Abhimanyu Veer Aditya, Machine Learning Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Abhimanyu Veer Aditya

Machine Learning Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since March 7, 2019
Abhimanyu is a machine learning expert and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience delivering analytics and predictive solutions for business and scientific applications. Working with small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, his responsibilities included data science, engineering, operations, product and account management. He has a master’s degree in high performance computing and machine learning from Georgia Tech.
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  • Foresight, Inc.
    System Architect, XGBoost, Scikit Learn, Pandas, Python, Docker, AWS (EC2 S3)...
  • Infosys Technologies
    Machine Learning, C++ (MPI, OpenMP), Java, Bash, Linux, R...
  • Skytree Inc.
    C++, MPI, OpenMP, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Yarn, MapReduce, HDFS, AWS EC2 S3 EMR...


  • Machine Learning 12 years
  • High-tech Startups 10 years
  • Python 9 years
  • System Architecture 6 years
  • Optimization 6 years
  • Recommendation Systems 5 years
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) 4 years
  • Time Series Analysis 3 years


San Francisco, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Linux, Ubuntu, Centos/RHEL, Git

The most amazing...

...experience I've had is starting and growing my own startup out of a lab at Georgia Tech to 70 full time employees and $30+ million in funding in Silicon Valley.


  • Founder

    2018 - PRESENT
    Foresight, Inc.
    • Started a new venture Foresight, Inc. Foresight makes it easy for people just getting started in machine learning to build good machine learning models using a graphical user interface with curated and best of breed custom and open source technologies under the hood. It is a free service powered by Amazon Web Services.
    Technologies: System Architect, XGBoost, Scikit Learn, Pandas, Python, Docker, AWS (EC2 S3), Optimization
  • Senior Product Architect, Infosys Nia (Palo Alto)

    2017 - 2018
    Infosys Technologies
    • Supported the integration of Skytree’s software into their flagship AI platform (Infosys Nia).
    • Guided global sales teams on data science and solution architecture for various POCs and customer deployments.
    Technologies: Machine Learning, C++ (MPI, OpenMP), Java, Bash, Linux, R, Python (Scikit Learn, Scipy, Numpy, Pandas), Hadoop, Yarn, MapReduce, HDFS, AWS EC2 S3 EMR
  • Co-Founder

    2009 - 2017
    Skytree Inc.
    • Built the company from four co-founders to over 70 employees (including 35+ engineers and scientists) and $30+ million in venture funding.
    • Led the development of Skytree’s massively parallel, C++ and MPI based machine learning algorithms engine for tera-scale machine learning on commodity hardware.
    • Architected the design and development of the full stack of Skytree software that included the C++ Engine, Java middleware, and UI as well as integration with big data infrastructures like Apache Hadoop.
    • Coordinated communication and development efforts as technical product manager between engineering teams and CTO’s office.
    • Hired most of the engineering and data science team, including executive hires such as VP of engineering, marketing, and sales.
    • Designed and developed scalable versions of machine learning algorithms such as Random Forests, Gradient Boosted Trees, Support Vector Machines, K-Means clustering, Collaborative Filtering, etc. in C++ for classification, regression, anomaly detection and recommendations including many first of the kind innovations in the practical application of machine learning to big data. There were five patents applied for on which I am the co-author.
    • Performed solutions architect and data scientist functions.
    • Built predictive machine learning workflows and models for fraud detection, product and media recommendations, risk scoring, churn prevention, etc. for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients such as Samsung, American Express, Discover Bank, PayPal, etc.
    • Supported growing sales force in all technical aspects for pre and post sales cycles including working with customers to ascertain requirements, create standardized documentation, responding to queries, fielding sales calls and giving demos, webinars and tutorials.
    • Owned responsibilities of all product demos, virtual machines, and AWS infrastructure.
    Technologies: C++, MPI, OpenMP, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Yarn, MapReduce, HDFS, AWS EC2 S3 EMR, Python, Scikit Learn, Scipy, Numpy, Pandas, R, Java, Bash, Linux
  • Graduate Research Assistant

    2007 - 2009
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Worked on integrating algorithmically optimized machine learning algorithms directly into SQL Server using the .NET platform and C# so that they ran natively inside the database under the purview of the database scheduler.
    • Designed innovative disk-based algorithms to piggyback multi-dimensional space trees over database indexes (B-Tree's) to minimize disk hit rate and optimize cash hit ratio.
    Technologies: Microsoft C#, Java, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Software Developer (Intern), Analysis Services, SQL Server Team

    2008 - 2008
    • Integrated advanced machine learning algorithms, including spatial data structures into the analysis services back end to reduce computational complexity and enable running of machine learning from the query interface of analysis services.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, C#
  • Technical Associate

    2005 - 2007
    • Handled inducting new members into the team, setting targets for new initiatives, communicating directly with businesses, directly interacting with the client, and generally guiding the direction of the project.
    • Contributed to analysis engine design and development using Java/ PL/SQL and MS SQL Server.
    • Served as a member of Trilogy University, an intensive four-month training program for the best science and engineering graduates of the country.
    Technologies: Java, Microsoft, Subversion, SQL Server


  • Foresight, Inc. (Other amazing things)

    Foresight is an online service that makes automated machine learning easy to use, intuitive, and visual. It has powerful features built into it that slashes the amount of time from problem to data to predictive solution with readily available visualizations and an eye towards interpretable models and visual insights.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, Bash, SQL, C#, R
  • Libraries/APIs

    XGBoost, Sklearn, MPI, Pandas, Flask-RESTful, Open MPI, OpenMP, REST APIs, SciPy, NumPy, AWS EC2 API, SQLAlchemy, Matplotlib, Ggplot2
  • Tools

    H2O AutoML, Git, Plotly, GNU Dev Tools, GCC, AWS EBS, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Boto 3
  • Paradigms

    Data Science, Parallel & Distributed Computing, REST, Agile, MapReduce
  • Platforms

    Linux RHEL/CentOS, AWS EC2, Ubuntu, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Eclipse
  • Other

    Machine Learning, Classification, Regression, Recommendation Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, Supervised Learning, RHEL, Classification Algorithms, Regression Models, Algorithms, Predictive Modeling, Random Forests, Random Forest Regression, Gradient Boosted Trees, Decision Trees, Decision Tree Classification, Decision Tree Regression, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Software Development, Startups, Solution Architecture, Natural Language Processing (NLP), GNU, Optimization, Clustering Algorithms, High Code Quality, Time Series Analysis, Optimization Algorithms, High-tech Startups, Early-stage Startups, Entrepreneurship, System Architecture, Technical Product Management, A/B Testing, Agile Sprints, Neural Networks
  • Frameworks

    Apache Spark, Flask, AWS EMR, Hadoop, YARN
  • Storage

    MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS S3, HDFS


  • Master of Science degree in Computer Science
    2007 - 2009
    Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering
    2001 - 2005
    Manipal Institute of Technology - India

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