Adrian Juhasz, Swift Developer in Szeged, Hungary
Adrian Juhasz

Swift Developer in Szeged, Hungary

Member since November 6, 2017
Adrian possesses more than eight years as a professional iOS developer, working mostly on the front-end and Objective-C and Swift. He feels fortunate to be in a career where he truly enjoys the work he does; especially, developing mobile applications. Adrian works well in teams and communicates exceptionally well.
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Szeged, Hungary



Preferred Environment

Git, SourceTree, Xcode, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've coded is a bank application where we had to work with real money transfers, and it had to be ultra-secure.


  • iOS Developer

    2016 - 2017
    EPAM Systems Kft. (Edinburgh, Scotland)
    • Worked with continuous integration tools (Jenkins and TeamCity).
    • Wrote proper unit tests.
    • Improved my Swift knowledge.
    Technologies: Mobile, Testing, Scrum, Jira, SourceTree, MacOS, Xcode, Swift, Objective-C
  • iOS Developer

    2014 - 2016
    Red Steed Studios Kft
    • Used and learned a great deal about Swift.
    • Developed a location-based strategy game (iOS).
    • Developed multiple real-time chat applications (iOS).
    • Built a Bitcoin-based mobile wallet application.
    • Worked on a 2D-logic game.
    Technologies: Mobile, Jira, SourceTree, MacOS, Xcode, Swift, Objective-C
  • iOS Developer

    2013 - 2014
    CAS Software
    • Developed, in a team, a CRM.
    • Worked within the Scrum methodology.
    • Developed a newsstand application.
    • Developed a QR-based application for a German museum.
    • Built an SDK for an application for a German vehicle designer.
    Technologies: Mobile, Scrum, Jira, SourceTree, MacOS, Xcode, Objective-C
  • Junior iOS Developer

    2012 - 2013
    Mobilab (Szeged, Hungary)
    • Learned the basics of Objective-C, Xcode, and JIRA.
    • Worked with a big database and the Facebook iOS SDK.
    • Used SQLite in iOS.
    • Implemented QR and barcode handling.
    • Built the UI via a storyboard.
    • Worked in an environment where Git and SourceTree were used.
    Technologies: Mobile, Redmine, Jira, SourceTree, MacOS, Xcode, iOS


  • Jumprope (via Toptal)

    Create useful and engaging recipes, beauty tutorials, fitness routines, and more without any video-editing experience. Reach an engaged community on Jumprope, and share your video on any social platform. The Jumprope app perfectly formats your video to export to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and more. Start showing the world how it’s done.

    I was working on this project in 2020 between February and December.

  • mySAMEWAY (via Toptal)

    The SAMEWAY platform is designed to help people share the cost of their weekend ride.

    • Designed and developed the iOS version of the application.
    • Found and fixed bugs.

  • Automobile Support Application

    This is an automobile support application. A user is able to store the car's details (kilometers/miles drive, the date of the last oil change, etc.) and the application sends a notification if something should be replaced. There is a feature for a Facebook feed and you can also order vehicle support from the application.

  • Webshop Application

    This is a native webshop application. Users are able to put items into a shopping cart and when they finish, they can send the cart to the shop. After the application has been launched then an update starts which loads all of the available items with prices and images.

  • Cycling Application

    This is a location-based application for cyclists. A user can start a new workout (plan a cycling route) and if the user changes his route then the one planned the app automatically notes that calculates new statistics (speed and lots of other information).

  • German Medical Application

    This is an application meant for medical use: a user can search for medications and check the details of the meds (directions on how to use, warnings about use, side effects, and more). With this app, you can search for information about meds by category, barcodes, or by text input.

    This app, since it deals with medical information, requires that a user register and log in using sensitive information which needed to be encrypted. This app also has an accessibility feature where if you make a pinching motion on a touchscreen, you can zoom in or out.

    • Designed and developed the iOS version of the application.
    • Worked and planned out the development within a team.
    • Found and fixed bugs.
    • Researched the appropriate technologies to incorporate in the app and made recommendations. (For example, the barcode scanner, gestures, large data sets, unzipped archived files, and device storage.)

  • Museum Application | Plan Your Trip

    This app was designed to be used to plan a trip to a particular factory and it’s adjoining museum. With this app, you can see and weigh the options of different types of transportation (car, train, bus, and more) and get information about the highlights of the factory and museum from the company’s customer center. It also has an integrated checklist that you can modify so that you have all the necessary documents for your visit. In addition, the app also included a QR code scanner so when you were in the museum you could scan a QR code and know exactly where you were. The QR code required me to use my JSON skills as it contained a JSON string.

  • Mobile CRM Application

    This was a mobile customer-relationship-management (CRM) application made for the iPhone and iPad. It helped users to manage their business schedules: appointments, tasks, jobs, holidays, jobs, making payments, and more.

    • Used Scrum agile development methods.
    • Implemented various features: user authentication and more.
    • Fixed bugs and refactored code.
    • Performed code reviews on fellow developers’ code.
    • Trained new team members.
    • Worked in a team with remote team members who were based in the Germany office.

  • Location-Based Game

    This is a location-based game designed for Android and iOS where the users occupied buildings and defended their positions. These buildings were on a map and the map used real city layouts so if the user used a major city such as Paris, New York, or London then the actual building would appear within a 1-km radius.

    • Developed the back-end.

  • Mobile Wallet Application

    This was a proof-of-concept for a mobile wallet application for Bitcoin. It required that a user register and to log into the application and then a third-party must confirm the user before the user could proceed. With this app, the user could send and receive money, check his/her balance, make a friend list, and generate a QR code which contained all the information necessary for a transaction. All a user would have to do was to open the app and scan someone’s QR code and you were added to the friend list.


  • Languages

    Swift 3, Swift, Objective-C, SQL
  • Frameworks

    UIKit, Core Location, SwiftUI
  • Tools

    Auto Layout, Interface Builder, Git, SourceTree, Jira, Fastlane, TeamCity, Xcode, Redmine
  • Paradigms

    Mobile Development, Scrum, Testing
  • Platforms

    Mobile, iOS, MacOS, Firebase, tvOS
  • Libraries/APIs

    RxSwift, Facebook SDK, Core Image
  • Storage

  • Other

    AVFoundation, Combine, Image Manipulation, Videos, Video Editing, Images, iPhone, iPad


  • Completed Some Coursework in Programming
    2008 - 2013
    University of Szeged, Faculty of Science and Informatics - Szeged, Hungary

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