Adrian Tineo, iOS Developer in Málaga, Spain
Adrian Tineo

iOS Developer in Málaga, Spain

Member since June 2, 2020
Adrian crafts native iOS solutions tailored to each client’s challenges, focusing on clean code and quality. He has a Ph.D. in computer science and a background that includes parallel programming, performance tuning, and test automation. He spoke at AltConf Madrid 2019 about enabling iOS apps with machine learning and won the Die Mobiliar C-Days 2018 hackathon with his team. Adrian volunteers as a mentor for young software engineers and is the organizer of the MalagaMobile community meetup.
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  • Freelance
    User Interface (UI), Refactoring, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development...
  • Freelance
    User Interface (UI), Mapbox, Refactoring, Mobile Development...
  • Freelance
    Refactoring, Machine Learning, Git, NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch, Linux, Python



Málaga, Spain



Preferred Environment

Swift, Objective-C, Git, iPad, SwiftUI, Xcode, XCTest, Native Mobile Apps, iOS

The most amazing...

...event I spoke at was AltConf Madrid 2019 on enabling iOS apps with machine learning, showcasing three domains: Image classification, NLP, and numerical data.


  • iOS Instructor

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Taught a small group of students the basics of iOS development with Swift, based on exclusively developed educational material, for the purpose of seeking employment in the local job market, with focus on innovation applied to the tourism sector.
    • Imparted an introductory course on iOS development with Swift to young students with minimal programming background, using official teaching materials from Apple and exclusively developed educational materials.
    • Followed up with and guided alumni as a coach and mentor in career planning and career growth as a software engineer.
    Technologies: User Interface (UI), Refactoring, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development, Architecture, Code Architecture, REST APIs, GitHub, Git, App UX, Xcode, iOS SDK, Swift, iOS Native Libraries, Mentorship & Coaching, Career Coaching, Teaching, Apple Keynote, iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Developed the full user journey for the purchase of car insurance from a range of providers, interacting with a team of design, back-end, front-end, and Android colleagues daily.
    • Carried out the maintenance, ongoing development, and CI infrastructure setup for a kids' app, which managed audio input in multiple formats and synchronized them with dedicated hardware, including a direct Wi-Fi connection.
    • Solved outstanding tickets related to open bugs and pending features leading to the release of an educational app for children with special needs, providing timely advise on key design alternatives.
    • Conceived and implemented a maps' app prototype for assisted navigation on iPad, exploring the integration of several competing GIS libraries while considering the project and budget constraints.
    • Designed and implemented a simple camera booth app for a student's fair, in tandem with a product lead and a photographer, including advanced image manipulation via filters in Apple's Vision framework.
    Technologies: User Interface (UI), Mapbox, Refactoring, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development, Architecture, CocoaPods, iOS SDK, Code Architecture, REST APIs, iPad, Maps, GIS, iOS
  • Machine Learning Specialist

    2019 - 2019
    • Applied a novel technique for 3D image segmentation to a dedicated set of point cloud images.
    • Researched state-of-the-art algorithms in 3D image segmentation to find a suitable candidate.
    • Configured a fully functional machine learning pipeline at the client's premises.
    Technologies: Refactoring, Machine Learning, Git, NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch, Linux, Python
  • iOS Developer

    2016 - 2018
    Scout24 Schweiz, AG
    • Served thousands of daily users of a marketplace app on both iPhone and iPad with consistent high ratings in the App Store.
    • Led the long-term effort to evolve a large legacy codebase in Objective-C to Swift, based on SOLID architectural principles and best practices.
    • Managed a large UI redesign with new features and ongoing bug fixes.
    • Participated with the team winning the "most demanding implementation" prize for a national hackathon with a prototype for image recognition in iOS.
    • Participated in building an internal prototype for room area measurement with ARKit.
    Technologies: User Interface (UI), Refactoring, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development, Architecture, Coded UI Tests, CocoaPods, Jira, Unit Testing, Code Architecture, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, REST APIs, GitHub, Git, App UX, Xcode, iOS SDK, Objective-C, Swift, iOS Native Libraries, iPad, Google Analytics, SQLite, Jenkins, XCUITest, XCTest, iOS
  • Test Automation Engineer and Test Manager

    2012 - 2016
    Keymile, AG
    • Developed a full suite of automated tests in Python for a custom embedded telecommunications system for a telecom company.
    • Coordinated and supervised off-shore colleagues in the area of test automation.
    • Developed machine learning analysis of diagnostic system information for failure prediction.
    Technologies: Refactoring, Ethernet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), C++, xUnit, Python
  • Post-doc Research Scientist

    2010 - 2011
    Swiss Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)
    • Researched programming models for novel parallel architectures.
    • Advised customers on tradeoffs and concrete solutions of parallel algorithms for distributed systems.
    • Evaluated early parallel computer systems, including shared memory and distributed memory architectures.
    Technologies: Refactoring, Multithreading, Parallel Programming, Fortran, MPI, OpenMP, UPC & Barcodes


  • ImmoScout24 (Marketplace App for Real Estate)

    The ImmoScout24 app is a marketplace for real estate in Switzerland. It connects providers of properties with customers for renting or selling, including a fully-featured search function with pictures, location, and detailed descriptions of properties.

    I worked as an iOS developer for two years on this app, serving thousands of daily users on iPhone and iPad. During this time, the team accomplished many significant milestones, from releasing prominent features, a big redesign, bug fixing, and a massive refactoring. In particular, I led the long-term effort to evolve a large legacy codebase in Objective-C to Swift, based on SOLID architectural patterns and best practices.

  • Tonies (Kids App for Audio Recording and Sharing)

    Tonies is an app for recording and managing audio files transferred to a small figurine, which plays them through a kid-friendly speaker.

    I carried out the maintenance of the app for a year, following business requirements. I single-handedly managed a native codebase in Swift and Objective-C, which featured external device configuration via Wi-Fi, importing multiple audio formats (MP3, M4A, Ogg, and WAV) from different sources (local or via cloud providers). I added unit and UI tests, which run at every build. I also configured the CI pipeline in Bitrise, including one-click app shipping to App Store Connect.

    Client testimonial: "Adrian was very quick to react to any queries, implemented even somewhat unclear tickets with great understanding, asked when necessary but didn't when not. His code passed any review (although admittedly not by iOS experts) with flying colors: It was clear, readable, documented when needed, and separated into sensible commits/PRs. Despite 100k+ users, in the time he worked with us, we were only aware of one bug that was introduced into the code while Adrian worked for us, and that was really our fault for an unclear specification. Outstanding work!"

    -- Philipp Hagemeister, Back-end Developer

  • Enabling iOS Apps with Machine Learning

    I was accepted to speak at AltConf Madrid 2019 on the subject of enabling iOS apps with machine learning and CreateML.

    I conducted independent research on machine learning possibilities in iOS apps in challenging problems taken out of three high-paying Kaggle competitions: Image classification, language processing (NLP), and numerical data prediction. I compared scientific algorithms based on common libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, and XGBoost with CreateML, Apple's high-level tool to create, train, and evaluate machine learning models in the native CoreML format.

  • Multiple Object Image Recognition

    My team won the Die Mobiliar Challenge Days 2018 hackathon in Switzerland on the subject of image recognition for object classification in the category "most demanding implementation," integrating IBM Watson services with Apple's Vision framework for a winning prototype in just three days.

  • Measure Room Area with Augmented Reality

    My team developed an augmented reality solution based on ARKit for room area measurement in October 2017 and presented the resulting prototype to the Swiss mobile community in March 2018.

    We leveraged software and hardware in iPhones to recognize the floor plan and plot vertexes on it. The app would then draw a polygon that would show the area in square meters in real-time.

  • Maps App Prototype for iPad Integrating Various GIS Libraries

    I designed and developed a maps app prototype for iPad for assisted navigation, based on high-level requests by the client, an aviation expert.

    This work involved exploring several competing GIS libraries (ArcGIS, Mapbox, Apple Maps, and some other open source packages), leading to a final decision based on trade-offs imposed by the project constraints. The approach was validated by Apple engineers on a one-to-one lab celebrated during WWDC 2020.

  • Telepass (Car Insurance Purchase User Journey)

    I contributed to the development of the iOS feature in an existing app for the purchase of a car insurance policy as a member of an agile team of 20+ members, including the project owner, designers, front-end, back-end, and mobile (iOS and Android) engineers. The feature included the full user journey, from the landing screen to the input of multiple pieces of information, to the confirmation and final purchase.

    The app was developed natively in Swift and integrated a reactive framework similar to RxSwift, in an MVVM architecture. I contributed to all layers of the development: UI, business logic, and network requests, as well as unit tests. The release served a potential user-base in the range of tens of millions of users in Italy.

  • BehaviorFlow (Educational App for Children with Special Needs)

    I worked on the final touches leading to an educational app's internal release for children with special needs. I solved open bugs and implemented small features, advising on design trade-offs.

    The app was developed in Swift following the MVP architecture, made requests against a lightweight back end in Firebase, and was distributed via the Microsoft App Center.

    Client testimonial: "Adrian helped us to improve our iPad-based iOS app and get it ready for beta testing. He was able to come up to speed very quickly on the app. He provided many timely fixes with very high quality. He is very easy to work with and provided detailed feedback on proposed changes as they were developed. He clearly had the best interest of our company at heart. I heartily recommend him for work on iOS applications."

    -- Ed McFadden

  • Machine Learning Pipeline for 3D Image Segmentation

    I analyzed the potential of a state-of-the-art machine learning pipeline for 3D image segmentation applied to a land surveying business domain.

    My work included setting up and configuring a dedicated desktop system with GPU acceleration and performing specific adaptations to the algorithms, and following up with the original author of the technique as required.

    Client testimonial: "I met Adrián in a technical speech about Machine Learning with iOS, and then we ordered a research job with him about using this technology in land surveying applications. We were surprised because of his learning capability, deadline achievement, and the quality of the final results and documentation. [...] I recommend working with him in any of his specialties."

    -- Francisco N., General Manager

  • MalagaMobile (Mobile Development Meetup)

    I am the organizer of MalagaMobile, a mobile development community meetup. With more than 380 members and roughly ten events per year around iOS and Android development, our meetup brings together guest speakers from several countries, including Spain, England, and India, with the local and international developer community, both in-person and online.

    Guest speaker testimonial: "As well as a true gentleman, Adrian is a committed and passionate community organizer of the Malaga Mobile meetup. Adrian invited me to talk at Malaga Mobile earlier this month [Sep 2019], and I was welcomed with wide, open arms into a community that he has worked hard to build. His knowledge and passion for iOS development are second to none, and I would welcome any opportunity to work with him in the future."

    -- Chris Barker, Tech Lead at N Brown

  • Mentoring and Coaching Young Software Engineers

    I regularly donate my time and expertise to coach and mentor young software engineers around career planning, career growth, and working culture. This work was done as a volunteer for Powercoders, a coding academy for refugees operating in Switzerland and quickly expanding to more European countries.


    "After finishing a course on native mobile development, I entered the mentorship program with Adrian. I started to develop a more professional mindset, looking deeper into code structures and development patterns as well as why each of those could be beneficial in different situations.

    Overall, this mentorship has been, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I've had so far in my career in regards to self-development and learning outcomes. With Adrian's help, I was able to start developing iOS applications to a decent standard in a short period, which, along with the tips he gave me on my professional career and how to position myself in interviews, helped me land my first job!"

    -- Agustín Ovari, mentee

  • Teaching iOS Development with Swift

    I have imparted two courses on iOS development with Swift for aspiring mobile developers, based on Apple-provided materials, as well as my own teaching materials, catered specifically to the profiles of the students in each course.

    Student testimonials from an anonymous survey:

    "It's been a very practical course, but what I liked the most has been the planning of the modules and their structure. From not knowing anything, one can develop a basic app in two weeks."

    "I think patience is your biggest virtue since the same questions were repeated time and time again, and I've never seen you lose your calmness. The explanations were very clear and detailed, and it's obvious that you know the subject matter perfectly."

    "Very happy with the iOS course and above all with the level of the teacher. Not even in University, I have found teachers with such preparation for the classes. This makes it very easy to understand the lessons."


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, Python, SQL, Java, Fortran, C++
  • Frameworks

    iOS SDK, SwiftUI, Core Data, XCTest, XCUITest, UIKit, Flask, ARKit
  • Libraries/APIs

    iOS Native Libraries, REST APIs, Core Animation, OpenMP, MPI, PyTorch, Pandas, NumPy, CocoaPods, Apple Maps API, ArcGIS, RxSwift, Keras, XGBoost, TensorFlow
  • Tools

    Xcode, Git, GitHub, GitLab, TestFlight, Bitbucket, Fastlane, Jira, xUnit, Jenkins, Google Analytics, Apple Keynote, Auto Layout, Microsoft Mobile Center, Crashlytics, GIS, Visual Studio App Center, Asana, IBM Watson
  • Paradigms

    Unit Testing, Mobile Development, Refactoring, Coded UI Tests, RESTful Development, Requirements Analysis, Reactive Programming, Model View Presenter (MVP), Continuous Integration (CI), Parallel Programming, Agile, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM)
  • Platforms

    iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, MacOS, Linux, Bitrise, Mapbox, CUDA, Ubuntu, Android
  • Other

    Code Architecture, Research, iPad, Performance Tuning, Processing & Threading, Architecture, Mobile App Development, User Interface (UI), Version Control, App UX, Technical Leadership, Mobile GPS, Project Planning, RESTful APIs, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), AVFoundation, Cost Estimation, Computer Vision, Image Processing, App Store, Apple Pencil, UPC & Barcodes, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Ethernet, OCMock, Layout, Multithreading, iOS Camera, Mentorship & Coaching, Career Coaching, Maps, UI Testing, Native Mobile Apps, User Journeys, iPhone, Image Analysis, Community, Meetups, Mentorship, Coaching, Planning, Leadership, Kaggle, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Hackathons
  • Industry Expertise

    Photography, Teaching, Insurance
  • Storage

    JSON, SQLite


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science
    2004 - 2009
    University of Málaga - Málaga, Spain
  • Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Telecommunications Engineering
    1996 - 2003
    University of Málaga - Málaga, Spain


  • Professional Scrum Developer
  • ISTQB Certified Tester
    Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ)

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