Benjamin Finn, Project Manager in Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
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Benjamin Finn

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
Toptal Member Since
June 3, 2020

Ben has seven years of experience as a project manager and is passionate about continuously improving and driving projects to success. He has led Waterfall and Agile technical projects for enterprises, such as Chevron, and startup social enterprises. Since attaining his PMP certification, Ben has gained experience and expertise in turning around challenging and troubled projects by transforming processes.

Project Highlights

Organizational Change | Security and Migration
Reduced instances of ransomware and viruses by at least 50% and improved productivity by an estimated 10-15% across the company.
Scrum Master for Wave Money
Ran multiple sprints for the Wave Money app, thereby improving acceptance of Scrum methods, increasing team velocity by 10%, reducing incomplete items in the sprint backlog by 50%, and focusing the team on adhering to the sprint goal.
Kisan Smallholders Farmers Lead General for Banks
Organized the process, fixed communication, and resolved personnel issues to resolve the significant flaws in a product and allow it to become an MVP.


Work Experience

Project Manager

2021 - PRESENT
  • Masterminded the full-scale deployment of Jira and Confluence, performing all associated technical tasks.
  • Orchestrated the merger and acquisition project: App Rationalization, reducing Trifacta's post-acquisition redundancy. Led other project managers, driving efficiency in our App Rationalization process.
  • Managed the company-wide migration from Trifacta's AWS, GCP, and Azure to Alteryx systems.
  • Executed the AppViewX PKI rollout, bolstering our internal certificate security.
  • Carried out, successfully, an external DNS replacement, enhancing system security.
  • Established a strategic process for end-of-life servers management, mitigating risk and compliance issues.
  • Supported over 2,000 users as the company's only SME for Jira, Confluence, and Aha!.

Digital Security Trainer and Writer

2021 - PRESENT
Reporters Sans Frontiers
  • Wrote a series of blog articles for the international journalist organization.
  • Ran digital security training for reporters working in dangerous countries.
  • Advised on security within the organization and provided security analysis.

Senior Project Manager

2020 - 2020
  • Installed processes and standardizations within the team, which reduced error rates by 500% and changed delivery from within a week to on time.
  • Futureproofed the project by looking at future business requirements.
  • Designed and implemented automation to reduce effort from over a day to two hours.
  • Improved intra-team communication; the team began working as a single unit.
  • Documented all project lessons learned and processes.
  • Performed lean project management activities to improve all processes.
  • Leading and managing the scrum practices for the project and agile coaching for the team.

Project Manager for Software Development (Social Enterprise)

2019 - 2020
Koe Koe Tech
  • Implemented a 100% successful migration from the G Suite to Office 365. Even with the impacts of COVID-19, corporate downtime was planned for three days, but we organized the tasks so that corporate downtime was just one day.
  • Delivered organizational changes that drove down operational costs while increasing system capabilities, security, and productivity. The change was delivered using an Agile mindset and methodology.
  • Increased productivity with improved processes, company-wide email accounts, access to Office 365, and the extended office suite for productivity.
  • Designed, implemented, and trained employees on the company's SharePoint instance, focusing on collaboration, easing the user experience, and increasing access to and protection of all company data.
  • Improved security with endpoint management software and antivirus and piracy protections.
  • Set up standard policies, processes, and procedures for internal IT support. Wrote all the related documents and established regular checks and balances.
  • Drove forward the company culture by training and evangelizing the need for all aspects of personal and company security.

Managing Director

2018 - 2020
Mobius Consulting, LTD (Self-employed)
  • Established a business to open the first board-game cafe in Myanmar. The cafe was successfully delivered from idea to opening in six months. Myanmar is listed as one of the top-10 most difficult places to do business in the world by the World Bank.
  • Negotiated and wrote all contracts for the company, including building leases, profit-sharing agreements, and joint venture agreements.
  • Managed and monitored the evaluation of projects across Myanmar. Personally managed or evaluated eight projects across three states simultaneously.
  • Led the development of two unique brand identities—one for a hostel company and one for the board-game cafe. Facilitated and assisted in the marketing and development of both brands.
  • Set up the required systems infrastructure, standard operating procedures, and staff training.
  • Incubated various F&B projects, one of which became a recognized brand across Yangon within two weeks of launch—a result of our marketing and viral campaign creation. Other projects are in various stages of development.
  • Deployed a CRM for a pest control company, designed the new work process, migrated old data, and trained the team.

Scrum Master

2018 - 2019
Wave Money
  • Served as the scrum master for Wave Money, the fintech arm of the Yoma Group in collaboration with Telenor.
  • Trained employees and management on traditional Scrum practices, driving home the importance of using Scrum methods throughout the company. Increased the adoption of Agile principles and practices within the development team.
  • Improved inter-team communication and resolved key issues between the IT, sales, and project management departments. This reduced instances of miscommunication among the groups by over 50%.
  • Prepared and set up for success a long-term strategic plan for the CTO of the Yoma Group, focusing on internal IT systems and processes.
  • Acted as the company representative for a Waterfall process run by an external partner. Recommended and assisted with process improvements, driving the partner company to be more agile.

Project Manager

2012 - 2017
  • Served as a project manager for a variety of projects, leading groups of up to 12 people distributed across two continents (the United States and India).
  • Analyzed contracts, identified a legal issue, and recommended a resolution that saved Chevron $300,000 annually.
  • Designed and improved a web app that reduced downtime and improved flexibility.
  • Trained and mentored business analysts and project managers to improve their capabilities and enhance their understanding of project delivery.
  • Developed training materials and ran training workshops to help the staff in Escravos, Nigeria, better utilize their deployed systems.
  • Facilitated a review of all architecture solutions for the business unit architect and multiple enterprise architects.
  • Interacted cross-functionally with five departments (legal, asset development, operations, drilling, and completions) to design the implementation, deployment, and final product in a way that met all stakeholder needs.
  • Acted as a project manager and/or solutions architect for a wide variety of projects, including cloud automation, data quality, data modeling, web development using .NET MVC, and contract analysis.
  • Administrated and proselytized the Chevron SharePoint instance to increase user awareness and usage.

English Teacher

2009 - 2010
Kojen English
  • Motivated reluctant students, resulting in a 75% increase in the graduation rate through high-energy engagement.
  • Built daily lesson plans for teaching English as a second language for a variety of classes with students ranging in age from five to fifteen.
  • Increased classroom discipline for one of the more unruly groups of six-year-old children by using soft power.

Organizational Change | Security and Migration

Reduced instances of ransomware and viruses by at least 50% and improved productivity by an estimated 10-15% across the company.

I led a team of three people through an eight-month project to migrate the company from the G Suite to the Microsoft infrastructure and level up organizational IT security and processes.

• Increased the size of the company's tool suite without increasing cost by standardizing and performing thorough cost analysis.
• Crafted the company's SharePoint policies, thereby improving the quality of company-wide deliverables through collaboration.
• Analyzed the entire company's security and central IT topology.
• Recommended a series of improvements that substantially increased offerings and capabilities. Delivered a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution and the Microsoft Suite for employees.
• Installed a UEM solution that allowed the company to reduce its attack surface and instances of ransomware, which had been a regular occurrence.
• Taught the project team how to think, analyze, communicate, and work efficiently; two team members had limited IT experience.
• Drove the reorganization and its new tools while remaining under budget for the project.
• Reorganized how users and central IT were managed with ITSM tools and standardized all IT policies and procedures.
• Trained users at the company on IT security.

Scrum Master for Wave Money

Ran multiple sprints for the Wave Money app, thereby improving acceptance of Scrum methods, increasing team velocity by 10%, reducing incomplete items in the sprint backlog by 50%, and focusing the team on adhering to the sprint goal.

I managed a sprint team of over ten developers and three product owners who were unfamiliar with standard sprint practices and ceremonies. I trained and laid the foundation for improved organizational management around standard Scrum methods. I instituted and facilitated all Scrum ceremonies and oversaw a steady improvement in the quality of development, velocity of the team, and company-wide knowledge of Agile best practices.

Documentum Repository for Oil and Gas Documentation

Designed and managed a project to deploy a document repository for an entire business unit, thereby reducing emergency response time by an estimated 25% and improving project discovery for new wells.

I led a project involving five analysts to organize a document cache of roughly 500,000 electronic and physical files at Chevron's Appalachian Mountain business unit. I designed the repository, recruited the analysts, and drove the project. The analysts were located in India and we conducted virtual daily stand-ups. We iteratively built out the repository, successfully moving all documentation into an intuitive system that allows emergency responders to find critical well information that's required to save lives. Chevron's project discovery for future wells was reduced as a result of more data being available.

Water Request Tool

Led a group of developers virtually to build and improve an internal water request tool, performed code reviews, designed the architecture, and facilitated the project. Reduced downtime of the tool from weekly to annual.

I performed technical project management and architecture tasks to deliver a project that reduced the lead time to get water to a well and improved reporting capabilities and logistics. The project utilized three components, a SharePoint front end to gather and process the data (using OOTB SharePoint tools and Web Parts), an SQL database, and a tool developed in-house for processing the data.

I took the lead in designing and developing the SharePoint and SQL database. For the in-house tool, I assisted the developer by performing code reviews. For the project as a whole, I designed the system architecture, applying enterprise best practices and industry standards.

Deployment of Energy Components to Nigeria

Delivered the critical Energy Components tool, performing customizations, testing, and training for all in-scope employees in Escravos, Nigeria. Standardizing the process for future deployments reduced the future workload by two to four weeks.

Energy Components is a hydfrocarbon accounting software used by oil and gas companies. All business units in Chevron were required to deploy it.

• Gathered all requirements from the employees in the Nigerian business unit, then translated the business needs into technical requirements.
• Performed user acceptance testing.
• Created templates and standardized some of the tools used across various Energy Component deployments, enabling future workload reductions.
• Conducted in-person training sessions in Escravos for almost two months.

Analysis of a Survey Tool

Performed a security, integration, and capability analysis of a survey tool used in oil and gas fieldwork. Discovered and resolved a contractual issue, reducing the cost of the tool by $300,000 per year.

A business unit had gone rogue and purchased a survey tool without involving IT in the decision process. I was tasked with ensuring it was the best tool for the job. During my thorough analysis, I discovered and resolved a contract issue, thereby reducing the cost of the tool by $300,000 per year. Additionally, I set up a series of SQL jobs to connect to and pull the data into our data warehouse, and I set up the tool to be supported in-house at the first level.

Data Modeling and Alert Creation for Permitting

Set up a series of alerts for the permitting team using Spotfire, thereby reducing fines by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

I uncovered the issue, led the project, performed all the analyses, and developed a series of reports for the permitting team. These reports allowed the permitting team to be more proactive in their activities on certain issues for which Chevron was getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines every year.

Kisan Smallholders Farmers Lead General for Banks

Organized the process, fixed communication, and resolved personnel issues to resolve the significant flaws in a product and allow it to become an MVP.

The project involves gathering leads from farmers in India using Yara's app, social media, and physical retail store, then processing and passing the leads on to the banks in India.

Before my involvement, a basic, highly manual, highly time-consuming process had been set up. Team members had very low-quality communication, and in-fighting and blaming were standard practices. I organized communication, made the teamwork a cohesive unit, documented processes and lessons learned, implemented lean practices to significantly reduce time waste and turnaround time. I also put automation and data quality processes in place to stop the low-quality reports sent to our partners every week.

Digital Security Training

Ran digital security training and wrote blogs for journalists working in highly dangerous environments.

Ran digital security training for reporters working in dangerous countries and wrote a series of blog articles for the international journalist organization, for example, Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) regularly engaged me for additional security reviews and advisory practices.
2010 - 2011

Master's Degree in Management Information Systems

Texas A&M University - College Station, TX, USA

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems

Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, TX, USA


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – SQL Server



Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute


Dale Carnegie Skills for Success

Dale Carnegie


SQL, Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio, Atlassian, Atlassian Suite, Google Docs, SSAS, Jira, Confluence, Trello, Microsoft Project, IBM InfoSphere (DataStage), Spotfire, Asana, GitHub


SharePoint, SharePoint 365, SharePoint 2013, Pega, Deskero, Azure


Scrum, Waterfall Delivery, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Agile Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Human-centered Design (HCD), Agile, Change Management, Agile Delivery, Management, B2C, Agile Software Development, B2B, Agile Product Management, DevOps, Kanban, Lean

Industry Expertise

Technology, Retail & Wholesale, Hotels & Lodging, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Restaurants & Dining, Oil & Gas, Social Enterprise


IT Projects, Project Discovery, Analysis, Communication, Business Analysis, Microsoft 365, Process Documentation, Sprints, Project Management, IT Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Excel VBA, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Facilitation, Workshop Facilitation, Training, Teaching, User Flows, Data Analysis, Azure Active Directory, Project Consultancy, Stakeholder Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Scope Management, Organization, Requirements, Technical Project Management, Certified Project Manager, Project Planning, Documentation, Technical Documentation, IT Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Business Process Optimization, Digital Project Management, Optimization, Requirements & Specifications, Workflow Optimization, Process Optimization, Presentations, Business Processes, Process Design, Business Process Flow Diagrams, Process Flows, Microsoft Intune, Business Requirements, Team Management, User Requirements, Training Materials, Process Improvement, Team Leadership, Project Management Professional (PMP), Strategy, Management Information Systems (MIS), Jira Administrator, Hiring, People Management, Training & Training Content Development, Project Timelines, Project Budget Management, Product Discovery, Project Scoping, Scope of Work, User Journeys, Hybrid Project Management, RACI, Waterfall Methodology, Backlog Grooming, Continuous Improvement, Dashboards, Enterprise Project Management, Planning, Sprint Retrospectives, User Stories, Reports, Atlassian Plugins, Dashboard Design, Jira Administration, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Data Modeling, Contract, Contract Drafting, Data Architecture, Databases, Migration, Board Games, CEO, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Energy Components, Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Solution Architecture, Startups, IT, Discovery, IT Operations Management (ITOM), Vendor Selection, Policies & Procedures Compliance, Product Ownership, Product Owner, Web Project Management, Scrum Master, Discovery Workshops, Technical Business Analysis, Technical Requirements, Vendor Management, Project Tracking, Estimations, Project Estimation, Agile Coaching, Business Intelligence (BI), Delivery Management, IT Deployments, Product Management, Operations, Agile Sprints, Sprint Planning, Project Management Office (PMO), PMO, Metrics, Data Analytics, Remote Team Leadership, SOP Development, Systems Thinking, Training Content, Enterprise Coaching, Agile Transformation, Project Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling Tools, Schedule Optimization, Estimation & Planning, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Client Management, Business to Business (B2B), Software Development, Supply Chain, Database Management, Digital Securities, Request for Proposal (RFP), Fintech, APIs, CRM Systems, Education, Resource Allocation, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Teamwork, Finance, Mobile, Private Banking, Alchemer, Scrum Coaching, Journalism, Safety, Blogging, Leads, Data Quality, Data Quality Management, Data, Lean Six Sigma, Security, Facilities Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), International Expansion, Aha!

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