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Adam Anthony

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London, United Kingdom
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February 23, 2016

Adam has been an Angular front-end developer for over eight years, working on a diverse range of projects from large-scale eCommerce websites to single-page applications, and everything in between. His aim in all projects is to create something beautiful, user-friendly, and engaging while remaining efficient, accurate, and future-proof. Adam loves to learn new approaches and use the latest technologies to make his work shine.

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Lodash, Angular Material, HTML, TypeScript, SCSS, Firebase, Angular, React...
Mile High Paragliding, Ltd.
jQuery, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, Umbraco, AngularJS, User Experience (UX)...
My Shipping Post
JSON, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, Angular, User Experience (UX)...


London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, Windows, Angular, HTML, Sass

The most amazing...

...framework I've learned (and I've worked with a few) is Angular, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Work Experience

2018 - PRESENT

Senior Angular Engineer

  • Developed two large-scale customer-facing Angular applications.
  • Implemented a Firebase back end from scratch, utilizing user authentication, Firestore database, and cloud functions.
  • Enhanced the code for initial launch deployments, and continued improving and/or adding new features for further deployments.
  • Added customized Keen tracking, triggering special conversion events via an Angular service.
  • Debugged and fixed any bugs that arose during development and supported the application beyond launch.
  • Continued developing and releasing bolt-on features as the product grew and improved.
Technologies: Lodash, Angular Material, HTML, TypeScript, SCSS, Firebase, Angular, React, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, UI Animation, Sass, JavaScript, Jasmine, REST APIs, JSON, SaaS, eCommerce
2016 - 2019

Web Master

Mile High Paragliding, Ltd.
  • Led front-end development on a brand new customer-facing website.
  • Took desktop designs and implemented mobile and tablet responsive layouts without further design input.
  • Designed and built animations and interactions for the UI.
  • Completed a basket UI, implemented using AngularJS with checkout via PayPal express checkout.
  • Developed an Umbraco-driven CMS website using Razor templates.
  • Wrote highly scaleable code for this fast growing company to take forward with them.
Technologies: jQuery, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, Umbraco, AngularJS, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, Firebase, TypeScript, JavaScript, Google Maps, Accessibility, PayPal API, PayPal, eCommerce
2017 - 2018

Senior Angular Engineer

My Shipping Post
  • Built a B2B, customer-facing shipping application with the latest Angular 4 tech.
  • Took an existing codebase, updated the technology, and refactored most of the code to bring it in line with Angular best practices and DRY strategies. Also created new sections of the application and restructured the existing section.
  • Built an intricate UI driven by user interactions.
  • Developed a complex SPA interaction model using layered UI: pages, modals, tabs, and alerts, with data manipulation and view nesting at each level.
  • Worked closely with the back-end API to integrate billing and store/read DB objects to create and update the UI.
  • Created complex navigation using user types and permission levels.
  • Developed data-driven UI using status and various flags to position content in the correct views and to enable user interaction.
  • Created a complex data-table component to make interaction with the data easy and precise throughout the UI.
Technologies: JSON, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, Angular, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, UI Animation, Firebase, TypeScript, Sass, Google Maps, REST APIs, SaaS, eCommerce
2017 - 2018

Senior Front-end Developer

Juno Digital
  • Built a full-scale consumer-facing ng4 web application.
  • Integrated payments, registration, login, and accounts with the back end.
  • Integrated tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Built complex SCSS animations for clear and engaging user interaction.
  • Supported the application through UAT to production.
  • Created coupon management for user-specific price offers throughout the application.
  • Worked closely with the back-end team to ensure DRY development strategy.
Technologies: JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, Angular, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, UI Animation, TypeScript, Sass, REST APIs, JSON, eCommerce
2017 - 2017

Lead Front-end Developer

  • Created the MVP web app for the client using AngularJS.
  • Supported the web app through testing and UAT to production.
  • Integrated the front end with a back-end API. The website consisted of external landing pages plus login/account area with data input forms and analytics charts.
  • Worked on a low budget to a high standard, taking care to plan and prioritize features accordingly.
  • Provided QA and general debugging of the front and back ends.
Technologies: Jira, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, AngularJS, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, Sass, REST APIs, JSON, SaaS
2016 - 2016

Lead Front-end Developer

  • Led front-end development for an application, created in Swagger, that communicated with a REST API.
  • Conducted testing. Communicated frequently with those on the client side implementing the back-end.
  • Designed solutions for clean, well-made code. Implemented a brand new front-end.
  • Implemented real-time notification retrieval via the API and rendered out to the UI.
  • Redesigned some of the UI and implemented visual sanitation.
  • Created a clean codebase from scratch using AngularJS to build out isolated factories and services that communicated with the REST API independently from controllers, keeping any data manipulation from retrieval or update.
  • Implemented user login via the API including error handling.
  • Constructed dynamic menus by retrieving all the items available for the current user and keeping this list updated if items were added/removed in another session.
  • Executed routing using Angular's Ng-route, performing user validation checks before loading in the appropriate content and retrieving any required data to passed along to the view controller.
Technologies: HTML5, SCSS, CSS, AngularJS, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, Firebase, Sass, JavaScript, Swagger, REST APIs, JSON, SaaS
2016 - 2016

Lead Front-end Developer

OSD Healthcare
  • Developed a large-scale CMS-driven web application.
  • Tested and deployed several releases in iterative cycles.
  • Created re-usable Sass mix-ins and a defaults library for the use of other developers in the company.
  • Implemented a complex series of CMS-driven menus, which adapts a user's journey through the site.
  • Ensured that everything was cross-browser tested and backward compatible to IE8.
  • Created very adaptive styling, forgiving of any content entry mistakes. This meant creating each area as a component that could be added or removed without affecting the areas on either side of it.
Technologies: Umbraco, Razor, Model View Controller (MVC), jQuery, CSS3, Sass, HTML5, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, UI Animation, JavaScript, .NET, HTML Email, Accessibility
2016 - 2016

Lead Front-end Developer

  • Integrated the front end of the registration, account management, and login pages, using Angular controllers to pass information between the server and the view.
  • Wrote test-driven Angular controllers through Jasmine. Worked with an in-house back-end API.
  • Created over 20 custom property editors for Umbraco using Angular.
  • Handled interaction design, animating the user interface to make it responsive and helpful. I created directives and jQuery plugins to handle most of the triggers while keeping the animation itself mainly in CSS.
  • Oversaw the design solution and was integral in problem-solving throughout the project.
  • Used Velocity where complicated animations were required.
  • Created a reusable Gulp file to ready the solution for live deployment. This file has been adopted across the company for other projects as well.
  • Provided post-launch support and hyper-care, fixing any bugs immediately and making weekly redeployments of non-critical changes. This included daily conferences with the client.
  • Took an agile development approach with daily scrum sprints and iterative release cycles.
  • Worked closely with an in-house designer, making the site look identical to his designs, and came back with suggested workarounds when something was not possible.
Technologies: Umbraco, Sass, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, Razor, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, JavaScript, Google Maps, .NET, HTML Email, Model View Controller (MVC), Accessibility
2015 - 2016

Lead Front-end Developer

The Gym Group
  • Created a highly interactive join journey, feeding the user through different choices based on selections already made and passing the data through to a .NET controller to be stored in the database.
  • Developed a dynamic menu system that varied the choices available based on location and login status, aimed at simplifying a very complex site map.
  • Carried out solution design and proof-of-concept studies prior to project commencement.
  • Developed my own JavaScript library, called AbleJS, available now on GitHub.
  • Designed and implemented the interactivity of the UI.
  • Implemented a mobile-first development flow within the team and laid down the guidelines for this across the team.
Technologies: Umbraco, Razor, Sass, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, JavaScript, Google Maps, .NET, HTML Email, Model View Controller (MVC), Accessibility, PayPal API, PayPal, eCommerce
2012 - 2015

Head of Front-end Development

  • Built over ten large-scale fully mobile-responsive websites, both customer-facing and internal company portals for the digital agency Creator.
  • Managed a team of ten developers and trained clients on the software I developed. Wrote and presented JavaScript and Umbraco training workshops for my team.
  • Developed an AngularJS library of reusable directives and services to be used across the company for web projects.
  • Developed three analytics portals, which consumed an external data source and displayed various charts, graphs and diagrams to illustrate trends.
  • Built two transactional websites as well as redeveloped the company's own website.
  • Developed and implemented my own responsive framework to build HTML emails.
  • Designed solutions for front-end development. This included meeting with heads of departments throughout the company to identify and eliminate potential issues, as well as decide the best approach to a project in order to achieve the desired result.
  • Worked in agile development cycles. Hand-coded thousands of mobile-responsive HTML emails, tested across all common platforms.
  • Carried out a Umbraco migration on their site from v6.0 to v7.2.
  • Developed a white-labeled Sass grid using Susy, which is used on all of their client website builds.
Technologies: Jira, HTML Email, Razor, Umbraco, Sass, CSS, HTML, AngularJS, jQuery, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Angular, UI Animation, JavaScript, Google Maps, .NET, Gulp, Email Marketing, Model View Controller (MVC), REST APIs, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Experience Design (XD), eCommerce



Complex consumer-facing website for world-wide lotteries. Created using Angular 4 for Juno Digital. complex animations are used throughout to make the UI engaging and compelling.

eDea Stance

Financial health tool built as an MVP. Uses AngularJS to implement a data-driven UI that allows users to input data and then manipulate charts which represent their financial health (Link is to the UAT site only)

An Angular application that communicates with the back end via REST API created using Swagger. The app carries out complex searches, and the front end allows for users to log in and initiate a new search, re-run a previous search, and see/manage the search history.

One Stop Doctors

I was tasked with building a brand new website for a startup. As well as developing some of the core features myself, I managed a small front-end team that worked on other areas of the project, running QA on their work as we progressed to ensure the site met with the original specs and matched the designer's vision.

The site uses vanilla JavaScript, for the most part, coupled with clean CMS-driven HTML pages and Sass.

I had to make the site alongside the designer, who was happy that my code matched his designs to the pixel and that I was able to make his animations into a reality.

My dedication to the project came through in that I was in the office until gone midnight on the launch day to make sure everything went smoothly and the client was happy!

MSD Nordics Portal
A portal for doctors in the Nordics region, this site uses a highly customized installation of Umbraco to manage very dynamic content. There are over fifteen custom Umbraco property editors, and the portal uses AngularJS to filter and display myriad content to end users based on their security level and job role.

I worked with another developer on the project; we ran QA on each other's work to make sure it worked as expected.

The Gym Group
A large-scale POS website with a complicated registration process and account management section. This was all handled through AngularJS controllers, which communicated with a member management system in the back end.

The front end had some complicated animations to transition through the join journey and was created entirely with a mobile-first approach.

The front end had to be accessible (Level AA Conformance) which meant periodically running it through an evaluation tool and making sure the site was structured and referenced correctly as well as compliant in a number of other criteria.


A comprehensive website for a design agency, built using Umbraco with Razor. It uses a fully fluid, mobile responsive layout utilizing CSS3 styling and effects. I used all my own plugins and scripting to implement menus, loading effects, and other embellishments around the site. I was kept on the team to continue maintenance and expansion of new and existing content. Angular was used for specific parts of the site, such as an intuitive form that calculates a client's marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Thomson & First Choice Surprise and Delight

An internal portal for Thomson & First Choice employees to manage and review customer engagement with their holiday programs. The site was fully responsive and every page was entirely dynamic, pulling in different data and views depending on who was logged in and the specific trends our customers were reviewing. This meant it had to be extremely flexible to accommodate any number of eventualities.


Single page build for a small design agency. This is their glossy homepage, with a fully mobile responsive finish and slick graphics and animations to match.
This was a portfolio piece for an artist in Singapore. The site or a single page that navigates through her work is in itself supposed to be a part of the art. I was heavily involved in animation and interaction design and had to come up with the solution to her unique ideas. She was over the moon with the results and I was pretty proud at the time too.

Edible Art Movement
An events site for a group of artists. Built as a single page application, supporting browser navigation and refresh.

De Vere Venues Golf Portal

A sales platform for customers to sign up, make purchases, and manage their account and research venues and golf courses available. It also had an admin area for the client to access and manage their own customer database.

Awareness Mindfulness Meditation

A website for a small startup group. It's a single page, designed and built by yours truly, and implemented using Umbraco. The website is mobile responsive, using a mobile-first approach. Styling is done using Sass and HTML5.

Responsive Email Boilerplate

I developed a responsive email boilerplate which is essentially a set of classes which can be used to scaffold any responsive email. It has all of the fixes I use for HTML email and makes coding emails a lot faster and more consistent.


My own jQuery library aimed at making websites interactive without having to write any JavaScript. This piece primarily came about to allow non-scripters in my team to be able to work with the sites I had built, but it became something much more. I now use this on almost all my projects.

The first in a string of wedding websites I have created (beginning with my own!).

Bovitz Panel Tools
A customer-facing Angular portal for managing surveys. This large-scale project had an AWS back end for which I had to write all the front-end interaction as well as user logins and data managed in Firebase.

Forthright Access
A customer-facing Angular application used to promote and manage survey customers. Through this UX-oriented application, users can create and manage their surveys. In addition, there were role-based access permissions, so internal customer service reps can manage customer accounts and communicate via the interface. Firebase back end, Angular front end, with a Material UI.



CSS, TypeScript, Sass, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, ASP.NET Razor, HTML, SCSS, Less


Bootstrap, Angular, AngularJS, Vanilla JS, .NET, Razor, Swagger, Angular Material, Jasmine


React, jQuery, Underscore.js, REST APIs, Google Maps, ReactiveX, Velocity.js, PayPal API, Lodash


Adobe Experience Design (XD), Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio, Jira, Adobe Photoshop, Gulp


Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Software Development, Model View Controller (MVC), Reactive Programming, Continuous Integration (CI)


Contentful, Firebase, Umbraco, Windows




Interaction Design (IxD), APIs, Front-end, Mobile First, CSS3 Animation, Content Management Systems (CMS), Quality Assurance (QA), Software QA, User Interface (UI), UI Animation, HTML Email, User Experience (UX), SaaS, eCommerce, Accessibility, Email Marketing, PayPal, QA Test Plan Management, English


2007 - 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in English Literature

University of East Anglia - Norwich, UK



Level 1 Umbraco Certification

Perspient Studios