Muhammad Shoayb Peerbocus, Project Manager in Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems District, Mauritius
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Muhammad Shoayb Peerbocus

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems District, Mauritius
Toptal Member Since
October 5, 2022

Shoayb is a seasoned project, program, and product manager, product owner, and scrum master. He has worked with well-known clients in the banking, aviation, logistics, transportation, HR, eCommerce, and insurance sectors. Shoayb delivered a state-of-art banking solution for real-time cross-border money transfers costing over $12 million that won multiple awards. He excels in bringing complex products to life while creating an enjoyable and supportive environment for stakeholders.

Project Highlights

Alalila Taxi Booking
Conceived, project managed, and deployed the first online taxi booking in Mauritius. The platform was acclaimed by all stakeholders: Drivers, users, and the operations team as an innovative solution and readily adopted.
Logistics ERP
Gathered and managed a cross-function team, including vendors, to gather business system requirements, and identified and prioritized customization. Successfully planned and coordinated testing and deployment of incremental releases.
Real-time Global Transfer
Defined, planned, managed, and delivered a state-of-art banking solution for real-time cross-border money transfers costing over $12 million that garnered acclamation across the group.


Work Experience

Program Manager

2011 - PRESENT
IBL Logistics
  • Headed program management line of service and drove the digital transformation of the business. Successfully conceived, negotiated, and implemented strategic software with a direct positive impact on the company's profitability.
  • Initiated and pursued business process re-engineering and implemented the best-suited technological solutions to be a market leader.
  • Led the project and won the buy-in of key stakeholders and project-managed numerous new lines of businesses resulting in increased business revenue, higher customer satisfaction, and better employee engagement.
  • Set up a project management working group (in-house) to develop project management best practices suited for projects in Logistics.
  • Put a talent management program in place to nurture in-house talents to support the growing business.
  • Spearheaded sustainable development in the logistics cluster, developed partnerships with NGOs, and supported them through logistics support (part of our give-back initiatives).

Program Manager

2011 - 2012
  • Evaluated project requirements and specifications and developed software applications that surpassed client expectations.
  • Contributed to the organization's success by improving performance, motivation, job satisfaction, hiring practices, training programs, and management systems.
  • Made recommendations and performed upgrades, assisting businesses in technology planning aligned with growth projections.
  • Built cross-team collaboration guidelines to reduce dependency and redundancy and accelerate development efforts by integrating diverse developer voices.

Global IT Consultant

2006 - 2011
HSBC Bank Canada
  • Defined, planned, managed, and delivered a state-of-art banking solution for real-time cross-border money transfer costing over $12 million that garnered acclamation across the organization and reaped several awards.
  • Acted as program manager and successfully steered and delivered various global digital flagship projects that cut across IT, business, and banking in 25 countries.
  • Spearheaded the co-creation with senior business executives and technical expert teams to define, prioritize and deliver various innovative world-class internet banking solution projects that garnered applause in the group.
  • Set up and managed numerous geographically distributed high-performance teams.

Senior Analyst Programmer

2002 - 2006
Aviva Australia plc
  • Designed and developed a forward-thinking software application that meets user needs and improves productivity.
  • Managed a team of eight to fifteen developers to design and implement software applications (Microsoft and Java platforms).
  • Collaborated with other business analysts, development teams, and infrastructure specialists to deliver high-availability solutions for mission-critical applications.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional development team members to analyze potential system solutions based on evolving client requirements.

Alalila Taxi Booking

Conceived, project managed, and deployed the first online taxi booking in Mauritius. The platform was acclaimed by all stakeholders: Drivers, users, and the operations team as an innovative solution and readily adopted.

The Alalila taxi booking platform is a digital online channel for users to book taxis online instead of offline reservations (via email and phone). I worked with drivers, users, and operations to gain insight into the required functionality through design-thinking sessions and competitive audits (taxi booking in other countries).

The deployment roadmap was agreed upon based on market insight and fast business value delivery. I recommended an agile approach to vendor selection (agile RFP) and delivery. We initially kept two suppliers from the initial screening process with an agreed three-month trial period, after which we evaluated and kept the vendor with whom we found better synergies. During the trial period, the two teams worked on two different sets of functionalities that our internal IT team evaluated as being of similar size. The incremental approach to delivery greatly helped us with market adoption and aligned with user expectations.

Logistics ERP

Gathered and managed a cross-function team, including vendors, to gather business system requirements, and identified and prioritized customization. Successfully planned and coordinated testing and deployment of incremental releases.

I screened and gathered a cross-functional team of SMEs, a business analyst, and a software architect to map out the requirements for the next generation. It is meant to be an ERP to transform the business operation and pave the wave for the organization to be a market leader. I oversaw the RFP exercise and vendor selection, collaborated with the vendor team to develop an agile approach to the project delivery, and secured stakeholders' approval of the roadmap and release plan. I served as an agile project manager and product owner while acting as the key interface between the vendor and in-house customer. I also prioritized and clarified requirements on an ongoing basis, negotiated work to be completed by the vendor for each iteration, coordinated UAT testing and deployment, and collaborated with the operation team to accompany them through the change management.

The incremental approach helped elicit the correct requirements and excellent buy-in across the board—regular feedback taken—and speed up the go-to-market of the new ERP.

Aviation Services Training School

Collaborated with SMEs and stakeholders to shape the project and produce a feasibility study. Presented the case and secured the approval and budget. The USP development resonated so well with students that success exceeded expectations.

Our aviation and travel agencies business was struggling to hire and retain talent. The competition was so fierce. I worked with the executive to turn around the situation. The idea of the training school was to train students and hire them for our own needs, and enable 'excess' students to become available in the market. I worked with various SMEs and experts in the field to shape the project and ran a marketing research study, followed by a full-fledged feasibility study. The facts backed up a well-articulated value proposition that enabled me to secure project approval and budget. I followed through with the project's planning and execution phase, ensuring its successful delivery. I worked with people from different professions (pedagogy, aviation, business, etc.) to bring the project to life. The project was directed to ensure a clear line of communication with all the stakeholders and allow true collaboration. The end product was an exceptional offer on the market that delighted students and delivered well above expected results.

Call Center Operator's Dashboard

Analyzed user requirements and designed, built, and deployed a call center dashboard for insurance operations enabling them to promptly answer queries of calling customers.

I collaborated with users to understand their needs and pain points. I drafted the requirement specification and sought validation from management. I also worked through the design and discussed it with stakeholders for final approval. Furthermore, I was engaged in the solution's actual development: coding, designing, and implementing interfaces and databases. Testing and UAT of the solution followed this. Finally, I worked with the infrastructure team, deployed the solution, and carried out user training at the UAT stage and after deployment.

Real-time Global Transfer

Defined, planned, managed, and delivered a state-of-art banking solution for real-time cross-border money transfers costing over $12 million that garnered acclamation across the group.

Project managed the first web application that allows premium customers from one of the world's largest banks to effect online, real-time transfers of money from their account in one country to another. My role started by developing the concept, bringing various SMEs from various fields together to build the POC. Subsequently, I work with multiple domain leaders to assemble the team. I established a governance structure to monitor and control the project's progress. I engaged with key stakeholders to ensure fluid communication and support. I set up and ran the project steering committee and various sub-committees to ensure we were moving steadily and, where applicable, acted to remove roadblocks. I established a close working relationship with the technical team to ensure risks were properly managed. I reached out to bank country leaders to understand the guidelines and compliance requirements for in-country deployment and ensure these constraints are translated into the technical solution.

eCommerce Marketplace

Initiated and completed the project discovery phase, negotiated and secured approval of the board to enter a new line of service, drove the project in a senior management role, and acted as an enabler instrumental to its success.

The concept of the marketplace was to replicate Amazon eCommerce in the local market. My task was to rework the idea in the local context, put in place the solution, and get the business operation going. I gathered a team of SMEs from different functions to shape and validate the concept through a design thinking approach with potential users. I presented, defended, negotiated, and got the board's approval for implementing the project and resources. I also screened for a project manager and oversaw the set up of the team to translate the concept into the final product. I was the senior manager on the project and delivered the right governance structure. Whenever I judged it necessary to dive into the details to help resolve something, I was always there. My role included extensive communication on the project, which was strategically important to the board and various stakeholders. I was also heavily involved with the go-to-market strategy, negotiating and getting onboard businesses that would sell their products. My role encompassed accountability for the project's operational, marketing, and financial success. I also put in place the structure or framework for the operation.

Human Capital Management System

Headed the outsourcing center for an HCM global leader.

Acted as program manager to head the outsourcing center for an HCM global leader company, executing the roadmap for the development and evolution of the software platform.

Core Banking Implemented in Six European Countries

Served as the team leader to open a first-time bank branch in six Eastern European countries. Managed a team of business analysts and testers that carried out pre-live testing on the core banking platform. Met compliance requirement of all countries.

Collaborated with the program manager to create the go-live plan for the bank's operation in six EEC countries. The key tasks assigned to the team I led focused on validating the core banking platform set up to meet all in-country requirements. The major challenge was to be pedantic and resolve prompt non-conclusive tests. Detailed upfront planning and analysis were key to the success of the assignment. The project embodied all the competencies required. The result was awesome. We met the local regulators' requirements without issues, and the bank was opened on time.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy Development

Collaborated with a technical expert and business SMEs to develop guidelines and recommended best practices to adopt when engaging in software development. The work carried out drastically reduced the risk of the software project failing.

The enterprise architecture working group was set up to service the group to align software development. I had a dual role in the working group: I was accountable for delivering guidelines for business analysis (and capturing user requirements). Second, I contributed to the larger group working on the software development guidelines. I also analyzed past projects to extract best practices and map them against current industry practices. I tested new proposed practices to support software development for the group.

Logistics Back-office Outsourcing

I transitioned back-office operations for a European logistics company to a low-cost operation country. Won the trust of the European team to outsource the operation and successfully replicate it in geographies with low operating costs.

Led negotiations with a European logistics company to outsource its back-office operation to lower-cost operating geographies. I led the team by designing and running a POC to showcase the value proposition to the stakeholders. Followed by detailed process mapping and re-engineering of the process so that it could be replicated more efficiently. The result was amazing; the operation ran at a lower cost base and provided better service to the end clients' customers. On the other hand, the outsourced operation generated a very good profit margin boosting the overall bottom line of the company

Company Rebranding

Analyzed rebranding impact across platforms and digital communications, planned changes, managed risks, and updated new branding and visual identity on all digital platforms.

The company was acquired by a new group, and we had to align the brand and visual identity with the new one. A thorough analysis was conducted across all screens, reports, and online web pages. I performed a risk analysis, gathering the maximum number of stakeholders around the table to ensure that we optimized the coverage of a potential failure in a particular area. Based on the risk score, the level of analysis was adjusted as it was impossible to be 100% thorough. We also ran deep data and text analysis on the code and data stored in the database to ensure maximum coverage of all updates. Despite this meticulous planning, we also faced a new situation of logo sizing for the specific interface where we had to keep a UX person always in the team. After the update, we ran a complete regression testing to ensure that visuals were updated and everything worked fine, as that rebranding was quite broad.

Implementation of Financial ERP

Set up a cross-functional team to produce the RFP document and drove the vendor selection and implementation of the project. Managed the change management, testing, and go-live of the project.

I discussed, planned, and wrote an RFP document for replacing financial ERP. The first step involved setting up a cross-functional team, undertaking requirement-gathering workshops, and developing and streamlining the workflow processes. Eventually, the RFP was sent out, and I interviewed vendors, performed vendor selection, allocated contracts, and put together the implementation team. I put in place the governance structure to manage the implementation of the project. I also worked closely with key stakeholders to manage risks and ensure that our best practices were correctly implemented. I developed a comprehensive test strategy and ran the testing and validation exercise. At the same time, I carried out change management and user training. I worked with the IT infrastructure team to put the proper IT security implementation in place, also managing parallel runs after go-live to mitigate any risks.
2018 - 2019

Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Leadership

University of Stellenbosch Business School - Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

2005 - 2007

Master's Degree (MBA) in Technology Management

La Trobe University - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2003 - 2005

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2001 - 2002

Master's Degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1996 - 2000

Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Mauritius - Mauritius


Data Analysis with R programming



Google UX Design Specialization



Disciplined Agile Scum Master

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Neuro Linguistic Programming

Mind Transformations


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

University of Washington


Project Management & Work Tracking Tools, Trello, Zoom, Microsoft Visio, SQL, Microsoft Excel, Excel 365, Jira, R

Industry Expertise

Technology, Digital Marketing, Banking & Finance, Digital Agencies


Agile Project Management, Waterfall Development, Agile Software Development, Waterfall Delivery, Requirements Analysis, Management, Agile Leadership, Organizational Analysis, Design Thinking, Agile UX, Testing, Change Management, Azure DevOps, Database Design, Software Testing, MVC Design, Lean, Data Science


Project Management, Product Management, Technology Solutions, Business Consulting, Operations, Business, Business Analysis, Business Systems Analysis, Business Architecture, Structured Systems Analysis & Design Method (SSADM), Scrum Master, Stakeholder Management, Program Management, IT Business Analysis, IT Consulting, User Requirements, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Planning, Project Discovery, Business Process Analysis, Product Owner, Business Requirements, IT Project Management, Project Scheduling, Requirements & Specifications, Team Management, Process Improvement, Consulting, Databases, Cost Analysis, Workflow, Process Flows, Technical Project Management, Technology Trends, Project Timelines, Process Improvement Project Management, Project Budget Management, Operational Efficiency Improvement, Scope Management, Risk Analysis, Technical Requirements, Specs, Technical Product Management, Leadership, Organization, Complex Problem Solving, Process Mapping, Project Management Professional (PMP), Process Optimization, Project Scoping, Project Planning, Microsoft Teams, Growth, Strategy, People Development, Innovation, Data Analysis, Software Development, Enterprise Application Architecture, Process Design, Last Mile Logistics, Algorithms, Business Cases, Software Implementation, Digital Transformation Program Management, Financial Analysis, Digital Project Management, Customer Experience Management, Training & Training Content Development, Software Design, Database-driven Web App Development, Data Modeling, Board Reporting, Business Process Automation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Business Intelligence (BI), GAP Analysis, New Product Development, Product Launch, VB.NET, Solution Design, Politics, People Management, Remote Team Leadership, Market Strategy and Research Product Manager, Negotiation, Modeling, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Agile Coaching, Fintech, Budgeting, Vendor Selection, Accounting, Creativity, Forecasting, Cost-benefit Analysis, Training, Project Rescue, French-English Translation, Engineering, Data Analytics, CTO, Agency, HTML, Social Media, Financial Management, User Experience (UX), Security, IT Infrastructure, Travel, Payment Processing, Data Protection, Sustainable Development, Talent Management, Vendor Management, Procurement, Feasibility Studies, Web Consulting, Web UX, RFP Negotiation, Relational Database Design, System Requirements, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), ASP.NET, Web Development, Consumer-focused Web Development, Database Modeling, Strategy Development, Contract Negotiation, Distributed Team Management, Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Mobile Apps, APIs, UI Development, SOX Compliance, Legislation, Deployment, Mobile UX Design, Coaching, Agile DevOps, Marketing Research & Analysis, Business Process Flow (BPF), Data Migration, Client Success, Fintech Consultant, Optimization, Notion, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Educational Platform Design, Java, Email Marketing, Branding, Marketing, Edtech Design

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