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Adelina Enache

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Bucharest, Romania
Toptal Member Since
February 21, 2022

Adelina is a full-stack engineer with five years of experience. She has developed parsers for LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub, scalable back-end infrastructure for crawling, parsing, storing, and querying millions of data points, and various React Native apps. Adelina takes ownership of projects to deliver clean and well-documented code. She oversees E2E development, including the infrastructure, back end, front end, documentation, and the management of junior developers.


Ruth Health
React, CSS3, Node.js, MySQL, Agile, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JSON...
Node.js, React, React Native, Docker, NestJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, APIs, Prisma...
Python, JavaScript, APIs, Apache Airflow, REST APIs, ES5, Jest, Back-end, Git...




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Terminal

The most amazing...

...product I've developed is a set of management tools that help major motion pictures and premium television revolutionize their workflows.

Work Experience

Full-stack and Lead Developer

2022 - 2022
Ruth Health
  • Set up production and staging environments with automatic deployments and customizable coding standards.
  • Selected technologies that made the development process seamless and made test running, migrations, and documentation be done and always up to date in a fool-proof manner.
  • Implemented a secure payment gateway, both front and back end.
  • Collaborated with design team to ensure the best client experience.
Technologies: React, CSS3, Node.js, MySQL, Agile, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JSON, Stripe Checkout, Stripe

Senior Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
  • Developed a set of tools for enhancing on-set workflows of major motion pictures and premium televisions, including a schedule and form builder, similar to Google forms.
  • Architected the back end, the database, and the React Native app.
  • Implemented back-end role-based authentication and ensured an easy way to secure routes based on the user role in a specific workspace.
  • Integrated React Native push notifications via the expo server with redirects based on the type of notification clicked, user permissions, and time of notification opening.
  • Implemented React Native offline mode with Redux store, including delayed data sending.
  • Developed communication with the GraphQL API using Apollo Server and the REST API using Axios.
  • Implemented custom React Native components based on the device type (Android/IOS).
  • Used React Native modern libraries based on hooks to build custom forms that were fast to develop and easy to maintain, with clarity and maintainability in mind.
  • Implemented role-specific screens and permissions in React Native. Added a simple and clear way of restricting screens based on user role.
  • Established a communication pipeline with the design team to ensure that both the design and engineering teams were on the same page.
Technologies: Node.js, React, React Native, Docker, NestJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, APIs, Prisma, Software Architecture, REST, Software Design, Architecture, Databases, Full-stack, REST APIs, ES5, CI/CD Pipelines, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CSS, Jest, Back-end, Git, SQL, Back-end Architecture, Payment Gateways, MySQL, JSON


2019 - 2019
  • Developed and documented ad analytics integrations, such as Facebook Ads API.
  • Developed server-side integrations with services, such as Salesforce and Stripe APIs.
  • Built server-side integrations that were scheduled with Apache Airflow.
Technologies: Python, JavaScript, APIs, Apache Airflow, REST APIs, ES5, Jest, Back-end, Git, Stripe API, Elasticsearch, SQL, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Back-end Architecture, Payment Gateways

Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Developed scalable back-end infrastructure for crawling, parsing, storing, and querying millions of data points.
  • Developed parsers for sites such as LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub, alongside a microservices architecture that allowed the launching of hundreds of parsers simultaneously.
  • Built an administration dashboard that allowed viewing the data and scheduling future tasks for containers.
Technologies: Docker, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Express.js, Redux, React Redux, Software Architecture, REST, Software Design, Architecture, Databases, Web Development, Full-stack, REST APIs, ES5, CI/CD Pipelines, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CSS, Jest, Back-end, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Elasticsearch, SQL, Back-end Architecture, MongoDB, Web Scraping, JSON

Android Developer

2017 - 2017
  • Developed a tennis app with multiple flavors and in-app purchases.
  • Built an app that allows saving a location. It was integrated with Google Maps and camera.
  • Integrated Google Ads in existing Android applications.
Technologies: Java, Android SDK, Git, Android

An e-learning tool that helps students prepare for EQE (European qualifying examination) exams by offering multiple kinds of quizzes and questions that can be seen in an analytics dashboard by both students and mentors.


A personal finance manager built with React Native and Firebase allows users to input and categorize their purchases and income into categories to understand spending patterns better, using graphics and various analysis breakdowns. Implemented custom reminders and alarms, push notifications, and used Material UI components.

Calories Tracking App

A React Native application that allowed users to authenticate and input their daily calorie intake. For each day, it would calculate and display if the user exceeded their goal calories. Featured an overall progress shown in a custom graph. Different views are based on the account type (admin/user). Implemented unit and integration tests.

The back end was implemented using Next.js, Prisma, and PostgreSQL and ran in a containerized environment.


React, Node.js, React Redux, REST APIs, Stripe, jQuery, Stripe API


Prisma, Git, Stripe Checkout, GitLab CI/CD, Terminal, Apache Airflow


React Native, NestJS, Redux, Jest, Android SDK, Express.js, Next.js


JavaScript, ES5, CSS, SQL, TypeScript, Python, GraphQL, C++17, Haskell, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS3


REST, Back-end Architecture, Agile


Databases, JSON, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL


Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Firebase, Android


APIs, Software Architecture, Software Design, Full-stack, Back-end, Architecture, Web Development, CI/CD Pipelines, Payment Gateways, Web Scraping, Facebook Ads, Google Ads

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