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Konstantine Shengelia

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Tbilisi, Georgia
Toptal Member Since
July 1, 2019

Konstantine considers his key strength to be a combination of project management, product management, and his experience as an agile coach and scrum master. He has unique and in-depth experience working in these roles. Konstantine has worked on 40+ projects with small startups, big corporations, and everything in between. He uses the right skill set to complement each client's capabilities and help projects move forward, and he thrives in projects with complex, multidisciplinary challenges.

Project Highlights

Release Management and Process Improvement for Data Analytics Giant - Alteryx
During two years, I established two separate release processes for legacy and new product lines (serving 20+ teams) and collaborated with various teams and functional verticals. Company team: 3,000. Net worth: around $2.83 billion
Agile Transformation and Coaching in a Leading Bank with 8,000+ Employees
Served as a key member of the Agile transformation team. Aided in the transformation that led to vastly increased rates such as employee happiness, T2M, deployment frequency, quality, NPS, and more.
Premium Travel and Tours Platform for a Top German Online Media Giant
Rebuilt a premium travel platform from scratch for a German online media giant.


Work Experience

Release Management | Process Improvement

2022 - PRESENT
  • Established a release process for legacy products worked on by 15+ teams, relying on existing agreements to enhance the smoothness of these changes, particularly given the post-merge volatile environment.
  • Set up a new release process and artifacts to support the weekly release train structure after switching to cloud and weekly release cadence. This new environment focused on getting inputs from 20+ teams during the whole day, every day.
  • Managed day-to-day releases while working on process improvement, managing improvements backlog, and communicating with various functional leads and VPs to define practical, achievable solutions.
  • Established key, smart, dynamic artifacts and processes to continuously maintain visibility on release health and key release processes. These artifacts enabled crucial decision-making in the rapid weekly deployment process.
  • Improved artifacts and processes incrementally after initial establishment to reduce dependency on individual team members and outsource decisions to predefined protocols, enabling the release team to know what to do in case major input(s) are missing.
  • Worked on defect management as part of key release artifacts. Defined nuanced policies and artifacts regarding reporting and tracking defects in the context of specific releases. Determined what defects should be considered as blockers.
  • Used various tools such as Confluence, Jira, Slack, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Forms, Lucid (Chart and Spark), and more to enable teams from three different continents to reliably and easily exchange key inputs.
  • Defined various other release-related artifacts such as hotfix request policy, approval policy for post-feature-freeze requests, overall release process documentation, and more.

Agile Project and Product Manager | Agile Coach

2018 - PRESENT
  • Helped startup founders and managers establish key structural components, build their team, engage their staff, achieve goals, delight customers, deliver innovative tech solutions, and shape culture.
  • Coached on continuous discovery processes such as prioritizing features, validating customer requirements, and defining lean MVP.
  • Engaged projects with a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing skills such as project management, product management, technical management, UX, Agile coaching, and more.

Agile Coach | Project Manager

2017 - 2022
  • Coached 30+ teams over the years, with 6-8 concurrent teams of up to 60 people, to maximize their performance, enable agility, and maintain a constant pace. Teams varied in types (product, service, hybrid) and maturity levels (matured and new).
  • Collaborated with department heads and other organizational levels to ensure a healthy Agile environment in the organization.
  • Supported the transformation team in delivering transformation key enablers such as frameworks, artifacts, and guidelines on how various units like product teams, competence centers, and tribes would operate.
  • Participated in the implementation of QBR that served as key business and strategy event.
  • Implemented an organization-wide Jira architecture for 70 Agile teams and ensured scalability while maintaining a balance between flexibility and security.
  • Supported the implementation of the OKR goal-setting methodology as a framework and coached individual tribe leads and product teams into adopting it incrementally.
  • Helped infrastructure and HR teams to make the whole organization go remote during COVID-19 by selecting tools and supporting the adoption of behaviors related to remote work.
  • Contributed to the creation of an Agile coaching center of excellence by designing ceremonies, and artifacts and reorganizing up to 20 Agile coaches into multiple focused groups.
  • Supported cross-team and cross-tribe collaboration with practices like scrum of scrums and resolved impediments.
  • Managed several big projects before transitioning to the Agile coach role. Please refer to the portfolio to read more.

Project Manager | Product Manager | CTO

2019 - 2021
  • Defined the product vision, MVP, and go-to-market strategy to ensure a focused, efficient product launch.
  • Managed, hired, and set up a product team of five which included setting up the product discovery and delivery processes, the research unit, stakeholder management, etc.
  • Integrated Jira for workflow and issues management throughout the company, from the product team to business development and customer-relationship-management activities.
  • Created a pitch and sales deck, including marketing strategy, competitive landscape, and financials.
  • Implemented HIPAA guidelines and obtained certification in HIPAA security risk assessment.

Head of Project Management

2014 - 2017
Webintelligence GmbH
  • Managed large-scale projects for clients such as the biggest national news platform, leading German enterprises, and international real estate organizations.
  • Worked with a remote team as a vendor on ambitious, highly critical, high-budget projects.
  • Led a project management team and oversaw the quality and client satisfaction.
  • Ensured technical excellence by closely cooperating with the technical team.
  • Managed the accounts for national businesses, such as the biggest wine exporter, multiple media organizations, leading NGOs, and the most significant national holding of 40+ companies.

IT Freelance Consultant

2012 - 2014
  • Worked with various clients in eCommerce, hospitality, and B2B industries to create an online presence.
  • Suggested creative solutions to reduce and mitigate risk, and handle uncertainty by applying empirical models.
  • Consulted management decisions regarding technology and business initiatives aligned with the startup's growth strategy.

US-focused Healthcare EMR SaaS Startup

Built a prescription management module, complementing the E2E experience for a US-focused, cross-platform E2E EMR and practice management SaaS.

This module aimed to create an all-in-one prescription management solution inside a modern electronic medical records (EMR) system. The module would enable physicians and other prescribers to effortlessly prescribe medications and complete the related operations, such as prior authorization or signing controlled substances, without using a third-party system.

• Researched and analyzed prescriptions as a product.
• Defined requirements and created wireframes, user flows, and user stories.
• Acted as the product owner for one of the Agile pods, responsible for prescriptions and a few other modules.
• Facilitated cross-team retrospectives.
• Defined product research and ongoing discovery processes, such as user, competitor, and market research and policies on the definition of readiness.

Release Management and Process Improvement for Data Analytics Giant - Alteryx


During two years, I established two separate release processes for legacy and new product lines (serving 20+ teams) and collaborated with various teams and functional verticals. Company team: 3,000. Net worth: around $2.83 billion

Started by establishing a release process for legacy products worked on by 15+ teams in a post-merge/acquisition environment. After the new, cloud-focused product line became more active, I set up the release process and artifacts for that new environment. As a result, I have worked on two different release processes (one with a longer and content-driven cycle from 1.5 to 5 months and a weekly, schedule-driven one).

• Established two separate release processes (artifacts and policies) for legacy as well as new, revamped cloud product lines.
• Built key smart, dynamic artifacts to enable reliable visibility for assessing release health and making release decisions.
• Handled day-to-day release management and improved processes (improvements backlog, collaboration with leads and VPs, and more).
• Defined a meticulous defect-management process to catch up with continuous development and adapt to a dynamic release cycle.
• Utilized various tools such as Confluence, Jira, Slack, Microsoft Automate, and more to enable smooth processes that could be used by teams from various time zones and continents.
• Implemented other release-related processes and artifacts, i.e., hotfix process, approval policies, etc.

Intranet for 7,000+ Employees in a Leading Bank

Rebuilt an intranet for 7,000+ employees of a leading commercial bank.

I have rebuilt an intranet for 7,000 employees and transformed the product from a low-interest news platform to a productivity tool that made life easier for thousands of employees.

• Took over a failed project and rebuilt it from the ground up, including the project plan, Agile team coaching, and expectation alignment with the top management.
• Created the product concept, MVP, wireframes, and user flows.
• Collaborated with multiple departments and units during the discovery process.
• Led a partially remote team by utilizing high-performance infrastructure to enable ease of communication needed for agility.
• Integrated an intranet with a new HR system to provide automatized HR services to the employees.

Multimedia Platform for Public Broadcaster


Created a new mobile-first platform for a leading media organization.

Created a new, mobile-first, accessible, seven-language platform for a leading media organization. The project's goal was to reflect the digital character of the organization by creating a mobile-first multimedia platform that would increase interaction with tens of thousands of target audiences.

• Ran a discovery process involving up to 100 people from multiple departments and top management.
• Created the initial concept, wireframes, and user flows.
• Collaborated with an award-winning UX agency.
• Managed a remote team of UX designers.
• Created the first professional Georgian text-to-speech module for users with visual impairment.
• Gave tens of thousands of citizens access to the national archive of thousands of historical images, audio, and video footage by creating and integrating a separate, modern web-based software for an organization's archive department.
• Created a child platform for national artists focusing on poetry and prose.

Agile Transformation and Coaching in a Leading Bank with 8,000+ Employees

Served as a key member of the Agile transformation team. Aided in the transformation that led to vastly increased rates such as employee happiness, T2M, deployment frequency, quality, NPS, and more.

I joined this organization as it already had plans for an Agile transformation that sounded ambitious for an organization this size in a regulated industry such as banking. We started by working with a few test teams and projects to create a proof of concept and demonstrate differences to C-level executives. After that, we went with an all-in transformation.

• During the initial transformation effort, 800 people were reorganized from silo departments into Agile business units (tribes) and 70+ cross-functional Agile teams. I have worked on assessing the environment, classifying teams into types (service, product, hybrid), and appropriate methodologies (such as Kanban and Scrum).
• With a list of categorized teams, we had run initial 3-day training workshops. The goal of this training was to prepare teams for a new type of work that they would continue with their Agile coaches. I have been actively involved in designing and running these training sessions for multiple groups.
• Over the years, I worked with more than 30+ teams of various types and sizes in platforms, retail and digital business areas. I have coached tribe leads, product owners, and whole teams.
• I also worked on the design transformation.

Interactive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for US Healthcare Providers

Built a startup with a client to help healthcare providers help their patients, including launching and managing the first version of the product.

I created a clinical decision-support application that targeted healthcare providers in all fields of medicine.

• Ran a discovery process.
• Created the initial concept, wireframes, and user flows.
• Defined the product vision, MVP, and go-to-market strategy to ensure a focused, efficient product launch.
• Managed, hired, and set up a product team of five. This included setting up product discovery and delivery processes, the research unit, stakeholder management, etc.
• Created a pitch and sales deck, including marketing strategy, competitive landscape, and financials.
• Implemented HIPAA guidelines and obtained certification in HIPAA security assessment.
• Integrated Jira for workflow and issues management, from the product team to business development and customer relationship management activities.

EU-Georgia Association Agreement Interactive Web Portal

Built a platform for citizens of Georgia to monitor day-to-day progress of the country towards joining the EU.

The project's goal was to increase transparency between government and citizens by creating a platform where any visitor could easily track the status of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. Ordinary citizens could check the progress of relevant initiatives. Journalists could filter initiatives by various criteria, such as due dates. Businesses could see the status of specific initiatives related to their industry.

• Collaborated with the Parliament of Georgia and Open Society Georgia Foundation.
• Created product concepts, wireframes, mockups, and user flows.
• Presented the product to a wide audience alongside the Chairman of Parliament, the CEO of Open Society Georgia Foundation, and representatives of the government of Romania. The presentation of the product was broadcasted on all major TV stations.

Web Platform for a Leading Radio Holding


Launched a web platform for a leading radio corporation—combining four radio stations targeted at different user audiences.

Fortuna Radio has been a leader in the radio industry for 19 years. The inevitable rise of digital channels such as websites, mobile applications, and social media pushed the organization to reimagine itself as digital.

The goal of the project was to create a new web platform that would reflect the needs of the colorful audience spread across four child channels.

• Closed the deal with a client in stiff competition.
• Created the product concept, wireframes, and user flows.
• Collaborated with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) as a partner of Fortuna Radio.
• Integrated legacy audio streaming software to stream radio content on the website.
• The web platform ranked #7 by daily unique visitors in all categories.

NFT Gallery of Premium Metaverse Avatars on Unstoppable Domains

Designed and built an NFT gallery hosted on Unstoppable Domains and managed by WordPress.

The goal was to launch a gallery for NFT artwork, specifically premium avatars for a metaverse, on Unstoppable Domains (NFT domains). Due to Unstoppable Domains requirements, the website should have been static without back-end logic or a database, although the client was used to website builders like Wix. I've combined these two.

• Ran the discovery process and implemented the technical assessment.
• Planned configuration of WordPress with extension to export as static files that could have been uploaded easily to Unstoppable Domains.
• Validated the proof of concept and then installed a website builder extension and provided a demonstration to the client to empower him to manage every piece of the website.

Open Society Georgia Foundation


Revamped the 7-year-old web presence of a leading non-governmental organization.

Open Society Georgia Foundation works to build a vibrant and vocal civil society capable of holding the government accountable to its citizens. Part of this mission is to reach a big audience using various channels, the most important of which is digital. The goal of the project was to create a new web presence for an organization with a story to tell.

• Participated and won the project by convincing the client of my company's ability to meet and exceed their expectations.
• Created the product concept, wireframes, and user flows.
• Built an online application form that helped grant seekers save time on visiting the office.

Process Design and Asana Coaching for an Innovative NY-based Health Startup

Started with Asana coaching and continued with the process organization, refocusing silos into cross-functional teams.

The initial goal was for me to help the startup of around ten people to utilize Asana in the most efficient way. This also initiated process design activities, as Asana is just a tool that reflects the process in place.

• Made the organization assessment.
• Suggested and refocused team from silo to cross-functional team approach.
• Set up Agile ceremonies.
• Facilitated retrospectives.
• Created team norms and guidelines.
• Got referred to two partners of said startup for providing similar work for them.

Design Transformation in a Bank with 8,000+ Employees

Worked with the design transformation lead as an Agile coach to radically transform design culture in the organization.

The design transformation was part of the bigger Agile transformation initiative I worked on as an Agile coach. It covered collaborating with multiple teams such as brand design, brand managers, design systems, UX writers, UX researchers, and UI/UX competence centers. In some cases, there were multiple sub-teams under these competencies.

• Organizational structure assessment and approval with design, the transformation lead, and C-level executives.
• Collaborated with design transformation lead on program objectives and managing initiatives.
• Coached team leads and teams in the new way of work that would increase efficiency inside and enable dependent Agile teams to be efficient.
• Designed and set up processes and tools like Jira for each team and competence center.
• Resolved crossed-department blockers and facilitated retrospectives to get feedback from the overall organization.

Learning Management System

An LMS project offered to leading national universities.

I worked on an LMS project offered to leading national universities as part of my startup project. I contributed to the core components, processes, and user personas of LMS systems and edtech in general.

• Collaborated with multiple leading universities.
• Created product concepts, wireframes, mockups, and user flows.

eCommerce and Messenger Bot Platform for Merchants

Built a Shopify-like eCommerce platform with an interface of messenger bots that would serve partner merchants of the bank.

The goal was to create an eCommerce platform that would enable local merchants to sell their products online easily and take advantage of the integration of the bank's other payment services and ecosystem. The platform took advantage of then-trendy messenger bots as an interface (end-users were interacting with merchants through their Facebook pages and automatic bots with fully-featured eCommerce).

• Acted as the product owner on an Agile team.
• Worked with stakeholders during MVP and success criteria definition process.
• Defined product requirements, User Stories, user flows, and related artifacts.
• Conducted user testing.
• Received three customers in the first few days after launch, with 100 applicants.

360 Feedback Tool Revamp for Prudential Asia

Redesigned a 360 feedback tool used by 14,000+ employees in a highly regulated enterprise environment.

The goal was to redesign and extend the existing 360 feedback application for Prudential Asia, which had 14,000+ employees.

• Defined requirements and created wireframes, user flows, and user stories.
• Acted as a product owner.
• Actively prioritized the backlog to maintain a lean scope.
• Implemented user analytics practices so that team had the data for making meaningful decisions about products.

Premium Travel and Tours Platform for a Top German Online Media Giant

Rebuilt a premium travel platform from scratch for a German online media giant.

The goal was to redesign and rewrite the premium travel and tours platform that acted as a child product of the #2 German online media giant.

• Took over the struggling project.
• Provided technical project management.
• Managed a team of seven.
• Ensured quality.
• Made certain that the complex, nuanced integrations worked seamlessly.

B2B eCommerce Platform for a Leading Grocery Chain with 680 Stores

Designed and built first B2B eCommerce platform for a leading grocery chain with 680 stores including hypermarkets.

The leading grocery chain partnered with us to launch an innovative B2B eCommerce platform that would enable HORECA business to order products with special, partner-specific deals in high quantity, with regular intervals and other business-specific features.

• Ran a discovery workshop.
• Created the product concept, wireframes, and user flows.
• Collaborated with a German design agency to create modern and practical UI/UX.

Award-winning Web Platform for a Berlin Tourist Center

Built a new web presence for Potsdamer Platz, a tourist center of Berlin.

The goal was to create a new, modern, responsive web presence for Potsdamer Platz that would match the luxurious, dynamic style of the location.

• Technically managed and implemented the concept and design defined by a premium Polish agency.
• Organized services, events, and restaurant listings in an easy-to-find, engaging interface.
• Built investor/business-focused sub-platform for renting or requiring premium real estate in the location.
• Won an award from "Awwwards" for matching the website to the nature of the tourist center. The key component in this recognition was the "Social wall," which took a big part of the homepage and showcased visitors' comments, posts, and photos from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It provided the feeling of a real, alive hub with new posts every few seconds.

Coaching Award-winning Mobile Banking Teams of 70 Members


Led a reorganization and provided team- and department-level coaching for product teams of an award-winning mobile banking product.

As an Agile coach, I worked closely with the digital department of a leading bank with 7,000+ employees. The biggest workstream was working with award-winning mobile banking product teams with a total of eight cross-functional teams and around 70 members.

• Designed and executed the reorganization, including separating product components into independent teams.
• Provided coaching at the department level by closely collaborating with the head as well as individual product teams and product owners.
• Facilitated core reengineering and switching from vendor to in-house development.

Health-check System Used with 80+ Agile Teams

Designed a health-check system that helped 80+ Agile teams and the entire organization identify improvement points and spot issues in organizational excellence.

As part of the Agile transformation, I created new tools and tactics for operating in the new environment. One of the strategic artifacts/processes was the health check process that would help identify improvement areas and issues.

• Designed a health-check form that would be detailed enough to make conclusions based on it while not sacrificing the simplicity and empirical nature of Agile.
• Coached 10+ Agile coaches into using it and facilitating health check sessions with their teams (80+ teams in total).
• Created a feedback cycle system so that I continuously received inputs from teams and coaches about improving the health-check artifact and process.

Agile Consulting for a Growing Startup with 100 Employees

Designed initial frameworks and processes and coached teams and individuals.

The goal was to help a 100-employee growing startup handle growth struggles such as inability to provide adequate support, overwhelming backlog, stressed team, missing deadlines, and more.

• Assessed current processes.
• Held workshops with teams and team leads.
• Created a framework (v1) that covered structure, Scrum, and Kanban processes for various teams and general guidelines needed to kick off the new way of working.

eCommerce Platform for a New German Energy and Balance Drink

Created and launched a fully featured B2C eCommerce platform for an intriguing new German startup.

The goal was to create a fully-featured B2C eCommerce platform for a German startup that produced energy and balanced drinks.

• Provided technical management.
• Created a fully-featured eCommerce platform with integrations with stock management software, multiple payment gateways, affiliate marketing, newsletter subscriptions, promotion discounts, and more.

Blog for a German Financial Giant with 65,000+ Employees

Built a blog/journal for a German financial giant that was used for sharing industry news, analysis, and opinions.

The goal was to launch a relatively simple, scalable blog that would work as a finance journal where the company or invited professional guest columnists would write industry analysis, opinions, and reports.

• Provided technical management.
• Acted as the product owner.
• Managed the go-live launch and monitoring.

SAFe Framework Setup for 800-employee Back-office of Leading Bank

Participated in implementing a SAFe framework for approximately 80 agile teams.

As a member of the transformation team, I implemented the SAFe framework for around 80 Agile teams. This was the first major step towards Agile transformation that worked for one year until we transitioned towards a better-suited Spotify model.

• Set up the initial process and framework.
• Designed and facilitated PI planning events.
• Configured Jira to reflect new processes.
• Facilitated release trains and acted as a release train Engineer (RTE).
• Documented and improved the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to reflect the new process.

Jira Implementation and Configuration for 80+ Teams

Configured Jira to enable 80+ teams to work seamlessly while maintaining scalability, security, and clean structured data during an Agile transformation.

During the Agile transformation, the entire back-office of an 8,000+ employee bank, which consisted of 80+ Agile teams, switched to Jira as a task/project management tool. I have configured every aspect, including workflows, security schemas, fields and screens, notifications, boards, smart filters, automation, and others. Later, I delegated this work to a dedicated recruit.

• Extensively configured Jira to enable teams to work seamlessly while maintaining just enough supervision, security, and cross-team synchronization to work as an organization.
• Taught and coached teams or individuals in using Jira and related best practices.

SDLC Design for 15 Agile Teams

Designed and launched a SDLC for 15 Agile teams working on the most critical projects.

The goal was to organize many teams working on the same product to efficiently work on their pieces of work and a cross-team level without ignoring agreed-upon processes and standards related to how requirements were defined, release management, QA processes, and more.

• Assessed current processes.
• Held workshops with teams and competence centers.
• Created the MVP of the new SDLC and beta-launched with a subset of teams.
• Handled the full launch after initial validation.
• Created QA policies and test case management strategy and coached QA competence leaders.

P2P Gourmet/Food Exploration App

Ran discovery workshops and worked on defining MVP and go-to-market strategy.

The innovative P2P exploration app enabled users to sell their gourmet experiences. The product concept was a combination of a food delivery app, a P2P marketplace, and a gig economy.

• Ran a discovery workshop.
• Contributed in defining business objectives and success criteria for MVP.
• Created the product concept and MVP backlog.

Support Process and Policies Design for a US Manufacturing Company with 71,000 Employees

Created visual, efficient artifacts for IT support team

• Assessed existing practices and processes.
• Restructured artifacts to a new, visual and error-proof format.
• Facilitated a workshop with the support team and client to gather improvement ideas.
• Proposed a strategy for setting up the IT helpdesk system and related integrations.

A Summary of Around 30 Projects (1 of 2)

Worked on these projects as a project manager, technical manager, and product manager.

This is a non-exhaustive list of briefly summarized projects I have worked on that do not have dedicated entries in the portfolio. It does not include projects I have overseen as head of project management or account manager.

• An innovative US healthcare startup aiming to simplify communication between physicians and medication providers to lower patient costs. Ran 1-month advanced discovery process, defined the concept, MVP, requirements, timeline, and staffing plan.
• A B2B eCommerce marketplace for pet products, ran discovery workshop, defined the concept, MVP, requirements, timeline, and staffing plan.
• Innovative gig-economy marketplace US-based startup, helped during the struggling period, took over, assessed challenges, set the project back on track, and concluded with a successful launch.
• A modern landing page for a US startup specializing in electric car navigations and accessories.
• A multi-language, modern web presence with traditional elements for a leading wine exporter company in Georgia. Created the concept and wireframes; collaborated with a designer; managed the Agile team during delivery.
• Designed and managed web presence for a leading NGO focusing on environment protection.

A Summary of Around 30 Projects (2 of 2)

Worked on these projects as a project manager, technical manager, and/or product manager.

This is a non-exhaustive list of briefly summarized projects I have worked on that do not have dedicated entries in the portfolio. It does not include projects I have overseen as head of project management or account manager.

• Managed various landing and informational websites for companies and NGOs of various sizes and profiles from Germany and Georgia, from small wine factories to premium colleges.
• Delivered travel and booking platforms for multiple travel agencies and tour operators.
• Built a fully featured eCommerce platform for a German clothing retailer.
• Designed and built an online recruitment tool for a hospitality service provider working with leading organizations such as Hyatt and Anantara.
2012 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Tbilisi Open University - Tbilisi, Georgia


Jira, Balsamiq Mockups, Asana, Trello, Microsoft PowerPoint, Confluence, Miro, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, Google Docs, Git, Figma, GitLab, Bitbucket, Slack, Zoom, Adobe Experience Design (XD), SQL, ETL, Salesforce


WordPress, Android, iOS, Microsoft Power Automate, SharePoint, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Twilio, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Monday.com


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Software Development, Agile Product Management, Waterfall Development, Design Thinking, Agile Workflow, Agile Project Management, UX Design, Requirements Analysis, B2C, Agile Leadership, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Change Management, HIPAA Compliance, Implementation Project Management, DevOps, Unit Testing

Industry Expertise

Technology, Digital Agencies, Hospitality, Higher Education, Healthcare, Event Ticketing


Freelancing, Web, Scrum Master, IT Project Management, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Story Mapping, Project Planning, Digital Project Management, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Agile Coaching, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Feature Backlog Prioritization, Backlog Management, Requirements & Specifications, Discovery, Discovery Workshops, Projects, Project Discovery, IT Projects, Process Flows, Lean IT, Scrumban, Project Management, Hybrid Frameworks, Hybrid Project Management, Workshop Facilitation, Scope of Work, Agile Product Delivery, Project Timelines, Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Product Roadmaps, Startups, SaaS, User Stories, Technical Project Management, Mobile App Development, Documentation, Process Documentation, Business Process Management (BPM), Agile Transformation, Requirements, Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise SaaS, Agency, Budget Management, Project Scoping, Ideation, Lean Product Development, Roadmaps, Wireframing, Automation, Agile Sprints, Sprint Planning, Web Applications, Timelines, WordPress Plugins, Consulting, IT Consulting, Process Improvement, Operations Management, Stakeholder Management, Recruitment, System Requirements, Software Development, Web Project Management, Website CMS, Project Leadership, Cost Estimation, Planning, Business Transformation, Business Consulting, Structure & Organizational Design, Operational Efficiency Improvement, Project Coordination, Process Mapping, Communication, Backlog Grooming, Project Tracking, Teamwork, Stakeholder Engagement, Landing Pages, Workflow, Waterfall Methodology, Program Management, CTO, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Optimization, Business Processes, Process Optimization, Business Process Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Process Management, Feature Roadmaps, Mobile Applications, Release Management, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Time Management, Websites, Complex Problem Solving, Detail-oriented, Large-scale Projects, Organization, Product Development, Coaching, Mentorship & Coaching, Mobile, Product Discovery, Estimation & Planning, Software Project Management, Quality Control (QC), Process Improvement Project Management, Apps, IT Program Management, Communication Management, Process Transformation, Business Process Improvement (BPI), Microsoft Office, Software Release Management, Risk Management, Project Delivery, Project Reporting, Product Strategy, Executive Support, Digital Transformation Program Management, Sprint Retrospectives, Project Rescue, Assessment Development, Work Breakdown Structure, Implementation, Feature Prioritization, Business Requirements, Feature Planning, User Flows, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Management Systems, eCommerce, User Experience (UX), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Kaizen, Lean Development, Product Owner, Knowledge Management, Product Management, Open Source, Microsoft 365, Mind Mapping, Technical Leadership, Process Design, Test Cases, Education, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Software, UI Design, User Interface (UI), Mobile Apps, Writing & Editing, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Web Development, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), LMS, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Management Consulting, Operations Research, Organizational Development, Design Sprints, Dashboards, Reporting, Web Design, Prototyping, Build Processes, Customer Experience Management, Customer Journeys, Fintech, Go-to-market Plans, APIs, POS, Marketing, Redesign, Video Streaming, Subscriptions, Video on Demand (VOD), Business Strategy, Deployment, Source Code Control System (SCCS), Budgeting, Elementor, Google Drive, Chatbots, Business Administration, Educational Platform Design, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Software, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, React, React Native, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Educational Portals, Order Management, Product Information Management (PIM), Social Media Apps, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Crypto, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), CRM APIs, Human Resources (HR), Staffing, CSS, Payroll & Benefits, Graphics, HTML, Web Marketing, Stripe, Rebranding, Business Analysis, Cryptocurrency, Integration, Text to Speech (TTS), Payment APIs, Affiliate Marketing, Swift, Brand Design, Brand Development, UX Research, Technical Delivery Management, Integration Testing, Omnichannel Marketing, ClickUp, IT Support, MVP Design, DocuSign

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