Achile Salomon Nghukam Noussi, Developer in Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

Achile Salomon Nghukam Noussi

Front-end Developer

Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
Toptal Member Since
October 14, 2022

Achile is an efficient professional with over four years of experience developing web and mobile front ends for various banking, VTC, and ERP solutions. He is keen on building unique and maintainable front ends with modern tools, libraries, and frameworks like React Native, Angular, and React. Achile is a team player who can also work well individually and is eager to leverage his expertise in new challenging projects.

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React, React Native, Axios, Push Notifications, Jira, Google Maps API...
Anglo African
React, React Native, Axios, Push Notifications, Test-driven Development (TDD)...
React Native, JavaScript, Laravel, Cloudinary, Axios, PHPExcel, Git...


Douala, Littoral, Cameroon



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git

The most amazing...

...solution I've developed is a VTC mobile app, one of the best used in Cameroon.

Work Experience

2021 - PRESENT

Freelance Software Engineer

  • Coordinated with development teams and designers to develop web applications that run on numerous platforms.
  • Designed and developed user interface components for mobile apps using React Native.
  • Wrote reusable and scalable components for mobile apps using TypeScript.
  • Took overall responsibility for driving and managing delegated assignments.
  • Planned, prioritized, and assigned tasks to team members on Jira.
  • Implemented a real-time tracking and position-sharing system.
  • Conducted training for technical and non-technical staff.
  • Configured and deployed mobile apps on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  • Developed and deployed a web portal for driver onboarding built with React.
  • Set up a CI pipeline with GitHub Actions for web and mobile apps.
Technologies: React, React Native, Axios, Push Notifications, Jira, Google Maps API, Google Maps SDK, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Continuous Integration (CI), Git, Jest, CSS, Front-end, Android, iOS, HTML, Web Development, Cypress, REST APIs, React Redux, Architecture
2022 - 2022

Mobile Developer | React Native

Anglo African
  • Designed and built mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Took full responsibility for mobile application development in the team.
  • Implemented new technologies to maximize application performance.
  • Performed identification, diagnosis, and resolution of system errors.
  • Conducted training for technical staff at Anglo African International. I also provided training to customers and users locally and abroad.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze, design, and ship new features.
  • Identified, prioritized, and executed tasks in the software development lifecycle.
  • Mentored junior and mid-level engineers of the front-end team.
Technologies: React, React Native, Axios, Push Notifications, Test-driven Development (TDD), Redux, Jira, Figma, Git, Jest, Front-end, Mobile App Development, App Store Acceptance Process, Android, iOS, APIs, Web Development, REST APIs, React Redux, Gamification, Architecture, Expo
2021 - 2022

Freelance Software Engineer

  • Designed and built mobile applications with a QR code reader and tracking system.
  • Developed a QR code generator with the company logo using PHP.
  • Conceived and built an admin dashboard with Laravel.
Technologies: React Native, JavaScript, Laravel, Cloudinary, Axios, PHPExcel, Git, Laravel Orchid, QR Codes, Digital Signatures, CSS, Front-end, Mobile App Development, Android, APIs, HTML, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, REST APIs, React Redux
2019 - 2021

IT Developer

Afrik Pay
  • Built and deployed React Native-based Android and iOS apps.
  • Created native modules for Android devices with a printer working with the React Native app.
  • Optimized build sizes and app performance before deployment.
  • Implemented a web dashboard, enabling more than a thousand merchants to track their payments and initiate withdrawals.
  • Designed and developed a store management system for eMerchant using Angular and Symfony.
  • Developed the company website with AngularJS and integrated payment services publicly accessible without authentication.
Technologies: React Native, PHP, Trello, Angular, AngularJS, Axios, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Git, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Android, iOS, APIs, HTML, Web Development, REST APIs, Metrics, React Redux


A repository that showcases customizable and reusable components for data visualization, such as bar and pie charts. These components worked on Android and iOS and were built for React Native using TypeScript and the SVG library.

A taxi and private chauffeur services (VTC) platform developed for Android and iOS using React Native. The app allows drivers to log in to the VTC database and access the current load data. The driver can accept loads and update arrivals and departures from pick-up and drop-off locations.

Bike Rentals App
A bike rental web app written with React and Firebase using Cloud Firestore as a database. The authentication process is also based on Firebase. This app manages two user roles—admins and users. Users can reserve a bike and delete their reservations. Managers and admins can create, edit, or delete users, managers, and reservations. The source code is available at

An application that I developed with React Native and Firebase. It allows small businesses to manage and track their delivery teams and orders. The source code is available at

React Admin Dashboard
An admin dashboard built with React, React-Redux, and the Emotion design library for writing CSS styles. This admin dashboard showcases, among others things, how users can easily create forms with Formik and charts with the library react-chart.

HooBank Landing Page
A landing page for credit card services, which I built using React and Tailwind CSS. I developed the landing page based on this design:



TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, CSS, HTML


React Native, Redux, Angular, Jest, Laravel, Cypress, AngularJS, Tailwind CSS, Spring Boot, JUnit, Thymeleaf, Hibernate


React, jQuery, React Redux, Google Maps SDK, Google Maps API, PHPExcel, Socket.IO, Node.js, REST APIs, Formik, Chart.js


Expo, Git, Jira, Figma, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Trello, MongoDB Atlas


Axios, Push Notifications, Cloudinary, Laravel Orchid, QR Codes, Digital Signatures, SVG, WebSockets, Front-end, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, App Store Acceptance Process, EAS, APIs, Front-end Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Geolocation, GitHub Actions, Web Development, Metrics, Engineering Software, Programming, Concepting, Spring DAO, Architecture


Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), REST, Continuous Development (CD), Agile Software Development, Gamification


Firebase, Android, iOS, Bitrise, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


MongoDB, MySQL


2012 - 2015

Coursework Toward Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Douala - Douala, Cameroon



React (Basic) Certificate



JavaScript (Intermediate) Certificate