Mauricio Silva, Project Manager in Campinas - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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Mauricio Silva

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Campinas - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
October 29, 2020

Mauricio is a seasoned project manager who's spent more than 17 years working on software and infrastructure projects. Since 2006, he's managed international projects in multiple locations, languages, and cultural environments. He excels at building his team's output with his solid mastery of Agile, robust communication skills, and commitment to exceeding expectations. Mauricio's expertise includes storage and cloud environments, IT services, and software development projects.

Project Highlights

Agile Project Management | Data Warehouse Project Discovery
Ran discovery workshops for a data warehouse creation project and handled BI tools definition.
Implementation of the Cloud Lifecycle Management Program
Implemented the team and processes for tracking and handling all storage lifecycle management for hundreds of IBM accounts—providing a global compliance measurement system used by many locations.
Software Project Development and Management
Served as a Datasul/TOTVS/QAD ERP consultant. Managed over 15 projects and coordinated a team of six developers.


Work Experience

Project Manager

2023 - PRESENT
Toothy LLC
  • Started all the UI and app functionality from scratch, helping the sponsor select the best tech stack and best practices.
  • Designed the entire app flow and interfaces (API, iOS, web, AI chatbots).
  • Managed the tech team and project controls (cost, scope, schedule), ensuring the best fit and budget savings.
  • Worked with the developers to ensure the best coding practices and improved my tech skills by helping them deliver features.
  • Designed and implemented AI chatbots using the Dialogflow tool and APIs.

Technical Project Manager

2022 - 2022
Harvard Kennedy School - Toptal Client
  • Joined the Toptal team to conduct project discovery for a data warehouse and visualization tool.
  • Conducted all discovery workshops and prepared discovery reports.
  • Performed the preliminary schedule, cost estimate, and requirements definition. The customer proceeded with the project with a successful discovery phase.

Expert Project Manager

2022 - 2022
  • Joined the team and planned all the tasks required for the migration. Collaborated on the discovery, requirements definition, resource acquisition, and managing tasks, and helped by implementing scripts and processes.
  • Migrated 1TB of data from the first company workspace to the newly created company workspace with help from the team.
  • Led and conducted all tasks, helped as a script developer, and coordinated schedules. Used tools such as Trello, docs, Google Environment, and Scripts.

Project Manager

2022 - 2022
Toptal Clients
  • Joined the team to manage the MVP development for a marketing campaign and measurements web app.
  • Set the best practices based on hybrid and Agile methodologies. Worked with the development team to remove blockers and guide to best experience delivery.
  • Conducted all the ceremonies, status reports, and activities prioritization until the MVP was delivered.
  • Cooperated with sponsors and management to define requirements, development stacks, and tools for the development.

Agile Technical Project Manager

2021 - 2021
Digital Experience Development Client (via Toptal)
  • Joined the team as a technical project manager with Agile expertise and was in charge of running the discovery workshop, identifying tasks, and defining the MVP.
  • Worked on building the backlog for the entire product backlog, MVP, and versions.
  • Implemented the backlog and executed the sizing and timelines for each version.
  • Conducted the Agile ceremonies, executed the backlog grooming, and each sprint planning, review, and retrospective.
  • Acted as a scrum master for the first three sprints—removing blockers and facilitating great communication and integration within the team.

Program Manager

2018 - 2021
IBM Contract
  • Joined as a program manager for the global availability program (specifically for storage) and set up a team.
  • Defined all the availability and refresh processes, such as the microcodes version, availability and fails, technology refresh, and end of life.
  • Established the program while leading eight project managers and dozens of infrastructure projects, such as migration, implementation, and decommission.
  • Managed the portfolio and project tracking and metrics in different locations, such as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.
  • Maintained the project controls, reports for executives, and planning in both Agile and traditional methodologies, depending on the project characteristics.

Agile Project Manager

2014 - 2018
IBM Contract
  • Joined the dynamic automation team and was in charge of running many dynamic automation projects.
  • Worked in the IA&S IBM Tivoli monitoring team and managed several monitoring solution projects.
  • Coordinated and managed the planning, development, resources, and schedule control of a team composed of architects, IT specialists, developers, and support specialists to deliver high-quality automation features and tools.
  • Managed various communication and project activities while maintaining high standards including scrum ceremonies, KPI, metrics, coaching, backlog management, and MVPs.
  • Worked with team members in various locations for IBM Global accounts including the EU, US, Canada, and India.
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously in a robust Agile environment while providing the best-of-breed monitoring solutions.

Senior Traditional and Agile Project Manager

2007 - 2014
Systemplan (IBM Contract)
  • Joined the team as a project manager, first for handling the disaster recovery projects in all IGA accounts (internal global accounts).
  • Set up all the processes and PMI-based best practices for DR test projects.
  • Spearheaded the process for monitoring all the servers and devices in IGA accounts by using the TADDM tool.
  • Oversaw and was responsible for planning and measuring costs and post-test activities by managing contracts and all DR planners' PMs.

Software Development Coordinator | Technical Specialist

1991 - 2007
Frelance Clients
  • Served as a contracting resource and worked for dozens of companies, mainly as a software developer and then as a development leader.
  • Developed and managed various ERP-related projects (TOTVS, MFG/PRO, and SAP). Oversaw the migration, implementation, and customization in many areas, such as finance, manufacturing, accounting, invoicing, human resources, inventory, AR/AP, and more.
  • Served as a technical expert in database environments, training the customer's employees on the proper use of the database and ERP environment.
  • Worked as an ERP implementation consultant—having handled many client modules—and defined the business processes as part of the ERP implementation.

System Analyst and Technical Instructor

1985 - 1990
Itautec Informatica
  • Joined Itautec as a system analyst, developing internal control systems in Clipper and dBase III.
  • Joined a team of technical instructors and was in charge of the technical support teams training for various operating systems (MS-DOS and Unix); in Unix, he developed advanced training for Unix administrators and scripting.
  • Developed the training for local network support and testing; also worked with low-level tools (Assembler).
  • Worked as a support instructor for databases, Cobol, and OS400 when Itautec got AS400 systems distribution.

Agile Project Management

Hired at the beginning of a web-based experience development project as an agile project manager and was in charge of app discovery, backlog definition, sizing, and agile ceremonies.

• Conducted discovery workshops.
• Gathered requirements.
• Defined backlog and sprints.
• Ran agile ceremonies.
• Served as a subcontractor and generated metrics for a user experience application for a recognized software company.

Data Migration | Google Workspaces

Performed data migration on Drive, Data, and Docs, with 1TB data and 100 users.

• Conducted discovery and planning calls.
• Defined the backlog and resource stack.
• Implemented controls.
• Ran ceremonies.
• Tracked the project until completion.
• Prepared all migration scripts (Google scripts development).
• Built the Google drive and cloud environment.
• Developed all scripting and code for DOC conversion.

Agile Project Management | Data Warehouse Project Discovery

Ran discovery workshops for a data warehouse creation project and handled BI tools definition.

• Ran discovery sessions with stakeholders and technical users.
• Defined requirements to maximize data fit from source files.
• Performed cost and time estimation.
• Created the initial backlog and first prioritization.
• Handled the discovery findings executive presentation.

Project Management for a Marketing Campaign Web App

Defined best practices for web app development, led calls with developers and stakeholders, conducted all ceremonies for development tracking and delivery, and handled documentation (Trello, Confluence, and more).

• Managed five developers to deliver the first MVP version of campaigns and measurements for retailers (Walmart, AOD, and Target).
• Defined best practices for hybrid and agile development.
• Handled daily and weekly reports, presentations, and tracking metrics.

Implementation of the Cloud Lifecycle Management Program

Implemented the team and processes for tracking and handling all storage lifecycle management for hundreds of IBM accounts—providing a global compliance measurement system used by many locations.

• Managed eight PMs and over 20 resources working in the program such as SAN designers, architects, delivery managers, among others.
• Guided and coached the team and acted as a single point of contact with a continued focus on high-priority storage availability tasks (e.g., ECAs, patches, critical fixes, and so on).
• Interacted with storage delivery teams to communicate risks to accounts while driving stability and quality in the storage environments (device’s microcode upgrades, technology end of life and heartbeats, security).
• Handled executive reports, metrics, KPIs, projects tracking and evaluation, implementing new methodologies (agile, strategic planning, and so on).

Software Project Development and Management

Served as a Datasul/TOTVS/QAD ERP consultant. Managed over 15 projects and coordinated a team of six developers.

The company is a software development provider with many clients in need of complementary software for their ERPs (SAP, MFG, and Pro TOTVS).

We have developed dozens of modules for several business areas: finance, account receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, HR payroll, manufacturing, general ledger, and logistics.

Some customers were Boehringer Ingelheim (aka Merial), Rhodia Ster (now Gruppo Mossi & Ghisolfi), Unilever, and GE.

Agile Project Management for Dynamic Automation Projects

Served as a project manager and oversaw many teams for different infrastructure automation projects.

There were nearly six automation projects, each one developed by different teams made up of architects, script developers, automation developers, IAM leaders, and OS SMEs.

My responsibility was to coordinate and facilitate the communication flow, including tracking, metrics, timelines, and project controls. I also ran all the agile ceremonies and coached on agile practices.

Website Integration with ERP | Usina Alto Alegre (SP, Brazil)

Led a team and worked as a back-end developer for an ERP interface with a client's website.

Usina Alto Alegre is one of the biggest alcohol and sugar producers in Sao Paulo.

My job was to lead a team of back-end developers and front-end developers in the build of a web interface with TOTVS ERP and Progress databases.

The tools used were JavaScript, Progress 4GL, and pure HTML.

Data Warehouse with ERP Data for Merial (now Boehringer Ingelheim)

Implemented a complete data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) with overall data coming from TOTVS ERP using Oracle and Progress.

As a software development project manager coordinator, I drove all activities, including dispatching work for the developer teams, helping build the database interface, developing critical interfaces, guiding the data architecture design, and defining user interfaces.

The project was global and meeting other team members in other localities was a key piece.

MFG/PRO ERP Tropicalization | QAD, Inc.

Served as a software development leader and drove all the MFG/PRO ERP tropicalization for QAD, Inc., Brazil.

It started with thorough training at QAD, Inc., California. As a developer, I learned all internal calls and routines in the MFG and Pro ERP. I then adapted many of them to be compatible with the Brazilian environment (tax, accounting, invoicing, etc.) in TOTVS ERP.

The objective was to understand the processes in the US and adapt and customize the US system to be able to do the identical business process in the Brazilian legislation. I led the development of all changes for the financial modules.

When I arrived back in Brazil, I trained QAD Brazil resources to release the main modules' Brazilian version successfully.

Rhodia Ster | ECP Interfaces for Chemical Processes

Acted as a developer and team leader on this SPC project (statistical process controls) for Rhodia Ster.

I delivered a client`s systems interface along with process controllers in several chemical areas on the production floor. I made extensive use of APIs from different SPC software providers and a lot of graphical apps to summarize all parameters for executives and engineers.

Role: Developer | Team Leader

Frigol Meatpacking Company | Abattoir-line Automation

Developed an entire line automation application that provided many features like RF collect data points, labeling, weighing, database input, reports, and inventory.

The application had many features that were implemented for a slaughterhouse line. It could be used on a variety of mobile devices, some of them RF devices (due to the cold environment). The application's features included report generation, inventory controls, automated invoicing, and logistics.
1982 - 1985

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

PUCCAMP | Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas - Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

AWS Training

AUGUST 2017 - AUGUST 2023

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Jira, Progress 4GL, SQL, VMware, GitHub Pages, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, BigQuery, Dialogflow


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle, Unix, Linux, AIX, Windows Server, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase, iOS


Agile Project Management, Key Performance Metrics, Agile UX, Requirements Analysis, Agile, Agile Product Management, BPMN, Agile Leadership, Kanban

Industry Expertise

Tax Systems, Healthcare


Presentations, IT Project Management, Project Management, Scope Management, Cost Management, Project Controls, Project Estimation, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Technical Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Estimations, Planning, Requirements, Microsoft 365, Client Management, Estimation & Planning, Waterfall Methodology, Client Relations, Portfolio Management, Backlog Management, Scrum Master, Software Project Management, Scrum Product Owner, Program Management, Storage, Certified Project Manager, Cost Estimation, Agile Coaching, Product Owner, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Project Planning, Discovery Workshops, Project Discovery, Backlog Grooming, Data Analytics, Sizing, Communication, Excel VBA, Writing & Editing, Timelines, Product Ownership, Microsoft Planner, Web Project Management, Financials, Accounting, Databases, Time Management, People Management, People Development, Cloud, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR), Data Warehousing, TOTVS ERP, Web Development, ITIL, IT Projects, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Business Intelligence (BI), APIs, Software Development, QAD MFG/PRO, Communication Management, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Accounts Receivable, Operating Systems, Unix Shell Scripting, Firmware, API Databases, Data Warehouse Design, Back-end Development, Web UI, Resource Allocation, Project Timelines, Project Management Professional (PMP), Startups, Business Process Management (BPM), JavaScript, Web Design, CSS, HTML, C++, Custom APIs, Graphics, Web Servers, Networking, Cloud Storage, Configuration Management, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), Training, Client Presentations, Executive Presentations, Executive Reporting, Task Automation, IT Infrastructure, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospectives, XML, Training & Training Content Development, Inventory, AWS Application Migration Service (MGN), Google Cloud, Google Drive, Data Migration, Reporting, Google Apps Script, Google BigQuery, Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP), IT Program Management, Node.js, React, Mobile Applications, Project Reporting, Project Tracking, Stripe API, ChatGPT

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