Finding the Best Talent Marketplace

If your company has been struggling to hire a talented workforce, you’re not alone. A global talent shortage has led to challenges for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Many have turned to freelance talent, yet this unfamiliar landscape can be fraught with uncertainty for companies new to the model. The Freelance Talent Marketplace Landscape, Q1 2022 by Forrester Research takes note of the benefits of using this type of business model, along with suggestions on how to mitigate the potential challenges.

Toptal is recognized in Forrester's report, and we're giving you access to the full report by filling out the form on this page.



The report reveals findings from Forrester’s analysis of on-demand freelance marketplaces, giving you valuable insights on employing talent securely and successfully. By reading this report, with an introduction from Toptal, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate the freelance network ecosystem, with insights related to:

  • Forrester Research’s take on the topic of freelance marketplaces
  • The benefits of using this kind of talent ecosystem
  • How to choose the right talent marketplace for your business needs
  • Services that freelance marketplaces are likely to offer in the future

As one of the companies profiled in the report, Toptal works directly with organizations of all sizes to match them with the right people for challenging roles, much faster than traditional recruiting methods.

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