Paul Schechinger, Project Manager in Londonderry, NH, United States
Paul Schechinger

Project Manager in Londonderry, NH, United States

Member since March 29, 2020
Paul is a project manager and engineer with over 30 years of experience leading large and small software development teams and projects, as CTO of a start-up company, and as a Director of Software Development at Cisco in its Communications division. He has deep knowledge of agile scrum development and holds five US patents. He has transformed multiple software teams from waterfall to agile, resulting in huge increases in team productivity, software quality, and employee satisfaction.
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Project Highlights

  • Major contributor and implementor of the agile transition for Cisco's Contact Center Business unit, which led to the entire team winning Cisco's Pioneer award.
  • Led the offshore software team which developed and deployed a Voice Mail SaaS service for Cisco's Webex Calling platform.
  • Led the development team to drive the delivery of the first and subsequent release of the Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktop.



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  • Director of Software Development

    2016 - 2019
    • Acted as the Cisco liaison and leader for a 125-member offshore software development team. Took over while this team was in the middle of their agile transition and continued the transition, which resulted in a 2x productivity increase.
    • Led the team which delivered a ground-up SaaS implementation of Auto Attendant and VoiceMail for Cisco's Spark Call cloud Unified Communications platform.
    • Led the team which delivered several successful releases of Cisco's premise-based Voice Mail product which worked in conjunction with Cisco's Unified Communications suite of products.
    • Led the team of scrum-masters for the Customer Contact Business unit. The scrum masters were responsible for the support of 500 engineers.
    • Served as the executive leader of the business unit's lab team, which provided lab and technical support for the entire business unit, including over a dozen premise-based and cloud products.
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager

    1999 - 2016
    • Led and managed the team, which built a ground-up social network interface for Cisco's suite of Contact Center products (SocialMiner). This product was the first in the business unit to use the scrum development methodology.
    • Managed the team, which delivered a new Agent Desktop for Cisco's suite of Contact Center products (Finesse). While in this role, the team delivered the initial release and five subsequent feature and maintenance releases.
    • Led a wide variety of teams and projects for different components of Cisco's Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution. Responsible for the project management and delivery of products with over 20 software releases.
    • Participated in several industry trade shows as a Cisco representative to interface directly with customers.
    • Traveled to customer sites to help resolve issues and be the face of Cisco for the customer. Managed each encounter despite the technical challenges and criticality of the situation.
  • Chief Technical Officer

    1991 - 1999
    Perimeter Technology
    • Assisted the leadership team which bought the assets of Perimeter Technology, and grew revenue five times and the company size four times during our first five years as an independent company.
    • Led Perimeter Technology's software development team. This included all management responsibilities, program management for all software releases, as well as hands-on product development.
    • Oversaw the software architecture and implementation of Perimeter's VU-ACD Contact Center reporting product. Completely rewrote Perimeter's primary product to bring it up-to-date, remove technical debt, and increase sales.
    • Adapted the VU-ACD reporting platform to work with multiple Centrex ACDs, which greatly expanded Perimeter's total addressable market, resulting in a doubling of sales.
  • Hardware Development Manager and Engineer

    1983 - 1991
    Summa Four
    • Designed 80% of the hardware for the SDS-1000, a programmable Time Division Multiplex (TDM) telephone switching platform. It was the success of this product that led to Cisco's acquisition of Summa Four.
    • Managed all aspects of the hardware development for the SDS-1000 product. This included over a dozen different hardware projects, including core components, analog, and T1 telephony interfaces.
    • Provided on-site customer support whenever necessary to support customer issues.
    • Acted as the primary liaison to Aspect Telecommunications, who built their initial Contact Center product by adapting the SDS-1000 hardware architecture that I created and implemented.

Project History

  • Cisco Contact Center Business Unit Agile Transition
    Major contributor and implementor of the agile transition for Cisco's Contact Center Business unit, which led to the entire team winning Cisco's Pioneer award.

    I was a major part of the leadership team, which did a complete waterfall to agile (scrum) transition of Cisco's Contact Center business unit, and comprised over 500 engineers worldwide. I was the development manager for the SocialMiner product, which was the first to undergo the transition, and set the baseline for the rest of the BU teams to follow. A major contributor to this transition's success was the switch to a servant-leader mentality, in which the leadership team "works" for the engineers to enable them to be as productive as possible. It is impossible in this space to capture the entirety of what the agile transition took. Still, the results were outstanding, with a 5x increase in team productivity, vast quality improvements (from >1800 to <100 open defects), and substantial improvements in employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Voice Mail SaaS Service
    Led the offshore software team which developed and deployed a Voice Mail SaaS service for Cisco's Webex Calling platform.

    I was the executive leader for the New Delhi-based 50-person team of engineers, managers, scrum master, and product owner who built this product from the ground up. The software was delivered to specifications and quality criteria that I had established. I was closely involved during the entire development cycle, including software architecture, quality criteria, and program management. I was able to develop a close rapport with the team, which enabled a relationship of trust and transparency, which can be challenging to achieve with outsourcers. The product was written primarily in Java and AngularJS.

  • Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop
    Led the development team to drive the delivery of the first and subsequent release of the Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktop.

    Took over leadership of the development team in August with the directive to deliver Finesse by December. Worked with the team to define an aggressive but achievable project plan, which we then implemented, resulting in on-time delivery of the product while meeting stringent quality criteria. Under my leadership, the team also successfully delivered several subsequent feature releases based on customer requirements. The team was split between Boston and California, and we successfully implemented a working model to maximize our productivity and minimize the challenges of a geographically dispersed team. The Finesse back end was written in Java and the web interface in JavaScript.

  • Cisco SocialMiner
    Led the team (as software development manager) which built the SocialMiner product.

    Led a bi-coastal team of ten engineers to create a new services-oriented architecture to provide an interface to social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) within Cisco's Contact Center suite of products. Worked with the software architect to design the product's architecture, and created a development plan which enabled a working prototype to be delivered within four months. Subsequent to that, developed the project plan to adapt the architecture to be the Social Media interface to Cisco's Contact Center CCX and CCE products. The code was primarily written in Java.

  • VU-ACD Contact Center Reporting Package
    Delivered a re-architected and modern VU-ACD reporting package for Perimeter Technology.

    Perimeter Technology was a single product company with an aging reporting platform. As CTO, I developed new software architecture and managed and grew the software development team, which rewrote the product and implemented the new architecture. While playing a substantial hands-on role as coder and architect, I also performed all project management and engineering leadership duties to release and maintain the new product successfully. The updated product and added features enabled Perimeter Technology to remain a viable business. In addition to leading the engineering department, I was the program manager for all releases of all of Perimeter Technology's products during my tenure as CTO.

  • Cisco Contact Center Enterpirse
    Multiple major and minor releases of Cisco's Contact Center Enterprise product. This was the flagship software platform in the Contact Center business unit and connected incoming calls with the appropriate telephone agents.

    The Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) platform was roughly ten million lines of code, written originally in C++, and then augmented with Java. A large part of my role as the software development manager was to make sure that my teams met all of the feature, fix, and quality requirements and delivered on time. During my tenure at Cisco, there were ten major releases of CCE, and the quality and content of successive releases increased, especially after we transitioned from waterfall to agile/scrum. There were multiple times for which I was the program manager for the entire release, comprising numerous development teams, with a total in excess of 100 engineers. It was my responsibility to manage all dependencies, report on status, and maintain and adjust the program plan to ensure successful releases.

  • US Patents
    Over the course of my career, I have been the co-inventor of five inventions which have been awarded US patents.

    7730120 – Set-Top Box Initiated Contact Center Interaction
    9088658 – Intelligent Overload Control for Contact Center
    7729277 – Intelligent Directed Broadcast In Contact Center Solutions
    9135668 – Contact Center Routing Using Characteristic Mapping
    5426634 – Flexible Call-Processing Apparatus for ISDN Telephone Channels


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering
    1977 - 1981
    University of Delaware - Newark, Delaware, USA


  • Python Programming for Developers
    JUNE 2020 - PRESENT
    Code with Mosh
  • Ultimate Design Patterns
    MAY 2020 - PRESENT
    Code with Mosh
  • The Ultimate Data Structures & Algorithms
    MAY 2020 - PRESENT
    Code with Mosh
  • Machine Learning
    MAY 2020 - PRESENT
  • Certified Scrum Master
    JANUARY 2010 - APRIL 2013
    Scrum Alliance
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
    APRIL 1991 - NOVEMBER 2022
    State of New Hampshire

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