Tonći Jajić

Tonći Jajić

Solin, Croatia
Member since September 17, 2019
Tonći is a driven Agile and Lean evangelist. He enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to problems that fall outside the realm of traditional in-the-box thinking and is proficient with both project coaching and the product ownership side of the things. He likes being involved, learn new things (both technical and managerial), nurture high-performing and jelling teams, build culture, achieve consensus, and develop great products.
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Project Highlights
  • Agile Software Development
  • Agile Transformation
  • Consulting
  • Lean Project Management
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Project Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Senior Agile Advocate
    2019 - PRESENT
    • Initiated a process of codifying company culture (The Typeqast Way).
    • Mentored several managers (project leads) into being a servant leader.
    • Held numerous one-on-one interviews and workshops to define best practices.
    • Developed a new set of best practices to manage the company.
    • Managed one long-term and one MVP project.
  • Project Manager
    2018 - 2019
    • Led multiple teams to successful project deliveries as both servant leader (Agile coach project manager) and product owner.
    • Cared for our clients as their assigned delivery manager.
    • Helped multiple teams jell and create the best process and culture for them using retrospectives, transparency, and feedback.
    • Transformed found command-and-control Scrum into a highly Agile pull-based one-piece-flow Kanban.
    • Shaped and tweaked cross-functional teams to find the best fit for each specific project.
    • Ensured maximum impact and value provided by each product iteration by properly prioritizing features.
    • Made key product decisions to drive the top business goals and product vision forward, with an uncompromising focus on quality and smooth user experience.
    • Changed heading any time the winds started to change.
    • Defined, refined, and wrote each task meticulously to guarantee no time was wasted on follow-up.
    • Kept customers and stakeholders continuously in sync and well informed about all updates.
  • eCommerce and Brand Manager
    2016 - 2018
    • Managed both eCommerce sales and operations, as well as the complete (digital and traditional) marketing and communications of the entire brand. Family (brick-and-mortar) and (online) are B2C brands by Intertekstil Stanić.
    • Led the webshop project from inception, managing its development, design, and operations.
    • Pushed the company towards a modern approach to marketing and led the way, managing the marketing, as well as the social media elements.
    • Supported each customer personally.
    • Established and grew the team, helping them on more responsibilities. The strength and success of this team were proven by the fact that they've (based on their training and the long-term plans made by me) managed to keep the growth going even after I had left the company.
    • Ensured amazing year-over-year growth, counting double digits for offline and almost triple digits for online channels as a direct result of actions taken for several years.
  • IT Manager
    2013 - 2018
    Intertekstil Stanic
    • Acted as the product owner for the entire ERP road map (products developed by a third-party agency).
    • Shaped the company to be able to handle modern times, taking lead on initiatives like standardization, built-in flexibility, marketing investments (both digital and traditional), rebranding, and eCommerce.
    • Worked closely with other department heads on both IT and general process management.
    • Improved IT business impact significantly and for the better, from inefficient, slow, and costly, to responsive and cost-saving.
    • Added about 30 new tools, processes, or opportunities previously not possible.
    • Handled day-to-day business analytics, enabling unprecedented levels of valuable (and user-specific) information being shared with stakeholders automatically.
    • Lowered costs and overhead to minimal levels.
    • Applied to EU funds and secured funding for most of the applications.
    • Handled discounts, locations, and remote locations sync overhaul inside the ERP sales module.
    • Automated the entire BI stack through the strategy companion analyzer (web portal with user login and automatic daily reports) and updated the entire yearly report scheme to follow the change.
    • Led the charge on modernizing warehouses by making them paperless and working with new barcode terminals over WiFi, communicating with the ERP directly via a custom-built Windows embedded app.
    • Spearheaded hiring an all-purpose media agency for the brand, managing visual rebranding and taking the role of a brand manager, getting the company involved in social media and digital marketing.
    • Managed the development of the webshop, expanding the brand manager role into eCommerce and brand management for
    • Modernized the entire retail network IT and standardized UI and UX to enable fast onboarding, moveability, and to support older employees less accustomed to working with computers.
    • Managed the entire IT support. Organized support infrastructure.
    • Updated the entire networking; both hardware and software.
    • Established a working communication with all third-party development agency partners.
    • Began a five-year charge on changing and modernizing the ERP portfolio (especially the BI aspect).
Project History
  • Quick Parking: Platform, Websites and Web Apps
    Led the charge of building a platform and website, securing 95% revenue loss prevention and a 40% sales performance increase.

    Quick Parking is an international airport parking provider, operating in seven countries and around 20 of Europe’s busiest airports. To support their business, rapid growth, and growing operational demands, we’ve built them a tailored, scalable and highly available booking and business management platform. It is complete with
    public and private API, BackOffice, CMS, parking terminal devices (ramp and payment), and an Android app for use on their shuttle buses, as well as front-facing, highly converting, websites.

    Thanks to our software, they were able to support new business ventures and integrate new partners. Our websites ensured the migration was painless, showing a more than 30% improvement in
    revenue performance over previous solutions. I am currently optimizing the products and adding new features.

    I acted as the project manager (Agile coach), and product owner on this project. I defined the product vision, immediate and future development plans, and communicated them to all stakeholders. I continue to ensure the team is growing and that processes and flow are creating solid, long-term performance.

  • Intertekstil Stanić: ProSale ERP Adaptation
    Spearheaded the digital transformation by managing the ERP development, leading the company to a path of being data-driven.

    Based on the existing ERP solution, MIT Software's ProSale, we've worked closely with the vendor to create various bespoke modules to suit the company's needs, such as:

    - Product catalog module redesign.
    - Coupon module.
    - Discounts module redesign.
    - Business locations module rehaul.
    - Remote locations module.
    - Warehouse PDA mini-app.

  • Family: Web Shop
    Envisioned, led, and delivered a state-of-the-art webshop, then managed it to perform multiple times better than expected.

    Family is Intertekstil Stanić's retail brand. Prior to building a webshop, we did an extensive rebranding, and along with building the webshop, started to invest significantly in digital marketing. The webshop was built and designed by Marker, a Croatian webshop agency from Varaždin and the shop itself proved to be a hit, especially when compared to its brick and mortar counterparts.

  • Bleiff: Platform and Portal MVP
    Delivered an under-budgeted and over-scoped MVP on time and on budget, while managing the scope closely with the client.

    Bleiff is a fintech initiative that allows knowledge-intensive companies to continue to flourish by keeping knowledge on board. Employees become entrepreneurs and shareholders through the controlled purchase and sale of share certificates or are rewarded with certificates for 'heroic deeds'. Bleiff binds talent, increased engagement brings peace, stability, and offers future prospects. For Bleiff, we are building a fintech platform as well as a user portal.

  • Weerman: Platform, Owned Solutions and Web Shops
    Pulled the doomed year-long project out of the abyss managing to secure delivery in just three months.

    Weerman is one of the five largest flower companies at the Royal Flora Holland flower auction marketplace at Aalsmeer. For Weerman, Typeqast is building a platform that's able to integrate with Floral Holland's EasyFlor ERP API and provide data for a range of owned internal and white-label solutions. We are building and maintaining owned solutions, including Debtor Registration API, white-label Administration, Laravel Shop options and more. We are also introducing a new Magento webshop that will handle tens of thousands of articles added each day to the system.

  • Intertekstil Stanić: Strategy Companion Analyzer Integration and Migration
    Transformed the way the company is thinking about data and business analysis.

    Over the course of half a year, we integrated SCA and migrated the entire business reporting to it, centralizing the analytics and reports, making it available 24/7. It even does scheduled report mailing to some of our older managers who are not as accustomed to using a computer.

  • Family: Retail Chain Standardization
    Made human resource movement possible and frictionless.

    During my first months at Intertekstil, my job was to get everything working. That included making sure that all stores (as main data entry points) were following the same specifications. I was also responsible for deciding what the specifications were. Besides that, in the physical space, there were boxes upon boxes of phone cables for fax machines, dial-up payment terminals, and phones. Top-level elements (hardware, OS, software and procedural standards) aside, this also meant sorting and organizing an uncomfortable amount of phone cables.

  • Bachelor's degree in IT Systems Management
    2013 - 2019
    Minerva Business School - Dugopolje, Croatia

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