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Adam Molnar

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Budapest, Hungary
Toptal Member Since
June 20, 2015

Adam is an award-winning full-stack engineer, system architect, and leader of highly capable teams. He is an energy bomb with a positive attitude, clear communication, and a growth mindset. Outside work, you'll find him building entrepreneur communities, giving talks on self-development, and creating cutting-edge fintech microventures in the garage. Adam is passionate about finding the magic-fit solution to clients' needs and making the world better.


Think You, Ltd.
CSS3, HTML5, Socket.IO, React, PHP, Laravel, Meteor, Node.js, AngularJS...
JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Full-stack
Iteco Sec Oy.
AngularJS, jQuery, Play Framework




Preferred Environment

OS X, Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, Python, Jupyter, Plotly.js, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), APIs

The most amazing...

...competition I've won is a 24-hour coding tournament where I managed my team to build a paintball robot with its own AI in record time—outperforming all.

Work Experience

Founder, Lead Developer

2014 - PRESENT
Think You, Ltd.
  • Created a venue booking website for House of Ideas at Prezi, using custom WordPress solutions. Also provided consulting and full-stack design and development.
  • Worked with Dr. Phil Zimbardo to create a digital bridge for a world-famous social psychology experiment using web-based solutions: AnguarJS web app, HTML5, CSS3, Laravel PHP.
  • Developed an automated green screen solution, which takes a photo, then changes the green background to some fancy magic (JavaScript with Emscripten) then sends it to a custom-made load balancer for printers (using Node.js), and streams it to the web (Laravel + Node + AngularJS + Used by several creative agencies.
  • Created PhoneGap and Ionic Framework (AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3) based applications.
  • Developed an IoT home management solution with semi-inteligent voice-controlled agent (inspired by Jarvis) using Raspberry PI, Python, Node.js, AngularJS, RESTful APIs, and Bash.
  • Did a lot of full-stack development including graphic design for clients.
Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, Socket.IO, React, PHP, Laravel, Meteor, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript

JUMP Developer

2014 - 2014
  • Developed the process of the Junior Mentoring Program.
  • Developed the interview process for the engineer-mentoring candidates. Included technical tests for interviewing.
  • Made the application website using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for site building, also using custom Python hooks.
  • Worked with fellow Prezi managers and employees at all levels to introduce this new pivot to the company.
  • Did full-stack development on core Prezi projects mainly in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Python.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Full-stack

Web Developer

2011 - 2014
Iteco Sec Oy.
  • Created a highly scalable wish list web service from the ground up, from planning till the box using Java and Play Frameworks for the back-end and custom-made jQuery stack for the front-end.
  • Created a mobile stock trading application for a Swedish bank using PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Play Framework, and Java.
  • Managed a team during Wishlist development, using Agile methodologies and Scrum.
  • Supported the client through planning and retrospective processes, while doing Scrum.
  • Created various APIs also on the server side with Java, PHP, and Python and also on the client side with JavaScript, specifically jQuery and AngularJS.
  • Developed devops solutions for virtual machine creation, replication, and general management. Also implemented a custom deployment system with Jenkins.
Technologies: AngularJS, jQuery, Play Framework

Founder, Consultant, Developer

2007 - 2014
Netoriginal Kft.
  • Created dozens of custom client websites with HTML5, CSS3, and different JavaScript-based solutions.
  • Managed a couple of developers while remaining Agile.
  • Created lots of Laravel PHP and Play Java based applications of a variety of sizes.
  • Developed solutions for sometimes very customized full-stack challenges.
  • Created websites and custom modules with WordPress.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Java, JavaScript

Software Engineer

2010 - 2011
Sense/Net Zrt.
  • Contributed to the development of Sense/Net .NET open source portal engine.
  • Created custom .NET + jQuery modules for TNG Portal Engine.
  • Made a lot of HTML5 + CSS3 + JS site builds for custom client requests.
  • Created several web and layout designs for clients requests.
  • Made the documentation of custom-made .NET modules.
Technologies: TFS, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, .NET, C#

Software Developer

2009 - 2011
DoneKey Kft.
  • Implemented a web crawler bot in .NET to support continuous data integration into its own data model.
  • Developed "latte" RESTful interface for an industrial stock exchange application in Java.
  • Created custom devops solutions for high-demand application servers like load balancing, automation, failover, and custom security solutions.
  • Created Java Applets for a broad range of mobile and desktop devices.
  • Contributed to the development and web solutions of a cutting-edge very long range radio transmitter solution.
  • Developed several PIC 8bit micro controller based solutions.
Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, C#, Java


I collaborated with Professor Philip Zimbardo, author of the famous Stanford prison experiment, to create a virtual shock box based on the Milgram experiment but with a different scale. Specifically, I wrote the code for the controller of the virtual shock box. The aim was to show people every evil starts with the first little step, so we can inform people to stand up for each other.
2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

University of Pannonia - Veszprém, Hungary


Flexbox, Handlebars, Liquid, Node.js, jQuery, Firebase Web SDK, Plotly.js, Web3.js, Pandas, NumPy, Socket.IO, React, WebRTC


Webpack, Jekyll, Adobe Photoshop, Gulp, Jupyter, ChatGPT, Git, TFS, Adobe Illustrator, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)


Angular, Ionic 2, PhoneGap, Bootstrap, Ionic, Ionic 4, Angular 17, AngularJS, Play Framework, .NET, Laravel


TypeScript 2, HTML5, Sass, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, C#, Java


UI Design, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Software Development, Scrum, Requirements Analysis, Data Science, DevOps


Unix, Meteor, Linux, Firebase, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Blockchain, OS X, Shopify


MongoDB, NoSQL, MySQL, Memcached


Full-stack, UX Thinking, Chrome Extensions, Cordova, Google Material Design, Pixel Perfect, Front-end, Coding, Technical Leadership, Data Extraction, Website Data Scraping, Leadership, Cryptocurrency, Web3, Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Algorithmic Trading Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Trading, Stock Trading, Stock Market Techinical Analysis, APIs, Unix/Linux Virtualization, Solution Architecture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT API, Numba, Culture Development, Growth Hacking

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