Nicole Brincat, Project Manager in London, United Kingdom
Nicole Brincat

Project Manager in London, United Kingdom

Member since June 24, 2019
Nic is a driven agile technical project manager, delivery manager, and scrum master with experience managing distributed teams to successfully deliver projects and products at startups as well as multinational tech companies like Google. She has demonstrated experience in bringing projects back from the edge and repairing client or stakeholder relationships. Nic is well versed in agile, scrum, kanban, and waterfall.
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Project Highlights



  • Agile Project Manager

    2020 - 2020
    • Managed the delivery of two UX/UI projects for BNPPAM and successfully delivered the two projects as requested and on time.
    • Led a UX discovery workshop with the goal of assessing the business requirements of an analytics dashboard and building out high-level wireframes that will help the development teams to provide a cost for the build of the dashboard.
    • Worked with UX and UI resources to review the UX and design the screens for a finance sales game that will be built into the WeChat app. My task for this project was to get a sign-off from the client on all screens by the deadline.
  • Delivery Manager

    2019 - 2020
    Chelsea Digital Ventures (Freelance)
    • Acted as the product owner while managing the relationship between the agencies building the iOS and Android Apps, and the components for the app—ensuring that requirements are clear and the teams have everything that they need to deliver.
    • Managed the in-house team of designers, ensuring that they have a clear backlog of tasks that are aligned with the agency's deliverables.
    • Coached the agency in their transition from waterfall to agile scrum development.
    • Worked with the product owner to build and regularly refine the product backlog.
    • Was responsible for briefing the development team on the requirements and working with them to define a development approach that fits in with the product roadmap.
  • Agile Scrum Master

    2019 - 2020
    Relevant Bits
    • Improved the scrum process across the company resulting in predictable sprint velocities.
    • Acted as a scrum master for the cross-functional scrum teams for all the agency's client projects.
    • Coached the clients to adopt the improved scrum processes.
    • Performed an audit of resourcing tools.
    • Implemented the recommended process and tools for resource management across the company.
  • Agile Delivery Manager

    2019 - 2019
    • Oversaw the delivery of improvements on an iOS mobile app.
    • Ramped up and managed a team dedicated to improving internal operational processes.
    • Worked with teams to improve the process and reduce inefficiencies.
    • Filled the gaps to manage a team running without a product owner.
    • Supported the delivery of an in-destination experience mobile app (Android and iOS), including the prioritization of tickets, pre-release testing, ensuring that tickets were released on time and as expected, managing resources, documenting, and wrapping up the project to ensure that it can be picked up by a new team for the next event.
  • Agile Delivery Manager

    2018 - 2019
    Dennis Publishing
    • Supported three product teams.
    • Improved process and ways of working by reducing meetings that do not provide value.
    • Repaired the relationship between product owners and team.
    • Improved the delivery workflow.
    • Reported on the weekly status.
  • Senior Project Manager

    2018 - 2018
    • Rescued a highly delayed and escalated project.
    • Brought the delivery back on track.
    • Repaired the relationship with the client.
    • Organized client deliverables and documentation into a central point for visibility and tracking.
    • Managed client expectations on the scope and timelines.
    • Implemented process improvements to help the team deliver more successfully moving forward.
  • Senior Project Manager

    2015 - 2018
    Potato London
    • Owned the relationship between the agency and their leading client (Google) on the management of all their event-related projects, including the management of the platform used to handle the majority of internal Google events for over eight years.
    • Managed highly complicated annual budgets of more than $3 million.
    • Brought in to rescue failing projects.
    • Built a strong and lasting relationship with the client.
    • Automated 80% of the budget reporting to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy.
    • Coached junior project managers to be able to manage large and complicated projects.
    • Owned the support for the product that was being built, including looking into error logs and databases to debug issues as well as creating detailed bug tickets.
    • Oversaw and was responsible for ensuring that all releases are up to client standards.
    • Transitioned the team of 25+ cross-functional people from waterfall to agile.
    • Acted as the product owner/manager making recommendations on the product roadmap and owning the product backlog.
  • Project Manager

    2015 - 2015
    WWBB London
    • Worked alongside the CEO, acting upon his vision and implemented structure, process and introduced more effective communication, clear milestones and deadlines all of which resulted in significant operational improvements over a short period of time.
    • Managed a development and design cross-functional team.
    • Owned the project budget, ensuring that the project was running within the budget.

Project History

  • PerfectPlay for Chelsea Football Club
    Lead the team to successful delivery across all work streams.

    Brought on from the first sprint to leave the team to deliver the iOS app for the Perfect Play app. This involved acting as the product owner and managing numerous agencies responsible for delivering the various parts of the project, such as iOS app, audio, visuals, games, design, AR, and VR.

  • Cornmarket Website Rebuild
    Corrected the project's course that was three months delayed and repaired client relationships.

    I was brought on to the project around three months after it was meant to be released. The project had not yet nailed down the scope, and the clients had escalated the project issues to the CEO.

    My role was to define the scope, repair the relationship with the client, and reorganize the development team. I was able to do this and successfully went live with a site that the client was happy with and ready to discuss follow up phases.

    Key Achievements:
    • Organized client deliverables to a client-facing Trello board, allowing everyone to keep track.
    • Structured the development team process and ensured that the team felt accountable for their delivery.
    • Created a good communication flow between the development team and clients.
    • Established a project timeline and successfully delivered the project to that timeline.
    • Worked with the client to thoroughly document scope, moving out-of-scope items to a later phase.
    • Ensured that all development team releases were up to client standards.
    • Created an environment where the client was happy to discuss future steps.

  • Verve Ambassador App
    Managed an outsourced development team to deliver improvements.

    I was contracted to manage the release of new features, bug fixes, and deliver the app to new locations for an iOS mobile app.

    Key Achievements:
    • Selected an outsourced development partner.
    • Owned and organize the product development backlog.
    • Worked with users to understand and ticket bugs and issues.
    • Ensured that all releases were on track and were up to scratch.


  • Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors in Banking and Finance
    2011 - 2015
    University of Malta - Msida, Malta


  • Professional Scrum Master Level I (PSM I)
  • Google Analytics Certification
    JULY 2018 - PRESENT
  • Certified Scrum Master
    Scrum Alliance
  • Agile Coaching
    Georg Fasching
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    JUNE 2014 - PRESENT
    EC Language Centre

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