolya Bozso, Spain

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Orsolya is a PMP® certified project manager with experience in business process implementations and technical solution delivery. Recently, she's entered the music industry managing software development projects for key industry players like IFPI. She joined the Topta... Click to continue

Ruben Vrinzen, Netherlands

freelance Oil and Gas Project Manager
Ruben is an experienced people manager with a background in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. As a certified scrum master and Prince2 project manager, he lead over 300 people worldwide to deliver above expectations, both on an individual as well as a team leve... Click to continue