Nelly Mhangami, Project Manager in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Nelly Mhangami

Project Manager in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Member since April 2, 2019
With over 18 years of experience delivering projects in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall environments, Nelly brings about a new perspective and customer focus on IT, cybersecurity, and digital transformation projects. Nelly has business analysis, PMO, scrum master, and agile delivery manager experience in the private and public sectors viz gaming, education, retail, consulting, and digital agency industries.
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Project Highlights


  • IT Projects
  • Jira
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Modelling
  • Smartsheet
  • Stakeholder Management


Select Certifications


  • Technical Project Manager - Risk

    2021 - PRESENT
    Product Madness
    • Set up and implemented the technical risk modernization program and issue management plan for cloud migration, client re-architecture, and game back-end modernization.
    • Worked with project managers to ensure that each project had processes for managing risks and issues set up correctly.
    • Facilitated risk and issue review meetings with stakeholders and followed up on the relevant matters with risk action owners for updates.
    • Participated in planning, feature prioritization, and delivery of technology modernization projects and worked with development and testing teams.
  • Project Manager | Scrum Master

    2020 - 2021
    • Implemented web and mobile experimentation projects for over 30 accounts, including CNN, Microsoft, HBO, Tapestry, Alaska Airlines, Toptal, and Zoom Care, enabling the companies to increase CTR, revenue, and other metrics.
    • Worked on end-to-end customer onboarding onto the Optimizely platform, ensuring there was an engagement plan, that SMEs were allocated to projects and delivered value for each account.
    • Developed, managed, and maintained each client's project plans; facilitated weekly syncs, ensuring projects were delivered on time and that clients recognized the value within a short time.
    • Collaborated with clients in my book of business, which consisted of 30 accounts, to produce and document product and spring backlogs; identified and managed risks and issues and removed blockers.
    • Conducted scrum ceremonies, including daily stand-ups, backlog grooming sessions, sprint planning, and review and retrospective sessions.
    • Maintained and created user stories on Jira and shared knowledge on Confluence.
    • Recruited and managed team members creating an atmosphere where team members flourished.
    • Managed each project's risks and issues, working with product managers and client project managers to identify, assess, and manage risks.
    • Used RAID logs to record, track and manage risks and issues, reviewing them weekly with the relevant stakeholders.
    • Did SaaS provisioning for my book of business consisting of 30 customers.
  • Agile Delivery Manager | Scrum Master

    2019 - 2020
    • Managed the delivery of analytics, data science, and data engineering platforms and applications, enabling management to make informed decisions.
    • Took part in managing Jira boards and ran scrum ceremonies such as backlog grooming, sprint planning, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, and daily stand-ups.
    • Performed scrum master duties; organized and ran scrum ceremonies, including backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, retros.
    • Engaged with stakeholders to understand requirements and unblock blockers.
    • Facilitated planning sessions, documenting opportunity canvases and release plans as well as product backlogs.
    • Worked with product owners to ensure that there were high-level project plans and groomed and prioritized product backlogs.
    • Removed each project's blockers and managed risks and issues, working with data analysts, engineers, scientists, and other stakeholders to identify, assess, and manage risks.
  • Head of Project Management

    2019 - 2019
    KMS Digital Careers
    • Designed and developed online courses in project management, business analysis, and software testing.
    • Mentored and coached aspiring project managers, software testers, and business analysts.
    • Developed and promoted the adoption of a work experience platform that enabled graduates to gain work experience online.
    • Coached mentees in Scrum and Kanban, thereby increasing their ability to adopt agile ways of working.
    • Grew the project management department from four to 25 people.
    • Trained and mentored candidates in risk management and modeling.
    • Trained and mentored candidates in project scheduling using Smartsheets, MS Project, Trello, DevOps, Jira, Excel, and
  • GDPR and Cyber Security Project Manager

    2018 - 2018
    Trinity College London
    • Conducted a GDPR and cybersecurity gap analysis and risk assessment and created project plans for remediation work.
    • Worked with various departments to implement remediation plans ensuring that the organization was compliant by May 2019.
    • Reported to the steering committee on project progress and high-level risks.
    • Wrote policies and procedures regarding how the organization would manage data and keep clients' data secure.
    • Managed each project's risks and issues, working with the risk and compliance team and other stakeholders to identify, assess, and manage risks.
  • Cybersecurity Project Delivery Manager and Scrum Master

    2018 - 2018
    • Created release plans working with product owners and relevant stakeholders.
    • Remediated cybersecurity vulnerabilities including IAM, disaster recovery, and penetration testing working with the risk and compliance team to ensure compliance with Cyber Essentials and the EU GDPR.
    • Served as a scrum master for teams in India and the UK.
    • Conducted GDPR and cybersecurity gap analysis producing delivery roadmaps and user stories for remediation.
    • Delivered gap remediation projects working with third-party suppliers and business stakeholders, managing risks and issues.
    • Implemented IAM, single sign-on, disaster recovery, penetration testing, Coverity, and Splunk to ensure compliance with Cyber Essentials and ISO27000.
    • Conducted scrum ceremonies for almost 20 teams based in the UK and India.
    • Managed each project's risks and issues, working with teams and supplier project managers to identify, assess, and manage risks.
  • CRM Delivery Manager

    2017 - 2017
    • Managed the procurement phase and supplier onboarding, discovery phase and planning phases; developed high-level project plans.
    • Oversaw the end-to-end delivery of the project, working with cross-functional teams and C-level stakeholders.
    • Spearheaded the discovery phase working with the third-party vendor to understand project vision and goals, and gather, document, and validate user requirements.
    • Handled the implementation of the project, creating release plans and high-level plans.
    • Created product backlogs working with the product owner.
    • Scheduled and conducted scrum ceremonies unblocking impediments the team faced.
    • Reported on the project and team performance; tracked project progress against agreed-on project high-level plans and sprint plans.
    • Took part in managing the end-to-end delivery of the project, ensuring the team met project metrics.
    • Managed a £3.2 million budget and reviewed it weekly with suppliers and the finance team.
    • Headed the business change workstream of the project to drive the solution adoption.
  • Agile Delivery Manager

    2016 - 2016
    EOS Scientific
    • Managed the testing of over 600 vaping products using Agile Kanban.
    • Managed a cross-functional team of laboratory technicians, chemists, and scientists.
    • Developed project plans to ensure the products were successfully tested reported — otherwise, the company would have been shut down.
    • Engaged with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Senior Project Manager

    2015 - 2016
    Essex Cares Ltd
    • Successfully implemented CRM, ERP, and mobile application development projects.
    • Gathered, documented, and validated user requirements.
    • Managed the procurement work-streams of each project, writing RFPs, and selecting and onboarding third-party vendors.
    • Managed cross-functional teams in agile and waterfall environments.
    • Managed project plans, risks, issues, and budgets.
    • Engaged with operational and director-level stakeholders.
  • Digital Project Manager

    2015 - 2015
    Cambridge University Press
    • Managed the successful development and delivery of HTML5 games on an e-learning platform for KS2.
    • Selected a third-party vendor for the design and development of the games and platform upgrade.
    • Gathered user requirements working with editorial teams for the e-learning platform upgrade and individual HTML5 games.
    • Planned and conducted scrum ceremonies removing impediments.
    • Upgraded the e-learning platform on time, enabling young learners to have access to learning resources.
  • Project Manager

    2014 - 2015
    Oliver Marketing Agency
    • Managed the design and development of the KPMG website.
    • Worked with the client to define and document business requirements; cooperated with the tech teams to develop and document technical requirements.
    • Oversaw the project implementation from its initiation to the closure, working with both business and technical teams within the agency and client stakeholders.
  • Senior Digital Project Manager

    2014 - 2015
    Digital Bananas Technology
    • Oversaw the development of mobile applications and eCommerce websites as well as Salesforce CRM implementation.
    • Created release plans, product backlogs, and sprint backlogs.
    • Managed cross-functional teams, scheduling and coordinating scrum ceremonies, as well as unblocking impediments.
    • Gathered, documented, and validated user requirements.
    • Engaged with project stakeholders internally and externally.
    • Managed the end-to-end implementation of digital transformation projects.
  • Project Manager

    2008 - 2014
    Various NHS Trusts and ECC
    • Implemented projects in various NHS trusts and Essex County Council; developed an e-learning program and a platform for caregivers.
    • Created and managed the project plan implementation for an e-learning program at South Essex NHS University Trust for caregivers and social care teams.
    • Managed project risks and issues identifying them and coming up with mitigation strategies.
    • Managed project budgets of up to £1 million, creating forecasts and variance analyses.
    • Engaged with operational and director-level stakeholders as well as customers.
  • Infrastructure Project Manager

    2007 - 2008
    Fujitsu Services
    • Managed the migration of 200 servers to a new data center.
    • Created a project plan for the migration and other projects managed.
    • Implemented the HMRC eVat solution.
    • Managed the development of applications and online services.
    • Engaged with the business and third-party stakeholders.
  • IT Developments Project Manager

    2006 - 2007
    Essex Police
    • Managed the successful implementation of an Oracle-based HRMS.
    • Gathered and documented user requirements.
    • Created a project plan and implemented the plan working with a third party, project team, and business stakeholders.
    • Managed project risks and issues.
    • Managed the end-to-end delivery of the project using the Waterfall methodology, mainly the document-heavy PRINCE 2.

Project History

  • Salesforce CRM with NBA and Targeting Engine
    Managed the triaging and prioritization of data analytics requests submitted to the CRM and data analytics team. Managed the delivery and fulfillment of the requests ensuring that these were fulfilled on time.

    • Managed the project from supplier selection, discovery, implementation, and testing to its going live.
    • Acted as a scrum master looking after Jira boards and scrum ceremonies.
    • Managed cross-functional teams based in India, Ireland, and Germany.
    • Managed a £3.2 million budget.
    • Increased solution adoption from zero to 100% through change management.

  • ERP Implementation
    Led the implementation of Essex Cares Ltd.'s CACI ERP project which saved the company millions of pounds over five years.

    Essex Cares Ltd wanted to eliminate manual processes and automate their case management, staff shift management, contact management, and payments. Managed vendor selection and onboarding, requirements gathering, end-to-end project delivery following the Agile Scrum methodology. Managed stakeholder engagement, project risks, issues, and budgets. Conducted scrum ceremonies.

  • Hadoop Services, Relational and Streaming Migration
    Successfully led Jagex Studios' on-premise infrastructure migration and upgrading projects.

    1. Worked with data engineers and IT engineers to scope the projects, select suppliers, plan project delivery, and release plans; ensured product owners built product backlogs.
    2. Planned and conducted backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and refinement sessions.
    3. Compiled team sprint reports.
    4. Coached the teams in Agile Scrum.

  • Migration of Analytics and Data Science Services to AWS
    Migrated analytics and data science and data engineering services from Hadoop to Amazon Web Services on time with no data loss or service outage.

    As an agile delivery manager and scrum master, I supported a cross-functional team of data engineers, analysts, and data scientists for large video gaming manufacturers and key internal and external stakeholders, migrating ADS services from Hadoop On-premise to the cloud (AWS).

    Worked with the product manager to ensure that the product backlog was built, groomed and prioritized; also worked with the development teams to plan and facilitate scrum ceremonies; used Jira to manage backlogs.

    Coached the development teams and stakeholders on the Agile framework and Scrum principles.

    Removed blockers highlighted during daily stand-ups and protected the team from outside interference.

    Produced team burndown and sprint velocity reports and drove their use in improving team and sprint performance.

  • Jagex Studios — Analytics and Data Science Request Management
    Supported the analytics and data science team by developing a system for receiving requests from departments, triaging and prioritizing the requirements, and planning for the delivery of the requirements using Agile and Scrum.

    Managed and supported a team of data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers at Jagex by developing a process for receiving and prioritizing requests from other departments.

    Supported the teams in delivering the requests, following the SDLC using Agile and Scrum as well as hybrid project management methodologies.

  • Cyber Security Remediation
    Led Tesco's risk assessment, gap identification and remediation project, 3rd party apps, websites, and infrastructure.

    1. Led GDPR and cybersecurity risk and gap assessment activities for Tesco's externally supplied and hosted applications, websites, and infrastructure.
    2. Developed release plans working with third party suppliers, product owners, and the project team.
    3. Planned, scheduled, and conducted Scrum ceremonies managing various Jira boards.
    4. Produced and distributed project status reports.
    5. Managed the end-to-end implementation of remediation projects ranging from IAM, SSO, disaster recovery and penetration testing, vulnerability management, Splunk to SSAST using Coverity, data loss prevention.


  • Master of Science Degree in Electronic Commerce
    2003 - 2005
    Anglia Ruskin University - Chelmsford, United Kingdom
  • Master's Degree in Business Administration
    2000 - 2002
    Zimbabwe Open University - Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor of Technology Degree in Business Management
    1990 - 1993
    University of Zimbabwe - Harare, Zimbabwe


  • Certified Scrum Master
    International Scrum Institute
  • Data Protection Officer
    JULY 2018 - PRESENT
  • Cyber Security Certification
  • PRINCE 2 Practitioner
  • EU General Data Protection Regulations
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
    Institute of Marketing Management South Africa

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