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Mithun Kamath

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Toptal Member Since
August 17, 2022

Mithun started their career with an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) giant, SAP, and after three years began freelancing, with their primary crowdsourcing activities as a software developer. They have worked in myriad roles—developer, consultant, solution evaluator, and technical manager. Since 2014, Mithun has been working exclusively remotely on significant projects within multiple time zones.

Project Highlights

Stock Market-related Institution
Delivered a high risk project in a short duration successfully.
A Dominant Telecommunications Company
Managed an uncommon project that displayed a catalogue of services and offerings of the company on television devices.
Renowned Space Organization
Established a search engine akin to Google using Apache Solr and managed a project that served as the front end for the search engine.


Work Experience

Copilot | Freelance Technical Project Manager

2013 - 2021
  • Maintained a project fulfillment rate of over 96.6% throughout nine years of project management.
  • Focused primarily on full-stack web-based projects in JavaScript.
  • Interacted closely with clients and product managers for requirement gathering.
  • Created game plans to realize requirements and estimated the budget and resources required.
  • Wrote technical specifications after interactions with customers.
  • Coordinated execution among various stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery of the final product.
  • Managed a team of talented developers that were located across the globe. Worked across multiple time zones frequently.

Freelance Web Developer

2012 - 2021
  • Achieved the position of a yellow-rated member with a rating of 1500+.
  • Won 300+ challenges (Topcoder's jargon for tasks or hackathons that are part of a series to complete a project step-by-step).
  • Used primarily in JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks and full-stack web development using React, Vue.js, and AngularJS, along with Node.js tech stacks, to name a few.
  • Competed as a Topcoder Open Finalist in the year 2016.
  • Became a Topcoder's Community Advisory Board member in 2016 to take feedback from the Topcoder Community and represent them when interacting with Topcoder for improvements on the platform.

Consultant Developer

2010 - 2013
  • Selected as the only student from my college during the Job Fair for my first job after graduation.
  • Maintained the source code and wrote code using primarily ABAP to integrate new features of a product named Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS), a resource management tool used in SAP clients' warehouses to efficiently manage their workers' time.
  • Stood as part of the team that worked on SAP MRS 700, 800, and 900.
  • Won the Most Promising Newcomer award in my first year of employment.

Stock Market-related Institution

Delivered a high risk project in a short duration successfully.

The project:
• entailed short deadlines, an extensive scope, and was very high risk.
• encompassed creating a mobile app in React Native.
• required streamlined processes for requirement gathering, writing technical specifications, implementing features, QA, and demoing each iteration to the client.
• mandated work across three time zones to coordinate the development of the mobile app and the utilization of Gitlab to manage feature implementation and bug resolution alongside project management.
• had no formal API documentation to work with; therefore, there was a need to inspect the existing desktop application to understand the endpoints to invoke and the data model. I also had to reverse engineer their desktop application codebase written in Angular to determine the mapping of the model with the UI elements for cloning the behavior in the mobile app.
• was time-intensive that required me to be hands-on and agile at changing requirements and shifting goal posts.
• duration was five months, and despite the short deadline, I successfully met all goals at the end of it.

A Dominant Telecommunications Company

Managed an uncommon project that displayed a catalogue of services and offerings of the company on television devices.

The project:
• involved strict deadlines in meeting their timeline of showcasing the product at their annual conference and the launch post of the event.
• encountered challenges with implementing a web application meant for display on television devices through the client's specific hardware or set-top box.
• application was written in AngularJS and interacted with various third-party data providers, such as WolframAlpha and a leading sports network.
• required working closely with stakeholders to ensure regular updates and communication on the application development progress.

USA-based Movie Theatre Chain

Managed an interesting project for a virtual assistant using Amazon Alexa.

The project:
• involved managing the creation of an Amazon Alexa Skill.
• required provisioning consultation to the client on feasible features to implement through Alexa Skills.
• had an implemented flow chart, which I created and followed, that described an end-to-end workflow and made a game plan to realize the requirements.
• needed testing of all paths in the flowchart at each iteration post-development (and there were plenty) to ensure that the end user's experience was smooth and did not degrade.

Renowned Space Organization

Established a search engine akin to Google using Apache Solr and managed a project that served as the front end for the search engine.

The organization required an internal search portal to allow its employees access to thousands of records and documents. The data was meant to be stored in Apache Solr. The project required the setting up of Apache Solr on Amazon EC2 to facilitate exploration of these records—to aid development. The set up was used with a front end web app written in simple jQuery. I oversaw the development efforts of the front end for a successful delivery.

USA-based Government Organization

Stepped out of my comfort zone to manage a Python-based project that ran a simulation model to predict the amount of energy produced from sea waves.

A Python-based project meant to run simulations of energy generated from tidal waves through existing installations by the organization in the sea. Despite my unfamiliarity with fluid dynamics or ocean physics, I managed the project by closely working with the developers and other technical architects to coordinate development efforts across three time zones. I exceeded at translating the client's requirements into technical statements that the developers would find useful. Finally, I facilitated testing the updates against the requirements gathered and reported back to the client on the findings to make room for more updates.

USA-based Information Management Services

Managed the development of a chatbot using IBM Watson.

The project required scraping the client's website to collect details regarding their various offerings. In implementing the chatbot, the information gathered was used, which helped their customers easily find solutions to their problems instead of interacting with a customer support associate. I offered consultations to the client on the capabilities of the chatbot and its limitations while effectively handling their requirements within the boundaries of what could be achieved using IBM Watson.
2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University - India


Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)


GitHub, GitLab, Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, PostgreSQL, Jira, Asana, IBM Watson, Apache Solr, Basecamp


Requirements Analysis, Waterfall Delivery, Scrum, Agile, Waterfall Development, Database Design, Agile Project Management

Industry Expertise

Financial Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Amazon Alexa


Computer Science, Programming, Development, Web Applications, Software Development, Issue Tracking, Issue Management, Remote Work, Communication, Critical Thinking, Web Project Management, Freelancing, Web App Development, Coding, Web Development, JSON, Technical Requirements, React, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Serverless, Technical Project Management, Project Management, Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Tracking, Project Planning, Product Development, Mobile Apps, Project Scoping, Estimation & Planning, Estimations, Requirements & Specifications, Project Estimation, Requirements, User Requirements, Customer Support, User Feedback, Root Cause Analysis, Quality Assurance (QA), Sprint Planning, Backlog Management, Cloud, Consulting, Mobile App Development, Roadmaps, Project Scheduling, Stakeholder Management, Team Management, CSS, REST APIs, HTML5, Full-stack, Project Coordination, Status Updates, Detail-oriented, Project Timelines, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Scrum Master, ABAP, JavaScript, Apache Kafka, Angular, Vue, D3.js, GraphQL, APIs, Swagger, Python, Physics, jQuery, Databases, Fintech, MySQL, Social Networks Development

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