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Program Manager vs. Product Manager: A Conflict Resolution Strategy

By Kamil Imański

Program managers and product managers often clash. Improving communication at three specific touch points can alleviate tension, develop more positive relationships, and ensure smooth project delivery.

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Making Change Stick: How to Get Change Management Right

By Alan David Walker

Change management is critical to project success. Studies report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop if they are not managed well. This guide to change management for project managers will help you get it right.

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Project Management Evolution: Startups vs. Enterprises

By Vytas Butkus

Startups play poker, large companies play chess. In this article, we compare and contrast project management for startups with enterprise project management. Different challenges and opportunities arise in both settings. The best project managers should be able to utilize their skill sets to achieve the maximum results in both environments.

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